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March 30, 2019


Old Lurker

Ext, I don't know the context of your response to "I asked you a question." at 5:26.

But is that not a tone used by an angry father addressing a teenager?

Depending on the words before and after, we all know how any teenager worth the title responds to that line of fight-picking.


Pin--- i ingest no fungi.


Congrats, Momto2! Isn’t this UA’s first Final Four?

Beasts of England

'To discuss politics and current events, preferably with open minded people who can display tolerance to opposing opinions.'

After insulting them?

Beasts of England

Psssst, lyle - UA is the other SEC school in Alabama. They're AU. ;)


I’ll stipulate that I’m not very smart about the motives (or lack) of gubmint treasonous jackasses. No, my wants are way more primitive: I simply want skulls. Rosey’s would one them...


"After all the breathless accusations that Russia "attacked us!", "attacked our democracy!", and that anyone who so much as talks to a Russian is a traitor, what will happen if a Dem wins in 2020? Will we go to war with Russia?"

Since climate change is 'our World War 2', won't this hypothetical Dem Pres ALSO have to declare war on China and India in order to be able to bomb their coal-fired power plants?


Congrats Momto2


A thousand apologies, Beasts! You’ll forgive this mountain state hayseed hick’s ignorance, yes? 😬


Heh. Hey Jim, since you're here, do you know any others to follow at GAB besides Tito and Sharyl Atkisson?

Another Bob

'To discuss politics and current events, preferably with open minded people who can display tolerance to opposing opinions.'

It’s clear you don’t think you’re getting that here.

So find some other place?

Beasts of England

lol, lyle! And I do believe it's the first Final Four for the Loveliest Village...

Tom R


I haven't insulted anyone here anytime lately with the exception of Gus and that was always in response to his personal attacks against me. I have been called ignorant and idiotic by KK and JiB recently. You, TK, Extraneus and a few others have attempted to ridicule my opinion as well but I have not punched back against anyone. I'm genuinely curious to read your response.


And it behooves all of us to keep in mind that the 4D people are mostly interested in details of the anti-Trump coup and which people are helping, which are enemies. Whereas the Ledge is more generally concerned with handling the Swamp issue, gov't being too large, too powerful, too incompetent, too wasteful, too short-sighted and so on. More about human nature and the broad sweep, less about pin point details.

Oh! Also, we should remember that Clarice's pistolas are back .... or nearly back. :) :)


Yes, Lyle - it is the first time ever. They have a tradition of rolling Toomer's corner after big wins and it is already covered. The students are having so much fun!

Here is a live link if you want to see it:


"I also notice instead of addressing the substance of his tweets you just ignored them and instead try to put me on the defensive. Are you not willing to admit he may be on to something?"

TomR: something tells me that you were BORN on the defensive.

Now back to today's game of Swat You in the Face with a Coal Shovel:

Question:"Are you not willing to admit he may be on to something?"

My Answer: Go penetrate yourself. I read his stuff. I read most everything that gets posted here. Some know two fractals of the entire picture--- at best. I know 1/2,000,000th of the entire picture.

I'd rather sit on my deck and spit rather than discuss any of it with you, our Resident Monkey with a Machine Gun.


Consider it a gift.

An ad hominem concession to your searing "logic" and that deep sense of internalized inferiority which animates your "discussion" style.

Interpret that as me trying to help your argument.

And to think i'm in a really good mood today. No mo Gonzaga.

Have a MAGA Day, Dearie.

Captain Hate


Do Emma and Darby have AU gear?

Beasts of England

Honestly, Tom R, your tack is combative; an especially odd choice, given the layers of supposition, re: your favorite topic.


Judges, what won’t they do?


A judge is threatening to prevent PG&E from resuming dividend payments to shareholders until it reduces its role in sparking California wildfires, an action with little precedent




Natalia Fileva, one of Russia’s richest women, killed in plane crash in Germany


Captain Hate

Judges, what won’t they do?

Unbelievable. Does that black robed tyrant realize there's a state commission that PG&E reports to that is responsible for, what's the correct word here, REGULATING their business behavior.


CH, that judge likely shredded the Constitution along with his copy of the Ten Commandments.


If you aren't a basketball fan - scroll on by:

Written beautifully by Robin Scott after Auburn beat NC .......Sometimes those who are supposed to win do not! And sometimes those who were not as well recruited didn’t have as many stars by their names, outperform their more highly recruited opponents. But last night in many ways all these kids won. They showed tremendous sportsmanship.

Our prayers are with Chuma and his family. Right now, at least for them, he is not the best player on Auburn’s team, he is just their son or brother. This is rarified air for those of us that bleed orange and blue. The folks from Kansas and North Carolina and Kentucky are used to playing deep into March. By now we are usually deeply interested in Spring Football! It has been a blast!

But more than the win, I was proud of the way they prayed. I was also joyful to see Danjel make key baskets. He has been through much adversity, Perhaps this will be his shining moment. Whatever happens the rest of the way, these moments will prepare them for the real game called life. It will prepare them to be fathers and employees, to be husbands and church members.

Things do not always go your way in this life, it is how you live through those times that matter. At the end of every game, someone celebrates and others cry. In basketball where there are no helmets, you get to see how young they are, just kids really. Even though they are huge for the most part, tall, athletic, strong young men. They are someone’s eighteen, nineteen-year-old son. I know this is old hand for Kentucky fans but it is rare for us.

Who knows maybe another win will put us where we have never ever been, in the final four. But come what may, these kids will never forget what a team can accomplish if they play together, love each other, and are unselfish. We are not supposed to beat teams like Kansas and North Carolina but I imagine most of the money was on Goliath not the boy with the slingshot! (add Kentucky to that list above now!)




The judge is levying a fine on the shareholders?



Do Emma and Darby have AU gear?

Ha! You know me pretty well, CH! They have collars, leashes, Darby has a sweater and they both have bandanas! Darby never grew big enough for her bandana but I have a homemade one for her. :)

Tom R


I'm just defending an opinion shared by only a small handful of people here. When I link information or analysis supporting that opinion it appears to cause some people to get upset. When I get attacked, criticized, or ridiculed for expressing an opinion, you will have to forgive me if I come across as "combative". I certainly have zero intentions of letting anyone coerce me into not expressing my opinion.

Captain Hate

Who is that unfunnier than Colbert dork that CBS keeps putting on the air instead of MOAR War Eagle Barkley?

Captain Hate

Love it, Momto2. In the words of the Horde, usually involving breasts, pics or it didn't happen.


"I have been called ignorant and idiotic by KK "

I will own the FACT that i just named you as "our resident Monkey With a Machine Gun."

All i ask is when you make reference to a perceived ad hominem use my exact words.

here's why i ask.

what your above quote refers to: i said "...more idiocy from Tom R."

does that mean i called you an idiot?

why would you have to defend your mental status rather than axe me a question "why do you think it was idiocy?"

i explained why i called it idiocy. couldn't get past the "i-d-i-o..." part of the statement?

Done witchoo for now.

Have a MAGA Day!


my son College Man is 21 years old. has been labeled a millenial. he's inherited some retrograde ideas from his public school education---- but he's being influenced now by individuals who are 5-10 years older than him working in the private equity and investment banking sectors of the finance industry.

"Dad, i think i understand what you meant when you told me in 9th grade......"

his high school classmates who have gone on to college and are striving to develop the foundation of their careers with private sector internships are coming to similar conclusions about what they thought they knew about the world.

the HOPE they have been given compared to the "enviro-science" class view that was shoved down their throats as impressionable young athletes since middle school----- night and day.

the truth will out. Still a lot of fine young Americans in our pipeline. Nurture them. We were once young and naive in our own ways. Someone gave us a chance to grow.

MAGA and again and again.

Past is Prologue

About Frau:
It's touching to read the tributes to Frau, especially yours, TK. I recently sent a long note to Mr. Frau, mentioning that many at JOM are missing her. If I hear back from him I’ll let you know. Unlike in the case of Daddy, there seemed no way to formally memorialize Frau's passing, hence less opportunity for closure.

Btw, my granddaughter is one of those fine young Americans (h/t KK) in her second year of serious civil engineering study at Cal Poly SLB. She's dedicated and already has a summer internship lined up.


People: If Tom R bugs you so much, quit responding to him.
You are feeding what he is seeking.

I am beginning to think none of you have raised children, or trained an animal.


I am so glad that RG is back.

Gosh, the disagreements keep rolling, but I still think this is the smartest blog ever.

GUS, if you're reading, we still want you to get better!

Les Nessman

"People: If Tom R bugs you so much, quit responding to him. "


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