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February 27, 2019



rse, scum trolling for taxpayer cash... nothing ever changes.


Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza
‏ @mamendoza480
43m43 minutes ago

At @CPAC telling @AngelFamilies stories with media. Unbelievable that there is not an Immigration Panel this year in the midst of the National Emergency! @DustinStockton @BrianKolfage @brandondarby @KrisKobach1787
Who is running this? Van Jones was invited to speak and yet no immigration panel? What's up with that?


Does a bunch of cruise operators run it?



I second everything TK says about your car.

I have a 2009 GTI, which I must say is a total piece of junk. It needs to Die In a Fire, hopefully without me in it:)

Mine was made in Germany, and I am convinced that after the wall came down, and the parts supply chain moved to eastern Europe, quality went down the toilet.

Don't think they even know who Deming was:)

Your car might have been made in Mexico, but not sure Mexico is any better.



I am going to do some digging. That tweet after reading about Jones got my hackles up.


How much of this corruption has been tolerated (or even participated in) by the GOP? How much money is floating around DC from foreign governments and the drug cartels? How much Planned Parenthood money is funding some of these people in a kick-back scheme? How many are getting money from actual criminals or sworn enemies of the US?

Spot on MM.

Most of my working career I have earned more than a congresscritter's salary.

Just how do these people show up in DC without a pot to piss in, and then leave after 20 or 30 years with an 8 figure investment portfolio?

Last time I looked, mine wasn't even close:-(





I don't know who most of these people are.


Cohen on Crapital Hill pretty much says it all.



China says difficulties in the talks were unavoidable, but they hope both countries can continue the dialogue.


Miss M, they look very Chamber of Cronies to me. Lots of Bush ties.


The Pew Research Center reported Wednesday that the response rate for its phone polls last year fell to just 6 percent — meaning pollsters could only complete interviews with 6 percent of the households in their samples. It continues the long-term decline in response rates, which had leveled off earlier this decade.


One guy's assessment and speculation about the nuke talks:

Joe M
‏ @StormIsUponUs
7h7 hours ago

Trump and Chairman Kim are playing out a strategy that makes neither side look weak. Americans must see a tough negotiator who doesn't let a foreign dictator push him around and North Koreans who worship Kim must see a leader who will not bow to Trump. The nukes are already gone.


New thread.


coming to a state EPA near you? (CA anyway)

UK based Evo.co.uk is reporting that, after approval by key members of the European Parliament of regulations proposed by the European Transport Safety Council, speed limiters and data loggers will now be mandatory equipment on all new cars.



Momto2, all I can say is that my mom too had a case of Shingles five years ago, and her doc had her get Shingrix.

I would never practice medicine online!


TK---thank you for your explanation of your thoughts! When can I bring my car out??? ;-)

I had (of course) tried to diagnose it online, and it sounded to me quite likely to be what you are proposing/diagnosing.

Now, to find that " trusted mechanic."


TK--sorry you are sick. Hope that Tamiflu helps.

And yes, liquids.

If somebody can pick up some ginger and tumeric roots for you, make a tea out of them and two cloves of garlic--like 4C water to coins made from an inch of each root. Let all that steep for fifteen minutes. Add some lemon juice--4T or the amount in one lemon, and then add either some orange juice or maple syrup to make it palatable.

Good immune booster.

Texas Liberty Gal

James D - I am not worried one bit about impeachment proceedings against Trump! Trump supporters will rise up against the evil Dems and make them sorry they even mentioned impeachment word. I know that my friends and I would be out on the streets protesting and raising hell all the way to DC. I'm pretty sure the Dems know it too. All talk and no hat (or cattle)!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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