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January 02, 2019



Posted twice, this thread?


How could he back, if he never goes away.

Dave (in MA)

This thread can be the anti-Trump Mitt thread, and the other can be the Trump-groveling Mitt thread.


F Mittens of Utah.


mr narciso

Ah, I forgot about Davin Meunier's turn on Burn Notice. He's brilliant at accents.


The Chinese landed on the Dark Side of the Moon.

So now Elon Musk has to team up with Roger Waters.


"Shapes or reflects?"
Yeah, I'd go with mostly reflects, short of a warlike attack like Pearl Harbor or 9/11. In those big events people look to their leaders and the leader can in some cases shape.


Have you heard about Laura Kollab? She was a doctor in residency in Ohio until her social media blew up.

She doesn't like Jews, yet she went to the largest Jewish university in America. What a heartwarming story. She's a Palestinian Muslim.



California's Jerry Brown's crowning achievement for his 16th and final year as state governor was signing a new record of over 1,000 laws.

So that Government is best which governs most?

jim nj

I don't want to go into a debate with Jonah Goldberg or Mitt Romney into the "character" or shortcomings of our President.

I'm not even sure how I would define "good character." "Bad" character, or lack of character, is easier to define.

Conviction. I want a conviction that matches my own. I don't care how he reaches goals that I agree with.

Did Gen. Patton have "good" character? Did Gen. Grant? I don't care, they got a job that needed to be done, done.

jim nj


Too much taxation.


I didnt know meunier was European, heck I didnt know his name. I just knew he played a compelling Jackass.


Ray McKinnon was in Deadwood with Tim Olyphant but he shared no screen time in the Justified episode Blind Spot. He was also an AUSA in SOA. No spoilers.


Either that or optimus prime, pin, no not Shia leboeuf he goes nowhere


...those TV commercials for various drugs really aren't entirely for the purpose of selling the drug.
The secondary purpose is to make public, in a memorable way, all the known side-effects so possible future plaintiffs can no longer say they never heard about the side-effects


That makes a heck of a lot of sense.

I can't think of any other possible excuse for Otezla ads.


Did Gen. Patton have "good" character? Did Gen. Grant? I don't care, they got a job that needed to be done, done.

Posted by: jim nj | January 03, 2019 at 01:05 AM

Mitt is trying to talk Ted Lieu across a bridge.


I was reminded with the Yemen sideshow that Mitt was a party too of that deborchgrave tale the spike, apparently the Soviet miles are able to trick this Carter 2.0 administration. To abandon the kingdom and let the Soviet take over, that could never happen in real life.


Reference: Shoot the Donkey



Well in the Patton movie, its Omar Bradley who seems to get the plaudits even from the nazi officer. The film really doesn't look that complimentary about midway through.


Are you counting the days, mr narciso?

I forgot that Bo Crowder was one of The Others on Lost.


Yes and he was the pilot in con air, or something.


In schadenfreude news Norma Desmond seems to have forgotten the first lesson of gremlins


I am actually pleased with Mitt for offering up his ridiculous self as a Trump punching bag so early in the election season, thus reminding Trump voters exactly why the GOPe sucks so hard.

Good point, Porchlight! Happy New Year right back at you.

Dave (in MA)


Lileks looks at Post-industrial Cleveland.


Biandudi said the employee told the man it was policy not to have plastic straws out. St. Petersburg's city council recently passed a law that ordered restaurants only to hand out straws by request by 2019, before banning them all together by 2020, according to ABC affiliate WFTS.


jim nj

Manbij and Syria.

We know what all the moves were up to Trump saying he would withdraw US forces. We know the moves that occurred immediately after that, but since then the picture has changed.

I'm not going to cite sources here. I'm not sure how reliable they are, but this is what is being reported.

Iraq asked Syria for permission to attack ISIS with cross-border attacks. Previously they launched artillery or air attacks. Syria has invited Iraq to do cross-border operations without asking for specifics beforehand.

There is a report of roughly 400 YPG fighters moving out of Manbij to the east. No idea if they were part of the original Manbij contingent or reinforcements. I suspect they were reinforcements that are no longer needed.

Reports that no US troops have been withdrawn from Manbij. Reports that UAE and Egyptian officers have visited Manbij and reviewed their defenses.

Reports that the US is still willing to provide air support to Manbij.

Reports that the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army are being detached from Manbij and being sent to Aleppo, near Idlib, because another jihadist group is on the attack at Aleppo.

No indication that Syria has troops in Manbij.

I'm thinking, with all the posturing going on, that Manbij is better armed and defended than other players thought. Anti-tank weapons and tunnels, lots of tunnels. The SDF and YPG would have learned the value of tunnels after fighting ISIS.

So if the Syrians have invited the Iraqis in, who might they also invite in as a bulwark against Turkey?

I get the sense that Trump saw regional actors overplaying the cards dealt them and called their respective bluffs.

I can see some military types think that a US withdrawal could lead to chaos. I think Sen. Graham coming away from talking to Trump might be encouraged by what he heard.

Yes, we're seeing chaos, but their may be another unsaid message in there.

Remember what air power and artillery did to that Russian mercenary army? Has the US implied a similar response?

jim nj

Furthermore, there are reports of joint US-Turkish patrols on the Manbij area. How many US troops are involved in that?

Does Turkey no longer want that confidence building effort?

It's amazing just how much force projection we get with 2,000 troops in the arena.

And that number may, or may not, include the 400 man Marine artillery battalion we pulled out of Syria earlier.

What if anything would we need to leave behind to accomplish our goals? Some Air Force combat controllers? Not if we've trained up some YPG to that task.

jim nj



‘Raylan just ran over a guy - twice’

JIB. We are watching Justified too.

How odd. That happened in Queens just last night: Queens pedestrian dead after unlicensed driver runs her over twice

The unlicensed driver of an SUV ran over a woman who was walking across a Queens street Monday — and then shifted into reverse and ran over her again, cops said...

First she ran the woman over with her front right tire. In reverse, she hit the woman again with the same wheel, cops said.

The pedestrian, who wasn’t carrying ID, died at Elmhurst Hospital, cops said.

Whole lotta' undocumentation going on.

Ralph L

Women drivers!

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

Complete alpha hotel:


Account Deleted


Account Deleted


A friend helping a friend of a friend of a friend of Hillary Clinton gets his.

Account Deleted

Pizza chip chucky schmerr and Felosi are going to get their heads handed to them. yeah, they have all the power in the House blah blah blah.... fingers in ears screaming LA!LA!LA!NOT LISTENING!!! is not a strategy.

every day this "shutdown" continues the longer they prove how useless most of the swamp is to American life, and how vital it is to the Democrat "jobs" machine.

nuke them Mr. President. they can't kick start the government without your sig. amirite?


Account Deleted

The Democrat season on illegal migration has passed.


Account Deleted

And why wouldn't this be a great f*cking idea?

In response, Venezuela’s foreign ministry said in a statement it “categorically rejected” Pompeo’s “interventionist attitude,” accusing him of seeking to rally support among Latin American countries for “forcible regime change” in Venezuela.


Account Deleted

Oh look! Trump is reaching out to Columbia as well on Venezuela-- a failed state that's a weigh station for Hezbollah/Iran for infiltrating the USA via the southern border and a key nexus point in their illicit drug trade (which got an okie doke from The Bath House Rat and the US Justice Department under Lynch).



Well in the Patton movie, its Omar Bradley who seems to get the plaudits even from the nazi officer. The film really doesn't look that complimentary about midway through.

Posted by: Narciso79 | January 03, 2019 at 01:27 AM

I was reading an anon thread asking if people down the chain had ever interacted with a general. A guy told a story about some kind of dress up event where he was running the PA. One of the speakers was cutting out because of some corrosion so he was trying to fix it while holding a flashlight. A guy came up and asked him if he could help so the guy held the flashlight while he cleaned the connections and hooked it back up. He said later he figured out it was Omar Bradley. I wish I could do the story justice.

Account Deleted

Felosi's spokesperson: ""A vote AGAINST the Democratic Rules package is a vote to let Mick Mulvaney make across the board cuts, unilaterally reversing Democratic initiatives and funding increases," he wrote, referring to the budget director and acting White House chief of staff."

O'Cortex is threatening to vote against Felosi's rule's plan. It would be insane that she's doing anything more than posturing in order to get a committee assignment on Auntie Maxine's banking committee so she can loot a vault to enshrine herself in DC.





Whole lotta' undocumentation going on.

Posted by: daddy | January 03, 2019 at 04:02 AM

I was wondering if this case involved huevos:

A 14-year-old boy was arrested on a murder charge in Houston after his egg-throwing prank ended in the death of a female motorist, authorities said Wednesday.


Account Deleted

Isn't David Brooks the icon of "character" these days?

i want all of their heads.


Account Deleted

This is a big story. But the story isn't the real story, merely a harbinger of Tim Cook's big mistake.

"Mr. Cook said Apple anticipated challenges in key emerging markets, but didn’t expect the magnitude of the economic deceleration, especially in greater China. A contraction in the smartphone market in the region was particularly sharp, he said."

Two years ago, Apple began ramping up its "release marketing campaigns" which are video intensive. A relative of mine worked on the projects involved.

Asking him what was transpiring, he said it was all very hush hush, but that Apple was planning a huge move into general consumer electronics and counting on Apple iPhone sales to drive that move.

RUH ROH. Timmy is gone by 2020.


the competition in that market is fierce, but Timmy believed he could run with the Big China Dogs...."they love us in China." that was the word floated out to the rank and file at one of his "i look like Steve, don't i?" in house meetings.

like i said: "Ruh Roh!"

Account Deleted

Dr. Savage has been railing about the politicization of the CDC for years. Lately he's been identifying the connections between the CDC and the open borders policies that counter federal law.


Account Deleted

Good Morning JOM!

Lightning bolt at 1230 am this morning. Wrote it all down. But then i had to have a cuppa joe.

Going to be a very good day today.

I hope everybody here enjoys a great step forward despite what the battles in DC might bring.



It doesn't look like Black People are buying the Hollywood Netflix propaganda a la The Bird Box either if Tariq Nasheed's YouTube comments are any indication:

..15 minutes into the film, the black guy is thirsting over the white woman, she is full blown like 9 months pregnant....following her wherever she go, like her shadow.....looking her all up and down....creepy how he was "lusting" after her....full blown 9 months pregnant......


Last night my son was watching an episode of Frasier from the first season. There were three references to the Captain and Tennille. Then I went on twitter and saw that Captain had died and was trending. Eerie.


Am back watching the NASA Presser. Science News Reporter asks 2 good questions:

1) "Can you say more about those "exotic ices." What do you think they are?" Scientist replies they don't really know but it might be methane or nitrogen, but says we'll get a definitive answer soon.

2) Asks if the resolution is good enough at this point to say anything about whether or not Ultima Thule has any craters at all---is it lacking craters? Are they just very small, and what does that mean?

Scientist replies "...We see no unambiguous evidence for craters on Ultima Thule...I'd be surprised if there aren't at least a few. Now theoretical studies suggesting what the Crater-rate in this part of the Solar System, the cold classical, might be, suggests that Ultima Thule could be very underpopulated with small craters in comparison to say the asteroids, or something in the inner Solar System, so we may discover it doesn't have very many craters. In fact we may very well find that most of the texture is dominated by again these very slow motion accretional processes as opposed to the higher velocity processes which create impact craters.

Then the Head Scientist says that from the angle we came in at with the Sun behind us makes it very difficult to pick up craters if they exist but as we pass by and with different angles and different lighting defining shadows we should eventually be able to definitively answer the crater question along with numbers and sizes and depths and the impact environment.


Missed this entirely. Apparently there is some stink about using the name "Ultima Thule."

Reporter: There's been a lot of chatter within the last 12 to 24 hours about Historical Associations with the nickname "Ultima Thule." Can you talk about how you continue to use that nickname for this object? (And when she pronounces "Ultima Thule" she says it with an accent reminiscent of that gal on SNL who used to pronounce Nicaragua just like the natives but otherwise was an idiot.)

Head Scientist seriously replies that he thought he'd get this question. Then gives a great reply and closes with this: "I would say that just because some bad guys once liked that term we're not going to let them hi-jack it. (Big applause) Thank you.

That's at about the 53:00 mark of Todays Briefing



PC pushback by NASA? Nice way to start the day. :)


KK-the CDC is yet another institution originally started with Rockefeller money.

I think it was detailed in their 100th anniversary book commemorating the founding of the foundation.

Spelman College in Atlanta, an HBCU for women, was named after John D Senior's wife http://rockarch.org/bio/laura.php .








https://www.nap.edu/download/25152?utm_source=NASEM+News+and+Publications&utm_campaign=44b60389a2-NAP_mail_new_2019_01_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_96101de015-44b60389a2-102113877&goal=0_96101de015-44b60389a2-102113877&mc_cid=44b60389a2&mc_eid=5e5b43f3ea came out yesterday and lays out the global Universal Health agenda that is apparently part of the SDGs.


Chad Pergram
‏Verified account @ChadPergram
17m17 minutes ago

USCP: USCP is continuing to investigate a Suspicious Package at Louisiana Avenue and Columbus Circle NE. Staff and other personnel are directed to AVOID THIS AREA until further notice.
Fox reporter on Capitol Hill.

Account Deleted

I don't know how the US will combat incoming viruses and untreatable bacterials without a policy of epidemiological integrity, rse.

the amount of money spent on Leftist virtue signaling and pandering at federal, state and local levels---when it comes to boots-on-the-ground epidemiological/bio warfare crises--- scares the beejeebers out of me.

not to the point of preparation fail on my part, so much as how many will perish due to their lack of preparation, and the potentially bad decision to show up at my door when the fit hits the shan.

no mercy.

recently came to terms with a mundane fungal infection that healed. after several months of antibiotic infusion treatment for the bacteria that infected my spine, i learned that such severe application of anti-bios leaves a body vulnerable to fungal infection.

in the process learned that this same common strain can become so prolific in a body with compromised immune system that it can infect the heart and other vital organs.

chief distribution system for the fungi? air ducts in domestic and commercial buildings. (probably contracted it during my 7 days a week 2.5 hour infusion appointments in the hospital last year). our home doesn't use HVAC ducting at all. we circulate fresh air for health and use the latest available space heaters when it's "too cold" (HA!)

while in the desert, except for time spent outdoors, we were like hamsters in controlled environments under HVAC air flow. on the plane ride to and from? even more so.

i am about to become a mask-wearing member of civil society. not so much because of ambient air pollution outdoors--- so much as indoor air exposure to disease signatures.

so now that we have so many millions of delightful squatters in our country, what new strains are besieging us? and that is just the question i ask about new strains of fungal bacteria.



KK--another document released yesterday by NAS is called "Immigration as a Social Determinant of Health" and lays out why no one can be regarded as illegal because they are human and health care is a human right.

Arnold made the Social Determinants of Health and HIAP--Health in All Policies a matter of California law. It forces the political reorganization of society around desired goals, which was a Rockefeller agenda in a 1968 program they had at their Bellagio retreat. It's why they created the Club of Rome later and it highlighted the role of backwards mapping from desired transformed end states to what to implement to get there.

All of this is part of that agenda. Remember health care and education are deemed to be the two aspects of creating subjective well-being which former high-level officials like podesta from US, gordon brown from UN and julia whatever the former OZ PM all declared in a 2013 UN report to be the new purpose of governments in the 21st century.



Good pictures,IMO!


This was published in October, but it is worth reading:



Laws don't apply to Dems:

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

We have a Gov-elect vowing to break the law before he even takes office...
Tony Evers says he won't go along with lame-duck legislation



Jerk wants to turn us into CA, but with cheese:

Evers also provided glimpses of the budget he will introduce in the coming months, saying he would look to expand health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act; allow illegal immigrants to qualify for driver’s cards; give immigrants who came to the state illegally as children the chance to pay in-state tuition; and allow property taxes to rise by more than they have in the past.


These Democrat politicians are determined to show every decent American that they(the Democrats) hate Americans and will do NOTHING to protect the borders.









I am a little under the weather so am going back to bed.

Account Deleted

feel better MM!


Headline in my local rag (Hartford Courant):

TRUMP MEETS WITH DEMS; Demands taxpayer money for wall as shutdown continues.

"Taxpayer money." I think we've found today's talking point.

And what kind of money pays to feed, house and school los illegales and their kids? And all the other billions of dollars we spend on everything under the sun?

But when Trump wants it it's "taxpayer money."


And the lying, leaking weasel Comey is lecturing about "integrity" again. Remember how shocked he was to find that the Secretary of State had no integrity at all? So shocked that he couldn't bring himself to recommend prosecution, when it was actually his job to do so?

At least the elected blowhards like Romney, Flake, Corker etc. were...elected. Who made Jim Comey the arbiter of integrity? Just go away.

James D.

From the comments to MM's 7:38 link:

Mitt Romney, the perfect fan. Stand behind him, he sucks. Stand in front of him, he blows. Stand beside him, he doesn't do a thing for you.


BB, "taxpayer money" hehehe

another good one I saw this morning was a complaint the IRS is shut down, so "Trump" is holding tax refunds hostage.

Account Deleted

Robin! thanks for the mini-history lessons. they will certainly help with upcoming local struggles down the street at the elementary school.

with parent turnover so great in the various cell blocks, there is little more than amnesia about what's come before the current crisis situation as espoused by the principal and staff. parents dance like puppets on a string. and more and more border jumpers are on the playground.

funny how health and other "human rights" aren't granted by the illegal migrants' home governments. but of course, the Gringo will provide whether wanting to or not.

my grandparents migrated out of Chihuahua just after the first Mex Rev. they were granted asylum and earned naturalized citizenship. they had 7 kids at the time and birthed 7 more after entry over the next 20 years. (Abuelita started at 14!)

none of the family had TB, scabies, or so much as a dental cavity when they applied at the border. if they had, no one would have got in. they were a ranching family, owning their own before the government began persecuting Villistas. i'm not sure how city dwellers fared back in those days. but i am sure the ranchos provided a better means of surival for the small owners. hence the absence of disease.

nowadays with so much disconnection from land ownership the health deterioration and deep poverty, the disease levels are not surprising to me. so what's up Mexico's elite? it's only "their human right" north of the border? pfui.

Account Deleted

in federal pensionland there isn't a peep about the gummint shutdown. Paw's happy as a clam. he has a concern about "his" Appalachian Trail Club --- they can't do storm-related maintenance work on their 2 mile stretch in Central Va. if a federal forestry pro is unavailable for scheduled trail maintenance days the club isn't covered by any insurance.

Would be a problem during heavy use time, late spring through mid-fall. but the weather is crappy enough to keep people off and away from blow-downs and washouts.

other than that, he's not missin a beat.


Apparently he's back twice!


In the waiting room as Mrs. sbw gets a spinal nerve block that might finally ease 5 months of pain. Mom move from assisted care to a higher level of attention today.

And still life is good!

James D.

TRUMP MEETS WITH DEMS; Demands taxpayer money for wall as shutdown continues.

Funny how that works.

It's only the taxpayers money when it's being spent for something the Dems don't like. Otherwise, it's the government's money (as it is whenever a tax cut is proposed).


I don't have a problem with Trump's "character" so I don't really get the objections. I had a huge problem with Obama's character because I thought he was a lying piece of shit who did everything for himself and nothing for the country.

It seems to me everything Trump does is for the country not himself. Seems to me that's the character we want and need.


It seems to me everything Trump does is for the country not himself. Seems to me that's the character we want and need.

Yes Jane, and the opposite of "acceptable" character per #NeverTrumps. An unusual show of honesty on the part of the globalists.

Account Deleted

think of all the "character" hoping the oscars will get a host to grovel before their lying and cheating "academy" of filth-mongering money launderers.

i know Kevin Hart has better things to do than be hacked on by the ever-so-expert media critics.


James D.

It's funny about "character."

I guess it's a display of good character to pay other people to go out and say nasty things about your rivals, rather than just saying it yourself, as President Trump does.

I'm not sure how that works, exactly, but all these NeverTrumpers are so smart, I'm sure they can explain it with geometric logic, right?

Account Deleted

i want to go on record that my negative opinion about Mitt Romney is not a negative opinion about Mormons, the Mormon faith and doctrines, or anything related. Mormon's are none of my business.

as an elected member of the US Senate--- Mitt Romney is my business. he will receive the same scrutiny as the rest of those thieves.

for example: does Mitt deserve a pension and perqs? is he working for a salary? hmmm. no fooling.


Let me try that about erovchin


I was saying Kev, a director of rosneft would be telling the British michael Weston anything even though he fancies himself more like the homicidal British op played by chuck Vance, which hes sort of reprised his character for Hawaii 5 0.


hahahahahahaha, Faucahauntas vid at link (new one):

Candace Owens @RealCandaceO

Democrat guide to pretending to relate to the poor people they secretly despise:

1) Crack open a beer on social media
2) Pretend to use public transportation
3) Pretend to listen to Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s music

Can’t wait to hear about the hot sauce you keep in your bag,


Texas Liberty Gal

Amen Jane!!


It's like they've planted plenty of seed pods around California rse and there is no Kevin McCarthy to uncover then.

Old Lurker

Seems to me we have passed 1984 and Alice in Wonderland and are seriously entering Lord of the Flies territory.


Multiply this by all states, see why the SC's tax ruling is a disaster:

Lawmakers set aside nearly $14 million in the 2015 budget to fund more than 100 additional positions in the revenue department to better ensure businesses outside the state were paying their required Wisconsin taxes.



Something to look forward to, besides taxes. Shirley is retiring at the WI SC:

Reid Wilson
‏Verified account @PoliticsReid

Another big Wisconsin Supreme Court race coming: Ex-Scott Walker legal advisor Brian Hagedorn & Dem-backed Lisa Neubauer likely to face off in April 2 contest to replace retiring Den-Backed justice -


James D.

I don't think "disaster" is nearly a strong enough word, henry.


Sheboygan is now a meth inflicted zone.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Good thing our Sudafed rule makes it hard to make meth in Wisconsin! "‘Really on the rise:’ Sheboygan Co. prosecutor says meth is making a comeback in Wisconsin"



The transition from Gov Walker in WI to a Dem may give us insight of what it will be like if Trump is followed by a Dem.


Jim, we need to sharpen the rocks under the ledge.


new thread.

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