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January 21, 2019



So silly. What kid would use the word "penis" when there are better terms readily available? That was the same issue I had with one of Kavanaugh's accusers, btw. And if a kid said "penis," he should be expelled from school?

Btw, why wouldn't the school just review the video and determine whether the "traumatized" complainers had a case or not? The school had the same evidence the complaint was based on.


One of the best things Dennis Miller said is he's an inactivist.


Jack Posobiec
‏Verified account @JackPosobiec
11m11 minutes ago

Let's be real:

The Old Right all went along with #Covingtongate because it gave them a chance to punch down at MAGA hats

The didn't put it into context because they didn't care.
IMHO this is true.


Next time I hear of a girl who said the word "vagina," I want her expelled from school or fired from her job.

Oh wait.


Two years ago I found an arrowhead turning up a garden plot on my bottom pasture and I'm not giving it back.


Sure, now that his narrative was destroyed & after the MSM blatantly tried to Dox/destroy these young kids lives because they so badly wanted it to be true... now it’s a JOKE

Give me a break. The only joke is the MSM itself & this clown trying to get them to pay attention to him https://t.co/q0UYJ5ttlR

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 21, 2019

Link goes to an article.

Jim Eagle


The school stood by the boys. It was the diocese that jumped the shark. Knee jerk reaction without even interviewing the boys, and their teacher/chaperones who were on the scene and can report what happened.

They know exactly how those events unfolded and are very supportive of the boys.Frederick's old school both middle and high go year to the March. As Janet can testify, there are a lot of young students in the March for Life.


Thanks for the update, Jack. Last night they were reporting that the school was also not supporting them. (Shouldn't have believed THAT, either.)

Dave (in MA)

Posted by: D | January 21, 2019 at 02:32 PM

the notion that you have to keep someone awake if they got conked is pretty much an old wives' tale, no offense to old wives.


OK, WaPo editorial board urging negotiations, and now Newsweek:



Having Sebastian Gorka on at the same time as Hannity due to the retirement of Michael Medved is about the best MAGA event we have witnessed.

Unfortunately local radio only pays 2hrs of his show so I inevitably end up listening to the 3rd self absorbed hour of Hannity.


...only plays...


I didn’t know that.
Thank you for informing me.
I am sure you are happy about the Patriots.
May the best team win the SuperBowl.

Covington Catholic High School and the Diocese of Covington said Saturday that they are investigating the incident that happened at the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.

"We will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion," the statement said.



Expulsion would be extreme, especially because it was an activity outside of the school classrooms.
It did not endanger other students and if the students have a clear record it would be tough to defend.
The diocese would not want a lawsuit so I don’t believe they will go that route.
The only expulsions I have witnessed, have been assault on s teacher( public school) and cyber bullying on the internet.


Porch, he could have been 17 in 1971, not sure how that squares with his story about the Marines and Vietnam.


Obviously they're not going that route now. But I didn't understand Jack's comment that the school backed up the boys. This was apparently a joint statement in the heat of the moment, threatening expulsion for smiling at an old guy.


mm, that Marshall blog is pure crap.


And btw, so what if they said "build that wall," as they were accused of saying? Can you be expelled for that?

The tree of liberty is in need of watering.

Captain Hate

So glad you are feeling better Captain.
Yes you did have a concussion.
Did anyone try to keep you awake after the accident?

No, they gave me a CT scan and nothing alarmed them so this is strictly after the fact guesswork on my part based on having had a severe one before. I didn't throw up or anything like that. I was lucid but not 100%. Hell I was commenting on my phone from the ER.


CH, you don't mean to suggest people who post online necessarily have all their marbles, do you? XOXO

Jim Eagle


The school has backed down because there were teachers there a chaperones and have backed up Nick Sandmann's description of events.

Trump is right: Fake News is the Enemy of the People, especially those tarred and feather young men from Covington.



I didn't say I believed it. (For what it's worth, I don't think Pelosi would be able to carry out such a complicated scheme.)

However, it is the third time I have run into that conspiracy tale and from very different sources. I am curious as to why that has bubbled up and who the source is.


‏ @0H0UR1
2h2 hours ago

Getting word from a Kentucky law enforcement contact some of the Tweets that threatened the Covington School children are being investigated by law enforcement.
From death threats to violence upon the school Kentucky prosecutors vow to use the force of prosecution on individuals.

Tom R

Sounds like from KK’s posts being a pipe carrier in modern day Native American culture is a privilege and sign of respect. I hope based on his misbehavior against the Covington Catholic boys all of the other pipe carrying Native Americans call for Phillips to give his pipe back to the tribe for bringing dishonor to himself.

Jim Eagle

My wish is that the Barnes lawyer does sue every media organization that libeled or slandered these young men for billions to finance their further education. As a parent of a young 15 year old Catholic student I know these kids I know Frederick's friends and classmates all the way from pre-K to where he is now. Never once saw a bad seed.

We as a country need to really stand up to this Fake News reporting only to develop more revenue for the click happy media. I am boiling as you can tell. I have already called the Covington Diocese and vented my anger at them. This is so unbecoming of any serious mature organization of believe the early reports without discussing with the chaperones and the kids.


Jim Eagle



MM, maybe you could put a symbol on reports you post which you find not credible so we can save time and skip them.


This is good. Don't know if it was posted on previous thread.




That is a fair criticism and a suggestion I will take you up on.

I do not want this place to get a bad reputation and I certainly don't mean to push conspiracy theories. I plead guilty of trying to get a lot of stuff up without thinking about how it looks to those who don't follow all of the goings-on on Twitter.



Good article.


Basketball team was accused to being racist and making white supremacist hand gestures* - see photo -

*Turns out they were referring to a 3 point score by their team so just never mind.


The teachers that chaperoned the event should have placed themselves between the student the the pipe carrier.
His intimidating tactics are unconscionable and threatening.
Or they should have moved the students to a safer area near the bus pick up place.
Ultimately the Left’s goal is to discredit the Right to Life since their Women’s March was a bust.
I am incensed as I know JIB is about this blatant anti -catholic anti - white crude display.
America -love it or leave it.
This collection of people attacking these boys should be ashamed of themselves.
They got what they wanted- their 15 minutes but what they represent will be reviled by honest hard-working Americans.
Why is he banging a drum instead of working?


You don’t have to get a lot of stuff up for us to read. Most of what you post or reference has much value and merit.



This is a thread about why the students were where they were and Nathan Phillips violation of his permit to demonstrate.


Nick Sandmann as a lawyer and future redpilled SC Justice could be a self fulfilling prophecy.


So Phillips violated his permit.
Number One Rule of the Left:
The Rules Do Not Apply To Me.
The Left has seen Hillary, Bill, Obama, Eric Holder Weissmann all Obama people do whatever the hell please and get away with it.
I am willing to bet that there will be absolutely no consequences for Phillips because he is an aggrieved minority.


So will Nick Sandmann get a courtesy admission to Harvard, like Hogg?


Something good has to come out of this attempt to ruin the good names of these boys.
I am hoping for scholarship money so they can get a wonderful college education and not have any student loan debt.


I can’t wait for the next SC, Confirmation battle with Amy.
Dems will dig their own graves with their anti-catholic hysteria.


What's interesting about the Hispanic 50% approval of Trump survey is that the Dems seriously overestimated the appeal of the non border non ICE ploy, didn't they?


For Clarice or Jane

Are we looking at class action lawsuits here? Are all the kids and chaperones who attended potential plaintiffs? Would the defendants be herded together like cattle?


maryrose, unfortunately I was joking, as the more likely prospect would be that if he'd been admitted, the admission would be rescinded. Apparently there were SJWs trying to make that happen to these kids.

Jim Eagle

God, I hope not jimmyk, Harvard is the last place a young, morally astute and polite kid like Sandmann would want to matriculate.

Holy Cross or Boston College are more fitting. Even Notre Dame, as long as they don't cover up the crosses:)

Texas Liberty Gal

I really enjoyed the Williams-Halep tennis match today. Did anyone else watch it? I don't know how Serena was comfortable wearing that green outfit today though. If you watch it you'll know what I mean.


Barbasol Once Showed Gillette How To Make a Commercial for Real Men💪#BoycottGillette #MeetBarbasol pic.twitter.com/YlrypCygSE

— PolishPatriot™️ (@PolishPatriotTM) January 21, 2019

Video at link. Ha!


Pin, I don't know but it seems to me Sandmann and Dodge have good claims based on the stuff posted about them that was false and published with reckless disregard for the truth and the danger and trouble to them and their families that followed.


When Obamacare passed didn’t Biden say
“This is a big fu***ing deal”

Tom Elliott
Joe Biden: Americans' health care today is determined by "the color of your skin" and "your zip code."

"White America has to admit there is still systematic racism. It goes almost unnoticed by so many of us."

Jim Eagle


Not as good as the old Burma Shave signs:)

Within this vale

of toil

And sin

Your head grows bald

but not your chin


Signs on our upstate New York farm my dad bought when in the Air Foce.



I remember those signs! We used to see them along the road driving over to Ohio to visit friends of my mom's.



Posting this because I thought you would be interested:



Good afternoon! I've watched all the videos and my impression is that this group of young men were waiting for their bus and all of a sudden,this incident happened. They were told to wait for the bus and I imagine that every group that attended the March for Life had a tour bus waiting. The young men probably bought their MAGA hats and t-shirts at one of the ubiquitous t-shirt vendors. The Black Hebrew Israelites or whatever they are called are vile. I'm pretty sure I saw them on a street corner in D.C. They were screaming and ranting.I remember asking the daughter how they were allowed to spew their venom. She said,they have a permit. Scary. I think some of the wackos have permits to gather near the Lincoln Memorial. Tourists beware. Those young men were caught in an impossible situation.

Jim Eagle


So that is why Pelosi was going to Egypt. To take credit for finding it.

Also, how many of those top 25 trillionaires, who control more wealth than 3.8 billion people on earth, are democrats or globalists? Most likely all.


I really enjoyed the Williams-Halep tennis match today. Did anyone else watch it?

I saw part of it. Unfortunately I learned about the outcome, so that spoiled it. Plus I was rooting for Halep, whose hustle and work ethic (needed because she's so small) I always admire.


We did not run the Covington/Phillips articles -- AP or otherwise.

As far as we are concerned, the #MSM was poking its media lens in such a way as to avoid reporting real news.

It seems indicative that, when I do a search, AP appears not to have run an article that describes anything about the March for Life.

I did, however, tweet a bit about AP’s misreporting about Covington. For instance, why, when Phillips approached Sandmann, did AP report it as Sandmann standing next to Phillips rather than the reverse.


Pin-to answer your question from the previous page you can be in one of the ranger battalions because you have passed rasp, but after some time period you are expected to go on to ranger school and pass all 3 parts.

At ranger school you will be attending with people from other military branches going through that same leadership training course.

The Ranger school earns the Ranger tab and you go back to the unit you came from. An actual Army ranger has a scroll to show he is or was a Ranger. If he has passed both RASP and Ranger School he is 'scrolled and tabbed.'

The things you learn when Benning is just down the road.


What happens when the plaintiff or defendant in a civil suit is a minor?



Regarding Davos, I think the bloom is off the rose. I know as far as I am concerned, the opinions of that crew have ceased to impress.

Trump is going to be seen as a seismic historical figure. Not only for his revamping how the US government operates, but for waking people up to the machinations of the elite and the corruption in various institutions, for inspiring people to get involved and think for themselves.

When I saw those yellow vests showing up in Australia, I knew that it's a world-wide phenomenon.


There's Pro Life Burma Shave all across MO and KS but I ant remember any of it.

As far as I know Twitter has not suspended any of the accounts of Wheeler Walker Jr, Kathy Griffey or that Shoe guy. I wonder if there's an ADA in LA County willing to drop some paper on old KG?


The media is full eejits


Owen Benjamin earned a lifetime ban on Twitter for questioning a Hollywood writer and so called comic for turning his four year old boy into a girl.




AP appears not to have run an article that describes anything about the March for Life.

They will next year if Porch is right about the wackos coming out in force. That'll finally put the March on the map, and I'd bet a lot of red hats will be in attendance, and possibly some body guards like #BikersForTrump.


Has the Elder been interviewed by any of the MSM outlets yet?

Account Deleted

"He carries the pipe doesn’t cut it."

Once more maryrose, you remove all doubt to me that you really don't know *anything.*


Hannity has a guest on who sounds well informed on the Mueller White hattery. Except he makes it sound like Black hattery. Maybe he needs an decoder prism to translate Trump Tweets.

Point being, the show consists of Hannity repeatedly saying "let me ask you a question." I keep hoping Hannity will tell us who the guest is (I think it is Carter Page), but he never stops interrupting long enough to even care that he has a guest.

James D.

Regarding Davos, I think the bloom is off the rose. I know as far as I am concerned, the opinions of that crew have ceased to impress.

I was never impressed with their opinions.


Michael Sussmann

Baker Testimony Reveals Perkins Coie Lawyer Provided FBI With Information on Alfa Bank Allegations


Captain Hate

When I saw those yellow vests showing up in Australia, I knew that it's a world-wide phenomenon.

Yes to this. The Tea Party was an early heads up that people weren't happy and the GOP's performance in marginalizing them was my first inkling that a Uniparty/Ruling Class cabal wanted the administrative state to run everything and to hell with consent of the governed. Brexit was another pushback meeting with strong opposition and now the yellow vests.

You could also argue that this is a delayed continuation of what Reagan initiated in Central Europe.


I hope Kev is right and I'm wrong about Mr Phillips. It may be that he has a Come to White Jesus moment after spending the next couple of years in depositions.


I haven't seen enough evidence to conclude that the Yellow Vests aren't made up by a majority of free shit army people.

Is there a well resourced chronology of them?


Pin, ASFAIK, the parent or guardian brings or defends the suit in the child's name.

Account Deleted

the last troop withdrawal from the Nam was March 1973.

the Vietnam war draft lasted from 1969 to 1973.

Mr. Phillips is two years older than me.

i was 18 in 1973. Mr. Phillips was draftable in 71. so there's that.

Jim Eagle

The Yellow Vests in France started out as a populist rebellion to gas tax hikes but has been kidnapped by the far left. This is their playbook. Anti-fa is another great example.

Me, I just want them to come to my front door step.



Seems to be better research than the typical TBeanzzzz variety of dot connecting.

Captain Hate


I don't think it's possible to get an accurate feel for what the yellow vests are about unless you know someone in France. The average person on the street in France is different than stereotypes while still having uniquely French characteristics. My opinion is that they're mostly for the same things we are while still depending on the state more than we do. They're much more of a homogeneous culture than we are.

Account Deleted

'Who is murdering transgender people and why does it matter?'


"Quite frankly, many of these murder victims seem to spend a lot of time in bad neighborhoods hanging around bad people who do bad things. If it weren’t for activists promoting the “climate of hate” narrative, and a liberal media establishment eager to seize on these crimes for anti-Trump propaganda purposes, homicides like these would never be more than local news. But the activists have their agenda, ..."

Jim Eagle

Well, CH, my BIL and SIL live in France and I can tell you point blank that the gilets jaunes are fake now. Not to start with but they have been overtaken by the left, and that is was their MO.

They live in Dax and Bordeaux but travel to Paris, Lyon, and Lille, regularly. They know the country, its culture and politics. He was born and raised there. Went to the École Polytechnique (thier MIT or CalPoly). If he says they are all compromised now, then I believe him.


Vietnamization and Redeployment 1970-1972

Throughout 1970, U.S. Marine forces continued to withdraw from Vietnam. The new policy emanating from Washington was "Vietnamization

Vietnam War Marine Corps Official History Volumes

U.S. airpower and advisors, the ground war was increasingly turned over to the South Vietnamese. While the invasion of Cambodia was the major military undertaking of 1970, only a limited number of Marine aviation assets were involved. Marines still conducted aggressive campaigns against the enemy, most notably Colonel Edmund G. Derning's 7th Marines participation in Operation Pickens Forest and Colonel Paul X. Kelley's 1st Marines actions near Da Nang. But by the end of 1970, more Marines were leaving than arriving as replacements. On 14 April 1971, III MAF redeployed to Okinawa, and two months later the last ground troops, the 13,000 men of the 3d MAB, flew out from Da Nang.

Although Marine combat units were no longer in Vietnam, Marine advisors remained to assist the South Vietnamese. During the North Vietnamese 1972 Easter Offensive, Marine advisors played a pivotal role in repelling the Communist attacks. Captain John W. Ripley, Captain Ray L. Smith and Captain Lawrence H. Livingston each won the Navy Cross for their heroic contributions in stopping the enemy advances.



Nice link, lurkersusie. It seems Baker was fairly cooperative.

All three articles came out on Oct. 31, 2016, including The New York Times article. Recall, the The New York Times had been asked to refrain from publishing while the FBI was investigating the matter. Which begs the question [tilt! improper usage!], were the authors of these other two, highly-coincidentally timed articles also asked to delay their publication? It certainly seems as if all three were given the green light at the same time.

This raises the question of whether Sussmann was also leaking to Franklin Foer of Slate and David Corn of Mother Jones. Or whether Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, whose firm had hired Steele, was acting as a conduit to these individuals.

It’s possible another explanation exists for the same-day publication of all three articles, but the concurrent timing, along with details from Baker’s testimony, appears to suggest otherwise.

This is about as far as Jeff Carlson, CFA, normally goes in making an inference.


Thanks CH and JiB. Clearly it is a topic I need to research more.

Captain Hate

Ok, Jack; like I said it's important to know something there.

The Ewok's sidebar rants:

What a Shock: Ben Shapiro's Site is in Lecturing Mode Over the Covington Hoax, Conveniently Omitting the Bit Where Ben Shapiro was Cheerleading the Mob

Every. Single. Time. Ben Shapiro literally joins every single leftwing lynch mob. And it's not as if he's unaware that lynchmobs are terrible, stupid things -- whenever someone on the right calls for deplatforming or gets a lynch mob going, Not-Binary Ben starts lecturing us all on the evils of lynch mobs.
And yet he can't fucking wait to join every single leftwing mob.
I wonder why that is. I mean, he tells me he's suuuuper-conservative but he clearly believes that any random Catholic schoolboy is a Nazi, or at least could very well be a Nazi, and he believes every single conservative saying something bad about a liberal is a liar and a fiend, and he believes every single claim made by leftwing online agitators.
I know people like that. We call them "progressives." If you think everyone on the right (except for your fellow #SalonHot25 All-Stars) is a liar, an idiot, and a vicious Nazi racist, and you implicitly believe everyone on the left and think they are quite beyond suspicion as far as lying or manipulating, then it's pretty clear where your actual allegiance lay.

Hey National Review, I Really Want to Read Your Quickly-Shit-Out Article on the Covington Fail of Fears Incident, Which Seems to Have Had a Title Referencing "Spitting on the Cross" with Racist Hatred, But It Appears to be Deleted. Why Is That?

Kyle Smith writes a headline at NRO: Philips Lied. The Media Bought It. Strangely enough, the article does not seem to mention that National Review, which usually considers itself part of the media (allegedly, the conservative part), also "bought it," and with some amount of Lynchmob Gusto, and also, therefore, should come in for the same criticism as the rest of the media.
But National Review is choosing to ignore that. Apparently "The Media" bought this fake story, but National Review is... well, either not a part of the media or else there's a double-standard in play.
So they're lying to protect their tribe. National Review writers are just as honest about their company's biases, bigotries, and fuck-ups as Brian Stelter is about his employer's.
PS, rumor is, these boys and this school have legal representation. Good. I hope they sue everybody -- and I do mean everybody. Ben Shapiro, National Review, Rich Lowry, and all the rest of the vicious tribalist c*nts who just couldn't wait to accept a leftist agitator's claims as beyond dispute and slander a bunch of schoolboys for the crime of wearing a political hat to a political event.
Much more on this tomorrow. I will not forget and I will not forgive. No one should. They keep doing the same thing over and fucking over again, never once adjusting their behavior. It's about time people started paying for the havoc they wreak on other people's lives.
These kids have been doxxed and threatened and National Review and Ben Shapiro and all the rest of the gang want to pretend they had nothing at all to do with that -- why should they? They all have an almost-explicit agreement to back each other's lies and never, ever criticize a NeverTrumper's excesses.
You guys believe in Call-Out Culture, right? Well, get ready for a week of it, cowards and grifters


Decent Michael Goodwin column on Barr and Mueller: The media’s ‘Gotcha!’ hysteria is shameful

...power is too easily abused, and Mueller, whatever his personal and professional virtues, has gotten too big for America’s good.

Fortunately, he will soon have a real and worthy boss. William Barr is almost certain to be the new attorney general, ending a reign of error that began with the hapless Jeff Sessions and continued with his deputy, Rod Rosenstein...

Mueller has operated without restraint or guidance, with abuses and conflicts of interest on his team swept aside in what too often looks like a determination to knock off a duly elected president.

Barr, I believe, will be the antidote to this destructive situation.

Sure hope he's right. Good Morning.

Account Deleted

Once more with feeling:

""He carries the pipe doesn’t cut it."

Doesn't cut what? your dismissive b.s.?

He's going to be held to a higher standard: i can assure you, a higher one than the Archdiocese of Covington KY or the AP or some blog poster who doesn't know what being a pipe carrier means.

Also, the bone cancer story isn't an excuse. there was no excuse for what Old Man did in DC.

it says to me that what the Creator put in his path didn't humble him---- he's compensating by being out there provoking controversy, puffing up his chest, and preening for notoriety.

he's misusing his medicine. period.

the Old Man deserves being called every name Janet is calling him. he's disgraced himself.

his sacrilege is egregious as it is obvious to those of us who can hold him to a higher standard than you, maryrose.

we've earned that right to hold him to a higher standard than American society can.

you? not so much. you don't know what the higher standard consists of or why it even exists.

please, let's try to at least read what competing POVs are actually saying, maryrose. (and i know you're reading this.)

my intent is to share what i know, add some background, and perhaps help dial down some of the perfectly justified reactivity.

if my words get interpreted as "squabbling" among people who are on "the same side", then the interpretation is flat wrong. just thought i'd say this b/c back and forth tends to get squelched at a certain point.

bottom line: Old Man disgraced himself. he owes the young man and the rest of the boys in Covington amends....big time. he deserves scorn.

my sincere hope for him is that he figures out he's being played by the American Left before he's destroyed by it; before he gets an innocent hurt; before he teaches one more perverted lesson to his descendants.

and this is not the first time the American Left has run an Indian up the flag pole for the sake of the commie cause.

some of us learned. we did something about it. we continue to do something about it.

another day ending in Y.

Sandy Daze

I think phillips has a casual relation with the truth... I'll believe he was a MARINE when I see his DD-214, or other supporting evidence, like a photo of him with a bud in Vietnam...

Right now, I think he's a feather passer, and a poseur to boot.

I don't understand all this peace-pipe stuff... sounds very special. Huh. Sorta like VooDoo--does it exist if you don't believe it? What does it matter?

Here's what I believe:

I believe in one God,
the Father almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
of all things visible and invisible.

I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,
the Only Begotten Son of God,
born of the Father before all ages.
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father;
through him all things were made.
For us men and for our salvation
he came down from heaven,
and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary,
and became man.
For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate,
he suffered death and was buried,
and rose again on the third day
in accordance with the Scriptures.
He ascended into heaven
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again in glory
to judge the living and the dead
and his kingdom will have no end.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father and the Son,
who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified,
who has spoken through the prophets.

I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins
and I look forward to the resurrection of the dead
and the life of the world to come.

Someone can put that in their pipe and smoke it if they would like. Do with it what they will. They will wind up wherever they will ultimately.

But for crass behavior, jaundiced behavior here in the temporal world, I expect a more civil reckoning.


By The Way - if Nick Sandmann wants to attend a college more Catholic than all but a few, I most strongly recommend:
Great progress is being made on the new chapel, Christ Chapel:
We have a great parish in town here:
vibrant with the The Faith.


Captain Hate

and this is not the first time the American Left has run an Indian up the flag pole for the sake of the commie cause.

Every fill-in-the-group gets played by the progs.

Jim Eagle

But TK, their mission my BIL agrees with since Macron is an idiot, and according to him is driving France into a global grave. Strange bedfellow kind of accommadation.


my sincere hope for him is that he figures out he's being played by the American Left before he's destroyed by it;

No chance he is doing this of his own free will?


These guys need to be sued as much as CNN and MSNBC. Link goes to tweet.

Tweet deleted. pic.twitter.com/jGqwKMTAzm

— Kristina Wong 🇺🇸 (@kristina_wong) January 21, 2019

Yeah, I don't see how he's been played. He's apparently been a fixture in DC for decades, supposedly formerly had a drinking problem, spent his adult life searching for meaning as I posted earlier, etc., etc. Let's see the tear-jerking 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl. Meanwhile, he's a dick in an Indian costume as far as I'm concerned.

KK, I have no issue with your helpful insights about the current state of Indian culture. I'm Catholic and I happily trashed a lefty priest this afternoon. I'm Italian and gladly turned a jury against a scumbag Italian drug dealer. I hate them worse than people who aren't like me. (I also went to an all-boys Catholic high school, so I have some affinity with the Covington lads.)

Account Deleted

Based on hearsay from a friend, Phillips' couldn't possibly be a "recon ranger" he has allegedly claimed to have been in Nam.

the hearsay is documented in this sterling piece of journalism:


The article is unhinged, for example: "
#NathanPhillips Claims to have been a "Recon Ranger" in Vietnam. https://www.democraticunderground.org/100211698735 As a servicemember, let's break this down: There is no such thing as a "Recon Ranger". Closest is the 75th Ranger Regiment Reconnaissance Company, established 1984. Way after 'Nam. [1/11]

A simple Google search yields the following fact. Does this mean no one in the Rangers did recon before 1984?

"The United States Army's Infantry School officially established the Ranger Department in December 1951. Under the Ranger Department, the first Ranger School Class was conducted in January–March 1952, with a graduation date of 1 March 1952. Its duration was 59 days. At the time, Ranger training was voluntary."

Marine 3rd Force Recon:"3rd Force Reconnaissance Company was activated (1965), trained, fought and deactivated during the Vietnam War (1970)."

Old Man might very will be a fraud, poseur and everything else.

but GP needs to practice what it preaches. get the facts and out the guy. until then, STFU. they are as bad and as hyper-reactive as their FN adversaries.

Jim Eagle


Sue the NR? What will you get. Nothing because they have nothing.

Like the Weekly Standard. Another Trump accomplishment. Getting rid of those two.

Account Deleted

Right you are, CH. Equal denigration of everybody but themselves under the hammer and sickle.

Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) Terence B. Hoey-Is the Native American who harassed kids at the Lincoln memorial really a Vietnam vet?


I have no idea what is revealed in the above audio link. It absolutely will not play for me.



I saw the video by the bystanders earlier today. This post has the body cam video as well, which tells a different story.


Jim Eagle


Lets be clear grammacly. It is not MCPO Terence B. Hoey is the Native American who harrased the kids:)


Yep, JiB. I cut and pasted an offensive hyphen.


You know, someone asked earlier why the chaperone wasn't there to get between Nick and the Elder. Good question. What's the point of a chaperone if not to handle that kind of thing?

Anyone have the name, address and other doxxing info on this missing chaperone? Just kidding.

Regardless of whether the initial meme was debunked, I'm guessing it still worked, to an extent, in that next year the Covington boys won't be allowed to wear MAGA hats, and neither will many other kids. Their schools will make some b.s. rules that just happen to have that unintended effect.

I think the March for Life will be big next year, though.

Account Deleted

"Yeah, I don't see how he's been played. He's apparently been a fixture in DC for decades, supposedly formerly had a drinking problem, spent his adult life searching for meaning as I posted earlier, etc., etc. Let's see the tear-jerking 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl. Meanwhile, he's a dick in an Indian costume as far as I'm concerned."


maybe i can help.

He's like most of us alkies. when we climb up out of our ditches without alcohol we tend to rush blindly, like a well-intentioned ex-con, into a line of work that will help us *make good*.

no one, and i speak from experience, is more vulnerable to manipulation and political exploitation than a former drunk looking to be a part of something bigger than himself and better.

it's why so many Injun males, after their tour of duty inside a bottle or with a needle, end up seeking the path of spirit on the Good Red Road. and it is also why so many of us fail to comprehend what it's for: it's not a replacement for the bottle or the needle.

the fake self is still under control unless it is confronted. i'm afraid that is something Old Man has yet to confront in himself; thus, his self-assigned role(s).

at first it is understandable to those who've been where he's been. but after a few years of wandering around, being pointed in certain directions by different worldly masters, it becomes pathetic and despicable.

it happened to me during my first four years not drinking while involved in cultural and political affairs.

and i paid dearly for it.

when the Powers That Were at the time let me know, under know uncertain terms, who was signing my checks and what they expected of me---- i saw myself in a very unflattering mirror. WTF are you doin, Son?

i had a choice to make. and i made it.

i made the right one though it wasn't resolved without a great amount of psychic carnage, drama, and general hell on earth.

the price of the ticket would have been my soul.

i call that the ultimate game of "getting played."

you might call it something different.

but at least you might be clearer about what *I* mean when i say Phillips is being played by the American Left.

he's replaced the buzz of alcohol--- nothing more.

being at the center of controversy and provocation--- that's his buzz, his bender, and his purpose while waving *his* drum (not the Ancient Drum he was taught with--- something that's far bigger than his small image of himself.)

getting played doesn't excuse him. nor does it make him some turnkey victim package among his peer group as i've explained.

going on 60 Minutes to shed his fake Iron Eyes Cody tears will be him chopping a bigger hole in his soul.

he knows better. and he'll reap the whirlwind.

he'll be destitute once the astroturfed "Resistance Speakers and Activists" mill goes belly up. the money streams are being pinched as we speak.

thanks for reading. thank you for what you wrote. it means a damned helluva lot to me.


Jim Eagle


They bought those hats off the street vendors in DC. Everyone of them have them. I am waiting for the Donald to way in. It could be brutal but then he may realize that the school, diocese, and families need to sort this out. I am still outraged being the parent of a kid who was a mirro image of the Nick Sandmann kid in profile and demeanor.

I hope phony stolen valor Nathan Phillips hands on his own strings.

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