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February 11, 2019



The dog show is on FS1 tonight. The sporting,working and terrier groups will compete,then best of show. The terriers have won the most best in show in the history of the show. Yay terriers!


For your dopey friends who claim that Beto's crowd last night was bigger:


You have to wait a bit until the video pans out.


Tim Young
‏Verified account @TimRunsHisMouth
4h4 hours ago

El Chapo has been found guilty. Let's just use his seized assets to build the wall.

Jim Eagle

Get ready for some fun. Although George Clooney directing doesn't inspire me the way a Clint Eastwood production would.....




“President Trump condemns all acts of violence against any individual or group of people – including members of the press. We ask that anyone attending an event do so in a peaceful and respectful manner,” Sanders said.


The attacker is shown screaming “f**k the media” before he was ushered away by security personnel. A campaign worker suggested to BBC News after the incident that the attacker was intoxicated.

Still no name.


We've been waiting for a thunderstorm all afternoon. The sky is black looking out the lanai. Meanwhile,back in Maine,there will be a foot of snow at the cabin tomorrow.


I don't remember Eisenhower very well but the job seemed to visibly age all DJT's predecessors.

He's also by far the most experienced executive of any president in memory, so presumably he knows how to use his time efficiently, to delegate, and to motivate his employees. Of course to the MSM it will just be "evidence" that he's lazy and uninvolved.

Proving that the left has NO sense of humor. Anyone who saw that rally with that comment knew it was a joke!
“Joke” is the wrong word, MM. The "Russia, if you're listening..." line was pure snark to make the point that because of Hilary’s reckless disregard for any and every security measure it’s possible that ANYBODY and EVERYBODY could have her emails.

This brave BBC camera dude. Is it possible, that he was smirking. That is the new standard for ASSAULT. The MFM is complifit with the FULL COMMIE LEFT, and unfortunately, they've chosen sides.


Made a perfect soft boiled egg in the microwave today.
I watched it very carefully.
This deal for the budget will have to do for today.
Hopefully more border money will be found to continue the work.
So I guess Nancy had to cough up more than a dollar for the wall.
President Trump mocked the moonwalk attempt stopped by Northam’s wife.
Is this the best Virginia can do for top leadership?


Apparently Ted Cruz agrees with that guy on Twitter:


Jim Eagle

Ike was a very experienced executive. Ask Churchill or Monty. You invade Nazi Europe, conquer the German empire at that time, come home and run for POTUS. In my opinion he was the most qualified POTUS candidate since Jefferson.


MM@4:45, It may not be Trump's fault that middle America distrusts the media, but it's one of his many accomplishments.

Old Lurker

Maryrose "Made a perfect soft boiled egg in the microwave today. I watched it very carefully."

After what happened to Clarice, I would have "watched it very carefully" from the back yard with binoculars.


Yes it was snark and delivered sarcastically.
Too bad nuance is lost on the Dems.
They put all their eggs in Mueller’s basket and now find out there is no there,there.


Fair enough, JiB, but Ike's not in my memory :)




Gateway is on it.

Was This a Setup? Unhinged Man in Trump MAGA Hat Attacks Media at El Paso Rally — More: Tag Was Still on His Hat

(Click to open.)

Old Lurker

Besides, I don't know what the fuss is about microwaving eggs.

In my house when the dish of hardboiled eggs in the refrigerator is empty, I put it out on the counter and the next time I look it is back in the refrigerator full of new hardboiled eggs.


Kennedy just said on the Five if Al Franken were accused today, he would probably stick around.
That tells me the Dems are officially done with the Me Too movement.Sorry gals , too many Dems are now accused so we have to shut this down.


Jim in Sunnyvale

Vox Day.

matt - deplore me if you must

Re Kamala and the jail snitch case, it is a real stinkeroo. That she didn't intervene is criminal. I know some of those involved and unfortunately our Sheriff's Department is in it up to their eyeballs.

They have been refusing to turn over records for years and may well have destroyed much of the evidence. It was just released last week or so that they were listening in to attorney-client phone calls from the jail as well. You just cannot do that shit. It caused an old friend of mine, a Superior Ct judge, to throw out the death penalty in the Scott DeKraii case.

Now think about this; DeKraii killed 6 people, confessed and that just wasn't good enough for the jailers. They put a known liar in as their snitch, and now this has affected 20-30 other cases minimum. The wiretapping is going to really up the ante.

Our former DA is a douche I never liked. Our former Sheriff was a LA glasswork ceiling appointment who never did much and, it seems to me, let the jailers do what they pleased. Now she and her hubby are double dipping on their pensions to the tune of well over $1 million/year.

The new DA is a whacko, but may be straight. Stay tuned. It ain't over.

Old Lurker

When Ike was president the entire Federal Budget was well under $100B (crossing that line was JFK I think).

Today the Federal Budget is what, 40 times bigger and with less to show for it (IMO). Even adjusted for inflation "that's crazy talk".


Do folks peel hard boiled eggs right away or when they get et? Eggs seem to peel easier right away but I wonder if peeling compromises their freshness.





You know, they sell hard cooked eggs in the supermarket, already peeled, in bags of 8 or so...

mr, did you poke a hole in the shell before microwaving?

Old Lurker

I peel them when I eat them, Hoyden. I think the ease of peeling is the luck of the draw and from what I read, fresh eggs are harder to peel than older eggs so we wait a few days before cooking them. (or so the egg dish fairy tells me)


the next time I look it is back in the refrigerator full of new hardboiled eggs.

You ought to market that dish, OL, it could be a big seller.


sr. pagar

Isn't the whole Tulsi Gabbard smear by corporate establishment democrats their version of,"We like veterans who don't get captured by Russian Collusion?"


Typhus and LA has been in the news.
Haven't heard of SF yet but who knows



WASHINGTON — Alabama Republican Sen. Richard Shelby announced Monday night that congressional negotiators reached an agreement to fund the border wall, thereby avoiding another government shutdown on Friday, but House Republican leadership had not seen details of the agreement when Shelby made his pronouncement.

Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Graves, a member of the bipartisan Conference Committee who has been negotiating the deal since the government re-opened nearly three weeks ago, tweeted Tuesday morning, “I haven’t signed off on the reported ‘deal,’ nor have I seen it. Based on the reports, I have concerns. Lots of questions, too.”

When The Daily Caller asked House Minority Whip Steve Scalise about Graves comment he replied, “He hasn’t he hasn’t seen the details I haven’t seen the details. I don’t think Leader McCarthy has seen the details.”

He added, “Clearly, the details matter and I’m waiting to see those and I want to speak to the president later today as we’ll see where he is once he sees all the details.”



No I did not.
Was I supposed to?


Boy,OL, that boiled egg story is going swish right into my Mrs.OL file.
for those on Keto I found a recipe site you might really like:gnom gnom.com. Too many Keto Recipes don't sound very good =this one does.


I think it would probably be safer. The Dash cooker has a little nail to pierce the shell for soft and hard cooking, which they indicate is a safety feature.

Old Lurker

Knew it would, Clarice.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Egg dish fairy?
I figured you must have married the Easter bunny.


There was a story following up on an incident that happened at The Woman's March. A 21 year old gal from the Catholic School of America grabbed an Info Wars reporter's package in front of God and everybody and admitted it on camera. She surrendered herself and was arrested for some kind of sex crime.



I would love to hear more details on the big wedding in June as they become available.Flower arrangements and that sort of thing.


Duly noted.

Old Lurker

Are you trying to hurt me, Maryrose?


Photographer captures rare natural phenomenon as freezing temperatures and tiny flakes of ice create illusion of light pillars reaching into the night sky above Canada https://t.co/aoK6aL0m8I pic.twitter.com/QUW6uo70wx

— Climate Realists (@ClimateRealists) February 12, 2019

Beautiful and eerie photo at link.


We want to hear about the wedding, OL, because we are good-natured snoops, not because we wish to cast you as a latter-day Trimalchio (let's NOT do that)...


OL, can you ask the egg fairy for her perfect hardboiled egg recipe?

and good luck

Old Lurker

Reading about the train scam ended today in CA, this sentence made me smile "According to the audit, the state risked having to pay back as much as $3.5 billion in federal funds."

What they have not reported is how much State and how much Federal cash has already been spent?

Old Lurker

I will dribble out tidbits. The very first advice offered by A-mom last summer was "don't skimp on the band". So the kids nailed down a Boston band as their first thing. Yes, we provide transportation and hotel rooms...

Speaking of, where IS A-mom? Did she run away with Kev? I thought they were both happily married to others.

Tom R

Extraneus @ 5:36

My guess for why House Republicans were left out of budget negotiations is because they have no leverage on whether a compromise budget bill is passed or not. Since the Democrats control the House, as long as Pelosi agrees to it then it will get passed.


What they have not reported is how much State and how much Federal cash has already been spent?

I wondered that, too.
I suspect Trump knows, or if he doesn't he will find out - and then use it against Kamala Harris.

Tom R

Will any video that promotes the false narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians get flagged as a conspiracy?


I know stupid question.


Cheney Questions Climate Change Panelists on Green New Deal, Wonders if They Support ‘Vacation Commissar’

Cheney wondered how the government would regulate who could travel, and on what grounds flights would be approved. Chandra Farley, the Just Energy Director at the Partnership for Southern Equity in Atlanta, Georgia, offered that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would make those decisions.

Cheney questioned whether the government would still allow Americans to fly for vacation, or whether California's representatives would have to bicycle to and from Washington, D.C. In the style of a Soviet government, perhaps there would be a "vacation commissar set up in the government" to make those decisions, she offered.

She further wondered how the panelists, who hailed from West Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, and Louisiana, were living out the vision of a world without flights. She asked the panelists to first answer "how exactly they arrived in Washington, D.C." for the hearing.

Multiple panelists confirmed they traveled by air. Cheney later asked whether any of the witnesses supported the Green New Deal.

"So let me ask you then," Cheney asked, "are there any other witnesses on the panel who do support the Green New Deal?"

Following a few moments of silence, some jumped in to express qualified support, or deferred, denying expertise on the specific legislation.



Field of 7 finalists for Westminster grand prize.


Goose Hunting with a 20 ga Flintlock Double Barrel Shotgun:


3.5mm shot is what in American?


Comment seen at Surber:

Polar bears look pretty cool, but their stand-up comedy is a bit edgy.
“Two baby seals walk into a club...”

I guess I'm easily amused ...

Tom R

I got a chuckle out of this.



Post at Insty

"freshmen GOP senators Mike Braun of Indiana and Rick Scott of Florida introduced a proposal Tuesday to end tax-funded congressional pensions.

“It’s time for term limits and it’s time to make those in D.C. realize that the era of career politicians is over. Americans should not have to foot the bill for generous salaries and pensions for members of Congress,” Scott said.

Both men promised not to accept tax-funded pensions when they leave Congress"


Pin, #3 shot.



What does BBC stand for again, Don Lemon?


What Catsmeat said wrt the wedding of the year.
I remember Beasts and Thomas Collins offering Father of the Bride anecdotes and thought you could also.
You really need to watch that Spencer Tracy movie “ Father of the Bride”
In case people didn’t know TCM is offering 31 Days of Oscar this month through March 3rd.
We have seen some really good movies so far.


Excellent idea, long overdue.



Best wedding meal I ever had was in Nantucket. The wife's father owned the restaurant. If you need the name let me know.


We are starting to get momentary interruptions in power, which means I have to restart my computer.


Also, it means I have to log on again.

If we lose power tonight after last night I am going to be really upset.


If the next shutdown doesn't yield money for the Wall Obama can go hold a rally for the 2020 D candidate with the border in the backdrop and say,"President Trump, you didn't build that!"


Bernard B. Kerik
‏Verified account @BernardKerik
9m9 minutes ago

#BREAKING: NYPD police officer shot in Queens, Condition unknown at this time. 🙏🇺🇸


My cousin married a stock broker who was flush with funds (at the time) and my Aunt made him do it up at an expensive place in New Jersey. We all had rooms, and let me just say that my Aunt also made him buy a giant house, with the kitchen floor costing $80K, not to mention a 4-car garage with matching white Land Rover, Jaguar, MB and BMW.

The entrance to the wedding hall featured ice sculptures, which accompanied a very large seafood island with many treats over ice. The rest of the party was equally top-notch, including the cigar room, which if I remember right provided genuine Cubans.

Surely you can surpass this, OL! I want to hear about another tour de force wedding!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
4m4 minutes ago

Was just presented the concept and parameters of the Border Security Deal by hard working Senator Richard Shelby. Looking over all aspects knowing that this will be hooked up with lots of money from other sources....

....Will be getting almost $23 BILLION for Border Security. Regardless of Wall money, it is being built as we speak!

“Reading the intelligence book is not Trump’s preferred ‘style of learning,’ according to a person with knowledge of the situation.”

WaPo's source on this is no secret. Lard ass Chris Christy told Hughsless Hewitt about Trump's "style" in a recent interview. JimNJ posted the link several days ago.


I always cool eggs in cold water but an easy way to peel them is softly smash it on the counter just hard enough to break the shell. Then roll it once between your hand and the counter. The shell will just about fall off the egg in two pieces.


As if this won’t cause layoffs.


Bloomberg News reports: BuzzFeed journalists have voted to unionize and plan to inform management as soon as Wednesday.


Noow here's a tweet you didn't expect to see! Video at the link.

Thank you to @MSNBC! pic.twitter.com/VdRnirACAz

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 12, 2019

Before I peel eggs I massage them between my hands.it usually makes peeling them very easy.


HH: (laughing) He never reads any briefing material, the President, does he?

CC: Yeah, I mean, you know, it’s got to be relatively short, and something that he’s really interested in. He is an audible, an audio learner. He is a verbal learner. He, when you brief the President, you have to do it verbally. That’s the way he enjoys it. That’s the way he learns best. And people who try to buck that lose, because he just won’t do it. So you know, whenever I’ve briefed him on things, both during the campaign and otherwise, it’s always been to do it verbally. That’s the way he enjoys it best. And by the way, that’s the way he learns best.


Yeah Rocco, same as you!



Public records show Page telling a group of Justice Department employees about a deal to change the status of a Hillary Clinton email

'Quid pro quo' would have given the FBI additional legal attachés overseas

State would have been required to change the reason why one Clinton email was withheld from the public; it had previously been marked 'classified'


Looks like California is going to vote direct cash to citizens from software companies. They claim they are targeting Google & Facebook, but like the privacy law it will be poorly written and hit everything. (Much like the privacy law extortion). It doesn’t take the Green Leap Forward to get is back to the Stone Age overnight. All it takes is California.


Link for CA:



GOP/Dem Deal Keeps Catch and Release for Thousands of Illegal Aliens

A Republican-Democrat border deal keeps current rates of Catch and Release of illegal aliens, border crossers, and adults who have trafficked children across the U.S.-Mexico border at around the same level as this previous year.

As Breitbart News reported, the Republican and Democrat lawmakers’ deal includes about $1.3 billion in border wall funding — a fraction of the $5.7 billion that President Trump had requested — that can only be used in certain areas of the southern border and must be the bollard fencing that the Bush and Obama administrations previously deployed. The funding will add 55 miles of new barriers at the border.

Additionally, the deal keeps the amount of detention space that federal immigration officials need to detain illegal aliens and border crossers at about current levels. As of today, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is only funded for about 40,250 beds in detention centers.


Ext, that reads like a cave to me. Did Romney write it up?


I have hope based on MM's 6:52:

knowing that this will be hooked up with lots of money from other sources....

Maybe Trump can use the 1.375 to build a fence around the Democrat Caucus.


I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at this meeting. Link goes to screen cap of White House statement.

White House statement on President Trump's meeting with Gov. Cuomo: pic.twitter.com/5UAgqxOHsR

— NBC Politics (@NBCPolitics) February 12, 2019

“BuzzFeed journalists have voted to unionize“

Death rattle. Buh-bye Buzzfeed.



Please read the tweets at 6:52. I believe he is following Mulvaney's plan of moving money from other departments.

The amount Congress is giving him will be added to that other money. He's outfoxed them.

Captain Hate

This is Coonman going full retard;



Take the money and run. Dems caved because they were taking it in the teeth from their constituents.
Then President Trump can do whatever he wants without fear of a shutdown.
He can use a pen and a phone like Obama.
What will demoralize the Dems will be the continuous construction on the border.


“Reading the intelligence book is not Trump’s preferred ‘style of learning


You can’t immediately question a briefing book or focus on what you specifically need to know.

Christie is an ass, as is the leaker.


House may vote on the deal as early as tomorrow.


Reading a binder full of cya isn’t a good way to learn. Christie needs to be beached a a donut shop somewhere far from me.


Today we're taking several different types of eggs and seeing how they survive the feeeze drying process:



Maybe if the environment wasn’t anti male, they would have this problem. (Looking at the picture, I don’t believe their story anyway).

Three Yale students who claim they were groped at fraternity parties have filed a class-action lawsuit against the university, arguing the school has fostered an environment where alcohol-fueled gatherings at off-campus fraternity houses dictate the undergraduate social scene.



Ah, this makes it clear. Men have no rights of free association.

The plaintiffs — a sophomore and two juniors — have demanded in the lawsuit that Yale and its fraternities rein in the parties. They have also asked for a court order that would force the fraternities to admit women and allow them to share in the benefits of membership, like housing and powerful alumni networks that can lead to jobs, internships and social capital.


Larry Schweikart
‏ @LarrySchweikart
4m4 minutes ago

I keep saying nothing can harm President Trump, or stop his agenda, as long as he acknowledges Who is really running things.

Once again, the other night in Texas, he said to the crowd, "YOU did this . . . " then added " . . . GOD DID THIS."


an environment where alcohol-fueled gatherings at off-campus fraternity houses dictate the undergraduate social scene.

I guess they were expecting tea and cucumber sandwiches?

Ralph L

I peel eggs under a stream of water. The only problem is keeping the shell pieces out of the drain.

Clarice: The NC AG Roy Cooper exonerated the Duke LaX non-rapists and dropped the charges. The shithead waited as long as he could to avoid pissing off the black voters in Durham that narrowly won him the Gov's race in 2016.


I got one of OL’s magic egg bowls as a bonus “but wait, there’s more” gift when I purchased my magic coffee table.

Back to work. Laters...



"RUDY" the Bulldog stole our hearts at the #WKCDogShow Masters Agility Championship in a blistering 46.63 seconds! pic.twitter.com/aK4x0u3J4X

— FS1 (@FS1) February 12, 2019

Great video of Rudy's performance at the link.


New thread.

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