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February 22, 2019



Thanks I thought he has quit because the surveillance has been uncovered, maybe it was both.

Apparently Podesta has been regarded as hands off,

Ironically ward churchill has more military experience than private maytag


All of it was terrific, Miss M. The quick run thru of the Battle of Okinawa was as well, and then the consequences of the Greek Battle involving Socrates and Alcibiades. I love how VDH explained how thru the vicissitudes of war "mediocrities" can emerge as figures of consequence while consequential figures can be justly and unjustly destroyed, and tying that into Alcibiades Military "cache" from that contest for the next few decades being the cause of such damage to Athens.

And I loved how he explained how Nathan Bedford Forest rose immediately thru the ranks as a consequence of his actions at Shiloh, since alone amongst the surviving Confederate leaders he was the only one that came out without a finger having been pointed at him for screw ups that cost them the Battle, and then VDH's discussion of the postwar repercussions of the South's glomming on to the excuse of "an opportunity lost due to happen-stance" make brilliant sense as he laid that out.


I remember victor Hanson first lecture shortly after September 11th,



private maytag?


Phillip's of the Omaha tribe.


Secretary Pompeo
‏Verified account @SecPompeo
41m41 minutes ago

The U.S. condemns the attacks on civilians in #Venezuela perpetrated by Maduro’s thugs. These attacks have resulted in deaths and injuries. Our deepest sympathies to the families of those who have died due to these criminal acts. We join their demand for justice. #EstamosUnidosVE




John Bolton
‏Verified account @AmbJohnBolton
5h5 hours ago

Masked thugs, civilians killed by live rounds, and the burning of trucks carrying badly-needed food and medicine. This has been Maduro’s response to peaceful efforts to help Venezuelans. Countries that still recognize Maduro should take note of what they are endorsing.



One of the reasons I found that Hanson tape fascinating is that I know next to nothing about military history. My history of war is basically my high school stuff, which is like "This battle happened and XXX won."

It's only in the last 20 years or so I have really started to think about it, but when you don't have much of a background, your thinking isn't very sophisticated,


John Wayne: Playboy Interview / MAY 1971

How odd. I remember the pix from that Ish', but none of the articles.

What a head-scratcher.


Warning!! Adam Schiff will be on ABC's This Week tomorrow morning!



The Trump administration is threatening to deport the family members of Venezuelan military officials — including some who live in the Miami area — who don’t disobey the Maduro government and allow aid from the United States to enter Venezuela.

A senior administration official told a small group of reporters Friday that the administration has collected data on military leaders who have family that have left Venezuela. They are living in Miami, the Caribbean and across the hemisphere. According to the administration, they’re living lives of luxury while their countrymen suffer.

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/venezuela/article226646224.html#storylink=cpy

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Sad to read the airline pilot forum.
Cargo pilots are out there every day ....


Excellent comments, Miss M. I had 2 American Military History courses in college and both were wonderful. Thank God I took 'em back before modern society determined we were the bad guys in that conflict.

I'm relinking that VDH link just so if anyone needs something on in the background when they mute CNN and quit hollering at the TV screen they might give it a listen: VDH on "Ripples of Battle."

BTW, I specifically recall buying my copy of that book on a bargain table on the bottom level of the Strand Bookstore in Manhattan.


Were coming up on zero barrier, as it was 23 years ago. Back then we had a chairman of the Senate foreign relation worth a farthing in Jesse helms, he was the farm team of unabashed anticommunists otto Reich and John Bolton came from his staff.


Tucson PD Investigating Suspicious White Powdery Substance.

We now have some answers. Thank you for your patience. See video for details. pic.twitter.com/LFg6WcGY1K

— Tucson Police Dept (@Tucson_Police) February 22, 2019

Video at link. Ha!


Jim Sunnyvale,

I love your posts.


Auditioning for a spot as caelos slim chimp:




A new comic book!

For non-right clickers:


Mark my words, the only reason there won't be a movie about her this fall is that she would demand to star in it.


Skoot, love the ide
a that JOM has "core competencies." What might they be in toto?

Jack, I haven't wasted away yet from FRAZIER but will keep you posted.

daddy, a bit back, but you did say no to those sillies wanting to wed the beauties outside the gates, didn't you?

Ernie Chambers ("rag" [NE]) is not a bit stupid, actually. He's run rings around the Unicameral (we only have one house) for decades--his wile, knowledge of the rules, and persistence are legendary.


Ah yes that was the same label that did the bartack the barbarian strip and well had another character as a foil.


Wish I could find a picture of John C Fry and post it on an "Amber Alert" Milk Carton:

Have You Seen This IRS Leaker?

Sadly IRS Leaker John C Fry remain