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January 11, 2019



Charlie Spiering
‏Verified account @charliespiering

“Good job yesterday, I appreciate it” Trump tells Jim Acosta in the Oval office.

Best. President. Ever!


France Moves To Ban All Protests As PM Announces Major Crackdown On Yellow Vests

Ha! Good luck with that Macron.

France is signaling it's making preparations for a massive new crackdown on the gilets jaunes or "yellow vests" anti-government protests that have gripped the country for seven weeks. A new law under consideration could make any demonstration illegal to begin with if not previously approved by authorities...

Yeah, right. That's gonna' work with the French public.

Good Morning!.


Government still shit down. Porn websites hardest hit.


I'm baking poppyseed bread, biscuits, and sending honey baked ham, fresh fruit, and orange juice.

That sounds lovely and I'm sure they'll really appreciate it, Momto2.

Bringing food to the recently bereaved is something very important that I think often gets overlooked nowadays, sometimes because of good intentions (not wanting to disturb someone's privacy, for example, or being afraid to bring the wrong thing).


John Cardillo
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25m25 minutes ago

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plane made an emergency landing in St. Pete en route to Fort Lauderdale to suspend Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.

Everyone is OK. Mechanical issues.

Scott Israel even fails at being removed from office.
This is pretty scary. And why does the governor have to go there in person to fire him?


Miss M, some firings are pleasurable. I suspect Sheriff Israel is in that category.



A fair number of people commenting on that post are suspicious that dems are trying to kill DeSantis!


Wall go fund me contributors.. looks like they are gonna keep you money:

So that $20M border wall GoFundMe campaign? Its organizer now hopes to use the money to finance a new nonprofit. Its board includes Kris Kobach, David Clarke, Erik Prince, and Tom Tancredo


Captain Hate

MOAR Accoster:



Liz Wheeler
‏Verified account @Liz_Wheeler
2h2 hours ago

Stories MSM ignored this week:

- MSDHS Public Safety Commission recommends arming teaches
- CAIR is advising FB & TW about who to kick off platforms
- Dems passed spending bill with $12B for foreign aid, $0 for border wall
- Sen Warren, Booker, Sanders all endorse Green New Deal
That last one is worrisome, for sure.

Captain Hate

A fair number of people commenting on that post are suspicious that dems are trying to kill DeSantis!

He's already more effective than that cowardly pile of RINO shit, Rick Scott, in less than a month so the progs must be more desperate than usual.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Ig: "The simple fact is if the right had any brains there would be a hundred or a thousand federal civil rights law ..." related to voting rules and curbing voting fraud.

Is there an existing org dedicated to this?

Account Deleted

((Wall go fund me contributors.. looks like they are gonna keep you money:))

No. The money will be refunded automatically.
The donor CAN give the donation amount to the new org but you have to fill in the form to allow that.

Explained here - https://www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall?utm_source=sendgrid&utm_medium=email&utm_content=comms&utm_campaign=wall-update



Account Deleted

Tx, GUS. Son is taking a good hard look at giving up the college game. so far this year: torn hammie and a torn meniscus. he may let the team sport go and double down on this last year and a half on academics. He's handling this plateau very well.

Later on then :D


Janet, that’s nice to know. But the sponsors don’t look good with the redirection.

James D.

suspend Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.

Why is he being suspended rather than fired?

If there's something in the Florida statues that prevents outright firing, do it anyway, and let him sue for his job.


Kev, sorry to see your son get hurt. BTDT, played through it. Results: Jammie went past torn to shredded, not repairable despite surgery, rejected at OCS intake physical so had to get a desk job, haven’t been able to run distance the past 40 years. Taking a hint would have been smarter.


hammie. Auto cucumber is overactive as usual.

Account Deleted

Well, I'm of the 'God love 'em for trying' opinion.
The sniping at our own side gets old.

Coulda been done better.
That's no good.
Silly effort.
I knew it was a stupid idea.

::spit:: ......the sniping gets old.

Captain Hate

Sorry about the son's injury, Cha. Sports should be fun; I'm incredibly frustrated that I'm too old to play basketball but I enjoyed every minute of it and lasted longer than most.



https://www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall on this link there is an update 18, which explains what they are trying to do. I personally think it is wonderful and will be donating more as soon as I can figure it all out.

Build the wall now!


Not ready for non-prime time even.


"Kamala Harris Says India is ‘Oldest Democracy in the World’ (It’s Not)"



I think a Native American could teach you to grow popcorn but maybe you have a really hot delivery girl.

Account Deleted

"::spit:: ......the sniping gets old."


a mentor observed and commented once--- "you snipe yourself too much." well, what do i do about it? you know, to correct it. "Adopt the 80% rule and move forward."

i'm not big on awarding partial credit for poorly executed actions, awarding it on the basis of intention....especially if it gets people jammed up in the process, or in the execution of it, the principal(s) cover their posteriors.

credit where credit is due. and where i feel the need (not here, so much as in real time life) to crit i usually wait to hear what the "executor" has to say.

Account Deleted

henry and CH: muchisimas for the words and experience. he loves "the elegance" of the game.

he said the other day: "You know, Dad, the way you will always be into a football or Rugby game, no matter who's playing, or at what level--- it's because YOU played. i think i'll always feel that way about basketball."

i never know what my kids are noticing about their Paw. they recognize what i love--- most impotantly, they gradually reveal what i'm OBLIVIOUS to. :D gimme mo!



Pagan thanks for that link. Build wall at less than half govt cost per mile? Davis-Bacon is a huge cost increaser, but unless you have pro bono legal support the lefty NGOs can tie you up more readily, worth a shot, but I’m not holding my breath on any wall getting built via that.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

GUS: "Amy Barrett is a known GANG RAPIST and even WORSE, she's a CATHOLIC. Thank GOD she's not a KNIGHT OF COLUMBUS."

Does she drink beer?


Kev, yes. Soccer is the beautiful game. Basketball can be as well, though college has followed the pros into collection of individuals going for patented video game moves. (I classify this on par with soccer Louganis disease and NFL stupid dance move after every meaningless play). Best to have great memories and move on.


A fair number of people commenting on that post are suspicious that dems are trying to kill DeSantis!

(He's already more effective than that cowardly pile of RINO shit, Rick Scott, in less than a month so the progs must be more desperate than usual.)

I think DeSantos learned from Trumps mistakes---you have to immediately get rid of bad eggs upon taking office rather than taking your time about it. I think it's a good sign for Florida.

In contrast, up here we are pissed off because a guy the Previous Governor hired to put in charge of a Natural Gas studying Commission (which accomplished nothing) got paid a $550,000 annual salary (more than the Governor or any other State Employee in the entire State), and upon exit the last Governor authorized a bonus for him of another $300,000. Our new Governor did not nix that last bonus so now people are pissed at our new guy.

Account Deleted

over at AOS someone asked if we couldn't bill Hillary Clinton for the $6billion she misplaced.

would make an excellent Trump tweet, if you're reading Trump staffer individual it. :D


Re Amy Barrett, have you ever met a Catholic Priest or been to Pennsylvania?


A Pennsylvania judge sentenced a Catholic priest to up to 14 years in prison, after the cleric had pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two boys

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Government still shit down.

Pagan thanks for that link.

hammie. Auto cucumber is overactive as usual.--

However it's the second time on that first one so I'm not so sure. :)


CNN's Jeffrey Toobin thinks Trump can fund the wall by declaring a national emergency. Fox News' Andrew Napolitano is skeptical.

Has "Judge" Napolitano been right on a legal question in the past couple of years?

(Btw, Tom R, that was an interesting link to Jeff Carlson's piece on Lisa Page's testimony. She seemed straight-forward, unlike her former squeeze-nerd.)


No wonder why the White House hires 17 new lawyers.

New York Dem shutting down terrorism committee to create Trump investigation panel | Fox News


Account Deleted

India as oldest democracy.... hmmmmm....

"The Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India, drafted by a committee headed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, on 26 November 1949. India became a sovereign democratic republic after its constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950."

it's a parliamentary democratic republic since 1950."

from another basic Goggle hit: "Yet except for 18 months in 1975-77, India has maintained its democratic institutions ever since it became independent of Britain in 1947. Over those five decades, there have been 12 parliamentary elections and many more state assembly elections."

And here's some back to school enrichment reading for the aspiring Presidential Candidate Harris:



Iggy, the wonders of machine learning.

Account Deleted

and these humps allege DJT is ignorant.


Kev, if it is on a preprinted sign, it must be true.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

henry: "I’m not holding my breath on any wall getting built via (GoFundMe)."

Of course. And OL plus others pointed to how many zeroes are in a Billion.
We get it.
The whole point of the GoFundMe was the number of pledges. Not the dollar total. Repubs had just lost the House despite valiant efforts. We The Deplorables wanted to make a gesture, show PDJT that we are still out here and we have his back.

Please do click and do a quick scroll through the Recent Donations. Weeks later and Deplorables just like us are still showing up.


Miss Marple

Re: RBG Proof of Life.

I was reading a thread about Scalia's death last night The people at the ranch who found him called a judge. Over the phone they described his condition and the judge declared him dead. So that's another judicial function in addition to performing weddings?



Did they ever make you read Where the Legends Die in Anglo School? Has your son considered Rodeo?


Yoga Mats save Anchorage Moose! (With Video)

Caption:"A moose crosses a path made by employees at a nearby engineering firm after they saw it had seemingly become trapped inside the slick track of an ice skating circle."

Current temp, Minus 8F.


Do you know why AOC didn't take 4H?

She couldn't keep her calves together.


Lee Smith: Our Foreign Adventures Didn't Result in Americanizing the Middle East. They Only Succeeded in Arabianizing the American Media.

Account Deleted

((over at AOS someone asked if we couldn't bill Hillary Clinton for the $6billion she misplaced.))

Hillary Clinton should have to reimburse American taxpayers for all the time,money & effort that has gone into retrieving her damn emails that should have been archived from the get-go.
She had no business, as Secretary of State of the USA, using a totally separate private system.

That is what is so goofy about the excuse that she had no INTENT too. Of course she had INTENT. Why did she set up a private system if she didn't INTEND keeping her stuff secret?

Jamal Khashoggi was not, as the press had insistently reported, a U.S. person, meaning a permanent U.S. resident, a green-card holder, or an American citizen. Rather, he was a foreign national who owned an apartment in northern Virginia, and was in the country on an O-1 visa, granted to individuals with “extraordinary ability.”

The media patched that hole by inventing a new category for Khashoggi. Rather than a U.S. person, he was a U.S., or American, resident—a phony designation that could just as easily apply to an exchange student or an undocumented alien.


As it turns out, the holder of a U.S. visa granted to those with extraordinary abilities didn’t even write English. Because his “English abilities,” according to the article, “were limited,” Qatar Foundation International paid for a translator, who as it happens also worked at the Qatari embassy. When asked by email whether the Post was aware Khashoggi’s English-language abilities were limited when it began its relationship with the author, and if the paper helped him obtain his visa, editor of the Post opinions page Fred Hiatt did not respond.


Looks like no new up-dates on L'affaire Bezos so I guess it's too early to make a ruling on which boy acted stupider:

A) Anthony giving up Rome for Cleopatra
B) Prince Edward abdicating the Throne for Wallis Warfield Simpson, or
C) Bezos's $70 Billion for the silicone Amazon

BTW, I'll be in Hong Kong in a few days, so thought I'd text you guys a picture of my junk:

Off to work. Bye:)


Surprise! (not):

This. Schumer had drinks with George Soros's son yesterday. Chuckie getting his strings pulled by his Master via his son and the intermediary. Don't forget this.




I forwarded my contribution to the new cause. I love that guy!


Daddy, see a doctor about those barnacles.


That is what is so goofy about the excuse that she had no INTENT too. Of course she had INTENT. Why did she set up a private system if she didn't INTEND keeping her stuff secret?

You always ask the good questions, Janet.

It wasn’t just goodies that the Republican and independent voters who put Trump in the White House wanted. Trade and immigration are issues that touch on American lives directly. So does foreign policy. Where Washington analysts and think-tankers talk about how we project our values around the world, many Americans want to know what that means for them at home. For instance: Why is my wife or husband, brother or sister, son or daughter, being sent to fight and maybe die in the Middle East?

The Khashoggi affair underscored the existential, and most likely unbridgeable, divide within Republican ranks. Iran hawks like Graham and Rubio fear that Trump’s withdrawal from Syria is likely to strengthen Tehran. Nonetheless, their sympathy for the anti-MBS campaign augmented the case for withdrawing support from Riyadh in its war against the Houthis—an Iranian proxy.

Which is it? Those lamenting the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the deaths of thousands of Yemeni children appear to have few qualms about sticking American boys and girls in the middle of the Syrian desert as a tripwire, and with no coherent policy to confront Iranian aggression.


Language alert, but lol

Account Deleted

from a private investment/market briefing dated Oct 2018: as of 1 Oct 2018 Turkey's currency had lost 40% plus of its value year-to-year.

how does that provide Trump with some leverage over the saber rattling Erdogan?

Account Deleted

Trump being Reaganesque on a hot mic:

"Mass deportations will begin in 5 minutes."


Muslim Rep. André Carson Envisions 30-35 Muslims in Congress with a Muslim President by 2030 at CAIR Reception

"We’ve got firepower in Congress. We’ve got sister Rashida [Tlaib] in the House, and she’s tough.”

“She’s the kind of sister you take to a debate with scholars with you, because she’ll rock the house. She’s also the kind of sister you take with you if you’re about to get jumped, because she’ll fight too. That sister’s tough.”


Buy ammo with popcorn.

Account Deleted

Graham on Syria talks like the local news media here in the Bay Area---- cut and run, abandoning our allies....blah blah blah

no mention of Saudi and UAE involvement in force multiplier roles for allies. none!

the fact that POTUS has their support--- and their respective jewels in the appropriate bench vices---- seems lost on Graham et al.

what am i missing?


Jane, I'm too tired to get it done tonight but will do it tomorrow morning. IMO, if they only build a little bit that shows it can be done, it will be great. I really like the guy too. IMO, the private wall should have been the way it was done in the first place.

Account Deleted

purpose of a private server is to restrict access. so intent is legally framed how?



You will be able to watch something as if in slow motion over the course of the next few years: the collapse of support for Israel by Democratic Party politicians who harbor ambition for national office. It will follow the pattern we saw of collapse of support for the pro-life cause by leading Democrats in the period of 1973-80 (and particularly 1973-76). One by one, major pro-life Democrats, perceiving the writing on the wall, flipped to supporting abortion and, eventually, even its public funding: Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Richard Gephart, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Joe Biden, and many others. (Something similar happened on marriage, by the way, in the period of 2000-2012, especially 2004-09, culminating in Barack Obama’s “evolution” and Hillary Clinton’s change of heart.)

Similarly, today’s leading Democrats will move from support for Israel, to merely nominal support for Israel, to neutrality, to quiet, somewhat ambiguous opposition, to something effectively indistinguishable from “Zionism is racism.” The left calls the tune, and just as the left settled in on abortion in the early 1970s and marriage redefinition in the 90s, it has now settled in on opposition to Israel–not merely the policies of its government, but its very existence as a Jewish state and homeland of the Jewish people. Do you doubt me? You can do a test of your own. Go to the center of campus at your local university and hoist a placard bearing a large blue star of David and the words “Long Live Israel!” (Notice: Please make sure your health and life insurance coverage are in good order before conducting this experiment.)

Account Deleted

it's time to criminalize Muslim Brotherhood and their front group CAIR. Bridget Gabriel's ACT for America gets donations from me.

the congressional advancements of this agenda are THE national crisis overall, with southern border infiltration by Hamas and Hezbollah operatives/fighters being the clear and present danger.

where's Rudy G on getting the RICO ball rolling on the Islamic networks for militant jihad and jihadi lite.


Who or what is Robert P George.


My condolences for the loss of your uncle Momto2.

Those sports injuries are tough. My youngest was being scouted by colleges as a sophomore in HS. He had a cannon for an arm and his throw down to 2nd was timed at 2.5 and 2.7 seconds. Gedman did it in 2.3 I believe. He blew out his Tommy John on a throw preseason because he hadn't properly warmed up his arm during the off season. But he had gone so far into the wrestling tournaments that he only had a couple of weeks to get his arm in shape. He had potential.

Some good news on the baby front as mom and son are home now. Those bili levels are still high but did come down a bit overnight. I can see the UV tan Porch described! Bennett meets his new baby brother Owen. (He won't take the darn bib off.)


The fact that 9² is greater than 2 x 6² is a modern revelation.

Here's a useful counterintuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more 'pizza' than two 12 inch pizzas pic.twitter.com/hePSpG0pJs

— Fermat's Library (@fermatslibrary) January 7, 2019

There's even a helpful picture at the link.

"The bizarre theory, which is actually mathematically proven to be true, gathered a large audience."
Robert Peter George is an American legal scholar, political philosopher, and public intellectual who serves as the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. He lectures on constitutional interpretation, civil liberties, philosophy of law, and political philosophy. George, a Catholic, is considered one of the country's leading conservative intellectuals.





That's great, Rocco. :-)


Adorable Rocco


Great interview

(1) The Epoch Times on Twitter: "We asked a #Texas sheriff: Is the #BorderCrisis manufactured? 🤔 Interview with Sheriff @AndyLouderback, report by @charlottecuthbo https://t.co/B8eSoqbSv2" / Twitter



Rocco, what a great pix.

Pagar, why does everyone keep spelling your name wrong?

I'm glad this day is coming to an end,


DeSantis appoints first black sheriff of Broward County.

Account Deleted

Congratulations, Rocco, and eternal blessings! What beautiful descendants. :D


What darling children!
My prayers are for you and your family.
Wonderful luncheon with my high school friends of 55 years.

Account Deleted

You'd get Antifa'd at UC Berkeley. Pure and simple. their operatives are always watching Sproul Plaza, the north gate (Hearst and Euclid).

1933 anyone?

Account Deleted

s/b "and the north gate."



Has anyone ever loaded unpopped kernels into 3" Magnums?


Pin, don’t know. You could try, assuming you had a 12 g pipe you never wanted to use again.

Kev, Chitown Lurker sent you email

James D.

it's time to criminalize Muslim Brotherhood and their front group CAIR

Far past time.


My tooling is 2 3/4” 1 1/8 7.5 handicap target loads. I’d need a different bushing for popcorn kernels, a bushing for magnum powder loads, and adjustment to 3” on the old 366 autoloader.

Account Deleted

Old Yeller was citing Barbara Jordan (D-Tx)and the Jordan Commish today.

there's some youtube of her public statements.

this Hill articulo offers a few insights. Did you know Trump declared a "Barbara Jordan Day?" (raciss plick, rrrrrrightt)


Account Deleted

tx henry. tx CTL! (3 in one day!!! :D)


+Back from Kroger and the pick-up. I STILL had to wait when I got there, but the lady aheadof me filled a VAN with her groceries.

Next time I do this I won't be so unthinking as to do it on a snow warning day. Boy, you should have seen that parking lot! Everybody was coming out with piles of groceries, too!

This is a good deal for me in cold weather. Also, the kid who brought my things out loaded it for me, which was also good since I had a 20-pound bag of dog food, etc.

AND they substituted a 16 ounce carton of sour cream for an 8 ounce one, for the same price.

AND, since they ran out of 1-pound packages of ground beef they gave me a THREE POUND PACKAGE for the price of one!!! I got 2 pounds free!!!

All in all, I am pleased. Next time I will not choose Friday night, though. And DEFINITELY not during a weather warning!



“I have decided to run and will be making a formal announcement within the next week,” she said, according to CNN.

“There are a lot of reasons for me to make this decision. There are a lot of challenges that are facing the American people that I’m concerned about and that I want to help solve,” Gabbard added. “There is one main issue that is central to the rest, and that is the issue of war and peace.”


cuties, rocco!



Sorry to hear that kev.

When it rains it pours found out have bad connection arm and bushings on my pt cruiser.


Congrats, rocco. Enjoy!


Per Wiki:

Tulsi Gabbard was born on April 12, 1981, in Leloaloa, American Samoa,[2] the fourth of five children.[

Justice Thomas on her eligibility:


In the earlier article that segued off of the Nancy Pelosi's plan to control the state votes it noted that the single different eligibility declaration required by the DNC was from Hawaii.

Maybe the Afterbirthers can come back for a bit and tell us why Gabberd deserves the benefit of the doubt.


Question for all. My mrs. has been invited to a book party, someone we know (the partner of an old friend) has written a book and Mrs. peter has been invited to the book launch party. Are you expected, if you attend to buy the book at a book party? The author is someone whom I would call a minor celebrity.


Yes you would definitely buy the book to support and honor the author.
They usually have good food and free drinks at these events.



Are you familiar with Carbide Cannons?

36-year-old paramedic Paul Besaw was killed alongside his paramedic colleague, 51-year-old Lahiri Garcia, when they were struck and killed by a drunk illegal immigrant in February 2017.

Palm Beach County records show the driver Genaro Delacruz Alqui was cited several times for traffic violations over the years.

Paul Besaw’s wife Dawn Witherspoon joined Elizabeth MacDonald on The Evening Edit to discuss the recent comments by Nancy Pelosi downplaying the murders and homicides by illegal aliens.

Dawn went off on the heartless Democratic leader!

This was powerful!

Dawn Witherspoon: I am disgusted by Nancy Pelosi. It is unbelievable that we have politicians in our country that do not care about our people! And she said it numerous times!

Video at the link.



Pin, no idea what that is.


Good evening! Rocco,congrats!

Good Luck MM (and others in the path of the midwest storm). The daughter worked at Big Retail HQ in Arkansas all week and today they drove to Kansas City where the son-in-law will be working for an extended period of time. I kept texting them to be careful in the storm. Ha,once a mom always a mom.


This afternoon, President Trump hosted a roundtable discussion with State, local, and community leaders, who spoke on how the crisis at the border is negatively impacting communities across our Nation. pic.twitter.com/GSwFen4Z69

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 11, 2019

Video at link.


The insanity continues

Rep. Debbie Dingell wants to add breathalyzers to cars in honor of Michigan family killed by drunk driver | mlive.com



Start with breathalyzers at voting booths, especially in Congress.


This is common sense. Congress must pass a bill that ends the crisis at our border. pic.twitter.com/wD0PPKfpNM

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 11, 2019

More, and video at the link.

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