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February 08, 2019



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36m36 minutes ago

BREAKING: Lin Wood, a lawyer representing Covington teen Nick Sandmann, who was victim of fake news, confirmed today Native American activist Nathan Phillips “will be sued for his defamatory lies.”

Nathan Phillips made several claims after the incident, which were untrue.


Good. That Phillips guy flat-out lied. Said he was trying to put himself betweet Covington kids and the Black Hebrews. Said that the kids were yelling "Build the wall" when they said no such thing. Other stuff, too, but those two I remembered.

That Phillips is a con artist and needs to be set back on his heels.


ooooonay eadthray


“Ghost species” in the tree:


Jack is Back (Again)!


True but every analyst has to note whether they own it or not. The ones I hear do not own it.


I guess that is why NFLX gained 2.86 to close at $347.58, just off their jhigh of $348:-) Someone is going to jump off buildings when it crashes and burns.


JiB, If I recall, Disney had pulled its content library from Netflix, had access to ESPN sports, and was also producing new content.


Phillips is likely judgment proof so it is a Pyrrhic exercise I guess.


Henry, that Smithsonian website you linked to has a completely BS article about the Chappaquiddick movies. Double talk to the nth degree.


AOC caught in a big lie, claims the Green New Deal doc is a forgery that conservatives have been circulating. Remember that meta data hidden in the pics and docs we post? Nailed her!



Duke hits 6 out of 7 three pointers, up by nine over UVA. Ugh!

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