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February 24, 2019


Jim Eagle


I know Felix Sabates and his whole family from my NASCAR days with Gary B of Enourmous Engineering & Construction. Felix was the top engine maker to the big NASCAR teams. Self made man with a tremendous amount of engineering savvy. And he does not suffer fools or progressives. Saw him at every race for the six months I served as the team GM.


Jim, in sunnyvale. Give him my thnx.

Captain Hate

True dat, OL.

I never tire of telling how I taught one of my post college roomies how to calculate percentages. I don't know what the math education classes did for him previously but it obviously didn't work. It only took about 20 minutes of telling him how to approach it conceptually and make sure it really sunk in and he was good to go from that point on. The constant fear that I'd ridicule him mercilessly if he screwed it up may have played a part...


Good Morning.

Gonna' open today with a short depiction of the Giant 767's last moments on radar which crashed in Houston yesterday, from a link in the Forum comments. I have no idea how it went from a stable descent to 7,000 feet nose down in a matter of seconds, and I hope me posting this doesn't offend.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

My roommate in college became a teacher. She spent 3 quarters at Ga Southern in remedial math (back when we were on the quarter system) before she managed to pass it. I never learned how she fare in regular math classes but Yike! I tried to explain fractions to her, but it never took. I doubt it ever has. NO clue how she managed to get through college.

She was teacher of the year in Savannah several years ago. Nuff said.


BTW, anybody--why does TM host us? What does he get out of this???
(not to be cynical) I've long wondered.
It's not like we have on topic erudite discussions like Prof Althouse demands of her posters or anything. You can get supper ideas here! Or find out what tires are best, and useful stuff like that.


The inspiring A-mom: "I think we need to start a Go Fund Me site to publish that letter from the NY State BudgetDirector on the front page of both the NYT and Wa Po"

I'm in if we add Amom's stirring phrase to each sentence!


Hacking is not difficult.


BREAKING REPORT: The commander of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran said that Iranian forces managed to infiltrate into the US air force systems taking control of drones.

Captain Hate

BTW, anybody--why does TM host us? What does he get out of this???

Feedback on topics which interest him.


Hey--anybody who has a kid with "getting math" ---take them to someone who has access to Montessori materials, like the bead tower and the pink blocks. My good friend's daughter just "couldn't get it"--child of MD and PHD, so not a dumb kid---and she finally "got it" after using the physical materials.


Schiff: Dems 'absolutely' will take DOJ to court over Mueller report if necessary

"We will obviously subpoena the report," Schiff told George Stephanopoulos on ABC News' "This Week." "We will bring Bob Mueller in to testify before Congress; we will take it to court if necessary. And in the end, I think the department understands they're going to have to make this public."

It was not clear whether the Justice Department would be obligated legally to respond to such a subpoena, or whether courts -- which typically steer clear of legal and political disputes between branches of the federal government -- would force the DOJ to turn over the document.

Not to mention, doesn't the current statute call for the report to go to Barr and then for Barr to send a summary to Congress?

Schiff is a clown.


daddy, my brother sent me that exact VAS Aviation link. I considered posting it but didn't want to muscle in on your area.
Thanks for posting.
Hope the investigation will give closure to loved ones and us onlookers.

The comments at the TapaTalk discussion site are so touching!


Click link to see Schiff’s new best friend.


James D.

That letter from the NYS budget director is amazing, isn’t it?

I’m kind of shocked that the phrase “we overestimated the intelligence and integrity of local elected officials” hasn’t shown up in a tweet from the President yet.

Captain Hate

I wish I could unsee that.

matt - deplore me if you must

"I love happy endings" - Robert Kraft

The police love to ding Johns. It discourages others.

I dated a woman I had known for years from our kid's friendship when they were in grade school. Her husband was very wealthy and they had 5 kids and one day she followed him because she was suspicious and busted him in delicto flagrante with a Chinese masseuse. The woman was outstanding; beautiful, smart, sexy. and he just had to go and screw around. I just don't get it.

He ended up marrying a Chinese woman. I don't know if she was a masseuse or not. That whole episode cost him a pile of Benjamins and the respect of his kids.Hell of a price to pay for a quickie.

My office used to be right near Harbor Boulevard, where some of the ladies did the stroll and it was fascinating watching the female cops primp behind our building before going out on the street for some busts. The guys in the cruisers just sat and waited for their colleagues to bust the poor saps.

I now work with some of the people involved in human trafficking now and can say without doubt it is not a victimless crime. It is pretty vicious. The pimps get the girls hooked on heroin and then turn them out to walk or work a massage parlor. Our daughter may be one of them.

The good news is that she is back in jail and we think violated her agreement to go into detox by using and may end up as a guest of the state for a long while. A hell of a thing to wish for.

James D.

Schiff is a clown.

So is Pennywise, and honestly I’d rather have him writing our laws than Schiff.


CH, I assume a selection from your cellar could erase that image. ;)

Jim Eagle

I guess I am the contrarian here in re the NY State Budget director's letter.

New York is Cuomo's state, lock, stock and barrell. The Senate and House are Dems. He is the titular head of the Democrat party in the state. DeBlasio was pro-Amazon in LI City. This budget guy works for Coumo. Is Coumo so dense he doesn't see what the Senate leader did and then does nothing about it?

These are full Commie progs now bitching about losing Amazon when in fact they are the party that enabled it. This is all a big blue on blue kerfuffle, and I am having the time of my life watching it unfold. We are selling my home in Southampton to escape what may come next. 106 year old home in the heart of the estate district because back them my grandfather had more faith in New York then I do.

Hello, Global Warming, and to enjoy Florida year round.

Manuel Transmission

The two dumbest teachers I had in JH/HS were my two algebra teachers. It took me three tries at a very intense 1st semester calculus class because I didn’t get the ‘alphabet’ part even though I thought the concepts involved were trivial. The 3rd professor was so brilliant he had me grokking the basics I was never taught by the worthless HS doofuses with a flick of his chalk hand over his shoulder sitting at his desk.


Reminder of the political coverup re Smollett. Obama machine (Preckwinkle) vs generic machine (Madigan based) vs Hispanic machine (last seen wearing a wire in the Chitown adleanic meetings). Note Irish machine has one hand tied behind their back (Burke).

A definite “pox on all their houses” situation. Yet worth the consumption of popcorn stocks.

The two top finishers in this week's Chicago mayor election will face off in April, unless one candidate gets more than 50% of the vote



"why does TM host us?"

Maybe inertia?
The cost is not so much for someone with the wherewithal to own a snow blower. The time spent in posting is also not excessive. TM is already thinking about the topics ... putting the thoughts in text, a bit of polishing, creatively coming up with a humorous phrase or two is probably fun.

JOM got on the map with the Plame sitch. Lots of scope for analysis and deduction, also it started as a bipartisan effort. At that time, I'm sure JOM was a labor of love. A source of daily, even hourly, excitement.

Finally, he's met some of us, which personalizes the experience.

I bet we dodged a bullet some months back. Threads went well above 1000 comments. The blog was bedeviled with a persistent troll. The readership had become a group of conspiratorial Deplorables and many regulars had long departed. We seem (knock on wood) stable for now.


Captain Hate,

My nephew is an art teacher who teaches in a school system southeast of Indy. He is receiving a big deal award this Thursday from the County Chamber of Commerce.

He has taught there for 20 years, and has had several kids get scholarships, teaches the kids not only techniques but art history, organizes art shows to show off their work, etc.

Anyway, he is getting this award because he is considered an asset to the community. It's quite the thing and will be held at a gala at one of the casinos. My mother, who was a career teacher, would have been so proud of him.

I think there are a lot more good teachers than we realize. I think that some school systems are corrupted by leftists and we hear about the worst cases. I also think that the textbooks are worthless due to political correctness and Common Core.

I am not willing to go after a whole profession, but I do think we need to look at curriculum, textbooks, and political pressure within school systems.


And Foxx was preckwinkle's chief of staff, which brings this full circle.

It's really entaging the mind arson they are inflicting on students so they be can be not only unable to think but unable to count.


Tsk tsk.

Liberal Panelists Clash on ‘Meet the Press’ Over Radical Green New Deal



My daughter is upset with me because she is convinced Trump is a sex offender and her evidence is that she "just knows." (Also a rumor circulated on the stupid web sites she frequents.)

It didn't stop her from cashing that $2000 tax refund check, though.


...and no chance to use the Greatest Toy Ever (TM's snowblower).

Long snowblower story if u don't mind.

When we bought the house 20 years back it came with a nice smaller-sized gas powered snowblower, simple to operate, but perfect for our driveway and I really took a liking to it. Worked great for years and was good exercise for me. Then somewhere along the line I came home from a trip and the old snowblower was gone and Momma had had the perfectly good old one hauled away, and had bought me as a Birthday or Xmas present a much larger sized and more expensive and more powerful snowblower---with electric starter and adjustable spout and nozzle and headlight, etc. It worked OK but had a lot of issues, I think because it was so powerful that screws and wires and lightbulbs got shaken so much things would shake loose and I'd have to stop and reconnect this and that, etc.

Anyhow, eventually since I was gone so much she hired some outfit to come in and plow our driveway when I was gone on a trip, so now when I was home and it was snowing and I'd go out to blow the driveway she'd tell me not to, since she was paying them already to do it and she considered it money wasted if they showed up and my driveway was plowed, so if I wanted exercise I'd drag it next door and plow the neighbors driveway when they were gone.

Well last month I had to buy a 3rd vehicle for one of our daughters who will be working as some paralegal type in Anchorage this summer, and naturally we keep that in our increasingly cluttered 3 car garage, so I came home last trip and find our $1,000 snowblower is gone---"It took up too much room in the garage and you don't use it anyway, so I had it hailed away."

So consider yourself lucky, TM. You may not get to use your Greatest Toy Ever! snowblower, but at least you still have one:(


Heh, daddy!


Of course one needs to consider that McCarthy went up against the deep state, early on.




Whales breech right near paddle boarders, who caught it on video. Pretty neat.


Posted by: The Infamous Ignatz | February 24, 2019 at 10:17 AM

Some people are clamoring for a lab practical in Law of the Jungle 101.

Jim Eagle

Lucky me. I had Irish Brothers and Jesuits at Mount Assumption who taught algebra, geometry, trig and calculus, and if you couldn't grasp their instruction, then you were a certifiable idiot. I can't remember any of my classmates who failed. Maybe someone got a C+ but everyone got the concepts and could go up to the blackboard and demonstrate formulations.

The school was a boarding school of Long Island kids and French-Canadian kids. One guy in my alumni group ended up the President of SNC-Lavalin, Canadian's top Engineering - Construction company.



Horrors! Trump might be like Andrew Jackson!

Article written by a dem strategist. Pffft.



Who knew Dianne Feinstein could be so savage?

Lisa Murkowski knew:


shoveling snow is devilry.


Posted by: MissMarple2 | February 24, 2019 at 04:17 PM

iirc didn't Michael Barone have a bit about Jacksonians ... my memory was jogged.


Possibly but Russell mead has done the most work on the subject.



Why did they black out the names of Podesta and mercury from the memo,


Of course every one and their brother knew that Manafort was lobbying for Ukraine at least back in 2008.

Jim Eagle

Old Hickory is one of my hero's, and one of the greatest POTUSes to have lived. He reminds of Trump. Take no shit off anyone. You are in charge and demostrate it every day.

The Adam Schiff's of the world are nothing in terms of mascular leadership compared to Trump. I hope Schiff has a big coming up in those phoney hearings. He couldn't prosecute a ham sandwich.


He made his reputation prosecuting one of the bureaus stupider step children Richard Smith, who delivered secrets to foreign powers

Jim Eagle

Off to early bird dinner at the Club. We got rain just now, but it is blowing out to sea. Early day tomorrow, driving down to Seminole. Staying at my favorite Palm Beach hotel. After golf, dinner at Brazilian Court, then the next day visit my boyhood friends on Worth Avenue.


Sorry Richard Miller, Smith I think worked for the chinese.

Dave (in MA)
I wish I could unsee that.
I wonder if they got a motel room.


— Republic United (@RepUnited) February 24, 2019

For those friends of yours who say "the science is settled", a few magazine covers from the 70's.


It's not like we have on topic erudite discussions like Prof Althouse demands of her posters or anything.

Seriously, a-mom? A typical Althouse thread may have a dozen or two good comments, but if it goes beyond about 50 it degenerates into a shouting match between Inga or Ritmo or deSitter with whoever gets riled up enough to take them on. The only thing Althouse seems to enforce is more or less staying on topic. And no extra linefeeds!!! This place was more civilized even when the trolls were around, and now much more.


Not to mention, doesn't the current statute call for the report to go to Barr and then for Barr to send a summary to Congress?

I believe that's correct, ext, but nothing in the statute prohibits grandstanding and clownishness by dimwits like Schiff.


Re a-mom's imagined addition, H. G. Wells wanted his tombstone to read: "I told you so. You DAMNED fools!"--same spirit, yes?


I considered posting it but didn't want to muscle in on your area.

Jim, in the South Bay,

Please post anytime about anything, Sir. I consider JOM a free fire zone where all comments are welcome, and any topic at any time belongs to all of us, except of course Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, LuLu's, margarita's at the Happy Mexican, Herodotus, UNC Basketball, Australian History, Filipino Massage Parlors, William Tecumseh Sherman, Ultima Thule, Paris Walks, the Iditarod, McSorley's, the genius of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Chicken Vindaloo, morons at the G#$% D$%^* FAA, Shapiro's pickles, the bar maids at The Malibu, Terry Bradshaw, Archeological excavations, moose, moose turds, dogs who eat moose turds, the Ledge, Neanderthals, Chelsea Clinton's leather pants, wardrobe malfunctions, and BollyWood Movie starlets:
Other than that, fire away:)


daddy, you can have all that, assuming you leave room for others at least to talk Darwin, Twain, and Herodotus (the others are not my territory, especially not Chelsea Clinton's leather pants, which should be mercifully forgotten until the next time she says something unfair and stupid--give her a month or two).


What's young Susan ward got to with it?

Another Bob

Daddy, short of the empennage falling off, microburst is the only thing I can think of that would do that to an airplane. And I didn’t think they were close enough to a cell?

Very strange.



Discussion about those Strzok/Page texts and who has looked at them.


Speaking of wells, his great great grandson remade the time machine from 1966, but apparently didnt have the full rights because the lead character is a fellow mathematician Alexander hardegen who follows the trip into a cloud atlas type future.


Is it true that the NBA is considering playing the so called Black National Anthem before games? That's so Progressive.



She's still around, and she's 87.


And a-mom, to answer your question: I presume TM is here for the same reasons we are. Of course he has the keys, so it's up to us to make it worthwhile.


Just read Miss M's 05:12

That's the end of the report. OIG says it doesn't look like there were intentional mass text message deletions and provided reasoning as to why. Makes sense to me.

It doesn't make shit for sense to me. Everything supposedly innocently deleted, always conveniently of benefit to the bad guys and never conveniently to the benefit of anyone trying to get to the bottom of who said what, when, why, and the ensuing replies. It's unadulterated bulls**t start to finish. I'm not buying it, and I don't care which stack of bibles they swear on that it's the truth.


Oh, MM, forgot to thank you for the BBC link to new letters--it was pretty clear that Dickens had behaved badly to his wife, but the trying to put her in an insane asylum really takes the case. I didn't know about Bulwer Lytton's similar efforts (he and Dickens were great friends).


Or, cake, rather.


Advice for life from 3 centenarians:




I am glad you enjoyed it. I ran across an old book I read about 20 years ago while cleaning things out today, and saved it back to start reading.

It's called "Our Tempestuous Age" and it is a history of the Regency. I had forgotten about it so am starting to re-read it. It starts with George III's Jubilee.


That was from 2 months ago.


WIND DAMAGE: This huge tree crashed down onto this garage along 56th St. in Indianapolis. Thankfully no one hurt. @WISH_TV pic.twitter.com/4Dwn5Whp5f

— David Williams (@DWilliamsTV) February 24, 2019

Photos at link. This has been what's been going on today here.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

I am pleased to report that the U.S. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with China on important structural issues including intellectual property protection, technology transfer, agriculture, services, currency, and many other issues. As a result of these very......

(More to come.)


Adam Geller
‏ @adamhgeller
Feb 23

China is now allowing rice imports from the US for the first time in history. That’s right. @POTUS just sold rice to China. You’re welcome. #winning.


I know what's ths point really:



Here's a great pic of a very young H G Wells at University

where he was playfully "aping" his Professor, Thomas Huxley (Darwin's Bulldog) who used to come into the classroom and hang all over the skeleton of the Gorilla for effect when making some point of comparative anatomy.

Although from a poor family, Wells (born in Bromley, Kent, England, on 21 September 1866) studied at the Normal School of Science in South Kensington under Darwin’s chief disciple, Thomas Henry Huxley. Wells completed his Bachelor of Science with first class honours in zoology and second class honours in geology.

Of The War of The Worlds Wiki says:

Natural selection

H. G. Wells was a student of Thomas Henry Huxley, a proponent of the theory of natural selection.[39] In the novel, the conflict between mankind and the Martians is portrayed as a survival of the fittest, with the Martians whose longer period of successful evolution on the older Mars has led to them developing a superior intelligence, able to create weapons far in advance of humans on the younger planet Earth, who have not had the opportunity to develop sufficient intelligence to construct similar weapons.


In Dante's Divine Comedy Sodomites and Userers occupy the final Circle of Hrll.

Money for nothing and the dicks for free.


Some have made it an allegory of imperial encounter with less developed nations.


Part 2

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7m7 minutes ago

....productive talks, I will be delaying the U.S. increase in tariffs now scheduled for March 1. Assuming both sides make additional progress, we will be planning a Summit for President Xi and myself, at Mar-a-Lago, to conclude an agreement. A very good weekend for U.S. & China!


I thought I would condense both tweets into one post, for easier reading.

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

I am pleased to report that the U.S. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with China on important structural issues including intellectual property protection, technology transfer, agriculture, services, currency, and many other issues. As a result of these very......

....productive talks, I will be delaying the U.S. increase in tariffs now scheduled for March 1. Assuming both sides make additional progress, we will be planning a Summit for President Xi and myself, at Mar-a-Lago, to conclude an agreement. A very good weekend for U.S. & China!


interesting china wants to make a deal when Trump is about to go to the North Korea summit ...


and finally!!!


phil might be a liar, but the nats are tuning up in the warm early spring. 12-2 ...


Trump tore up the CARB II Treaty?


guess so. what is that?


a bit early for kjom but i have ...

... BEER!!!

Captain Hate

Whatcha drinking, rich?

Account Deleted

This old story was from 2 yrs. ago:

Feb. 2017: A reminder of the effort Democrats & their sycophantic media cohorts put into pushing their phony 'Russia' story.

Democrats bought Russian flags (red, white, & blue horizontal stripes).
Democrats printed Trump on the flags.
Democrats went to the conservative event.
Democrats handed them out to unwitting people.
Democrats operatives in the media published pictures & stories about it.
~ Look at the Trump voters waving Russian flags!! ~

No mention that a Democrat organization coordinated this stunt.

James O'Keefe - "This was Ryan Clayton from Bob Creamer group "Americans Take Action" handing Russian flags. Ryan was forcibly removed. ..."

the author was Matt Yglesias https://www.vox.com/2017/2/24/14725950/russian-flag-cpac


From catch-up: Trove of Letters Reveal Charles Dickens Tried to Lock His Wife Away in an Asylum

S**t happens when you get rid of a guy's Snowblower;)

As for Mark Twain's opinion on Lew Wallace's writing style: “The English of this book is incorrect & slovenly & its diction, as a rule, barren of distinction. I wonder what ‘Ben-Hur’ is like.”

A little negative I suppose, but way more positive overall than his opinion of Jane Austen: "Everytime I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ I want to dig her up and beat her over the skull with her own shin-bone.”

Miss Marple,

If you scroll down that Lew Wallace Museum Blog you'll get to this post which I think you'll find very interesting: People Lew Knew: Robert C. Ingersoll
---Why did Lew Wallace write Ben-Hur?

Account Deleted

Fake News: Media Says Trump Supporters Waved Russian Flags at CPAC, Omit Fact it’s a Prank
Far-left group behind stunt, but MSM leaves that out
Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com - February 24, 2017


Meanwhile, Infowars is banned from many places, but ol' Vox & Yahoo News & SFGate (the 3 places I had linked 2 yrs ago) are fine. No 'fake news' problems for them.


>>>Whatcha drinking, rich?

Posted by: Captain Hate | February 24, 2019 at 06:43 PM<<<

you know me to well captain hate. a sn brut ipa. got a 12-er.



Back in ~1980, I was at a GE plant in southern Indiana with my first boss, the guy who encouraged my flying.

There was an emergency at another GE plant in upstate NY and they needed the two of us up there pronto.

We had Ray's Cessna 340 at the Evansville airport, so we told the guys we could fly up and be there in a few hours.

We were told not to trouble ourselves, that they had already dispatched one of GE's Citations to the Evansville airport.

So we went to the airport, hopped in their bird and flew to Albany. During the course of the flight the GE pilots learned we were both pilots, so we got a thorough rundown on the aircraft, engines, navigation systems, etc.

The emergency was not a big deal, we got things fixed in an hour and the bird was on standby to take us back to Evansville.

On the way back, the guy in the left seat said:

"we need to practice an emergency descent, you guys game?"

Is the Pope Catholic?

As I recall they dirtied it up, gear out, power back, nose down. I have it in my mind that we saw more than -6000 fpm.

Is that reasonable, or is my memory faulty?



I prefer that version of why Wallace wrote "Ben-Hur," rather than Hanson's. No offense to Hanson, but that is closer to the version I grew up with.


I knew the Oscars would not be worth watching.


Jim Eagle

Since we have an early rise tomorrow for our drive down to Palm Beach, we are in bed at 7:09😊

So lots of lurking until I doze off.


Yes, the NEW GREEN DEAL. It needs sober debate from the likes of ANDREA MITCHELL.



the author was Matt Yglesias

They need to be sued, Janet. It's the only way, and it probably requires what Clarence Thomas mentioned last week: a re-look at the libel law ruling that currently protects the MSM from consequences for egregious attacks on innocent citizens.

Although we'll see how L Lin Wood does against WaPo and apparently HBO and Bill Maher soon.


Jack, my Grandfather lived in Stuart. Honk as you pass.


Posted by: Extraneus | February 24, 2019 at 07:14 PM

what they need is pain ... beat their ass, they might sober up a bit.


Bill Kristol
‏Verified account @BillKristol

There should be a patriotic counter-gathering where excerpts from some of these wonderful speeches and writings on the real meaning of Independence Day are read, to remind us that we are better than Trump, and that America is better than Trump's America.


This is Kristol's response to President Trump's plan for a July 4th celebration.

Kristol is flat-pit nuts. That's the only explanation.


Scholars have long known that Charles Dickens was cruel to his wife, Catherine. In their early letters, the novelist addressed her affectionally—“my dearest Life,” “dearest darling Pig,” he’d write—but that tone changed dramatically some two decades into their marriage once he met and began an affair with then-18-year-old actress Ellen Ternan. By the following year, Charles had divided the marital bedroom in two and taken the highly unusual (for Victorian England) step of legally separating from Catherine, who, in turn, had to move out of the family home.

I knew none of that at all, but I'm not a Dickens fan. I always read articles on if Twain met Dickens or if Darwin met Dickens, yet never if Twain met Darwin. Last night I came upon this unexpectedly in my Lew Wallace searching:

Mark Twain (1835-1910) and Charles Darwin (1809-1882) met only once, but Darwin influenced Twain’s work and view on society, while Twain was one of Darwin’s favorite novelists. Golden has explored the unexpected connections between two Victorian intellectual titans, examining the full range of Twain’s writing, from fiction, travelogues, philosophical works, social commentary and personal correspondence. It shows the enduring relevance of Darwin’s thought and the surprising depth of what, on the surface, seems like simple humor.

I never heard that before, but sadly the link dead-ends:(
Instead I always get articles like this: Did Garfield Know Darwin or Twain?

Another tasty column on a Shiloh survivor, future President Garfield, and it describes how as a Congressman Garfield actually read one of Twain's short stories to the Appropriations Committee he chaired:

The first entry (Garfield's Niographer) Smith mentions is on January 4, 1873. Congressman Garfield was chairman of the Appropriations Committee. His diary records that “at 12 o’clock met the Committee on Appropriations…Read Mark Twain’s ‘Great Beef Contract’ to the committee. Twain is the most successful of our humorous writers in my judgment.” Smith declares, “This skit was a savage satire on the exorbitant and corrupt private claims which, by sheer persistence and patience, were often engineered through Congress. Garfield’s interest in it was obviously professional.”

Twain's satiric "Great Beef Contract" BTW reads like Jim nj's links to that Dutch gal the other day who owned the farm in lower Manhattan but got screwed out of the property after the next 7 generations of Lawsuits:)

Anybody want to talk about BollyWood starlets?

I'd much prefer to watch their Oscars rather than out Oscars.


Kurtz Hits Media Hypocrisy on Liberal TV Stars Wearing Blackface

At 11:24 a.m. Eastern, Kurtz began by recounting that, in response to the blackface scandal hitting political figures in both parties in Virginia, some journalists from USA Today examined university yearbooks from the 1980s and uncovered blackface being used in an Arizona State University yearbook that was at the time run by USA Today's own editor, Nicole Carroll, who recently apologized.

The FNC host then moved to citing several other prominent liberal media figures who -- unlike Kelly -- have escaped any consequences in spite of actually wearing blackface very publicly. Kurtz recalled:

"But what about folks in the TV and entertainment world? NBC just signed Julianne Hough for America's Got Talent although six years ago she used blackface impersonating a character from Orange Is the New Black on Netflix. Hough later apologized, saying she hadn't meant to be disrespectful or demeaning."

He continued:

"Ted Danson also has a show on NBC -- The Good Place -- but he famously used blackface in a '90s roast for his then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg. NBC's Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, used blackface for a kit on SNL. But when NBC's Megyn Kelly asked a question about blackface -- just a question -- saying it was okay when she was a kid playing a character, the network used the issue to force her out, a move that was really about her disappointing ratings."

He added: "ABC's Jimmy Kimmel used blackface back on The Man Show back in 2000. Sarah Silverman did it on her Comedy Central show in 2007."

After a clip of Silverman in blackface looking into a mirror and commenting, "I look like the beautiful Queen Latifah," Kurtz added: "But the comedienne said last year, 'I don't stand by the blackface sketch -- I'm horrified by it, and I can't erase it.'" [Sure, sure.]

He then moved to ABC's Joy Behar as he concluded: "And three years ago, The View's Joy Behar joked about having darkened her skin at a party back in 1971. Look, cultural standards obviously change over time, but people in the media and entertainment world shouldn't engage in double standards."

Boo hoo. The Dems have lost the blackface attack. Too bad, considering that almost all violators are Dems.


If I'm Lin Wood, I go after ALYSSA MILANO and DESTROY her. Take you lumps LIN and take your percentage. It's time someone stood up to these fruit cakes. Nick Sandmann acted in such a incredibly responsible manner, when Elizabeth Warren and her 4 teeth got directly in his face.
I would have kicked his balls in.


maher is a sniveling coward and squealer ...


... he'll sell out his jouraLIST network. all of it.


daddy, thank you for the Wells photograph! My grad seminar on the fin de siecle did The Time Machine (and Peter Galison's Einstein's Clocks, Poincare's Maps) three weeks ago and will do The War of the Worlds in an invasion literature session (with Wodehouse's The Swoop and the first invasion fantasy, The Battle of Dorking (1871)). Here's a photograph by Carroll in a similar mode, but in 1857 (note date) and anti-Darwinian in purpose. He had been photographing the anatomical specimens all day prior to their being moved to the new Oxford Museum of Natural History and the end of the day, work done, he staged this joke photo with his friend Reginald Southey (nephew of Southey):


Account Deleted


THat's fitting in this time of Smollett & hate crime hoaxes & acting.

Before Jussie Smollett there was James Clyburn, Emanuel Cleaver, John Lewis, & Andre Carson.
Back in 2010 those 4 Congressmen made up a lie about being called ugly names & spat on. It was a staged "show" to tarnish the tea party movement as racist.

'Tea Party 'N-Word' Incident Didn't Happen, And the Congressional Black Caucus Owes America an Apology'



This fellow crosses some genres:



Janet. The entire FULL COMMIE LIBTARD PARTY is a great big LIE. Robert Byrd for example. Every word a liberal says, is designed to LIE.



The park one mile north of me is Garfield Park, named shortly after Garfield's assassination.


The park contains a conservatory, sunken gardens with fountains, a band shell, a shelter house shaped like a Japanese teahouse, playgrounds, and a pool. Here is a collection of pictures of the park:


When I was a kid my folks used to take us up there (I grew up about a mile south of where I live now) and we would play on the playground and then, at sunset, walk through the sunken gardens, where the fountains would display changing colored lights. It's a beautiful park.

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