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March 07, 2019



Michael Sheetz @thesheetztweetz

Crew Dragon is now on board @SpaceX recovery boat Go Searcher



I hope that is what happens for Manafort.
They have already sucked the life out of him.I am ok with a pardon.
Cohen should serve the full 3 years for being a rat.

Jim Eagle


Got some nice friction/burn marks from the descent. Hard to believe you can fit 5 astronauts inside the capsule.


Matt Continetti’s article cited by lurkersusie is excellent.


ChiTown notified me that President Trump referred to the democrats as "the anti-Jewish party" before he got on board Marine One.



Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
19m19 minutes ago

Heading now to the Great State of Alabama!


Rep. Doug Collins
‏Verified account @RepDougCollins

This morning, I requested the link https://dougcollins.house.gov/ohr be placed in the record so the American people can review the transcript of Bruce Ohr’s interview.


henry-hubby previously stayed up to watch that rocket launch and in this morning to watch it come down. I suspect you two would have much to talk about.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hate among political philosophies is like racism among the races. Just as blacks can't be a racist a prog can't hate. An example of non-hate speech;
Young Turks Host, Chunkhead Uygur: Evangelical Christians Only Support Israel Because Jews All Die in the End Times.

How does this piece of shit who denies the Armenian genocide, approves of statutory rape and say women are gentically flawed because he couldn't get any survive? Oh yeah he's a prog.


Democrat James Clyburn Utters Most INSANE Defense Yet Of Ilhan Omar

Since Mr. Clyburn dismisses the pain and suffering endured by people who are still living among us, his statement seems to obviate the need for us to pay reparations to black Americans, none of who are alive today who were once in chains. Thanks for that clarification, sir.



Fred Barnes on the political landscape in Washington.


PowerLine occasional contributor Dave Begley on an Iowa Bernie Sanders rally.
"Until now I have never figured out Crazy Bernie’s appeal, but I now think I have the answer. The people who like Bernie never took high school physics and are innumerate."

Plus this: His campaign slogan is “Not me, us.” When the crowd chanted it, it sounded like “knock me up.”


Nothing like a "Towards a Global Culture 2030" goal. http://www.uclg-culturesummit2019.org/en/culture-summit/programme

ICLEI--local govts like cities--is a part of uclg.

castro was implementing uclg agenda under bo when he headed hud.

Ralph L

rse, I heard MJ's "Don't Stop until you get enough" in the car this morning and had to crank it up. I liked the song, but not at 2 am.



Video is at the bottom of the page.


The delegation from UCLG emphasized the need to acknowledge the vital role that local governments play in the execution of the global agenda, especially laying the groundwork for the social transformations necessary to meet the ambitious goals set out by the 2030 Commitment. At the same time they underscored the importance of resources and skills needed to train local governments on how to meet their responsibilities and obligations to their citizens, stating that more than 65% of the goals of the SDGs depend directly on the services allotted by these levels of government. In addition, the delegation appealed to the participants to form new partnerships and underscored the work being done within the network of local governments around localization with the support of UN Habitat and UNDP in particular.

https://www.uclg-cglu.org/en/media/news/seville-commitment-putting-local-action-center-global-development-agenda is another meeting that involved us that we were not invited to.


I know how to reach DoT, but I'm not sure I want to notify him. He's quite ill and immobile now.

Ralph L

legendary stories of now the spooks could tap computers
The SCIF I worked in 30 years ago had a Tempest room and separated vault with safes for paper and disks. But the big copier near my office made a film copy of every page that stayed inside for the repairman.

Ralph L

When the crowd chanted it, it sounded like “knock me up.”

Another #MeToo moment on the Left.



See why I warn that pretending that the local is where 'conservative' policymaking takes place just plays into this transformative agenda?


"Until now I have never figured out Crazy Bernie’s appeal, but I now think I have the answer. The people who like Bernie never took high school physics and are innumerate."

Not limited to Bernie fans, this describes most Progs.

But they are really good at "feeling".


clarice, if you happen to have cause to contact DoT be sure to pass along that he is well-remembered. I, for one, have a lasting fondness for DoT. He is missed.

matt - deplore me if you must

Funny how our space program went from aircraft carriers and multiple helicopters to SpaceX's rescue boat. That video looked like it was from someone's iPhone instead of the 8 x 35mm and 70mm cameras NASA used in the day.

The biggest change, I think, is that space travel has been normalized. Somehow we have gotten through the gap in launch capability and are coming out on top.

There was an article a week or so ago saying that Arianespace basically chose unwisely when they decide on single use rockets. Now their launches are cost prohibitive.

And you have to love the Japanese. They are developing technology to clean up space junk just like they do at major sporting events.

I don't think most people yet realize that we are entering a new era, maybe a golden era of space exploration.And that gives me hope.

Branson strikes me as a carnival barker along with the rest of the space tourist crowd.

But imagine expanding the ISS into something major. Manufacturing, new ways of growing food.

The only real problem is that the human body can only take so much space. But I think we'll figure that one out.

To Infinity and beyond!


Manning to jail for refusing to testify re Assange and Wikileaks.



Jim, I like to wish him well from time to time and pass on things that might interest him and when I do I try to always remember how fond we are of him.


When you can't beat a high school team, what do you expect?

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

The U.S. women’s national soccer team is suing its federation for gender discrimination, alleging female players earn less than male peers


Julie Kelly

It’s now been confirmed that Schiff’s team prepped Cohen for more than 10 hours before his public testimony. Hello GOP, where is demand for ethics investigation?



I agree with Clarice about DOT. I suspect he'll reunite with Daddy soon!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
6m6 minutes ago

Bad lawyer and fraudster Michael Cohen said under sworn testimony that he never asked for a Pardon. His lawyers totally contradicted him. He lied! Additionally, he directly asked me for a pardon. I said NO. He lied again! He also badly wanted to work at the White House. He lied!


Hello GOP, where is demand for ethics investigation?

Too busy "sheltering" questionable income.


Charlie Kirk
‏Verified account @charliekirk11
1h1 hour ago


President Trump's White House is staffed by 374 employees, 95 fewer than Obama

Trump's payroll budget is $35.2 million vs. Obama's $40.9 million

Trump will save Americans $22 million over four years in staff expenses

Melania's staff is just 10 compared to Michelle's 24

matt - deplore me if you must

Peggy Noonan on the new Red Guards coming soon to a town near you.

I hope it isn't behind the paywall.



Tonight, Democrat John Hickenlooper is kicking off his 2020 presidential campaign. Here’s some of what you need to know about this tax-and-spend liberal. ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/6iUYAKzyYj

— GOP (@GOP) March 8, 2019

Link goes to a screen cap of stuff like ethics violations and backing most of the Green New Deal.



This was in response to Megan McCain's upset talk about anti-Semitism.


Mark Meadows
‏Verified account @RepMarkMeadows
12m12 minutes ago

Before Michael Cohen's testimony last week, he and Adam Schiff met for TEN hours. But last Sunday, Schiff told CBS his only contact with Cohen was to "invite him to testify" and "allay concerns."

Really? That took 10 hours?

We need answers. Did Democrats lead the witness?

I am glad to see Meadows speaking out about this.


ALso this representative speaks out:

This level of coaching of a witness is highly unprofessional and inappropriate, and any claim to the contrary is complete nonsense.

Read my full statement reacting to Democrats' coaching of Michael Cohen➡https://t.co/VhbjJzuyqe https://t.co/fBq7Y9yXhZ

— US Rep. Mike Turner (@RepMikeTurner) March 8, 2019

Link goes to a report by Betsy Woodruff.



Rain brings 2nd California super bloom in 2 years
At the top of the story is a link to a slide show of photos of the wildflowers.



Ralph L

My sister is zuckerfriends with DoT's nephew and namesake, if another channel is needed. I'd forgotten he was ill.

Texas Liberty Gal

matt - wsj article is behind the paywall 😒





I hate it when anyone refers to pisa as a 'test', but this gets at its true nature once and for all.


‏ @DawsonSField

DOJ unseals indictment against the daughter of former Uzbekistan president. #ButNothingsHappening

Thread with details:


Ralph L

I don't get the point of a sealed indictment. Is it to scare people into cooperating against someone else?


JUST IN: Bill Shine has resigned his post as deputy WH chief of staff for communications, White House announces. He will serve as a senior adviser to Trump 2020 campaign: pic.twitter.com/cKqquIZ8yY

— Jeremy Diamond (@JDiamond1) March 8, 2019

Link goes to screen cap of statements from Shine, the President, Mulvaney, etc.

Ralph L

I told MayBee and probably bgates over at Althouse.

James D.

matt @ 11:19

it is behind the paywall.

But I'm not all that interested in Peggy's latest occasional approach towards sanity. If she'd had her way in 2016, as a nevertrump moron, we'd have Hillary as president now. So, until she apologizes, she can just shut right the eff up as far as I'm concerned.


The make fraud easy bill passed the house.

MarketWatch @MarketWatch

House passes ethics and election overhaul bill HR1


CBS Los Angeles
‏Verified account @CBSLA

Actor Jan-Michael Vincent, best known for his role in the hit 1980s show “Airwolf,” has died at the age of 74, according to a report.

Texas Liberty Gal

Great Kimberley Strassel article - The Democratic Crackup - and its not behind the paywall


He was also in winds of war, but like ali macgraw was recasted before war and remembrance.

Ralph L

They had to velcro Mitchum's eyelids up for the sequel.


Yes they replaced him with hart bochner, who was Ellis in die hard.

Ralph L

Looking at Wiki, he had a major drug & alcohol problem. Multiple car accidents. Lucky to get to 74.

Captain Hate

Hello GOP, where is demand for ethics investigation?

Too busy "sheltering" questionable income.

I hope DJT forms a MAGA party to bypass both wings of the Uniparty starting with a base of 63 million. The Constitution says nothing about political parties, in fact the father of our country wasn't a fan, and it's high time those ossified turds learn that actions and inactions have consequences.

Jim Eagle

I am about 20% through reading the Bruce Ohr interview. Its approaching Dr. Seuss level of behaviors between the DoJ, FBI, FusionGPS, Christopher Steele, and the Russians.


Red eggs and Spam

Ralph L

What did Anonamom say about electronic medical records?
From Duke Health this morning:
Comments from the Doctor's Office
Mr. L,
You are not anemic and your iron panel is goo.

Dave (in MA)

Our gracious host has provided us with a new thread.


So Rep Omar was happy to trash Sarah Palin.

Hope Sarah runs into her in a dark alley sometime.

Ralph L

Jane Seymour took over from Ali McGraw in W&R. Victoria Tennant was more memorable.


Ralph l, way behind on catch up--I just Direct messaged Jeff Dobbs



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