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February 14, 2019


Account Deleted

Back then I didn't know about Fusion GPS. I figured the "outside sources" were leftist activist organizations or just the Democrat party.
I didn't know there were businesses that were hired to feed stories to the MFM.


Yes it's been an illuminating experience like Thomas Andersen (neo) in the matrix,

Captain Hate

That's uncomfortably close to the "just following orders" defense. If you're in law enforcement and surrounded by scoundrels, there's an obligation IMO to do more make sure all the i's are dotted. He's had opportunities in Congressional testimony to expose the rot, and he's seemed more interested in "protecting the institution."

When you're in a thoroughly corrupt cesspool your options are very limited. I think he will be proven to have done all that was possible.


0n the other hand

Just awoke at the barstool at the Happy
Mex.. my 2 Fedex buddies have long since gone

Bartendder, hints that 🙃 "i' may hsve had enough.


And this, from earlier (still playing catch-up):
I made the point a few months back that Rosenstein appointed Mueller as SC to protect Trump from McCabe's coup attempt.

Tom R has said this repeatedly, and I've asked repeatedly: If that was the reason Rosenstein appointed Mueller, then what the hell is Mueller doing now, more than a year after McCabe was removed from the scene? And how does it explain Mueller appointing slime like Andrew Weissman?

And beyond that, if someone is staging a coup, why do you need to appoint a special counsel ostensibly to investigate the very President who is being attacked, in order to stop the coup? Why not just fire the people involved and haul them up on charges?

It's an absurd claim. RR could have removed McCabe from the Russia investigation for any number of reasons, but what he did was give the investigation to Mueller, and Mueller proceeded to zealously pursue people in the Trump campaign. Meanwhile, McCabe was in so much trouble for his actions that he was made Acting Director of the FBI.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The MSM should have to label those articles 'Sponsored Content'.

And register as lobbyists and have their articles declared in kind campaign contributions - non deductible.


anybody know what day it is?


Where are you, that might influence the time?

Captain Hate

jimmyk, I think those are all good questions. JackStraw got a little testy when I complained about the collateral damage that Mueller's very expensive snipe hunt caused. Although DJT has never been in any jeopardy and I have to think Rosenstein is at least partly responsible for that.

Tom R

Jimmyk @ 11:26

Everytime you ask that question I give you the same answer which you then proceed to ignore : Mueller has been investigating whatever Rosenstein instructed him to in the redacted part of the SC memo. Stock up on popcorn is my suggestion.


When we see the first indictment for Jay walking or even ripping off mattress tags well consider that.


well daddy it sounds like you need a Designated Drinker.


If you need to sober up only 20% of U.K. Muslims are 'In Work.'

Captain Hate

McCabe certainly gave his bizarre interview because Barr's confirmation was felt to be a sure thing and things will finally start moving at the pace we've wanted for two years. Also there's no shutdown nonsense for the MFM to concentrate their attention on to the exclusion of all else.


McCabe's boomlet is old news by at least six months, it's just the press's ground hog day syndrome but were bill murray.

Captain Hate

Does the Memphis Police Department have an online crime blotter where we can do a search for Terry Bradshaw?


I give you the same answer which you then proceed to ignore : Mueller has been investigating whatever Rosenstein instructed him to in the redacted part of the SC memo.

I know you've said that, but it's not an answer to my question. I didn't ask what Mueller has been doing. I asked why he's doing anything a year after McCabe's ouster if he was appointed to stop McCabe. Obviously he was appointed to do much more than that, and from what we know so far, it's been to set attack dogs like Weissman on peripheral associates of Trump like Manafort and Stone and ruin their lives.


And, I should add, as best as I can tell the reason for that is to make anyone think twice about associating with Trump.


It might divide the feckless fops in DC but don't something like 90% of Republicans approve of the wall?

Apparently of that 90%, a majority were dumber than Forest Gump up until a couple weeks ago. Then 4D Dickering magically made them smarter than Forest Gump.


Because the shutdown is supposed to make us doubt the cause.


You think you can reason with folk like this:


Santeros creep Mr out less.


A summer vacations fine, but after a while:


jim nj

I would like to see a signing statement if Trump signs the spending bill that obliterates any "traps"in the bill.

I'd like to see an EO, an "Emergency" designation and that signing.

While both houses can fight back against Trump, others can go to court to block him, I think that there are other groups and states that can fight on his side.

Especially if he lays out forceful objections in a signing statement that others can file suit against.

This doesn't have to be a one-way court fight if we can turn it into an Irish brawl where anyone can join just for the fun of bashing someone.

jim nj

I wanted to echo OL on "Balloon" construction. It's called that because a really long 2x4 rose from the 1st floor, past the 2nd, to the roof. The "balloon" part was in the way that the studs would bow out from the weight of the roof. The way the 2nd floor was connected to the studs reduced the bow, but left chimney-like flues between the exterior studs.

I have several carpentry and construction books in my possession and all warn against this type of construction for that reason.

OL is correct that the main reason this type of construction is no longer used is that long, straight wood studs of that length are prohibitively expensive.

But even before that the hazards of "balloon" construction were known and fire-stopping was added to houses built that way. A fire-stop is a 2x4 added horizontally between every stud in the house cutting off the flue-like effect.

jim nj

From the article"

"The balloon frame and its variants still dominate single-family homebuilding in the U.S. and Canada. It’s also standard in Australia and New Zealand, and pretty big in Japan, but not in the rest of the world."

That is not a true statement, unless one considers construction using 2x4's of 8 or 10 ft. lengths a variant. It's not a variant, it's a different construction technique.

"The big reason is that it costs much less—I heard estimates from 20 percent to 40 percent less—than building with concrete, steel, or masonry."

I can't confirm the actual difference in construction cost, but it seems likely to me. At one time there was an attempt to build fire-proof buildings like mine. All of my apartment's exterior walls are concrete or cinder-block. The interior walls are of regular construction with wood studs and wallboard.

The idea was that a fire in my apartment couldn't move cross-ways and would be contained in my unit. Anyone who has seen that type of building burn knows that fire finds away to rise through cracks, crevices, plumbing pipes and electrical chases. Not to mention burning so highly that it leaps up exterior walls, fractures glass and ignites the upstairs apartment.

So my apartment, and the stack above me, can burn without it affecting the rest of the building unless it reaches the roof and the space below it. Because that space below the roof is common to the whole building. Then the whole building is engulfed from the top down.


Peter, (and JimmyK and George Costanza and Soup Nazi, etc)

I will be in Manhattan at some standard mediocre midtown Hotel for 50 hours starting about 8 AM on 3 March and will have to put my last empty beer glass down no later than 06:15 AM of 6 March 2019 in order to be legal and not arrested. I think it's my last lay-over in your City forever:)

No pressure of any kind Sir, but I take it that you are as yet a JOM Virgin (having not personally met other JOMer's etc) which of course is disgraceful and inexcusable, and a couple other adjectives that SBW and Catsmeat knows but needs not going into at this juncture. Here's my game-plan, subject of course to whatever JimmyK wants, since i think he may be having an affair with one of the barmaids at Keelie's so we may have to work around his schedule.

I've done the Museums, (especially the Egyptian sections) and I've done lots of other crap in your town, but JimmyK has had me wondering whether if on a free day I should go to Grants Tomb, or instead visit Hamilton's residence, which if I recall correctly, was where Hamilton was pushing out those Federalist papers which, if I am not incorrect, the reading of which converted our Fav beer-drinking economics PROF, the current "black sheep" MAGA side of the family to his personal "Conservative" Babylonian ostracism. Shhh. (PS Jimmy, do your kids want any Kangaroo jerky?)

Regardless, sometimes within that 48 hours I have to make a final multi-houred stroll thru the Strand Used Book Store and a "Say Hey" pint at McSorleys.

Other than that Peter-san, you are in total control of festivities and of course all praise and any fuck-up's accrue solely to you sir:) Bring the wife and kids if any good friend, that are are not at UVA.

Cheers, good fried, and BTW, a pint or 2 at Fraunces Tavern would work beautifully, but I am way flexible.

jim nj


I may be interested in a meet up. I'm only roughly a 40 minute bus-ride outside the city. As a child I've seen the Grange and Grant's tomb. Neither sticks in my memory although Riverside Park is great.

My standard recommendation for somebody visiting NYC is to take the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island and back. You have to debark in Staten Island and wait 30-40 minutes to re-embark back to Manhattan, but it's free and the best entertainment ever.

jim nj

And after my introduction on building techniques I go back to the article to show you its' agenda.

"What caught his [building code guy] attention was a blaze that broke out in January 2015 at the Avalon apartments in Edgewater, N.J., across the Hudson River from his home. “When I could read a book in my apartment by the flame of that fire,” he says, “I knew there was a problem.” Ignited by a maintenance worker’s torch, the fire spread through concealed spaces in the floors and attic of the four-story complex, abetted by a partial sprinkler system that didn’t cover those areas. No one died, but the building was destroyed."

This was in the papers for a while. An unlicensed individual, working in an area unprotected from smoke detectors, using a propane tank without a fireproof backstop set fire to an unprotected part of the building. He attempted to put out the fire without first calling the fire department. That fire raged out of control and rose into the common cock-loft.

Mind you, the whole building was built to code. The "partial" sprinkler system wasn't "partial" it was designed to protect living areas.

Yes, it was stick-built to code and fire suppression systems, at the time, weren't required where they were missing. They used fire-resistant materials every where required by code. It passed all building inspections and was given a certificate of Occupancy.

Well, from a known cause the whole building the whole building burned down without any deaths.

The upshot was how could this happen? The fire code is meant to produce fire-resistant buildings. That code is meant to provide occupants with time to safely evacuate a building without injury, not to build a fire-proof building.

"There haven’t been many such fires in completed stick mid-rises, but the buildings have proved highly flammable before the sprinklers and walls go in. Dozens of major fires have broken out at mid-rise construction sites over the past five years."

Oh, come on, we've read of those fires and most were caused by Eco-warriors.

We should always adopt better fire-codes, but we need to remind people that nothing is fire-proof.

jim nj


I don't participate in downloading apps. Based on this I don't know why anyone else does.

As an aside Firefox has new feature that allows you to block all tracking cookies. I turned it on. Since then I've noticed that some site don't work as well as they used to. Screw them.

jim nj

Oh yeah, I forgot to comment on Amazon. Local coverage has lots of angry people. Especially in the real estate community. Lots of potential deals dead.

jim nj


jim nj

How many times have we heard the story of the lottery winner that went bust.

Add Queens, NY.

jim nj


McCabe not looking good.


Cute takeoff on "7 Days in May" the movie.


College boys taking advantage of drunk girls.

Fawn Brody was totally sober when she was taken advantage of.


Good morning!

daddy, it's Friday.

I thought I would start this morning with a fun article. ANyone with stashes of stuff in the attic, garage, or basement, check your stuff to see if you have anything HGTV might want!


I had to laugh that they are looking for a green refrigerator. I had a gold one, but of course, it's long gone.


Mark Meadows
‏Verified account @RepMarkMeadows
16h16 hours ago

The only thing you need to know about Andy McCabe's book: the author was fired for lying to the FBI and conducting covert investigations in breech of protocol. McCabe has zero credibility.

Can't remember what "insurance policy" meant, but he can write a book. Give me a break.
Mark Meadows cuts to the chase.




Pin, were you purged by Nifong Junior or did you leave the asylum voluntarily?

Posted by: Captain Hate | February 14, 2019 at 06:50 PM

I got bored with the not Trump/never Trump. I didn't burn my passport.


A piece of living advice for humans. pic.twitter.com/iTqfePsqNS

— Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) February 15, 2019

Link goes to graphic.


Breaking News
‏ @NewsNerve
8h8 hours ago

BREAKING: Report that @JussieSmollett has scrubbed his @Twitter and @instagram accounts by deleting posts he made claiming he was attacked by two #MAGA hat wearing @realDonaldTrump supporters in #Chicago.



Drone activity temporarily grounds planes at Dubai airport.

Isn't this the third such incident? This seems to me to be a new type of assymetrical warfare.


My standard recommendation for somebody visiting NYC is to take the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island and back. You have to debark in Staten Island and wait 30-40 minutes to re-embark back to Manhattan, but it's free and the best entertainment ever.

Posted by: jim nj | February 15, 2019 at 03:06 AM

There was a so called Cop Bar on Staten Island as seen on Ray Donovan.



This entire family is being harassed by the Left. All of them deserve our thanks.


daddy, exciting news, we will come up with a plan. The Grange and/or Fraunces Tavern and/or the Strand and/or McSorley's all sound great. I am not a JOM virgin btw, but I will shop around to see if I can have my hymen restored

Perhaps we can even convince our blog host to come.

jim nj


Smollett is toast.

Here's something that annoys everyone in NJ:


$580, 000 settlement to retire for a police chief who was a political operative.

"Cioffi will be paid for 150 unused sick days, 408 unused vacation days, 26 personal days, six months of terminal leave, 16 scheduled days and 17.75 hours of overtime, minus 90 days deducted for his suspension."

Can you imagine this? It happens regularly in NJ. Who in the private sector gets to bank that many days?

It's freaking criminal!


Heard or saw something somewhat back in all the Media bombard we take in 24/7 but ironically, instead of what it was designed to engender in the viewer/reader, (which was a negative vision of George Washington as derisively simply the Plantation Slave Master intent on maintaining his capitalist estate), instead it made me think what was it that buttressed a man of such view and accomplishment, who risked everything, including his life? I say that what buttressed him, besides the Virginian Legislature of adult responsibility as a citizen, and all the rest that followed, was George Washington's fundamental faith in Christ-Jesus.

I had better thoughts a couple reasons why I thought so a few hours back but I cannot regurgitate them now in decency, But I think of my Iggy and I think of my Janet, and my St Augustine, who is so wonderful because he so unashamedly recognizes and opines on his fundamental human hypocrisy:) So feel free everybody to pick your favorite Founding Father, but mine, without any reservation or qualification whatever, is George Washington.

It makes me think that running on George Washington and his stated principles from 1788 is a winning formula for 2020.



I am in agreement. When I was young, Washington seemed sort of boring. It was only as I got older, that I came to realize the sacrifice and risks he took, plus his humility and sense in rejecting a kingship of the new nation.

A daith in God was a driving factor, because he acted on what was right and trusted that Divine Providence would guide him.

I think his principles would be a good 2020 platform. I am beginning to hear some of echoing in President Trump's words. A wariness of foreign entanglements come to mind, for one thing.



Proving just because you have money doesn't mean you have class.

jim nj


George Washington wanted the Commander-in-Chief position so badly that he lobbied for it. I don't mean to demean him by that, but he was right. I don't think anyone else could have survived his tribulations.

He served without pay, only expenses, and MY God, he kept scrupulous records of his expenses.

An irreverent account but,


"Oh by the way: So, in the end, how much did Washington spend over his eight years of service?

$449,261.51, in 1780 dollars."

Considering the result, I think that was money well spent.



If you are in Memphis thru the weekend I would seriously come down and meet up with you or just creepily eyeball you from across the room. I'm not picky.



I may be interested in a meet up.

Jim nj,

Great to hear you might be along. BTW, I frequently get 2 beds and am happy to share if we only get one King bed since it won't be the first time geniuses's have had to shack out together:

In September 1776, just a few months after the thirteen American colonies announced their independence from Britain, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams got stuck shacking up together for a night...

Adams, who was “an invalid and afraid of the air in the night,” closed the window before they got into bed.

“Oh!” said Franklin. “Don’t shut the window. We shall be suffocated.”

When Adams explained that he didn’t want to catch an illness from the cold night air, Franklin countered that the air in their room was even worse.

“Come!” he told Adams. “Open the window and come to bed, and I will convince you: I believe you are not acquainted with my Theory of Colds.”

Contrary to the lay wisdom of the day (and everybody’s grandmother), Franklin was convinced that no one had ever gotten a cold from cold air. ...

Open or shut, Jim...tough call:)


My pal StuinSD has some thoughts on McCabe. Pretty good thread.




Now that we have spent almost 3 years hearing about how Russia was not to be associated with, we have Russia praising the dems in Congress who support Venezuela.

jim nj


That might work. One of the problems with visiting NYC for me is getting back out before the buses stop running.


Did you guys know that Congress passed a new law making lynching a federal crime?

Hmmm. I wonder why THAT got prioritized all of a sudden.


Adam Housley
‏Verified account @adamhousley
14h14 hours ago

As everyone on my feed debates the McCabe interview. One reminder. I reported the FBI internal issues began well before Trump ran and McCabe had issues with agents who didn’t play his game. Not defending Trump, just saying there’s a ton more to this story.


Some of you might remember Adam Housely from his reporting on Fox News. He quit a few years ago to run a vineyard and winery, which is why he is avoiding taking a political position. However, I would like to hear from other FBI people who had conflicts with McCabe.

jim nj


I hate it when they make a state crime a federal crime. It's posturing, pure and simple.


Oh, look here. What a surprise.

Bill Kristol
‏Verified account @BillKristol

With the Majority Leader’s abdication of his institutional and constitutional responsibility, who will step forward to make the case and organize other Republican senators to uphold the rule of law? Who will speak for the non-autocratic wing of the Republican Party?@SenatorRomney

Like I said. Iago.



He has since taken down the tweets explaining this. Not a surprise to me.

James D.

He was Iago, MM. But he's not anything that important or interesting these days.

I'd say that Kristol is more like a wannabe supervillain who isn't important enough for any of the main heroes to bother fighting anymore.


daddy, it's Friday.

I thought I would start this morning with a fun article. Anyone with stashes of stuff in the attic, garage, or basement, check your stuff to see if you have anything HGTV might want!

Hi Miss M,

Last month Momma made me buy a new Jeep for a daughter since she's in Law school and she's doing Court-room legal crap up here this summer.

We have a 3 car garage, but we only had 2 cars for 20 years so
I had built a big wall unit to store our immeasurable crap. Now that we have 3 cars, while I was napping Momma was in the garage banging the snot out of my wall unit which no longer exists, and I am now ordered when home to haul tons of old paint cans etc to the dump, but her big gripe is for me to unload my hundreds of old books that have been accumulating these last 30 years. Yikes. I simply glance at the piles on the garage floor and I am transported and in love with each and every title. Yikes ain't the proper word, Maybe 'exit-sentimentalism.'

It immediately reminds me how lucky Bill Murray in "GroundHog Day", was in having the opportunity to read whatever he wanted forever uninterruptedly.


How's the Keto diet going?


Vegan Cory Booker Says Meat Eaters’ Days Are Numbered

Having just spent the last 2 weeks in Australia, and knowing I'll be there again next month, I am happy to ship Corey Booker as much delicious Vegemite as he desires.

Talk about 'a highway to the danger zone."


@JussieSmollett has scrubbed his @Twitter and @instagram accounts by deleting posts he made claiming he was attacked by two #MAGA hat wearing @realDonaldTrump supporters in #Chicago

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


So the rear admiral lit up the Giant Cuck signal in the sky. Mutt Rumbley will save the day faster than a speeding vovlo with a dog tied to the roof.


I have been up since 3, so am going to lie down a bit.

If henry pops in, maybe he could check for tweets from the President.

Back later.


shift change noted Miss M.


Why does Macguire hate business owners?

Tom Maguire @Tom_Maguire

Bill Gates is right! We should tax unrealized capital gains (above, e.g, a $50 MM threshold) by imposing mark-to-market accounting. Gates, Bezos hold their wealth in stock they never sold. Untaxed income!


Smollett should learn from this experience that he is a shitty actor and a worse script writer.

Wasn't good enough to be a victim, he had to be a fag victim with noose around his neck and an untouchable cellphone.

He couldn't sell the cops squat.

Loser in every respect.


I am not a JOM virgin btw,

Peter, You rock!!!

And me personally I couldn't be more flexile if I was Ginger Baker:)

Man Tran,

Catch-up takes forever but you and Ginger Baker in "The Summer Of Love" was worth waiting for. Maybe I will do Beale Street tomorrow to try to recapture W.C. Handy.


TM, we'd get more govt revenue (and less economic dislocation) if we rejected the non-profit tax exemption of any organization that paid it's executives above the median income. Think about it, the treasury would reverse the cash flow to PP and all Soros fronts in a snap.


This can't happen too fast:



I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my countertops, which should happen any minute now. Once the water is in my kitchen will be complete and I can use it for the first time in 2 weeks. Hallelujah !


Jim nj,

It will be The Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan And I will
check in on the 3rd about 9AM and will snooze and be ready for whatever until whenever we have to leave. Cheers, and u r welcome,Sir!



Julio Rosas

Beto O'Rourke when asked, since Rep. @DanCrenshawTX asked on Twitter, if he would tear down the walls that are already in place: Yes and I think a referendum to do so would pass.


The collapse of the [Amazon] deal is a victory, though, for the anti-gentrification, anti-development Left, which will be replace by the "Green New Deal"-s rebuilding of all buildings [for free] proposal.

Wait a second .. the "Green New Deal"-s rebuilding of all buildings [for free] proposal will cause massive gentrification .. unless the rebuilt buildings are done badly.

Ahh .. there's the secret.


Great article by Julie Kelly

After the Coup is Gone – American Greatness

As the perpetrators of one of the most shameful scandals in American political history begin slowly to retreat, we are left to ponder one overarching question: WHY NOW?


Jack is Back (Again)!

Were daddy was in Memphis:

If I was still in Southampton, I would take the Jitney in for that JOM meetup but I need to work on my golf game down here since we play Seminole on the 25th of February. But my good cheer is with all the NYC meetup.

James D.

Looks like a slow news morning here at JOM...



If you have never been to the jewish museum in nyc https://thejewishmuseum.org/ it is in one of the old warburg mansions of the gilded age types that were mostly torn down and only seen in pictures.

While in that area you might enjoy walking around the pond up there in central park. I seem to remember it is named for jackie o as it is where she liked to walk.

Hubs has made it back from overseas. Said lax wasn't even trying to bring intl travellers yesterday to the gate at TBIT. Made them get off in the rain and walk to buses that took them to customs area. Said the nonAmerican travellers could not believe how poor the conditions were arriving in the US.


This is horrible

Sheriff’s deputy suffers severe burns after being set on fire | fox8.com



The MSM figured out Smollett is a bust, the AOC victory over Amazon is a bust, "muh Russians" is a bust, and people are happy Trump says he is going to build the wall anyway*. Until they regroup, it's a news free day.

*time will tell if any wall gets built beyond what is already under construction of what is allowed in the bill. I don't trust the cheerleader reporting on this any more than I trust the MSM.


daddy, I'll be around, and will plan for a meet up. I may have evening plans the 3rd and daytime work the 4th. peter is far from a virgin (not to say a 'ho'), as he's been to at least two meetups with me, and lord knows how many others.

I don't think the daughter will go for kangaroo jerky


It took a constitutional amendment to get an income tax at all. What brand dope have these idiots been smoking?


"This nation was created with tax rates much higher than we have now," the chair of the Patriotic Millionaires joined @SquawkCNBC to discuss why the organization is comprised of millionaires who want higher taxes on themselves.



Hi, James D.,

I am back up and drinking another cup of coffee. I am waiting for the 10 AM Rose Garden speech on signing the bill and the emergency order. I bet then we will have a lot of news!


daddy, keto and I are in agreement. It's fine. It is working. BTW if you haven't been to the Cloisters, you might want to try it on your final trip to NYC. It's beautiful--taken from a medieval cloister in Perpignan (SW France).


The Soros-funded transformative acs already has a conference call scheduled for today to cover the https://getinvolved.acslaw.org/component/events/event/224 national emergency declaration and what can be done to fight it.

As I have mentioned acs now works hand in hand with state bars to co-sponsor continuing legal ed programs.



Why in the heck don't they just donate the money?

Answer: it isn't about them doing anything so patriotic. It's about another way to control people.


I agree on the cloisters. Hard to believe that part of manhattan exists and the lovely views of the hudson.

I took my parents there before my dad's alzheimers was so advanced and then he was pleased when he could see it from the air after we took off from laguardia.



Scalise and Lankford write that they have put up a bill to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which prevents heads of non-profits and religious institutions from speaking out about candidates.


One other thing going on in NYC at that time that I think I'll give a pass to. There's a production of King Lear on Broadway. The daughter is in the midst of slogging through it. I was going to suggest getting tickets, but I see the title role is being played---non other than Glenda Jackson. It seems that nothing can escape gender-bending these days, and I'm sure she will get rave reviews, with none of the reviewers daring to suggest that it's off-putting to have the role played by a woman.



Words fail me.

James D.

Glenda Jackson

I had no idea she was still alive!

The last thing I saw her in was an early 80’s movie with Walter Matthau and she seemed pretty old then...


daddy: to unload my hundreds of old books that have been accumulating these last 30 years.

Younger and in my first (800 sq ft) home that served us from 1976-1988, I put all my old books in numbered boxes, semi-Dewey Decimaled, logging title and author.

Hauled the boxes up the pull-down attic stairs into the attic crawl space that had plywood flooring.

Until we moved the house across the street in 1991 (on large aircraft tires), that was my extra insulation. The added benefit was that I could lay my hands on any book I wanted in seconds.

Captain Hate

I was going to suggest getting tickets, but I see the title role is being played---non other than Glenda Jackson. It seems that nothing can escape gender-bending these days, and I'm sure she will get rave reviews, with none of the reviewers daring to suggest that it's off-putting to have the role played by a woman.

When Mrs H was working for Crewe she got tix for an on campus performance of Hamlet with an identical situation except the lead actress was a student. We left during intermission.


I don’t think talking about using the 25th Amendment rises to a coup, but these folks should be shown the door just for thinking that the POTUS firing the head of the FBI are grounds for using the 25th Amendment. These are supposed to be our ‘best and brightest’, not a bunch of jiggling minions morons.



This is an interesting theory, although I don't see real evidence.

I did wonder why Keith Schiller left the White House, since he was a loyal ally of President Trump for many years.


I would think that heads of non-profits should be able to speak freely ...

... and they should be taxed, scrutinized, and not favored by government like any other business.

Captain Hate

Words fail me.

Not me; the RINOs have made quite a spectacle of themselves during the last three years, showing their asses like retarded baboons at every opportunity. I'm sure DJT has a plan to deal with these quislings.

Sidney Powell's book is essential in revealing how the Deep State thoroughly controls the DOJ and has for a long time. Were it not for Life Liberty and Levin I wouldn't even know who she is.

Tom R

I didn't ask what Mueller has been doing. I asked why he's doing anything a year after McCabe's ouster if he was appointed to stop McCabe.

OK thats an easy answer too. The reason the Mueller SC is still ongoing even though the coup threat from McCabe and friends was ended is that whatever Rosenstein tasked Mueller to do that is classifed and redacted isn't finished yet. There are multiple potential explanations that all require guessing, conjecture and assumptions. I could throw out a few but it would likely trigger a few people. If anyone wants to discuss them let me know.

Captain Hate

Damn straight, sbw; nonprofits are a stain on the country, at least in their current form.

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