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February 28, 2019



do you guys own stock in Dissenter (or GAB)? TM would lose all the page views and sweet ad revenue if he flipped the comments.


Jay Weber @JayWeber3

This is a good and important point: Right to Work has led to a reversal in WI immigration patterns. Starting in 2017, we now have more people coming into this state for jobs, than leaving to find them. Evers would reverse that flow again.


WMC’s @Kurt_R_Bauer talking to @JayWeber3 on @newstalk1130: “Data shows that right to work states have better in migration...and Wisconsin last year finally had positive migration.” #wibudget



Good morning, loved that Gable Grip piece, thanks. Imagine they were thinking about eliminating wrestling from the Olympics, an event that dates back to the Ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. And now it appears we have break dancing?

I have a friend who hunts coyote at night, until midnite per the regs. He told me he'd tape a small cyalume glow stick to his barrel so he could see the bead and call them in with a tiny squeek call imitating a wounded mouse. He had several pelts hanging in his archery store.


When I moved to CA from Michigan one of the strongest first impressions was "hey, front yards here are the size of a postage stamp!"


Just checking it out, henry. It seems fairly primitive so far. Replies work but aren't shown by default, embedded tweets are worse than they are here.

I do support the idea of GAB, though.


Can't even post images.



I am glad you brought that up. I think TM gets a lot of ad revenue (from me, anyway) because every time I refresh there are different ads on my page. Right now I have eBay and Consumer Cellular.

I understand the impetus behind Dissenter, but I would only use it for sites which either don't have comments or which are lefty sites which wouldn't allow a comment of mine to stand.


Interesting review of Singapore reclaiming land from the sea (and using losts of fossil fuels). Compared to CA nuttiness at the end.



I included that link about where roddenberry got those ideas for atar trek even onto the last project.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


"Sprawl" being defined as the freedom to live where you want.
What is it with progs?
They go far beyond just coveting their neighbors stuff so it is more than simple greed. What the hell is wrong in their brains that they aren't happy unless they are controlling and dictating how their neighbors live and even more importantly think?
All progs, liberals, leftists or whatever you want to call them are at heart totalitarians; the only difference is to what degree the culture they swim in allows them to show it.


Glad you liked the time machine explanation, Ext and Jack!

daddy, thank you for the appreciation--I love that math example as it proves that Carroll was up to many things besides writing a charming children's fantasy. I don't think he expected anyone to work out that puzzle (and it took almost a hundred years before anyone did)--he probably put it in to amuse himself. He liked his jokes to be multi-layered, with the more layers the better. That's why it was so interesting to figure out his jokes.

Why is it that I have never, never seen an ad at JOM? I am grateful, of course, but all I see is the blog roll to the right and left of the comments.

Captain Hate

Oh boy, our favorite taxpayer funded musical hobbyist, Ken Burns, will concentrate on that noted hotbed of racial diversity, country music. Indeed "the influence of African Americans in country music is brought into sharper relief. Many a monumental country figure was mentored by or collaborated with African American artists."

How could we properly appreciate music without this maven?


I thought something looked faniliar:




Mike Shellenberger

I used to believe innovation could reduce the massive ecological impacts of solar & wind farms

Then I realized that we can't make the sun/wind more energy-dense, or reliable

Thus, I can no longer support them

My newest essay is 20+ years in the making



So Germanys emissions are rising so are their electricity rates, it's like they have no xlue.


So ... does this mean the state of California is helping the NY Times stay afloat by providing "free" access for all residents?

From my local library--
"Thanks to the California State Library, we are pleased to announce that we now offer The New York Times online for free with your Sunnyvale Public Library card!"


Catsmeat, do you have Adblock or something similar loaded? I'm using Brave, which blocks ads by default, but before that I used Adblock with Chrome and never saw the ads. (I don't know if this affects TM's revenue, btw, since I wouldn't have ever clicked on one anyway.)



This is an excellent thread by my pal StuinSD about Pakistan, China, and a province of Pakistan, Baluchistan. Highly recommend reading, as there is stuff going on there that our lame media isn't covering.


Ext, your dissenter image didn't post correctly..
Nor did mine LOL.

They give this hint in the documentation

![alt text](https://github.com/n48.png "Logo Title")
Inline style

Jim Eagle

Meanwhile, out in the Kuiper Belt:

Mysterious 'Planet Nine' Is Probably 5 to 10 Times the Size of Earth


Paging Capt. Kirk!


So ... does this mean the state of California is helping the NY Times stay afloat by providing "free" access for all residents?

Sounds like it. Like USA Today boosting circulation by providing free papers at motels.

Old Lurker

Or CNN having screens in every airport.


Latest narrative, "It's Trump's fault that Mueller's report is disappointing"

Renato Mariotti

Mueller's report will almost certainly disappoint you, and it's not his fault. It's your fault for buying into Trump's false narrative that it is Mueller's' job to prove "collusion," a nearly impossible bar for any prosecutor to clear.


Ah the baloch who have been the leading figures in alqueda through both trade center bombings one even popped up in zero dark 30


That Markdown "lightweight markup language" is pretty lame, Jim. I think I'll check back after they spend some more time working on Dissenter. Nice idea, especially for NYT or other lefty MSM sites.

Old Lurker

"It's Trump's fault that Mueller's report is disappointing"

Well that is true. Trump did nothing wrong.


Ocasio-Cortez Cites Debunked Michael Cohen Testimony In Don Jr. "Gotcha" Fail

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is catching major heat after she tweeted fake news about Donald Trump Jr. being the "second executive involved in criminal conspiracy," a misstatement by Michael Cohen that the Wall Street Journal corrected shortly after it happened.

New thread.




“Her exact word was ‘fluid,'” a source told Vanity Fair. “She said they plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender, and they won’t be imposing any stereotypes.”

New gender fluid thread

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