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January 16, 2019


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Hey GUS! You are en fuego today, mon frer. it's stopped raining today.... been about 24 hours without a drop or a minor earthquake. go fig.

having venison this weekend? :D


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"I agree with you on the "long war" aspect but you should know OL thinks that since Trump has not restored the Rule of Law and Equal Justice for All in a timely manner (OL's subjective timescale) then that indicates Trump was lying to us about "draining the Swamp" just to get our votes."

Well ya know, Tom R, i have mad respect for OL's views. i won't go so far as to label OL or anchor him to some abstract cement of a political camp though.

restoration is a priority of the highest order--- and it will pay for some of us to be from Missouri when it comes to holding feats to flame.

my take on OL's timescale is this: he's closer to his final act. that creates a certain sense of urgency. like all good men he knows he can't hook the Uhaul up to the hearse. it's gotta happen here on Earth. so why not now?

finally, the human internal clock runs on "seconds." we might have all experienced a lack of patience when it comes to waiting. but the long war requires just that? so i ask:

what is the internal clock mech of a glacial movement? the creation of a diamond? don't we all have a difficult time having faith in things we can't see? what does TIME mean to God? or to a hog for that matter?

i have more in common with OL than i ever imagined (sorry if that makes ya look bad, OL. it was unintentional. :D) so i'd rather not dichotomize the "long war" scenario against OL's slash and dash-get-it-done-now cavalry.

"and Lord knows we need every man." -RL Lee, Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

Tom R


What term comparable to "immature dick" do you think better describes Gus? I will start using that if I like it.

You are no doubt fully aware I never initiate an attack on this board. I only respond to them by punching back. What I have found with some posters, Gus especially, is they like to dish it out with personal attacks, insults, etc but they don't cope to well when someone turns the table on them.

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Some gitcher butt movin musica de Tejas, b.itchez!



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you asked yesterday if the tennis gal "grunt" was a turn on or not.

if the grunt were to be accompanied by eyerolling spasmodics, then i'd say--- unequivocally- yes!



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"What term comparable to "immature dick" do you think better describes Gus? I will start using that if I like it."

Wrong question. the question is "why can't i finesse my way through a perceived attack?"

your approach creates more push-back. pink icing everywhere. no term preference will change that. it just remains a mess. somewhere in all of the static and lighting, there's a friend to be made.

be a friend to yourself first and walk away from the right term.

let me ask you (with a smile on my face): what is GUS really saying to you? he's still talking to you so that has some meaning, right?

oh. wait. is this "psychoanalysis?" LOL f*ck it.
no. it isn't.

Hope you have a great weekend planned.




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