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February 20, 2019





Amazing that her Dad did that! Perhaps he knows she’s an ass. Hello Outlandr.


Well, as I learned from reading " A Brief History of Everyone who Ever Lived" contrary to popular belief, there is no gene responsible for making some ethnic groups, such as Native American Indians or Irish, more prone to alcoholism.


Dems scrounge everywhere for votes.
GOPe snoozes.


Children are our future -- and a group of Oregon lawmakers wants the future to be now.

They’re pushing a bill that would amend Oregon’s constitution to lower the voting age in the state from 18 to 16. They hope to put it before voters in 2020.


I am re-posting this here because I was at the very end of the last thread and I wanted to make sure you guys got the link:

I believe I have mentioned here before that when I was in college the Big Scare was a coming Ice Age, and that somehow it changed until by the mid-80's it had become Global Warming, which mystified me as I hadn't been reading all of the professional ppaers during that time period.

This guy has cataloged a bunch of headlines and news articles about what was being said to scare people in the 70's and then into the 80's. This is a VERY good article if you have someone trying to argue with you about "settled science."


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


So they're going to let fetuses vote?


Reposting a fun and true link:https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/02/leftists_arent_religious_ask_them_about_food.html


Now, to the thread topic:

Who decides "harmful or risky drinking"? Is this one New Year's Eve? Two beers before driving? I would like to see a little more information on those statistics.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Fathers, protect your daughters, because they love you to death.--

Talk about assuming facts not in evidence. She strikes me as a bit of a sociopath.


Too bad for anyone wanting to fly in or out MSP; all runways closed.


This was posted yesterday. Hope it's not another dud.

Tomorrow the Gateway Pundit Will Release Damning Information Concerning the Clinton Foundation, the FBI, DOJ and More – Stay Tuned!!!


Tom Maguire

Peter - re

Well, as I learned from reading " A Brief History of Everyone who Ever Lived" contrary to popular belief, there is no gene responsible for making some ethnic groups, such as Native American Indians or Irish, more prone to alcoholism.

I know I have read about the Asian flush (and had a friend who experienced it.

And this looks very scientific. Emphasis added in last bit.

Studies have shown that people carrying certain ADH and ALDH alleles are at significantly reduced risk of becoming alcohol dependent. In fact, these associations are the strongest and most widely reproduced associations of any gene with the risk of alcoholism. **As will be discussed later in this article, the alleles encoding the different ADH and ALDH variants are unevenly distributed among ethnic groups**.

The Asian flush is described here as protective. VERY basically, in breaking down alcohol the first step is to convert it to acetaldehyde. A certain gene combo makes it very difficult for some people to take the next step, which is to convert the acetaldehyde to something less ghastly.

Folks whose genes can't process that acetaldehyde get, essentially, instant hangovers after one drink. Turns out to be a deterrent to alcohol abuse.

matt - deplore me if you must

That was the wrong thing to say for many Jamaicans. Despite the Rastafarians and the widespread use of marijuana, there is a real old school streak among most Jamaicans and many other Caribbean islanders. They take their Christianity very seriously.

In 15 years working with their Olympic Association I saw how that part of society is a different world from the streets.

Caribbean Americans often have a real problem with African Americans. Different rules and customs.


TM, I suspect Kamala's daddy isn't that angry about the disrespect she showed to her Jamican ancestors--he is truly pissed that Willie Brown made perfectly clear what Professor Harris very likely saw, but tried for years to deny--his daughter slept her way to the top.

You chide HIM for airing the laundry in public???

How do you think HE feels, having the whole world know courtesy of Willie Brown that his daughter prostituted herself? In what clearly is a "get it out early so it will be 'old news' " political decision, that she likely OK'd?

Maybe I am projecting here--I am absolutely certain my father would have been far more angry about having the latter confirmed for the nation than any of his three daughters owning our drunken Irish heritage.


Maybe Oregon can make the age where you drop off your oarents’ Health insurance 16 instead of 26. They are “adults.” Those two ages should match (also tie in the legal drinking age).

Dave (in MA)

Glad to hear your FIL is doing well, Rocco.

Aren't all gatewaypundit teasers a letdown if/when something finally comes out?


My niece is engaged to a Jamaican (first US born in NYC) fellow. That family is not Rasta potheads.


Thanks Dave, every now and then he gets one right. Here's the first part.



The BMW that Willie gifted her would seem to confirm at least a subset of her skills. As amom noted before, Willie probably didn't give cars to all of his skanks.


Here's some welcome thinking---poisoning people systemically may not be the best way to treat cancer.
Immunotherapy works best if they haven't been:



Note from Chitown Lurker:

For LurkerSusie:

“Ok, then YOU can buy lunch.”

James D.

She strikes me as a bit of a sociopath.

A "bit" ?



Just got done reading that first article. Boy, it sure looks like there isn't any denying what they were up to! Hope the rest is as detailed and backed up with links and graphics, too.


anonamom, a little bird in Baltimore told me you need two different immuno approaches in sequence for best results. (They rotate people through trials in an attempt to cure them... and the sequence dropped out as if by magic). But I didn’t take notes so couldn’t tell you which bio path went first or second. These are things things talked about at fundraisers, so I’m not leaking anything unpublished.

James D.

How do you think HE feels, having the whole world know courtesy of Willie Brown that his daughter prostituted herself?

I remember when that capitol hill intern wrote about her life as basically a prostitute and called herself the "washingtonienne", and Wonkette made her fame by promoting her, and all I could think was that if I were her father, I would consider myself an utter failure and want to kill myself out of shame.

James D.

Maybe Oregon can make the age where you drop off your oarents’ Health insurance 16 instead of 26. They are “adults.” Those two ages should match (also tie in the legal drinking age).

I'm totally cool with tying ALL rights and responsibilities of adulthood together, and letting people sign up for them whenever they're ready.

You can drink, buy tobacco, vote, join the military, sign any legal contract, make your own health decisions...

...and you will be tried as an adult if you end up in front of a judge, and you can't be on your parents' health insurance (or auto insurance), and you can't be claimed as a dependent on your parents' taxes, and so forth.

And once you sign, it's irrevocable.

Say, anytime after age 18 (or 17, we can discuss), you can come to the local courthouse, sign your declaration of adulthood, and you're good to go, for good AND for ill.


Wonders never cease. Meghan McCain goes after McCabe to his face on TV:


Includes video and transcript.


Matthew Chapman
‏Verified account @fawfulfan

Matthew Chapman Retweeted Mark Joseph Stern

Wow. The Supreme Court just ruled 9-0 that civil asset forfeiture by state governments is limited by the 8th Amendment.

This is a huge victory for criminal justice reform, and a long-overdue expansion of the incorporation doctrine of the Bill of Rights.

Related thread with details:


Captain Hate

Monica Lewinski's father is Exhibit A that not everyone thinks like you and me, a-mom.


TM, unleash your inner GUS!

"notice how this piece ends where it ought to - all about me"
s/b All About Me!

This election cycle is gonna be a long, strange trip ...


Totally agree.
All or nothing.
Oregon will never vote Republicans in again and a good thing the referendum isn’t on until 2020.
That way they can’t vote against our current president.
It truly boggles the mind that Biden and Sanders both think they have s chance at the nomination.
Biden will be 79 on Election Day , older than Reagan was when he left office.



Discussion of Trump's campaign staff and how it will be different than last time.

(Not sure as different as this article suggests.


If local chemo works better, why go with systemic? If cancer recurs what if you refuse treatment?
Better quality of life but less time ?


I noticed that the folks who marked Remy Martin cognac targeted the Asian community this past month with billboards in (presumably) Chinese for Chinese New Year's. Smart marketing, if you ask me, as most people decrease their alcohol purchases after the Christmas/Western New Year's holidays are over. Maybe some creative children's author can come out with a successor to the smash hit, "Everybody Poops" and write "Everybody drinks."

Comanche Voter

I don't know. I think Professor Harris checked out early as a father--after the divorce young Kamala and her mother hied off to Canada. So I'm not certain that Daddy loves daughter or daughter loves Daddy in this case.


Maryrose, I have no idea. Just note that the science isn’t settled.


Some real reporting on AOC:https://medium.com/@ltthompso/the-congresswoman-loves-the-swamp-d33296ec251e?fbclid=IwAR3V8hcUK1iC2AT9eZiP5Y9JN8YTpFyqjAQDGrJCW8tS576ktV4pfY-Y2yY


Last comment on Gateway Punfit article posted by Rocco stated “Will just wait it out until 2020 and hopefully beat the president and bury the illegal Clinton Foundation actions.
Says republicans won’t object.
That is why further delay can’t occur any longer.
The Dems got the House and Coats stalled the release of unmasking information.
Time could be running to nail these suckers.




OT but a recent one.
Border fence:
Do the restrictions on construction in the recent DHS funding legislation apply to money from other sources? Is Trump restricted where we can build needed walls (fence)?
Do all the restrictions expire with this funding? Sponsors, # of ICE beds, etc… or are they there until new legislation changes them?

Back to lurking....


I told the story that we had a physics teacher at my high school who came from a very structuree jamaican public school? He didnt last a year.


From the last thread:I think the biggest determining factor when on Medicare is the willingness of the Doc's to accept Medicare rates, which are crappy and getting crappier.

A related issue is waiting times (a little taste of Canada?). In late January my father needed an appointment with a neurologist. The next available was March 20th. So basically the option is wait seven weeks or go to an emergency room.


Another McCabe self-contradiction:https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/322337/



Thomas Wictor.



🚨BREAKING: According to sources former President Barack Obama has personally urged Rahm Emanuel to pressure prosecutors in Chicago not to charge Jussie Smollett. Stating that "The sooner we bury this the better"......developing



McCabe says on Sunday night there was a coup he kept alive.
On Monday says he was scared and concerned.
Today we learn he and Rosenstein wanted Nunes barred from the Gang of Eight meeting.
Wednesday he says he meant to tell them about counter- intelligence probe of Trump.
Still don’t know what he actually told them.
One of Gang of Eight needs to go on the tecord today stating what they were told or not told.
Otherwise , we are at the mercy of whatever the lie of the day, conveniently covering his ass McCabe comes up with.

Jim Eagle

Mrs. JiB and I have a friend in South Florida who is a very white Jamaican of 4 generations of Portuguese stock. Now a US citizen with one son who went to West Point and is now a member of the Florida house.

My cousin from Southampton moved there permanently a few years back.


Henry :
That is just Hussen Obama protecting one of his homeboys.
If Barack and Moochelle has a son , he would be just like Jussie,
DUI false identification and hate crime advocate.

Captain Hate

Not sure why Wictor keeps carrying a torch for poor misunderstood Sleepy Jeff, as if him being fired by DJT wasn't a clear enough statement of his usefulness, but it makes him look ignorant.


Something it seems everyone is missing.





Captain Hate,

It is sometimes difficult for people to admit they misjudged someone. I often have that failing, myself.

I find Wictor's observations over that guy who disarmed the Antifa knife-wielder more valuable than his supposing that Sessions was behind it.

Was that guy just a fortuitous bystander with hand-to-hand combat training? An undercover agent? One of a private army? I have no idea, but it sure does bear paying attention to these scuffles.


Folks whose genes can't process that acetaldehyde get, essentially, instant hangovers after one drink.




Wood has posted just a few times on Twitter, but all are involved in advancing the case.

I also think Bezos should be worried. Mrs. Bezos may want to hurry up and get her part of the pot before Mr. Wood gets a verdict.


It truly boggles the mind that Biden and Sanders both think they have s chance at the nomination.

Biden and Beto are the only white men with a possible shot at the nomination, IMO, as things look right now.

The nominee would need the approval of both the Clinton and Obama camps in order not to be torpedoed - I think.


From the 11:48

Ohr testified that he told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man who was overseeing the Trump-Russia probe, more than a year ago that he had taken information his wife assembled against Trump at Fusion GPS and gave it to the FBI.

“What I had said, I think, to Mr. Rosenstein in October of 2017 was that my wife was working for Fusion GPS,” Ohr testified. “... The dossier, as I understand it, is the collection of reports that Chris Steele has prepared for Fusion GPS."

“My wife had separately done research on certain Russian people and companies or whatever that she had provided to Fusion GPS,” he added. “But I don’t believe her information is reflected in the Chris Steele reports. They were two different chunks of information heading into Fusion GPS.”

A spokeswoman for Rosenstein did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Family secret indeed.


Saw this today and had to share as part of our food discussion :)

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

Nobody felt dumber than I did about what a worthless turd Kristol revealed himself as, despite your clear warnings. Maybe Sessions allocated resources in a way that made these skills more prevalent in federal agents. That's still just one small item in evaluating his overall performance, which the big dog found lacking.




Waiting times are related to Medicare reimbursement, as physicians can only "afford" a set number of Medicare patients--for many, essentially charity care. If jimmy had called for an appointment for himself, he may well have been given one for the following week.

And why is that? Look at all those gals beyond the front desk--processing forms that Medicare and third party payers require for reimbursement, often initiated by Medicare then adopted by insurers.
That is a huge amount of fixed cost.

Vicious circle. Why I support HSAs and a return to the free market, at least for non-hospital care. Remember when we were little and it was called "hospitialization," not "insurance."

(and don't worry--those $350 ten minute office visits wouldn't be any where near that, were the gals all gone, and an inflated fees to negotiate down from w insurers were no longer needed to give them a 40% break, and your payment was made the day of your visit. Like most of the rest of our economy works.)


D, the "genius" of McCabe's latest (contradictory) claim that he told the Gang of 8 is that they are forbidden to comment on it.


MM, I have no idea who Eric Prince is or what connections he has to make such a sensational charge credible. Do you?



The reason I am posting this is for the photo of the archtectural mock-up and the BS video with all of the committee members talking about how wonderful this will be for the area. I especially was glad to see that vieo as it shows that the jagged area of the monolith LIGHTS UP at night. Ack!

Take a look at that video and ask yourself how much this is costing, and who is paying for it!


Good Morning.

Woke up, turned on the AM Radio minutes ago and the top of the Hour News Reader at ABC/NBC/CBS whichever, started off telling me the Lie Of The Day:

"There are more Hate Groups in America than ever before. A new survey..."

I turned the radio off at that point. The biggest Hate Group in America is the MSM and the Democrat Party.


I agree, anonamom. I have an internist who I pay out of pocket for my annual checkup and any visits, When I had private insurance I'd sent the receipts along with the extra costs of any tests to the insurance company and would get a rebate on whatever they covered--usually,, just most of the tests. When I had private insurance and cataract surgery a few months ago, I got in immediately. My insurance covered the visits and tests, but I opted for laser surgery and special lenses which I paid for out of pocket. If I had opted for regular surgery and other lenses Medicare or private insurers would have paid for it all. Now on Medicare for the first time when I called for a follow up visit and told them I was on medicare, the wait to get the appointment was longer.I don't blame them. They are very efficient--but even then there are a lot of support staff to feed.


Oh, meant to add just kidding about the eggs. I had 2 (chicken) eggs and bacon (no toast) as I'm dipping my toes into the keto plan. The eggs were special as I visited a friend's farm a few days ago and collected a dozen fresh eggs from her hen house.

They are nothing like grocery store eggs - even the ones that are labeled "free roam" and such. The yolks were a dark orangey yellow and tasted great. If we didn't have so many predators here, I would love to have chickens and have quality eggs.



Erik Prince is ex-special forces who formed the Blackwater security group n(now defunct). He is also Betsy Da Vos's brother.

Jim Eagle

The pictures are great, but the words of wisdom with each one are even better, proven with age, and indisputable.

If you like military aviation, you can't beat these.


Funny, how I remember a lot those quotes:-)

Jim Eagle


Saw a comment the other day that the top real estate agent in Florida, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia is Andrew Coumo:)



Jim Eagle

Prince is an interesting guy. His family owned a billion dollar business supplying specialty items to the auto industry. He got an appointment to the Naval Academy but dropped out his plebe year. Ended up going to Hillsdale.

Joined the Navy in Officer Training School, became a SEAL, and the rest is history. Very sharp, smart and entreprenurial. Now runs a Investment & financial company he founded.


ChiTown says Prince is a personal friend of Trump and also helped clean up the Secret Service after Obama was gone.


Drudge is saying Mueller report next week.


Washington (CNN) — Attorney General Bill Barr is preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, with plans for Barr to submit to Congress soon after a summary of Mueller's confidential report, according to people familiar with the plans.



Are we going to have Presidential "centers" now instead of libraries? Obviously Obama had to rename his, as almost no materials or archives of historical value will be in it.

Trump's will need to have thousands of tweets slowly scrolling by on video walls. And a function where you can search up your favorite tweet and take a selfie in front of it and then have it framed in the gift shop while you wait. OMG I can't wait.



You should submit your suggestions NOW! Maybe you could get to be the head of the library!

I love that Tweet idea!


Haha, that would be worth moving to NYC for, MM.


Obama's is a "Cebter" because he didn't want the National Archives involved in it. I am sure anything embarrassing or derogatory won't be found on the premises.

It will be of zero value to historians.


Breaking News:

Last week we were advised by AOC to drink our on urine. Today we are advised by Science that if we want to extend our longevity we need to be eating shit: Japanese plant eaten by Samurai may hold key to slowing down ageing

A Japanese plant which folklore suggested was the key to a long, healthy life, could really be the secret to slowing down ageing, a new study suggests.

The rare angelica keiskei koidzumi - known as ashitaba - has been a staple of Samurai diets for millennia, and has such rejuvenating properties that if a leaf is cut off in the morning it will start to grow back by the following day...

...when the compound was given to fruit flies and worms it extended their lifespan by 20 per cent, and prevented senescence in human...

I report, you decide.


Porch, you missed your calling! what a brilliant idea!

Old Lurker

MM "Wow. The Supreme Court just ruled 9-0 that civil asset forfeiture by state governments is limited by the 8th Amendment."

Let's wait and see what our lawyers say. IIRC one problem with using the 8th against civil forfeitures is that the "excess" words apply once charges are filed against the owner whose assets are being grabbed.

Cash and cars are taken all the time based on the alleged "suspicions" of the Thugs with Badges who rob the innocent owners.

Old Lurker

Sidwhite "Do the restrictions on construction in the recent DHS funding legislation apply to money from other sources? Is Trump restricted where we can build needed walls (fence)?"

My bet is the 9th Circ will say it does, and SCOTUS might or might not disagree.


Will the OBAMA CENTER have a bath house?


The Asian flush is described here as protective. VERY basically, in breaking down alcohol the first step is to convert it to acetaldehyde. A certain gene combo makes it very difficult for some people to take the next step, which is to convert the acetaldehyde to something less ghastly.

I have spent enough time in China drinking to have witnessed this numerous times.

Not pretty, usually some guy slouched in a chair, red-faced and clearly uncomfortable.

Usually not worth spit the next day either.


Thomas Lifson at Am Thinker: Why the Washington Post has got to be worried about the quarter-billion-dollar defamation lawsuit filed by Nick Sandmann and his parents

Captain Hate

Obviously Obama had to rename his, as almost no materials or archives of historical value will be in it.

There could be a huge stack of books taken on vacation where they stayed unopened.

Old Lurker

Clarice Eric Prince founded Blackwater Worldwide and is brother of Betsy Devos.

Old Lurker

Oops way behind you MM & Jack.


Moar trouble for Jussie:



Just hit ORD on way to Las Vegas. Big busy — happy I’m just passing through. No offense. :-)


The tweet linked above:

Top attorney Mark Geragos has joined #JussieSmollett legal team. He is assisting Todd Pugh and Victor Henderson. #CPD sources tell me an indictment of #Smollett could be coming in “a matter of hours. Not days”.


I would like to compliment DaveinMA on his "repurposing" of the Crafty Beaver hardware outfit as a moniker for the subject of TM's current post.


The OBAMA CENTER will be a joke.

Obama is and was a NOBODY. A small time grifter, elevated to CRIMINAL STATUS by the MFM and the FULL COMMIE LEFT.

Nothing in his "CENTER" would be worth wiping your ass with. Exept for the CHARMIN.


Wow! Thread:


US State Department says Hoda Mothana is not a US citizen, and will not be admitted to the United States

Her father was a Yemeni diplomat at the United Nations when she was born in the US.



Sing, Jussie, sing! Don't leave your buddy Kamala out in the polar vortex...


Trump (vid at link)

We have just built this powerful Wall in New Mexico. Completed on January 30, 2019 – 47 days ahead of schedule! Many miles more now under construction! #FinishTheWall



Well, Fox - what a surprise!

"The Latest: Fox says Smollet a pro on set, role not cut"



Lin Wood


Nick Sandmann is 16-years of age, 5’9” in height and weighs 115 pounds. The school field trip to the Nation’s capital was the first out-of-state trip Nick had ever taken without being with his family. He did nothing to deserve being attacked, vilified & bullied. Nothing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

There's nothing wrong with American health care that couldn't be instantly fixed by removing the government and reintroducing the free market.


Easy enough to write in an ankle bracelet.

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