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January 31, 2019



you will rescue the Second Amendment freedoms from RBG's cold dead talons.

Old Lurker

Repeating so nobody can ever claim they did not see my corrected description of my system from the other thread, and because Ralph does not me to hear from my lawyer:

"Porch "Thank you, Ralph L, for bringing up the smoke detector subject."

Do NOT install a switch with a warning light in any AC circuit running to the Smoke Detectors!

:-) OL"

Subject now officially closed.

Carry on.


Full transcript of President Trump's interview with the Daily Caller:


Old Lurker

Hard to see how 2020 is not going to be a peaceful version, perhaps the last, of Civil War level differences of opinions among the legal and illegal voters in the US.

After Va trying to out do NY on legalizing chop shops for fully formed baby parts, how can it not be past time to clear the air?



— U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore announced this week she has been battling cancer for the last 10 months and it is in remission.

Moore, 67, told fellow members of the House Ways and Means Committee during the body’s first meeting Tuesday she has small cell lymphoma. A Moore spokeswoman said the Milwaukee Dem was first diagnosed in June.



“We don’t blame Foxconn for altering plans in an ever-changing technology business. It’s also not surprising Foxconn would rethink building a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin under the Evers Administration. The company is reacting to the wave of economic uncertainty that the new governor has brought with his administration. Governor Evers has an anti-jobs agenda and pledged to do away with a successful business incentive for manufacturing and agriculture.”


Old Lurker

Coincidently, I just finished Spider Mountain by PT Deutermann where the crime was kidnapping young girls under 10, taking their organs for sale internationally, then disposing the "box they came in" all down in the mountains of TN and NC. The writer even used diplomatic couriers from DC embassies to get the coolers out of the country.

Writer must be on top of current events.


so predictable, I hope ICE greets him:

An immigrant in the U.S. illegally who worked at the Trump Organization has been invited to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

A spokeswoman for New Jersey Democratic congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman confirmed Wednesday that her guest will be Victorina Morales, who was born in Guatemala.



fire in Newark airport parking lot...



All American Girl
‏ @AIIAmericanGirI
3m3 minutes ago

Pompeo: The president will make a significant announcement on ISIS during the State of the Union address https://video.foxnews.com/v/5996903718001/ … @FoxNews #AAG


Clip of Pompeo at the beginning and then mostly an interview with Senator Ron Johnson with Bill Hemmer. 5 minutes.


He used to be a navy exec, whatever that is, hes mainly been focused on world war 2 thrillers lately.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
18m18 minutes ago

Looking for China to open their Markets not only to Financial Services, which they are now doing, but also to our Manufacturing, Farmers and other U.S. businesses and industries. Without this a deal would be unacceptable!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7m7 minutes ago

Schumer and the Democrats are big fans of being weak and passive with Iran. They have no clue as to the danger they would be inflicting on our Country. Iran is in financial chaos now because of the sanctions and Iran Deal termination. Dems put us in a bad place - but now good!


Justice Thomas "complained" while Kennedy was the voice of reason.



More troops being sent to the Southern Border to stop the attempted Invasion of Illegals, through large Caravans, into our Country. We have stopped the previous Caravans, and we will stop these also. With a Wall it would be soooo much easier and less expensive. Being Built!


Trump should invite people like Feinstein's spy chauffeur. Or maybe the stewardess that Cryin Chuck lashed out at.

If the GOPe senators or reps had any back bone, they would place in their guest chairs life size cardboard cutouts with the images of people in their district killed by illegal invaders.

Sandy Daze

Invite Nick Sandmann?


Question, I have seen some of the discussion, but probably have missed some of it. If I want to install a fire alarm/CO2/Radon detectors, is it okay/recommended to put them all on the same circuit, with lithium battery backup, but also with an override switch so that, in case the smoke on the stove is too great, I can temporarily disable the shrieking alarms?

Asking for a friend.



“This is a great country and it does need to be defended, If big tech companies are going to turn their back on US Department of Defense, this country is going to be in trouble.”

So says Jeff Bezos, a patriot whose business practices and politics is unfairly maligned by just about everyone. He is socially liberal, yes (I winced, when employed by Amazon, at how he "celebrated" LGBTQ day every year - I'm going to reserve the right to suspect the "T"s might just have mental issues), but he went off on Seattle pretty vigorously when they imposed a homeless tax on local business (i.e. his).

Financially, he built a great company where employees were rewarded for showing up and working hard; everyone from Tucker to Bernie failed to understand. After the close today Amazon reports their Christmas quarter; I'm expecting them to blow the projections out of the water.


Dave (in MA)

MissMarple2 | January 31, 2019 at 10:06 AM

I wonder if he'll also mention ISIL and Daesch.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I don't know if it's required they be on separate circuits but it seems like a good idea for them to be. In case of a malfunction on one of the circuits the other would still work.
An override switch can be accidentally left off meaning the alarms are dependent on the batteries only. All the batteries would probably never fail at once obviously but I can't imagine it being to code anywhere, especially in this day and age of nanny statism.
I'm surprised they even let citizens have something as dangerous as electricity in our homes at all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm going to reserve the right to suspect the "T"s might just have mental issues--

I find that distinction discriminatory. I believe in the entire rainbow of mental issues, as did the headshrinkers until the PC police got a hold of them.


I am fascinated with the discussions about wiring and current.

I won't do ANYTHING with electricity. I was shocked when I was a kid and it's all I can do to plug an appliance into an outlet. I am always afraid electricity will "jump out at me." Unreasonable, I know, but I think it is a borderline phobia.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I guaran-damn-tee you that if the choice comes down to welfare case "green" energy projects for Sacramento's connected cronies at exorbitant prices that the Dems get their cut off the top of or California rate and tax payers getting it in the neck in PG&E's bankruptcy, Warren Buffet and his pals will not be the ones left holding the bag.


I'm surprised they even let citizens have something as dangerous as electricity in our homes at all.

Well, I can't resist this, considering my last post. You should listen to Bezos' very entertaining thoughts on the history of electricity being put into homes, starts at about 8:30:


Tom Maguire
I'm surprised they even let citizens have something as dangerous as electricity in our homes at all.

Shocking, isn't it?


A party of organized theft.


Bernie Sanders proposes a big hike in the estate tax, including a 77% rate for over $1 billion



Iggy, the PG&E bankruptcy will solve the problem of electricity in the home.



Executive Order to strengthen "Buy American" requirements for federal infrastructure projects.

Account Deleted

This is from 2016. Sound familiar?

"An African-American man in Malden, Massachusetts has now admitted that he fabricated a hate crime report when he claimed two white men accosted him, saying the U.S. is now “Trump country,” and threatened to lynch him.
A man in the suburb north of Boston told police on Tuesday that he was accosted by two white men after getting off a Boston mass transit bus near Broadway Square in Malden.
The complainant, who has remained unidentified, said the men used racial slurs and warned him he would soon be lynched because the U.S. is now “Trump country.” The man said he ran away and hid, waiting for the men to go away before calling police."...

"“The alleged victim admitted that he had made up the entire story,” saying he wanted to raise awareness about things that are going on around the country.”"....




Schumer and the Democrats are big fans of being weak and passive with Iran. They have no clue as to the danger they would be inflicting on our Country. Iran is in financial chaos now because of the sanctions and Iran Deal termination. Dems put us in a bad place - but now good!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hot Bernie Sanders economist chick discredits silly old fuddy duddy Milton Friedman by discovering there is such a thing as a free lunch.
Modern Monetary Theory, AKA, the dismal science's Lysenkoism.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Tesla; circling the drain?

Jim Eagle

A prediction:

PG&E will go the route of the former Long Island Lighting Company aka LILCO. The went bust over Shoreham Nuclear Plant, and were taken over by a New York State authority, namely Long Island Public Power Authority. Eventually, they created a concessionairy agreement with Public Service and Gas, an IOU out of New Jersey.

Wouldn't surprise me a bit that PG&E, is taken over by the State, who creates a public utility, and franchises it out another IOU, or a private power generator under PURPA. Then put all the Transmission and Distribution under another concession. There are some hard ass utilities in Texas that would love to take that on.


Some brain research.


Chitown Lurker is curious whether anonamom has heard about this.


Ugh. We just had a 30-second power disruption. Hope that is the extent of it!


Wouldn't surprise me a bit that PG&E, is taken over by the State,

I wouldn't be surprised. The idiot mayor of San Diego keeps rambling about having a city owned power source to compete with SDG&E.


A progressive school in the nation's capital said its students will not be playing sports at the school where Second Lady Karen Pence teaches part-time because of safety concerns.

Jessica Donovan, headmaster of Sheridan School, a K-8 institution located in northwest D.C. that has a tuition of more than $36,000 a year, sent a letter to parents saying Immanuel Christian School's policies were an "obvious challenge" given the school's "fundamental belief in diversity and inclusion."

exclusion based on "diversity and inclusion" .. the irony or is it the asininity ?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I wonder if the NYT would consider those who think newspapers shouldn't have to be registered with the government and readers shouldn't have to get a permit from the government to buy and read a newspaper and readers shouldn't be barred from taking their copies of newspapers out of town and that certain styles of newspapers shouldn't be banned outright were "absolutists" on the freedom of the press.


One for Mr Pin.
New thoughts on the Wall.
Language and unPC.


One thing about progressives is that they seem to prefer the lives of animals over humans. A female Democratic candidate for the state house in my district had a rescued pitbull in a “family photo” on a campaign brochure (no children, but a rescued pitbull).
Leftists are all about protecting animals and the wildlife, whether its a pitbull, who might attack a child in the neighborhood, to polar bears in Alaska.
Nowhere is this contradiction as obvious as in Virginia, where a female Democratic state legislator introduced a copycat abortion bill and a bill to save caterpillars on the same day.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--exclusion based on "diversity and inclusion" .. the irony or is it the asininity ?--

No different than their intolerance of intolerance.
All societies exclude and are intolerant. We are in the midst of old norms being replaced by new ones. And the new ones are far more intolerant than the old and they tolerate and celebrate the most corrosive norms possible.

The old ideal was summed up in Galatians 3:28;
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

The New Class declares there is Jew and Greek [and the Jew better watch himself], the old slave will now own the free and there is neither male nor female because those are patriarchal social constructs and there are instead a hundred genders blooming, but somehow none of them are constructs, and Christ Jesus was a black, tranny anarcho-syndicalist.


Nice post, Ignatz, and you made me look up syndicalist.

Account Deleted

Neo's link - https://www.foxnews.com/us/dc-school-bans-students-from-playing-sports-at-karen-pences-christian-school-they-feel-unsafe


Conrad Black on unstable genius Mueller:
"For him to sanction such a farcical and exaggerated arrest, assuring it would be filmed as if it were a patriotic mission on par with the courageous lads going ashore at D-Day or Iwo Jima, confirms unsettling impressions about Mueller’s mental stability".



Iggy, of course the NYT is hypocritical, but they'd probably love a law requiring newspapers to register with the government. That would quickly evolve into a privileged guild that would designate some journalists more equal than others.


And here in relatively balmy NYC we were only as low as +4 this morning, and now we're sweating it out at +13. And sunny with nary a cloud in the sky.


My sister gave me a ride down to Kroger to pick up a couple of things and boy, is it cold!

Went by where the water main broke yesterday, and what a mess! They must have gotten it repaired but there was a huge sheet of ice all up and down the street.

We are supposed to start warming up this afternoon and tomorrow.


Newt Gingrich
‏Verified account @newtgingrich
2h2 hours ago

It is tragic to watch the Democratic Party becoming the party of death. The very idea that we could be debating infanticide of babies after they are born is a testimony to how much America’s culture has decayed. The fight against 9th month abortions willmbe central to 2020.


Changes in titles and responsibilities in the press office. I don't know if this has special significance or not.



hrt: Is Andrew Cuomo's mother alive?

Very definitely. Matilda visited my wife’s elementary school last semester, an advocate of student mentoring, and was very dynamic and engaged.

Msr. sbw liked her very much.


I haven't followed the Northam controversy so meticulously, but it seems his defenders are saying he was "only" referring to babies with serious defects or health issues. I don't see how that's much of a defense. He's saying it's ok to kill babies (or allow them to die) under circumstances that it would never be permissible for older children or adults.

James D.

He's saying it's ok to kill babies (or allow them to die) under circumstances that it would never be permissible for older children or adults.

Not now, no.

But that's where we'll be headed next.


Here's Andrew Cuomo not having enough sense to check weather records before saying that New York never used to get hurricanes or large amounts of snow:




Given a seat on the intelligence committee. This is insane.
"exclusion based on "diversity and inclusion" .. the irony or is it the asininity ?"

IMO, the democrats are 100% committed to destroying the USA.


Interesting comment I read about the “SWAT raid” to arrest Stone. The CNN crew was across the street, with bright lights shining from BEHIND the “SWAT” team from the point of view of the house. If Stone had been a violent criminal, then the FBI and CNN guys could easily have all ended up dead or wounded, and so a real SWAT team on a real raid would never have allowed the lights to be on.

The only possible conclusion is that this was a play-acting enactment of a SWAT raid, one that could have easily ended in a bloodbath, and whatever FBI management that approved it needs to be fired and perhaps prosecuted. Because it’s pretty clear that Stone (and his deaf wife) were never informed that this was playacting.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
24m24 minutes ago

Very sadly, Murder cases in Mexico in 2018 rose 33% from 2017, to 33,341. This is a big contributor to the Humanitarian Crisis taking place on our Southern Border and then spreading throughout our Country. Worse even than Afghanistan. Much caused by DRUGS. Wall is being built!


Letting a sliver of common sense trickle through:

Ross Douthat ‏Verified account @DouthatNYT 2h2 hours ago

If your *journalistic* instinct seeing, let's say, the undercover Planned Parenthood videos is "these must be selectively edited" but yr journalistic instinct seeing the 1st Covington video is "here's the true face of hateful whiteness," then you aren't a good gatekeeper. Period.

This was in response reporting on to the Northam story, though he used the PP videos as the example.


Kylie Atwood
‏Verified account @kylieatwood
26m26 minutes ago

Trump on intelligence reports: When you read it, it is a lot different than what is covered in the news

James D.

cathyf @ 1:03

There are three possibilities:

1. The FBI agents on site did not understand the danger of the backlighting.

2. The FBI agents did understand the danger, but went ahead with the raid despite the danger - willingly endangering their own lives just for the sake of CNN getting a better photo-op.

3. The FBI agents knew there was no danger because they knew their target was a non-violent suspect who had no weapons, and staged the heavily-armed raid only for the sake of intimidation.

Whichever answer is right, no none involved in that raid has any goddamn business with a badge or a weapon, and frankly the whole lot of them ought to be shot for treason.

James D.

How much longer before this guy gets his own SWAT team?



Big corruption / indictments in Philadelphia. IBEW and city council, 116 counts.



Lachlan Markay
‏Verified account @lachlan
13m13 minutes ago

Lachlan Markay Retweeted Juan Guaidó

Venezuelan police (basically the equivalent of SWAT) have raided Juan Guaido's home


Ari Fleischer
‏Verified account @AriFleischer
39m39 minutes ago

Between the shockingly unfair treatment of the Covington Catholic kids and now Virginia Governor Northam’s statement on post-birth termination of live babies, I’d say there’s a powerful cultural backlash brewing. I hope MSM will see it, because it’s there.



Title: Walls Work


Nice 10:52 to Bezos before he bulked up, h-box. I liked the pic he took under his desk.


Michael Walsh has a few harsh words for Governor Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan:



3000 more troops to the border.



Dan Crenshaw points out prominent democrats who are in the Maduro camp:


Manuel Transmission

Just short of seven years ago we were working our way west to see our new granddaughter who was born about 2-1/2 months early. We stopped overnight in Omaha and the next morning when we walked out of the FBO to load the plane, an elderly black gentleman was helping spot the plane and setting the chocks, etc. (Rarely see black line crew and even rarer to see old guys.) So, I struck up a conversation to fill the time and mention that we were on our way to see our new grandchild.

He proceeds to tell me an amazing story. Turns out he is a minister in a local church and has a relationship with the local hospitals whereby they call him when that have a baby that needs a new home. So, one night, he gets one of those calls. It is a very early premee from a black crack ho with not much chance of surviving. He immediately accepts the baby and it has to go through all the detox blood transfusions along with all the other premee treatment/care.

That baby, who he adopted was now on the honor roll at her HS.


Ext, yep, that's quite a wire jungle.



Biggest January closing in 30 years.


Manuel Transmission,

What a wonderful story!

I was listening to a Jordan Peterson lecture this morning and he said he thinks everyone should be encouraged to have at least 2 children, because when you have 2 children they learn to tussle with each other, get along with peers, etc. He also talked about how children are FUN, which they are if we all remember when our own were little. He also pointed out that they make you look at things like flowers, buildings, airplanes, etc. with a non-jaded eye, because to children those things are new.

That really made me think and remember how much joy my children (and later my grandchildren) gave me, and how sad it is that our culture doesn't encourage having children the way it used to. I grew up in a family with 5 children. My siblings and I are still close and get great enjoyment of remembering scrapes we got into when we were kids, collective memories of stuff our parents said, memories of vacations and trips to the fair, etc.

I feel sorry for those who will miss those memories.


MT, heart warming story! Thanks for sharing.

Jim Eagle

Government shutdow=Unintended consequences

Drake's Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, now a haven, and birthing area for Elephant Seals.


When I lived in San Francisco, I loved to drive up to Point Reyes, and hike around. Lots of seals, not just the Elephant kind.


What an absolutely inspiring story!
You sir have made my day.
I am going to put my oar in.
I can’t tell you how many people I have known in my life who wanted to adopt a baby.
Here is my message to the women of New York and Virginia and Vermont.
You became pregnant.
Rather than deny life, give someone else the greatest gift of their life and allow them to adopt your baby.
All you have to do is carry it to term.
You will be rewarded by God and society if you just do this one unselfish act.
Also if you could advise others how great you felt prompting life rather than destroying it.


Should be promoting.
I have carried two children and the birth of one was challenging while the second was a total of two hours.
Those people choosing abortion it is not that hard to give 9 months of your life to a cause greater than yourself.
We need to start a movement in this direction opposition to the current climate of the Democrat party of death.


Virginia Democratic lawmaker claims she didn't read bill to allow abortions up to birth before she co-sponsored it

Virginia Democratic state Del. Dawn Adams, who co-sponsored a bill that would allow abortions all the way up to birth, is now saying she's sorry for signing off on the controversial bill, claiming that she didn't read it.


On Wednesday, Adams, who is a nurse, apologized to constituents for putting her name on the bill and asserted that she only "vaguely" remembers signing it.

"I made a mistake, and all I know to do is to admit it, tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may," Adams wrote. "If you follow my newsletter or have written to me to ask about my votes, you know that I do my best to read and research every bill I vote on. But I did not read a bill I agreed to co-patron and that wasn't smart or typical. I will work harder and be better for it."

She added, "I [signed] in solidarity with [Tran] ... as a symbolic gesture for a woman's right to choose."

Tom R


How exactly would Roger Stone possess terabytes worth of information to include FBI case reports & search warrant applications and results (e.g., Apple iCloud accounts and email accounts)?


On our recent trip we visited Point Reyes and loved it.
It felt like we were at the end of the world.
Met someone from Vermont and thought, from one side of the country to the other.
Pagar and JamesD:
I hear you both and support your posts.


When asked directly about his answer to Wyden, Clapper said that his response was “the least untruthful” answer he could give.

Parse Clapper’s response. “Least untruthful” means not truthful. Not truthful means a lie...

Why was Clapper’s lie excused? Why did the FBI act so menacingly against Stone? Something’s wrong here. Perhaps Attorney General William Barr, once confirmed, can ensure that American justice is, once again, truly blind and equal.

Good Morning!

James D.

how sad it is that our culture doesn't encourage having children the way it used to

Our culture - and our government - actively discourages having children, in myriad ways.

The progs do not want stable, self-reliant nuclear families with multiple children who are supported and taught by their parents, learn to fend for themselves and amuse themselves by growing up with siblings, and then support their parents when they become elderly.

The progs want the state to assume all those functions, and do everything in their power to destroy traditional families using every bit of cultural and legal power they have.


At this point Mueller just needs to stop.
Enough of this stupid investigation and the money spent needlessly on trumped up charges.
The money spent on this could have been used for affordable housing and paid for s portion of the Wall.
What an incredible waste of time and money.


JamesD. Absolutely correct.
I am so grateful that you post here.
You are consistently right on target.


It takes a lot more than the Stone raid to make Director Wray angry.

James D.

So here's my question:


Why are employees who are found guilty of sexual misconduct not fired?

Why do we have to continue to pay their salaries, and presumably also pay whatever settlements are made to their victims?

And why isn't the GOP running nationwide ads about this? You'd think that in the climate of MeToo and all that, that at the very least, the Dems could be shamed into some intramural bloodletting by making this a nasty public fight.


Sure sounds to me like Northam thinks that all those partially disabled Shriner Hospital kids we see on the FOX ads non-stop should all have been aborted at birth.


Thanks D!
I would like to second every word James D writes.

"What an incredible waste of time and money."

Every penny from the first day, D. And to have people like Barr saying that he would resign if told to fire a man who has done nothing except work against every decent legal American since the day he was hired. To work against the finest President this nation has had since Lincoln.


Anybody know when Judge Emmet Sullivan is scheduled to make his next stupid ruling?

Tom R

Answer: Because we aren't really conservatives.



Note from Chitown Lurker:

In a quick snarky response to TomR’s 2:33:

Easy peasy, RIAA violations.

James D.

It's funny, in a horrific, genocidal sort of way, isn't it?

The left generally opposes the death penalty, which is only applied to people who have murdered people and who are deemed so dangerous that they can never, ever be allowed among the citizenry ever again.

But at the same time they are in favor of judging the quality of life of innocent, helpless, powerless people, and ending the lives of those people if they decide that quality of life isn't good enough, whether or not those people can speak up for themselves.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 31, 2019

Video at link.


I stumbled onto this web site and can decide if it's real or satire.


Captain Hate

"I made a mistake, and all I know to do is to admit it, tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may," Adams wrote. "If you follow my newsletter or have written to me to ask about my votes, you know that I do my best to read and research every bill I vote on. But I did not read a bill I agreed to co-patron and that wasn't smart or typical. I will work harder and be better for it."

Ok Adams, assuming you're telling the truth, you have staffers to presumably advise you on what to sign. Who screwed the pooch on this and what are you going to do about it?


I was pretty ambivalent about abortion as a young person, just didn't seem to be an issue that I needed to give much thought to.

Many of you know that Jr. was born 13 weeks premature. But I don't know if I shared that he had a twin brother who only lived 8 hours.

Bury a child that you want that is 13 months premature, and then come back and tell me that it's just tissue or a mother's "choice".


Chitown Lurker says Neo’s site is real, and very Maoist.



Victor Davis Hanson (thanks to ChiTown for alerting me).

James D.

"I made a mistake, and all I know to do is to admit it, tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may," Adams wrote. "If you follow my newsletter or have written to me to ask about my votes, you know that I do my best to read and research every bill I vote on. But I did not read a bill I agreed to co-patron and that wasn't smart or typical. I will work harder and be better for it."

Under Sarbanes Oxley, I believe a CEO would go to jail for precisely this kind of thing.

Captain Hate

Patterico must be so miffed that he wasn't mentioned in bullwinkle's disavowal of Red Slate. Even Double Wide Double E, who was purged at the same time, received acknowledgement; but not Nifong Junior. I'm not even bothering to see what Kilgore Trout and Sharmuta have to say about this huge oversight.


DJT: "I think by having the shutdown, we've set the table for where we are now. If I didn't do the shutdown, people wouldn't understand the subject. ...It's called like in deal-making 'setting the table' or you know, "setting the stage" pic.twitter.com/tnioO77vPD

— M3thods (@M2Madness) January 31, 2019

Video at link.

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