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February 25, 2019


Captain Hate

That shoe, a GT 13(sp) was not made for a guy of the size of Zion Williamson.

Paul George, PG13, is a smaller player. He suffered a horrendous broken leg playing in an international game 4 or 5 years ago and people were wondering if he'd ever play again at any level. He's playing at an MVP level for OKC this season so he's all the way back and then some. Definitely one of the good guys of the league.


Looks to me like Kirsten Gillibrand was already a blonde as a frosh at Dartmouth, so I'm with you JimmyK---I want to know how Jane knows she's not a real blonde.


Happy to hear you finally got the 500 out. I hope the cracked grips aren’t ones you made.

I finished my first day shift in over 5 months. I was right. I still hate day shift. Speaking of hate, my phone now has a habit of autocucumbering hate to Hate. I suppose that’s in honor of the good Captain.



That link doesn't work.


I’d have been okay if they kept him and hr had t beg the left to get out. But that would have been rude.


Viewpoint discrimination

Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter: "As I’ve been saying re Big Tech. PayPal CEO Admits Partnership with Far-Left SPLC to Blacklist Conservatives | Breitbart https://t.co/iC0qv6qHz8" / Twitter


I think the first problem was with the TVa sort of like that icebreaker from hell:



Daddy, look at the roots! Don’t be a wus

Captain Hate

I don't know if Miss Marple follows the Pacers but that's the team PG13 started with. I know that he still has a lot of fans there because he was quick to relay his condolences when Viktor Oladipo, a DeMatha Stag, went down with a horrible knee injury. Despite that injury the Pacers continue to play at a high level and are, I think, the third seed in the East.


Here's Jane's VDH link:


I was just hoping it wasn't a drapes vs carpet thing.


Go to Jewish Word Review and look up VDH. It’s worth it.


Captain Hate,

I sort of follow, because my grandson works for them!

I know they are doing pretty well, but I am not up to snuff on all of the players and such, since I have never been a big pro basketball fan.

I am trying, though!


Thanks Jimmy. He’s very wort it.



That is an excellent article, and thanks to jimmyk for the link!

The democrats seem to me to be in a total panic.

Either they are afraid of being arrested, or, as I heard Jordan Peterson say last night, they are addicted to hate.


Oh that's unsurprising:


Captain Hate

How does your grandson like working for them, Miss Marple? I've always had an interest in the Pacers going back to their ABA days where they were champions a couple times. They haven't reached that level in the NBA but are a solid franchise with what seems like a loyal fan base.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I hope the cracked grips aren’t ones you made.--

Nope, GJ.
The interesting thing is the gargantuan X frame has the grip frame of a round K/L frame. In fact round K/L frame grips off a snub nose fit it perfectly. That's so Hogue could make a one piece cushioned rubber grip with lots of room for padding. I bought a couple of N frame grips that fit K/L round frames as patterns. Obviously I'll need to do a little experimenting.


It’s time for conservatives to stop burying their head in the sand when it comes to climate change. Climate change is real. So, what are reasonable reforms to begin making a positive difference?

Looking fwd to discussing this and more with @UBC students on Tuesday! pic.twitter.com/5MolZhf2WO

— John Kasich (@JohnKasich) February 25, 2019

Picture at link. (UBC is in Canada.)


Climate change is fake!


Captain Hate,

He loves it. Good office and everyone treats him nice.


Charlie Clifford
‏ @cliffWISH8
7m7 minutes ago

Double whammy in Detroit as
#Pistons top #Pacers 113-109 in what looked more like football at times tonight. @WISH_TV

Sabonis (ankle) exits in the final minutes. Struggled to get off the floor.


Link doesn't work, Jane.

Captain Hate

Katshit still doing his pearly gates routine for CNN as their in house Repuke. Bought and paid for. Try not to kick anyone out of their first class airline seat.


David reaboi pointed out if these kids have internalized were doomed in a dozen years are they likely to do something to those they consider responsible:


Good news on the grips.

Am I the only person here that is severely disappointed that Katshit wasn’t riding the jump seat on a certain 767 bound for Houston recently?


Usually I can cut & paste the link easy everywhere except althouse.

Captain Hate

Nope, Gentlejim. The guy is a worthless pest.


Clarice, Jimmy posted a workable link above,


Does that sound familiar:

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's long past time for Katshit to stop burying his head in his ass.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Climate change isn't fake, Jane.
It's real, modest and so far almost entirely beneficial. I have seen no credible argument or data to indicate that will change this century or ever.


I posted that at the end of the last page before jimmy provided the link, Jane.

Account Deleted

Can you imagine being so weak & corrupted that you can't confidently say that killing a newborn baby is wrong?

"Sens. Doug Jones of Alabama, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Bob Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania were the only Democrats to vote for the bill. All other 44 Democratic senators voted against the bill.

Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Tim Scott of South Carolina, and Kevin Cramer of North Dakota were not present for the vote."


matt - deplore me if you must

I was wondering who the clown babbling on Fox News was as I was driving. She did not come off well at all. Spouted nonsense and avoided the questions every time. This is how apparatchiks respond. Pure Party Line.

One thing I did notice is that with the new litmus test by the Dems on faith, the blue slip is in danger. Trump just whacked Feinstein and Kamala's fingers at the 9th Circuit. Mitch may further his process of shafting the Dems on judicial nominations.

Imagine all of those seats filled for the next 30-40 years. Talk about a firewall against communism.

I really like what Keane had to say. Sounds like one of the good guys instead of those weaselwhores Kerry, Brennan, Clapper, Powers, et al.

Trump is getting an A+ for effort and for achievement.

Boot has gone completely insane. and Sullivan is making a little sense now. Strange world it is.

And the evil purple dwarf really shat himself last night from what I read. I really liked Green Book. I have read a lot about the terrible racism of the old South and the film told a story from truth about what blacks faced and a hitter from the Bronx who didn't take no sh*t from nobody.

There is a certain perverse pleasure in subset of the African American community in dragging successful Blacks down. It seems to happen far too often. It is a serious loss for progress.

Captain Hate

Hmmm, another week of Bull and the FBI are the bad guys. I'm detecting a trend.


Just curious, Mr. Lee, when did @realDonaldTrump become a “moral choice” between “love versus hate”? #SpikeLee#Oscars pic.twitter.com/qLKnuQd06a

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) February 26, 2019

Picture at link.


Another wedding he has to show up at, this is getting ridiculous.


This iat odds with Comey's hour long commercial for the bureau.


Great conversation with @FLOTUS Melania Trump at the @WhiteHouse dinner for Democratic and Republican governors last night. Just a couple of parents of 7th graders discussing homework, sports and video games. #middleschoolmania #603Pride pic.twitter.com/DhNkEbtpep

— Chris Sununu (@GovChrisSununu) February 25, 2019

Photo at link.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



Heading to bed.

Goodnight, everyone!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

For A-mom


They are worse than useless:


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

A joke, somewhat in the style of our Steph-nene

A young man moved from North Dakota to Florida and applied to work at the super-mega-department store that sold Everything Under One Roof.

The manager had his doubts but liked the kid and agreed to give him a try in the Sporting Goods department.

After the first day, the manager stopped by to check.

Manager: How many customers bought something from you today?
The young man looked down at his shoes and said "One."

Manger: Only one? Most of our salesmen average 20 or 30 customers a day! We have a high standard at this store.

The kid was still looking down at his shoes and the manager felt a pang of pity for chewing the kid out. He asked "So how much did your customer pay?"

Kid: $101,237.19
The manager was stunned. "What did you sell him?".

The kid explained: "First I sold him some fishing hooks. But then I suggested he'd need a new rod and reel. He didn't own a boat so I took him over to the Boat Dept and he bought a twin engine Chris-Craft. He was worried that his car couldn't pull a boat so I took him to Auto Sales and he bought a 4x4 Expedition."

The manager was amazed. "A guy came in to buy a fish hook and you sold him a BOAT and an SUV?"

The kid replied "Oh no. He came in to buy some tampons for his wife. I told him 'Dude, your weekend's shot, you should go fishing!'"

Captain Hate

Fat RINO Bastard on Camelbert tonight. Weren't the clapping seals booing that obese slob not that long ago? Hmmm I wonder what changed on this rock ribbed conservative show?


Who, CH?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Christie on Colbert, clarice.
Now there's a revoltin eye worm.


Stay puft, yes wray got him fron under the bridge, but still hes very naive or complicit.


I wasnt that familiar with this entry:


Captain Hate

Ol' Yeller: The Democrat Party has never apologized for being the party of slavery and segregation.


Bezos has found their first khashoggi, shes a Israeli bashing Saudi female SJW hala aldosari (did I mention shes a hit on al jazeera?)




It's Kraft & Brady, pin.

Posted by: Dave (in MA) | February 25, 2019 at 09:05 PM

My second guess was Bill Clinton. I was close.


It's so weird how things come full circle. There was this doctor and "sexologist" from Germany named Magnus Hirshfeld. He established a sex institute in Berlin not far from the Reichstag. He did all of this pioneering in the field of gender reassignment. In fact, the first books the Nazis burned were inside his institute. A lot of his notes and research.

Then, the homos were rounded up involuntarily and a lot of bad business was done to them, I agree.

Say, did you know that 'many' of the ones who survived the camps were kept in prison by the Allies under German Penal Code paragraph 175? I bet you didn't. Sodomy was still illegal.

So now that everything is legal and above board people are submitting their kids for horrendous and criminal experiments by any standard. The Lobby for all Unnatural Acts became the Nazis in deeds and by attempting to control the thoughts and words of all of us. And I guess they want us to call it the Homocaust which is pretty gay.

Another of Magnus Hirschfeld’s patients, Danish artist Einer Wegener, was also undergoing what would be a series of five operations at that time. Einer became Lile Elbe and the first publicly acknowledged male to female gender reassignment and caused a media sensation in Denmark and in Germany. The picture to the right is of Lili with a nurse after surgery. Sadly she died following the final surgery in 1931 intended to enable her to have children, but a book based on her personal writings about her experiences and a subsequent novel, The Danish Girl, made Lili the most famous pre WWII transsexual, although in reality she was probably intersex.



Guys like Tariq Nasheed think a Black Man wearing a dress for the White Man makes him a House Hard R or a Minstrel Show. Or like Kramer's prospectice GF's dad,"I don't see a [Black Guy], I see a damn fool!"


Finger Gun! Venezuela, Iran and Syria! INVADE NOW!

Don't move and the Neocon gets it!


Those American People are so stupid!

jim nj

Reading that VDH piece gave me "deja vu" then I realized that I read it already.

Somebody had posted a link to the Hoover Institute where it first appeared on the 18th.

This is not a complaint. It's just interesting that nothing gets past us. A good piece with a new publication date and source is still a good piece.

Anybody else notice this or did you just thin that VDH is timeless?

jim nj

Saw Jorge Ramos on local TV news. He had video of three men following a garbage truck picking out possible still edibles.

Showed it ti Maduro. SHTF.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Lazy white working class should be replaced by new Americans...says the schmuck earning a living suckling at the teat of a left wing Iranian creep who was born in Paris.



jim nj


India put some bombs on an alleged terrorist training camp. Pakistan says no casualties.

jim nj


No comment.

jim nj


Are we going to build our own "little green men?

jim nj


VDH on Smollett

jim nj


Conrad Black


I prefer Before

jim nj


John Schroeder with a link to Jim Geraghty on why we should pay attention to AOC.

Dave (in MA)


It would launch right into the toilet

jim nj

PIN, I agree. Looks like she had a rhinoplasty (nose job), aged a few years and lost some weight. The big difference though is the quality of the light. The former is using a warmer light or film, The latter is using a cooler light, film or video image. I like the earlier hair style more.

The first image looks like a bounce flash photo. The second looks like a direct flash shot.

On direct flash the strobe is on the top of the camera or held in a bracket above the camera and aimed at the subject. With a bounce flash the strobe is mounted similarly, but the strobe is pointed at the ceiling or nearby wall, not at the subject. The bounce part comes from a 3x5 white index card attached to the strobe that bounces part of the light output forward. It's much more flattering light.

It's like using two strobes, the light coming from the strobe pointed up or sideways bounces around like ambient light and the light reflected of the white card acts like fill lighting, enough to light the subject without harsh shadows.

jim nj

Dave in (MA),

I report, you decide, but yeah I'd rather drink Ripple or Boone Farm if it came to wanting a fruity taste.


The first one is probably not digital.

What do you think of ring lights?



California lawmakers are proposing replacing California’s sales tax with a “carbon tax” based on the “carbon intensity” of specific products.

The bill, SB 43 by Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) would require the State Air Resources Board, in consultation with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, to submit a report to the Legislature on the results of a study, to propose and to determine the feasibility and practicality of, a system to replace the tax imposed pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Law with an assessment on retail products sold or used in the state based on the carbon intensity of the product to encourage the use of less carbon-intensive products.

"The goal is to use higher prices to influence Californians to purchase products in a way that is supposed to help reduce climate change,” reported Sarah Boot at the Cal Chamber.


I thought this was America:

He's accused of forcing the women into prostitution and domestic servitude using violence, coercion and by providing heroin. He also used an air-soft gun to scare two of the victims, according to court records.

El Joshua. Is he from Krypton, Mexico or Israel?


jim nj

My full kit when I was working as a news photographer was two camera bodies, 7 lenses, from extreme wide-angle to a 200mm telephoto, 2 strobes, lots of filters and tons of spare batteries.

Always have a filter on a lens. Even if it's just a skylight 1A that has minimal effect. If you crash your lens into something hard you can replace the damaged filter for a minor fraction of the cost of a new lens.

Why two flash units? In case one died. I also had an electric eye remote trigger for one of them so I could use both at once. Two flashes are often more flattering. Put a c-clamp on the remote to hold it in place and pray that you had made the correct calculations about the output of each and you usually had a better photograph. The light of the main flash, caught by the remote trigger, fired the second unit.

jim nj


Ringlights that fit around the lens and surround it give 360 degrees of light at close range are usually used for macro-photography. In effect, they give a "soft" light when you are photographing something small at close range.

I wouldn't use it for portraits because at that range it would be harsh direct light.

Direct flash, when you're not doing portraits, is always dramatic looking. For portraits you want the light to be as diffuse as possible. That's why in studio photography they fire the flash into the inside of a reflective umbrella. Instead of a very tight light you get a diffused light off a 24-48 inch umbrella.

jim nj


Posted on February 25, 2019 by Paul Mirengoff in China, Trade, Trump Foreign Policy
Good news: China is nervous

The New York Times reports that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, abruptly summoned hundreds of officials to Beijing recently. He did so, says the Times, in order to convey a sense of “anxious urgency.” The Communist Party, Xi told the officials, faces major risks on all fronts and must batten down the hatches."


can't sleep grrrrrrr



Anybody else notice this or did you just think that VDH is timeless?

I think he's pretty timeless, Jim, since I think wisdom is timeless. I thought this opening paragraph yesterday in Hugh Hewitt's column was on the money:

“On Friday I lamented the seemingly childish state of our culture and said I thought we were in need of a harangue like I got from a teacher once. I was commenting off Victor David Hanson’s column on warping vocabulary. One of the things that makes VDH so exceptional as a social commentator is the authority with which he speaks. As a classist and historian he can speak with a unique and authoritative voice because he has seen and studied so much. That does not happen much anymore. We seem so self-involved that we never take the time to learn enough to speak with that kind of authority.”

jim nj


I can relate. I think I have another beer or two to consume yet. Which is why I'll be in later on Sunday. My sleep schedule is all screwed up. I can get up whenever and function if I use an alarm clock, but left alone I sleep 12-14 hours per day.

jim nj


I posted John Schroeder, above who added to his Friday comments, with an assist from Jim Geraghty.

Above post to peter also applies to you. I'll have to adjust my sleeping habits for the NYC meet-up. That should be no problem, but I may sleep for a day when I get back home.

jim nj

One of the things that I find in visiting HughHewitt every day is that John Schroeder, who posts there, is often more interesting than Hugh and his interviews.



mike in houston

OK, I woke up early this morning and had left the TV on. At first I thought I had been transported back to my childhood, but now I can't get this tune out of my head.



I may sleep for a day when I get back home.

Me too, Jim. When we fly all night, as long as I can get to the Hotel before the sun comes up I can sleep quick and fool the body into feeling OK in just a couple hours, but once that sun hits me I lose the ability to fake the body-clock out and then I start dragging. Thank gawd for double espressos.


77 Sunset Strip?

Mike in Houston, I think that calls for some serious analysis.

I wonder if this weeks story about Senator Amy Klobuchar eating salad with a comb somehow entered your subconscious and sparked a subliminal memory of Ed "Kookie" Byrnes from 77 Sunset Strip, since he was the greaser always coming his hair, and then he and Connie Francis did some terrible song called "Kookie, lend me your comb."

That'll be $500. G'nite;)

jim nj

Continuing my thoughts. Light. Light has exceptional qualities that we don't often truly see because our brain adapts to what we think we should be seeing.

When you really pay attention to it you can see the marvel of light.

I think all of you realize how special light is during sunsets and sunrises. You get tones you never see during mid-day.

A friend 35-40 years ago commented on what a great day it was for photographs. Bright sun, blue skies and no clouds. I looked at him and said "boring" the sun is bleaching the color out of everything, the shadows are tinged with blue, lit only by the blue sky, even though your eye can't see it. There's too much contrast and I understand that you mean you can use a high shutter speed for a sharp picture.

A few weeks later he told me he had been paying attention to what I'd said and agreed with me.

Colors don't "pop" in bright light. Color saturation usually shows up best with an overcast sky and the sun barely peeking through from the side reflected off the overcast for a silverly light.

Landscapes look horrible and two-dimensional in bright light. Have something in the fore ground to give it depth and watch the way the clouds move over the landscape. No clouds to sculpture the land? Come back another day like the pros do.

Your photos don't have the quality as seen in National Geographic? One of my mentors wound up on their staff. Much of what they shoot are first-takes, but they burn through film, now electronic pixels, at an extraordinary rate. Many pix are second takes. They shoot something, it's not what they want so they go back again when they think the lighting will be more dramatic. The second takes are planned photos.


Miss M, or anyone. Do you guys remember this short lived serios of comic books from 1955? Here's Issue number 1:


Apparently here's a typical set-up before the shrink comes in and resolves the story.

How odd.

jim nj


Jim Eagle

Good morning.

We have windy but exceptional at Seminole Golf Club yesterday. First, at lunch, had Greg Norman and son were at the table next to us. Then again next to us on the practice range. They went off ahead of our foursome so we were able to follow him all day. Still impressive golfer, and still “The Shark”.

In 30 minutes Trump arrives in Hanoi. Incredible to read the naysayers, hand-wringers, and pearl clutchers as if he was starting a nuclear war instead of preventing one. So we add nuclear proliferation to the current Dem agenda of open borders, legalized drugs, infantacide, new green deal, Medicare for all, and free tuition.

Looks like a winning hand to me./snark



This article made me think of you.


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

JiB: "Looks like a winning hand to me"

Oh, I'm sure we can count on GOPe to make it a near run thing.

Jim Eagle

BTW, the member we played with at Seminole, when I asked him the scuttlebutt about the massage parlor down the road, told me that the guy who has the locker next to him was named. Young guy in his 30's.

But everyone agrees that if their was trafficking then how come that wasn't the target but the John"s. Sheriff is up for re-election, and he will have a hard time raising big money. In fact, there seems to be a challenger who will get the big money.


Good morning!

Daddy, no memories of that comic. 1955 would have put me in the 2nd grade, so I was reading stuff like Superman and Uncle Scrooge.

Ralph L

I wonder if it'd be possible to stuff Megan McCain into Chelsea Clinton's leather pants?

In college, someone found a bra that was enormous in both measurements. I put it on and 2 other guys put their heads in the cups. We were the weirdo eating house.

A lot of people, such as I, were blond when young but go dark before they go gray like my chin.




Frank Scavo @fscavo

Nadella pushed against the employee criticism. “We made a principled decision that we’re not going to withhold technology from institutions that we have elected in democracies to protect the freedoms we enjoy,” he said.


Captain Hate

Reflecting on the disgusting abortion vote yesterday it would be interesting to hear Camille Paglia discuss what's going on. In her Sexual Personae she makes it clear that women are tied to nature through procreation; it provides the essence of their existence against which male culture rebels and any effort to argue that has to fight the battle on the opponent's terms. In later works she belittles women's studies programs of being narrowly insular, self referential and lacking in intellectual rigor by ignoring anatomy, physiology and psychology, all of which are essential for understanding the subject at hand. I'm sure she regards the centrality of abortion to everything the progs fixate on as an incoherent tantrum against things they don't even partially understand.


Jay Weber @JayWeber3

Illinois is about to pass one of the most wide-reaching infanticide style abortion bill.




I often think of Mother Angelica, who founded EWTN, and how these scandals would have grieved her.


Captain Hate,

The push for abortion has got to be about making money from the sale of baby partss (aka medical tissue).

Birth control is easily available and well understood now, whether one opts for pills, physical barriers, or whatever.

In addition, the stigma of being pregnant out of wedlock is much less than it was 50 years ago. ALso, there are plenty of people who want to adopt.

I see no reason to allow abortions of convenience. The fact that it is pushed so heavily tells me there is big money behind it.

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