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February 15, 2019



I should say a fairer world.


henry at 4 forty six, you left out the mattress chick at Columbia


Peter, I try to forget Columbia exists... yet Holder, Maytress Girl, David Brooks, Obama... the roster of shame seems unending. / bulldog. :)


Speaking of what I should say, I got an Alexa device for the car today.

Roav VIVA by Anker


Can it core a apple?


"Alexa, will you keep track of my mileage for future distance taxes?"

"Alexa, please record my 'road rage' comments so I can lose my firearms."

Account Deleted

Extraneus's 5:45 link is wonderful.

Old Lurker

Henry they collect about 18.3% but spend more than 22%.

As you say, smooth out the curve and however you play with the regs, reality won't let them take much more than 17.9% for long because markets and taxpayers will respond in time to limit the actual take. So big new schemes or regs or tweaks never get more cash, but the really do change behaviors usually in ways not good for long term growth.

But for the Left it is often not for the money but for their own reward-punish matrix. Recall Obama to Joe the Plumber and ABC (?) that even if a higher Cap Gains Rate brought in less revenues, he would support it as more fair.

There you have

Account Deleted

This is a comment that was at TMZ when the Smollett story first came out:

"So here are my predictions:

1. Video will show that the whole story is a crock.

2. State's Attorney Kim Foxx won't charge Smollett for his lies, since he's a POC.

3. Smollett will check into rehab, and release a statement (written by PR people) talking about how he looks forward to addressing his addiction(s).

4. Left wing vermin media will write that, although Smollett made up a story, attacks by MAGA people on minorities still are a major problem. So the story, while false, isn't really false.

5. Crooked Hillary will continue to get drunk and mumble "I coulda been a contender!""




Your last post is so true.
That Mark Penn article is the best one I have read all day.He really nails the abuses and illustrates what was going on in their minds.



We need more Mark Penn's. Actually, we need them in the media and in the major newspapers, not just on Fox. Penn's column echoes everything that has been shared by jom commenters -- day after day, month after month -- since Trump's election and inauguration. Our own book could have been compiled and published on Amazon. Wish we'd done it.


>>>Anyone sense a theme?

Posted by: henry | February 16, 2019 at 04:46 PM<<<

the demand for racism far outstrips its supply.


evening all.


It sounds like in one respect Jussie Smollette was smarter than Mike Flynn.


Dude brought a gun to his termination meeting.

Posted by: henry | February 16, 2019 at 01:31 PM

On top of everything else, he was illiterate too?


Not a Hoax:

Paul Garcia, 39, of Barnhart has been arrested on a charge of felony animal abuse. He is accused of binding the dachshund with electrical and duct tape, driving him to Imperial and throwing him out of the window into a ditch. The dog is believed to have laid in the freezing cold for twelve hours before he was found.

Garcia is being held on $50,000 bond.



I don't think I've ever read about The Miracle Valley Shootout but it's reminiscent of the MOVE confrontation in Philly. A Black Chicago cult diversifies Cochise County, AZ in 1982:



Political activist and reporter Laura Loomer was recently banned from Twitter, PayPal, Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft"

Posted by: Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA | February 16, 2019 at 04:14 PM

I think that explains why a gay jewish black guy was fetching his own dinner on foot in MAGA COUNTRY.


Residents of other states may transport firearms and ammo in IL for sporting use — aka national trap shooting tournament is now based on IL— or hunting given a non resident license. Law enforcement will try to ignore those conditions, I hate IL).

Posted by: henry | February 16, 2019 at 05:05 PM

Or the Deadliest Game.

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