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March 28, 2019


JM Hanes

what's the opposite of willowed?


I still remain convinced that part of the UK involvement in the Russia hoax was that they saw Trump as a threat to them staying in the EU.

Don't forget Nigel Farage made a couple of appearances with Trump encouraging voters to act like the Brits had (the Brexit vote happened in the summer of 2016) and I think May's government wanted Hillary in because she would have been supportive of any double dealing they did to stay in the EU.

Trump, on the other hand, was an inspiration to the regular people in the UK and I have noticed so many Brits on Twitter angry at Parliament and wishing they had a leader like Trump.


what happens when they vote "no"... does the hard brexit happen?



I think so. With all that has happened in the last week, I have sort of lost track of what the situation is.


ABC News Politics
‏Verified account @ABCPolitics

NEW: "I'm so proud of the work of Chairman Adam Schiff," Speaker Pelosi says after GOP members of House Intel Committee call for his resignation.

"I think they're just scaredy-cats. They just don't know what to do." https://abcn.ws/2FA0aca

Kimberley Strassel comments:

Kimberley Strassel
‏Verified account @KimStrassel

Pelosi undoubtedly feels the need to defend her chairmen. But she may well regret doing so here. Ds have a choice to make--to promote a policy agenda, or cling to the demolished collusion narrative. Schiff is head clinger.


Wait. What?
JMH, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be posting a lengthy missive on the prev thread?

Captain Hate

There's never been an unwillow. It would doubtlessly kill the hamsters powering pixy.


lockin yer beer & popcorn now:

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Democrats plan to hold their first televised presidential primary debates on June 26-27

Jim Eagle

The way the story goes, Toby Keith was playing golf with Clint Eastwood when he told Toby that “tomorrow is my 88 th birthday”. Toby asked Clint what he was going to do.

“Make a movie.” Was his reply.

Toby then asked “how do you keep doing it”.

Clint responded, “Don’t let the old man in.”

Thus the song Toby wrote when he went home that evening.



Coups everywhere:

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

A secret revealed over dinner: A small band of Nissan executives plotted to remove Carlos Ghosn in order to prevent deeper ties with Renault


quite a crowd building to be on stage for the D debates:

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Col.


Tom Bowler

From KK's early morning link to Piers Morgan.

But staggeringly, Smollett’s not even the worst villain in this disgusting saga.

That badge of dishonour goes to the State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her team including her hapless First Assistant Magats.

Foxx officially recused herself from the case after she was found to have exchanged text messages with a member of Smollett’s family in the days after the incident.

Now it’s been alleged that she tried to wrestle the case out of the hands of the Chicago Police Department and have the FBI take it over, at the request of Smollett family friend Tina Tchen, who is Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff.

Foxx wanted the FBI to take the Smollett case away from the Chicago Police? Kim Foxx must have thought Tina Tchen has a connection who can pull the right stings at the FBI to make the Smollett case go away? I wonder who that could be.


"Don't let the old man in."

A pearl for sure.

The flipside complement to the externals of worldly achievement is the requisite inside job.

An older gent, some say he's an "initiate", told me: "The secret to eternal youth in old age is largely how much order one can introduce farther and deeper into the recesses of one's inner life."

One precedes the other. For example, the over 80 Eastwood gave a telling reply when asked "What would you like to know about So-and-So, Mr. Eastwood?"

His inner ordering clear, he said "I'd like to know what kind of smoothie he likes."


Lurker Susie,

Trump needs to simply declare that due to Schiff's behavior, his committee may no longer handle any confidential information, nor can the democrat party since they might tell him and compromise our country.

Nancy can deal with that.


Highly recommended read: The Alchemist- by Paulo Coelho. Just beginning his tale of Mata Hari-- The Spy.

Hypnotic writing style.

Beasts of England

'what's the opposite of willowed?'



The problem with Strassel's suggestion is the dams have done nothing since 2018 but bitch about Trump. They have no policies, they have no ideas and they think the border crisis is fake.

2020 should be a bloody landslide.


Smollet's sitch will be a feather in Kamala's rumpled tri-corner campaign hat.

It will go something like this: "We [the royal we of course] put a stop to the lynching of Jussie Smollett."

Tchen and Mikey The Rat's Beard are angling for cabinet positions from which they'll extort even more lucre from the Treasury.

Jim Eagle

They should do like March Madness and seed them into brackets: 1 through 16 or 32 or 64. You could do 4 regions. Send #1 seed Bernie to the Southeast region and see how does against #16 seed Stacey Abrams. Send #5 seed Andrew Yang to the Northeast regional against upset prone #12 seed Corey Booker, etc., etc. Finals are in September of 2020.


JiB, if they demanded a piece of the Vegas odds, they would have the campaign financed.



Lee Smith @LeeSmithDC

How Was Trump Able to Stiff Mueller? Terrific analysis from someone who knows what he’s talking about—retired FBI agent Mark Wauck



Yesterday I followed the referral from the team at OSU to the end, and told the Ortho Surgeon he was fired.

The facility that houses the "Comprehensive Spine Center" is in the 'hood and is completely overrun by Medicaid patients. Dirty, unkempt, crowded and disorganized.

Not some place I want to have delicate spinal surgery.

I was there 10 minutes which was 9 too many, and easily figured out that the sign in front that said "Excuse our Construction" should have read "Excuse our Dysfunction".

The Ortho Surgeon was running an hour and a half late, and talking to other patients, became obvious he was always behind. The focus at this facility is clearly volume, not quality. Another consequence of the health insurance fiasco ACA has wrought.

My comment to the front desk (window #7) was "This place is a shitshow, and Dr. Kahn is fired, and DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT SENDING ME A BILL."

So that's the bad news.

Good news is I now have an appointment with the guy reputed to be the best Spine Neurosurgeon in central Ohio. He is in private practice, and the surgery will be done at Riverside Methodist, not OSU.

Unfortunately, puts thing off for ~ 1 month, but all things considered, a better trade-off.

Captain Hate

Here we go:


Captain Hate

Holy shit, Buckeye; you need to get up here for some quality medical care. I blame Katshit's Medicaid expansion.

Old Lurker

Hi guys.

A-mom emailed that she was worried about where I went after our round of sad losses. I explained that since the wedding in now within W-90, I was sent to Nantucket this week to hand out envelopes of Benjamins like they were candy. Now that I am out of them, I can go home Friday.

But I have been following. Only a few things to state:

The Ledge was never about "will DJT be freed from the claim he colluded with the Russians and stole the election?" Of course not - the Ledge was here long before Trump and will remain long after he is gone because we worry about the survival of our constitutional form of government in any form that the Founders would recognize, not to mention our own parents. Nobody here ever thought Trump did what they said but the Uniparty Swamp was sure conducting a lynching and blocking action anyway. Knowing there was nothing there, the mystery was how long Mueller would drag it out, and what landmines he would leave behind. So the news that Mueller was done after two years was not news except for answering the "when".

Because the Swamp enjoyed two entire years of having their story DOMINATE every single day, even though the answer was the expected "never mind", it is impossible to measure the damage done to the MAGA agenda by having the entire Trump Steamroller stuck in hot tar when he should have had an exciting honeymoon, time to launch many more appointments and initiatives, build much more of a sense of momentum, and yes, perhaps parlay that into keeping the House inspite of Ryan and the Uniparty-R.

So, to me, the damage done by the mere existence of Mueller and his gang is immeasurable. Because I think that, I can not and will not ever think well of Mueller OR Rosenstein because if either one of them were an honorable White Hat, or hell, even honorable, they never would have led the charge on that front, or even allowed themselves to be used by whomever was leading that part of the war because it was obvious from the start that nothing good for MAGA could result. There is no way in the world that these last two+ years are part of the Trump Grand Plan.

Whatever excitement some of us feel that NOW Trump is going on offense, that feeling should have been there every day since he was elected. OK, perhaps he can now do some things; but the Swamp damn well slowed him down and might stop him still.

As to what stink bombs he left behind, well obviously leaving Obstruction as a live grenade is huge as is obvious from the coverage of it. Sure, Barr said there is no there there but the enemy does not agree with that. Oh. And it was especially nice that Barr & Rosenstein in claiming nothing was chargeable, based that opinion partly on their belief that Trump did not INTEND to obstruct.

Nice parallel, that, since that was exactly the escape hatch Comey opened (extra-legally) to let Clinton off.

Other stink-bombs will be found, of course, in the 300+ pages that will start to oooze out too.

Fdcol, A-Bob and many others get these points.

I was amused to see TomR claiming complete vindication for everything he ever said by misstating and misunderstanding what others have been saying for years, and doing so with such grace and sensitivity. But I see that he was able to recruit Cap'n onto his bandwagon so he does have that going for his side.

Be Calm & Carry on.

Captain Hate

The Dems are now realizing that 2020 is gonna be a 1984 rerun. Trump has it locked down already.

Now the race is on to see who will play the Mondale role in this farce. Serious contenders will soon be quietly backing out.
Posted by: zombie at March 28, 2019 02:48 PM (5tb4C)


Bartiroma's interview this morning with Devin Nunes (who is my personal hero in this matter)


Old Lurker

And Buckeye of course.

Jim Eagle

Good on you, Buckeye. Sometimes you got to take your own health into your own hands and away from the bureaucracy.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Wassup, OL! Good to see.

Indeed, sad losses recently. They are missed.


"Good news is I now have an appointment with the guy reputed to be the best Spine Neurosurgeon in central Ohio. He is in private practice, and the surgery will be done at Riverside Methodist, not OSU."

Buckeye--- nothing but the best is the order of the day when it comes to spinal surgery. my spinal neurosurgeon's ace in the hole was his surgical nurse who doubled as the surgeon's "patient educator."

We knew what we were in for when they went in to save my 4th thoracic vertebrae from a wicked infection back in 2017. Then, 2 days after the surgery, they both came in to talk about what a long road back it was going to be--- but how we would be successful if we listened carefully and followed through.

Godspeed. Patience is virtue! (Just don't pray for it--- you'll only be tested further for your trouble!) :D



more McCarthy:

The Barr letter gingerly states that, after making a “thorough factual investigation” into alleged instances of obstruction, Mueller “ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment.” Since making a prosecutorial judgment was Mueller’s job, that means he defaulted. What did we need him for?



"add hominy" warning----

Abrams needs a good cleanin'....the visible lint seeded in her neckline creases isn't a good look.

bringin the funk? eww.


He did make a prosecutorial judgment. He declined to prosecute. Presumably due to lack of evidence of obstruction.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

I bet if Adams chewed some tabacky, she could shoot a stream of Redman spit about 20 feet through the gap in her teeth. LOL


porch, I have no idea... lawyers babbling past each other.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Adams ... whoops .... Abrams


Hi, OL!

Hope to see you back here regularly, soon!

JM Hanes

I guess this is the opposite of willowed!

Further (and hoopefully last) to the idea that losing the House was part of the plan, or was inevitable regardless of when Mueller handed in his keys, or that our Congressmen deserved to lose it, or that it was a great way to get rid of some deadwood:

Given the circumstances, it's certainly not surprising we lost the House, but Ryan would have been gone in any case, an exonerated President would have gained incredible momentum (for getting things done, beyond just keeping the House), while a lot of the naysayers would have had a lot less to say. The second year of 24/7 lies has cemented pieces of the narrative and profound hostility in the body politic in ways that even Trump's current exoneration may never really fix. The real crimminals have had another year to cover their tracks, and another year sliced off the statute of liminatations. It's almost impossible to calculate the drag on his foreign poliucy that uncertainty about Trump's term in office represented. We can argue forever about the might-have-beens, but that's the tip of the ice berg as it appears to me.

The idea that Mueller (not to mention his prosecutors from hell) was spending his time on intel gathering for the prez and setting people up for subsequent falls is not just a reach, it seems remarkably akin to ruining innocent lives in the name of taking down Whitety Bulger. That may be Mueller's style but I don't believe it is this President's style. I certainly pray that he is not that guy. That's why it's incumbent upon Tom R to insist either that no one has really been hurt that badly, or that they have been willing victims for the greater good. Yeah, and if we could talk to Mary Joe Kopechne she'd be proud of what Ted Kennedy accomplished.

If this whole fandango was to allow an outside prosecutor to go after corruption in the DoJ and the Clintons/Obamas et al unimpeded, why would you let him go right when it comes time to make case against the malefactors and start handing out indictments? The sheer logistics of handing off all the presumable evidence -- all the presumably secret, secretly collected evidence -- to someone else whould be hard enough to do in the open, let alone without detection. Having to explain why and how it was collected to legitimize its use at any subsequent trials would be beyond the skills of the fastest talking lawyer in America. It would be a whole new species of poisonos tree. It would be a practical, legal and jurisdictional nightmare.

I could go on, but this is just to say that superficial speculation is easy, but when you really look at the scale and complexity of what some of the "theories" floating around would actually require to succeed, they suddenly look a lot less plausible.


Captain Hate

The entire donk field is like a carnival freak show; a really bad carnival that even gypsies shun.


OL: the wry smile on Benji's face was just for you--- he managed to escape your vice-like grip many times over!

Glad you made it back safely and the plans for the royal wedding are now sufficiently lubed. :D


Beasts of England

Howdy, OL - sorry about the Benjamins!! Be sure to save all the leftover wedding booze and hanging orchids for the Ledge... ;)


No matter what the opposition "believes" POTUS needs to keep his guns firing on them until the ammo runs out or those rats "die screaming" whichever comes first.

Kalorama should be an easy mark. Time to investigate ValJarr. Talk about a psy-op. Make her spend her own dough defending herself from impending "election consequences."

How will the Rat and Beardie Mike react to seeing Mama's leather nipples caught in the wringer? (Truly a disgusting, but not unpleasant, visual.)


All right. Back tuit.


I forgot to tell you guys this earlier.

I heard that the reason DOJ is getting involved with Smollett was that there were text messages on hhis phone that had to do with sex trafficking.

Now, that is rumor and I don't have a source, but connecting that to the Obama people would certainly be interesting.


Paul Sperry
‏ @paulsperry_
Mar 24


Exit polls show that 49% of voters --nearly 1 in 2--believed Trump campaign coordinated with Russian gov't during 2016 election


I love Paul Sperry!

Jim Eagle


Welcome back. I did give it the good old college try to defend the Ledge, but sometimes it falls on deaf ears. I see the weather is turning on Nantucket, but your recent 'noreaster is still claiming some sand down here. Getting better though.

That Jeff Carlson piece in the Epoch Times is the standard by which all previous, and subsequent reporting should be based on. A true metric in diligent reporting. I wonder if sbw can license his article for the Sentinel? You won't get this kind of objectivity from AP or the MFM.


Only black reporters allowed in Georgia mayoral race event: In what world is this OK? In what world is this not racist? Can you imagine, "White Press Only"? https://t.co/HKUPjm8Emt pic.twitter.com/r4IQLBL77K

— Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) March 28, 2019

Links go to photo and story.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

I still think Obama could have lost 2012 if the MFM had been half as enthusiastic about investigating Benghazi, F&F, IRS/Lois Lerner, etc etc, as they did the Russia hoax.

Even with a gutless, GOPe Romney.

Tom R

I was amused to see TomR claiming complete vindication for everything he ever said by misstating and misunderstanding what others have been saying for years

The large majority of Ledge dwellers here had a consistent, shared position on Mueller and that is he was a Black Hat trying to destroy Trump. I didn't misstate or misunderstand any of your opinions on him.

Jim Eagle


It's my understanding it is mail fraud. He sent a racist letter he composed to himself. It doesn't take much for the Fed's to find a way into your life. Good lesson even for the ever-present innocent.

Tom R

That Jeff Carlson piece in the Epoch Times is the standard by which all previous, and subsequent reporting should be based on. A true metric in diligent reporting.

FWIW I am fairly certain based on his Likes and Retweets on Twitter that Jeff Carlson and I share the same opinion that Mueller was working with Trump, not against him.


Diamond and Silk®
‏Verified account @DiamondandSilk
28m28 minutes ago

According to USA Today, the NAACP has nominated Jussie Smollett for the 2019 Image Award. Smollett doesn't deserve an Image award, he deserves a Jail Cell!

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Tom R., you're right about my opinion of Mueller, anyway.

I think he still is.

Like McCain, I respect his service to the country during Vietnam, but like McCain, I think he became a creature of the Establishment / Deep State / Swamp, and saw/sees Trump as a threat to that.

Perhaps you'll be proved correct and I'll be proved wrong in time. We'll see.


We have a JOMer at the Michigan rally. I’m waiting for permission to say who! They go in at 4.

My 93 year old Trump hating mother called me today. I sent her a pix of the new me, and true to form she said she could only see my face and liked the color of my hair (which is my natural color). She instructed me not to change it.

I told her I was having a wonderful day, and she groaned and applied it would be short lived. I laughed.

Jim Eagle

Tom R,

Do you still think he was a white hat? Why? Because Trump played him a compliment? You don't know much about Trump's trolling humor, do you?

If he was a white hat, why leave the obstruction language the way it was cited? Mueller is part of the organized and well managed (up until now) soft coup. When you have nothing despite Clapper, Lynch, Yates, Comey, and Brennan assurances, you take the last exit, but leave doubt. His first exist was day 5 of the investigation. Why didn't he take it? I mean he was a white hat.

Captain Hate

Even with a gutless, GOPe Romney.

It would've helped if Romney had been willing to do more than campaign in front of people who were already in the tank for him.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

The Republican Party will become the Party of Great HealthCare! ObamaCare is a disaster, far too expensive and deductibility ridiculously high - virtually unusable! Moving forward in Courts and Legislatively!



Yes. But not over-oaked and no malolactic fermentation! 😎


I have a bunch of pix from the rally which I can’t post because typepad won’t let me sign in from my phone. How rude!


Stedman: America was never great.

Per several different sources today.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


She is a tank.



I Warned Early On Russiagate Would Help Trump. Now You Can See Why

This guy is saying he was right because now Trump's "authoritarian tendencies" are unleashed. He thinks they should have gone after him for conflicts of interest over his real estate empire or something.


Yeah right. If Mueller is a white hat, I’m a rhinoscerous. Nice of him to wait until months after the 2018 election to announce there was no Russian collusion which he knew on day 1.

Old Lurker

Beasts! Even my daughters are more direct about "NEEDING" a new car, Pappa...than your youngest.

Happy she is OK. Car wrecks are scary things

And Jack, yes you tried hard but deaf ears are deaf ears. Ignore my advice to Beasts about scary car wrecks and children. :-)

Jim Eagle

Parscales says 40% of the crowd for Grand Rapids registered as Democrats.

Must be a Krassentstein brother's family reunion.


‏ @jellen805
1m1 minute ago

So for those keeping score:
💥Facebook/LifeLog was sued by HUD today for unfair housing practices in advertising.
💥RealClearPolitics just exposed Twitter's business affiliation with a division of FusionGPS, Dem Project as a 'bot detector" to ban Con accounts.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--According to USA Today, the NAACP has nominated Jussie Smollett for the 2019 Image Award.--

Onion? Babylon Bee?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

People's Cube?


vanka Trump
‏Verified account @IvankaTrump

Today, @Toyota signed our #PledgetoAmericasWorkers by committing to 200,000 (!!!) NEW apprenticeship, skills training & job opportunities!

Since launching our campaign in July, we’ve reached 6,877,773 private sector pledges!! 🇺🇸
9:51 AM - 28 Mar 2019

Jim Eagle

Tom R,

I read the Epoch Times piece. Show me where Carlson writes that Mueller was helping Trump. Cites. Not opinions. Cites.


Of course not - the Ledge was here long before Trump and will remain long after he is gone because we worry about the survival of our constitutional form of government in any form that the Founders would recognize, not to mention our own parents.

Roger that OL. Be sure I am on the bartending rotation:)

Tom R

Do you still think he was a white hat? Why?

That is a question I was under the impression every single regular poster here has known the answer to for a long time.

If he was a white hat, why leave the obstruction language the way it was cited?

What makes you think that is going to hurt Trump in any manner whatsoever? IMO it was a gift to Trump because it is giving the Democrats a rope to hang themselves. Any swing voter with an IQ higher than Forrest Gump is going to punish them at the ballot box for continuing their dishonest accusations that Trump obstructed justice after he has been exonerated of their other allegations.

Mueller is part of the organized and well managed (up until now) soft coup.

Umm, McCabe was in charge of the soft coup. Rosenstein appointed Mueller SC to protect Trump from McCabe, Strzok, Page etc. Why would Rosenstein thwart McCabe's soft coup by taking the Russian collusion investigation away from him only to replace him with someone who would continue the soft coup? Also, if Mueller was part of the soft coup, why did he fire Strzok when Horowitz told him about what Strzok and Page were up to? You would think a Black Hat like Mueller would want to keep a fellow Black Hat like Strzok on his team to help him destroy Trump.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

"Hands up, don't shoot!"

will become

"MAGA hat, don't noose!"


I think henry posted a link to this but I've copied this snip from BJG.

Jussie Smollett’s “Community Service”:
Jussie Smollett logged a total of 18 hours of community service over 2 days — with Jesse Jackson’s organization, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition — and that was enough to satisfy prosecutors in Chicago.
Honchos at Rainbow PUSH — a civil and human rights organization — tell us, Jussie volunteered for the first time Saturday, putting in 8 hours from 10 AM to 6 PM. He just completed another 10 hours on Monday.
We’re told Jussie’s “service” included stuffing membership envelopes, working in the group’s bookstore to sell merchandise … and critiquing its Saturday broadcast. We’re told he helped them with camera angles, and also worked with the music director on a plan to build the choir.
Hat tip: TMZ


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
4m4 minutes ago

We have a National Emergency at our Southern Border. The Dems refuse to do what they know is necessary - amend our immigration laws. Would immediately solve the problem! Mexico, with the strongest immigration laws in the World, refuses to help with illegal immigration & drugs!


Thanks for the words of wisdom KK.

Every time I start to feel sorry for myself I will remind myself of your tough journey.

Besides, being gimpy is getting me outta a lot of chores around here:)


CH & JiB

If things go to hell in a hand basket with this new guy, I will be hitting you up for names and phone numbers:)

JM Hanes

Old Lurker:

So glad you stopped in! So pleased to find some things we agree on (at length!).

I envy you the ocean, even if you were officially at wedding work. I've been thinking about the coast of New England a lot lately, although I'm not sure how much of it I would recognize any more. All those harbor smells and boats rocking in the water, sun, wind. I guess I really am a Yank at heart.

Tom R

JIB @ 3:55

I think I clearly pointed out that I was referring to Carlson's Likes and Retweets on Twitter. If you were to follow all the Twitter Sleuths that MM and I routinely link (and TK ridicules), you would see that Carlson frequently likes and retweets the Twitter Sleuths who are promoting the narrative that Mueller is working with Trump. My assumption is that he is liking/retweeting their tweets as an endorsement of their opinions. He certainly isn't writing anything to try and discredit them.

JM Hanes


"We have a JOMer at the Michigan rally. I’m waiting for permission to say who! They go in at 4."

It's 4:03 here....
All very exciting!

fdcol63 🇺🇸

IMO, this Mueller/Black vs White Hat thing has become as pointless and tedious as the previous bickering between those-who-will-not-be-named and the Obama/natural born citizen /naturalized citizen/ birther fandango.

Jim Eagle

Tom R,

Ask Adam Schiff, if keeping the obstruction language in the report will make Trump stronger. Without that gift from Mueller's No. 2 Andrew Weismann, the report would have been a clean, white sheet deal. But it now has a noose hanging over it, even if a Trump appointed AG says, no big deal. Why give anything to the resistance if you are trying to help Trump?
Sorry, don't by it, and by the way, all your answers back to me are opinion, not objective fact. If you disagree, take the Extraneous test and give us unconditional fact to back up your opinion.

Beasts of England

The first one was 'free', OL - the rest of the vehicles come out of her future salary... ;)

Jim Eagle


Agree but for one little bitty point. I don't want anyone whether here or elsewhere to think we graciously escaped a soft coup of our constitution because one of the participants was a good guy. BS on that. Like you, I took an oath, and now I am starting to wonder why?

Jim Eagle

Is it PD in Detroit? Long way to travel for a rally. Or, is it GentleJim. I think he may be closer.


Who wants to discuss football psi related to temp, humidity, altitude, etc?



It’s not me JiB. I wish I was there.

Jim Eagle

Ah! Sandy Daze is in Hillsdale just down the road.

Sandy, await your report. Welcome aboard:)

GJ, who wants to report how many indictments fit into a process servers sleeve?

Tom R


I agree its past the point of tedious but disagree about it being pointless. If it turns out that I am correct about Mueller working with Trump (in this case by proving he was innocent of the false allegations made by Democrats) then that is going to make it a lot of easier for Trump to defeat the Deep State/Swamp and pro-Marxist leftists that threaten the survival of our constitutional form of government.

Those members of the Ledge who worry about the survival of our constitutional form of government in any form that the Founders would recognize should be rooting for me to be correct. That would mean they wouldn't have to worry as much about the future of the country. The close mindedness of a few of them outright rejecting the possibility, especially after Mueller exonerated Trump, is disappointing to say the least.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

JiB, I just meant that at some point, it becomes like beating a dead horse.

When someone's opinions are so set that repeated debate on the issue doesn't persuade or enlighten, then we just need to accept to agree to disagree.

Yep, like you, I took an oath .... and I intend to KEEP that OATH, despite the fact that the SPLC has designated people like me as domestic terrorists.

I think the time for choosing sides is here already.

Captain Hate

But I see that he was able to recruit Cap'n onto his bandwagon so he does have that going for his side.

I only go where the data takes me. Now that Mueller's closed up shop things are moving quickly and in some unexpected directions. I've told Tom and RG that if I'm wrong I'll admit it because there's no fool like an old fool and I don't want to be Exhibit A of that.

I've told Tom before that his powers of persuasion need some work but he and Gus are grown men who don't need blog etiquette advice from me.


That depends on the length of the sleeve.

JM Hanes


"The large majority of Ledge dwellers here had a consistent, shared position on Mueller and that is he was a Black Hat trying to destroy Trump."

I'm not entirely sure who all the Ledge dwellers are, mayself, but I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of them think Mueller is a Black Hat. As Old Lurker pointed out, that's not what the Ledge has ever been about, so you may be misidentifying some. Not that it matters, though, because as far as I can tell, a morjority of all the people at JOM think Mueller's hat is black. That doesn't mean they're right, it just means that black hattery not the distinguisghing feature of any part of the architectural scheme.


Hey, Buckeye--- you're welcome and too kind.

about getting out of chores--- two i milked for all i could: hauling luggage down and up from the car. same for groceries. lucky for me Mrs Kid wanted to improve her grip and tricep strength. (Get crackin!) LOL

best regards going forward on all of it. you'll be glad you faced it down and tore its head off. :D


Jim Eagle

Tom R,

Look up exonerate. It's not a legal term. Think guilty or not guilty. What was he exonerated from, if there was no crime to investigate?

BTW, for the fucking last time, The Ledge is not about whether Trump colluded or didn't, it's about whether there will ever be justice and accountability to those who perpetrated this hoax. We on the Ledge, enjoying our cocktails, continue to believe until we see indictments, 0600 SWAT team door opening, frog-marches, arrests and actual trials, we will sip away.

Tom R

JIB 4:05

Good Lord Adam Schiff made a fool of himself today repeating the same Russian collusion lies that Mueller has already debunked. How could you possibly think Schiff ranting and raving about obstruction of justice is going to hurt Trump in any way?

Sorry, don't by it, and by the way, all your answers back to me are opinion, not objective fact. If you disagree, take the Extraneous test and give us unconditional fact to back up your opinion.

LOL WTF. Everything you have written related to Mueller is your opinion, not objective fact. The only objective fact discussed here the last few days is that Mueller exonerated Trump of the Russian collusion allegations. WHY he exonerated Trump is a matter of opinion.

Old Lurker

JMH "So glad you stopped in! So pleased to find some things we agree on (at length!)."


First off, come stay with us if you are thinking about revisiting the coast of New England.

Though the Mueller news eclipsed our debate about the Fate of Empires, I am still chuckling about your accusing me of modifying my arguments until I achieve a Tautology. Since in Logic, that word is defined as "a statement that is true by necessity or by virtue of its logical form", and since I am sure you meant that and not the more common meaning...then all I can say is "don't blame me if my assertions are true from all directions..."

The other straw I would pick in your critic of Fate of Empire was the exclusion of the Chinese dynasties (and Korean) because they lasted so much longer. True, they did. Those actually are exceptions which make my point. The point made in Fate was that the characteristics of the founding generations created the growth part of their curves, but eventually new DNA rushing into the rich society coupled with the loss of common memories and values (both from decline within the original group, plus dilution from new immigrants), inevitably sowed the seeds of eventual decline.

China and Korea both are legendary for sustaining closed societies and thus common memories and values centuries longer than did others.

Not suggesting a good thing or a bad thing, just different from our own experience to date and those of other once great societies.

Jim Eagle

Tom R,

You cannot be that fucking naive. A former Army officer?

My fact for your consideration is the language in Mueller's report. Fact. He made an unreserved judgment to obstruction to leave up to a Trump political appointee. If you don't understand the ramifications of that then I am done with your opinions.

Have a nice night, and I hope your son ends up in a good baseball program. It is still America's pastime, and I only wish my slider did more than miss by a mile:)

Old Lurker

Beasts "The first one was 'free', OL -" That's our rule too, and I'm stickin with it.

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