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March 29, 2019


Texas Liberty Gal


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Dave (in MA)

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It was a bigger margin than Obamacare.



BREAKING: U.S. Small Business Administration chief Linda McMahon to resign - source

Texas Liberty Gal

Quick note - Mr TLGs campaign is going well! Just got the endorsement of the Colin County Conservative Republican group which is a big deal. He's been doing meet & greets and even a Town Hall. I continue to be so impressed by him.


Yesterday, a bipartisan group of leaders in the U.S. Senate introduced the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act, which establishes an ambitious plan to accelerate the development of advanced nuclear reactor technologies. I can’t overstate how important this is. twitter.com/lisamurkowski/

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Today I’m proud to introduce bipartisan legislation to boost nuclear energy innovation and ensure advanced reactors can provide clean, safe, affordable, and reliable power to meet national and global energy needs.




What wonderful news!
Congrats to hubby!

matt - deplore me if you must

This really has ascended into both farce and tragedy. The arrogance of the ruling class is truly unbelievable. You have Corbyn and the anti-semitic Left, the aristos, the strivers, and the blokes all at each others throats.

I think it's Russian collusion.

Apparently the Rooshians also interfered with the 2017 French elections.

When you have a dedicated KGB agent as President, I think this is what happens.



Another 1,200 foot Poe lock.

Texas Liberty Gal

Dave - You talkiing to ME?


Good points about the Chicago situation.
Love the pretzel twist Rahm is doing.
Progs must have come down heavy on his head.
So true !
Putin’s roots are in the KGB.
Their history is well known.
Russians voted for his form of tyranny.
Now he is trying to muddy up Venezuela.
Time to take out Madura.
CIA should be all over this but alas going after Trump and holding up communism under Traitor Brennan was more important.


The people voted for Brexit so give it to them.
They shouldn’t have to pay Europe an exit fee.
Just get out.


"KK has his wires crossed again."

wires are so 20th century, Lil Miss "Real World."

D. is for D.elusional


Good luck, Mr TLG!
And I hope he ascends a level or two in the future to get to a role where he can help roll back some of the nonsense.


My wife's friend in China has a kid admitted to a number of universities (undergraduate).
Current interests are Biology, Chem and Medical.

Any recommendations in comparing UCLA, Vanderbilt and UC Berkeley for these areas?

Jim Eagle

I happen to agree with TM that the 4 point margin was never strong enough to assure a stronger negotiating position. Probably provide the stiff backbone to the EU leadership.

If it had been a 70-30 split the UK would been able to cut a soft exit to their demands or go hard and leave the EU in a cloud of dust.

JM Hanes


I had a question about this is from the Soo Locks construction article above. Actually this is the article:

A nearly $1 billion Soo Locks expansion project would stay on track with funding included in President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced Tuesday that $75.3 million included in Trump’s 2020 budget outline would allow the project to be finished within seven to 10 years of its start date. Two older locks will be replaced with a new 1,200-foot-long lock to allow large vessels to travel between Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes.
Does 10 years sound like a long time for a Corps of Engineers project like this? I've been surprised by how long some road construction can take, so perhaps I just don't realize how much is involved.

JMH, great question. How much of that time is wasted on environmental permits and other bureaucratic nonsense?

JM Hanes

JiB (I forgot about this from yesterday):

"They [Koreans] turned out to be good solid workers but good God how they can accept the smell of that rotten cabbage, I have no idea."

I remember daddy commenting that even the airport in Seoul smells like Kimichi.


I don’t think they should have another Brexit vote.
Too many opportunities for fraud and mischief.
The vote has been done.
Now follow through on Brexit.
Biggest mistake :
Letting a Remain person, May handle negotiations.
Her heart was never in it.

Captain Hate

Koreans use a lot of garlic.


Sorry I have been gone. I was doing my taxes. I had procrastinated because I feared I would owe money.

I owe the grand total of $28 tot he state and ZERO to the Feds!


Captain Hate

I was shocked when I did my taxes and the impact of the higher standard deduction.

JM Hanes

Tome Maguire:

"A policy change this big should never have been decided by a 52-48 margin anyway,"

I understand this as it relates to a negotiation, but there's a point at which you will simply never get wider margins of victory on almost anything. That's pretty much where the U.S. is now as well. We are almost equally divided into two political camps whose ideologies conflict at the most fundamental levels. The party with 48% always insists that the opposing 52% does not represent a mandate to change the status quo, even though the de facto majority has agreed that change is needed. How much stasis can any culture survive?



vandy is a fine school, but it remains a southern school in terms of what people like about it. Both the CA schools will have a substantially larger asian population. Would that make him or her happy or are they indifferent?

Nashville is a very dynamic city, but the vandy kids I know (one of my siblings is an alum) are kids who pick that school because they do not want to leave the south. Then people come from all over because it is a national university and they would like to work as adults in the south where the economy is viewed as dynamic.


One other point I would look at in deciding is who teaches those undergrad classes in each of those universities. If one is full profs and the others grad assistants that should matter.

I suspect the COA is close to the same because the cal system is so expensive for non-residents it becomes comparable to private.

Atlanta will be the likely intl airport so add 4 hours to drive here. Lots of direct flights now from here to anywhere in asia.


Just arrived at #MarchToLeave in Parliament Square! pic.twitter.com/yj7MoJ30uO

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) March 29, 2019

Video of crowd at the link.


Make sure a visit to each school is possible.
Sometimes when you can visualize yourself at a place it helps you decide.
Also how friendly and helpful the people are can help you decide.


Captain Hate,

That's what did it for me. A real shocker!

(A good one, though!)

fdcol63 🇺🇸


DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: National Guard Changes Logo Due to Failure of American Education System.

On March 25th, the National Guard Bureau officially announced new branding for recruiting. The traditional “Minuteman” logo will no longer appear on recruiting materials. It was reported that the image did not “resonate” with 16-18-year-old high school students because of lack of knowledge of the historic symbol. Concerns were also expressed that iconic figure from American history wasn’t “inclusive.” Furthermore, due to “no tolerance” policies concerning the display of images of firearms in schools, the traditional Minuteman logo could not be displayed due to inclusion of an 18th century flintlock rifle. Now the National Guard will be represented by a lackluster shield shaped black logo with white and gold lettering. The new recruiting videos will focus primarily on the National Guard’s domestic mission of natural disaster relief.



Nigel Farage for Prime Minister!
The people voted to leave.
Honor their wishes.
In the US, we voted for a president who would build a wall.
Let him build it.

Captain Hate

The Constitution was barely ratified and only was by adding the never used Article V. All yammering about a broad national consensus is an ahistorical fractured fairy tale.




Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
14m14 minutes ago

Sounding angry and fed up, Pres Trump says Mexico has to stop illegal crossings into the US. If it doesn't, he says he'll shut the southern border for a long time. Also calls on Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador & Colombia to do more to stop caravans and drugs headed for US.

Captain Hate

Still not tired of winning:


Tom R

Just got to the ballpark after a 5 hour drive. Got here early so had the chance to catch up on all the posts in the last thread.

I would like to thank all of those who disagree with me about Mueller for sharing their assumptions, speculation, conjecture and analysis on various topics such as the topic of the private conversation between Trump and Rosenstein on their flight to Florida, the belief Mueller was trying to catch Trump in a perjury trap, etc. I will show you guys a courtesy that is not reciprocated. I will acknowledge those are plausible opinions that are possible explanations for what occurred.


Close the border.
No more talk.. Do it.



This is a thread by a Huffpost writer who details how he was bullied by NBC/MSNBC over an article he wanted to release. The NBC gal was bullying him to hold it ON BEHALF OF THE DNC! This proves they try to control everything in the media.


From AFA:
The Pilgrim's Progress will be in theaters April 18th and 20th only! If you plan to take a group, now is the time to reserve your seats!

Special discounts are being offered to groups of 10 or more. This is a unique opportunity to bring your small group, youth group, or extended family to see John Bunyan's epic adventure come to life on the big screen!


She's the Managing Editor of Political affairs for NBC.

THE Gatekeeper.



It might take a little bit of time, like moving military divisions into position.


Thanks, Melinda! I neglected to point that out.

It seems to me that the lower-level people at least are getting tired of being bullied.

Also, how could the notification of the debate dates have been so important? Why hadn't they called the state parties? Sounds pretty disorganized to me!


All the bullied people need to come forward.
Name names and organizations that are in charge of the propaganda.



It wasn't important, submission was.


"Koreans use a lot of garlic."

Who in Asia called another group the "garlic eaters"? Hmmm....

(1st def'n: Italians)
2nd definition:
A term Japanese use when referring to Koreans.


Got a text from a friend who said she saw on TV that the President would be having a news conference at 4:00.

I haven't seen anything on Twitter yet, but thought you guys should know.

Tom R

Is there any JOM poster here who does a better job at connecting dots than this Twitter Sleuth?



"I was shocked when I did my taxes and the impact of the higher standard deduction."

I went from + $400 last year on my federal to - $3100. Had a daughter graduate from college and another turn 17 so I lost some deductions.

I don't like getting a big check back from but hate having to pay even more.

Added an $60 a week in taxes on line 6 of my W-4 so I'm not hit next year.


Well then:




That’s great! Keep us posted.


Ron DeSantis
‏Verified account @GovRonDeSantis

Today I announced that following President Donald Trump’s commitment to federally fund 100-percent of the first 45 days of Hurricane Michael recovery, @MyFDOT will receive $9.8 million from @fema to reimburse the cost of debris cleanup in Jackson County.

This is the first @MyFDOT project reimbursed under the expedited @FEMA reimbursement process, which @FLSERT requested at my direction. Not only is the state saving nearly 2.5 million in taxpayer dollars, but this shows funding is flowing as fast as possible.

Today’s announcement is made possible because President @realDonaldTrump heard my request and ordered these federal dollars to be released. Under my watch those impacted by Hurricane Michael will not be forgotten.


This is 3 separate tweets. I removed the headers for two of them.


Oops! I meant TLG. (easy to do when you haven’t met)

Beasts of England

Fixin' to take my current favorite girlfriend to play golf at a track by the lake, as I don't wanna give any of the old farts at my club a heart attack...

Anyhoo, she turned me on to this tune - my WJOM offering for the weekend. Peace, out. 😎



(Click to open.)

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Old joke from Johnny Carson reapplied having to do with putters and flutters, beasts!


(Click to open.)


Rand Paul Rages "Officials Must Be Asked Under Oath What Obama Knew, And When?"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--A policy change this big should never have been decided by a 52-48 margin anyway...--

Guess they need an electoral college.


OMG: Yashar Ali Reports That He Got a Call From Dafna Linzer, Managing Editor and Overseer of NBC's and MSNBC's Political Coverage.
She Did Not Call to Lobby on Behalf of NBC and MSNBC.
She Called to Lobby on Behalf of... The DNC

—Ace of Spades.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--No end of depressing to watch Trump and others kicking ass down the field and then come here to see the eeyores carping endlessly about the terrible defense and how the season is already wrecked anyway no matter what happens in this game.--

No kidding, Porch.
If I wanted to be depressed I'd go watch Megan McCain vs a creampuff or Ahnuld, who can barely be understood to begin with, trying to sound like a particularly dimwitted Kennedy.


Thousands of pro-Brexit protesters shut down Westminster on what should have been our independence day

Protest hotties at the link.

Jim Eagle


In re: Your question on Soo lock expansion schedule of 10 years.

Yes, it could take that long but shouldn't if planned out correctly. However, the skunk in the woodpile is the Corp. Paper, baby, paper:) I have a lot of graduate engineer friends who left the Corp as soon as they could same for my Navy friends from NAVFAC. BS paperwork, documentation, permitting, EIS, etc. etc. Some say worse than HIPPA for Docs.

Panama Canal, much bigger by exponential numbers took close to 10 years to expand for the supertankers. But lots of shenanigans on that project with the performance bond. We bid and lost because we were not going to suffer consequential damages without a super-surety bond. The JV that won submitted a suspicious bond. Water under the bridge but the Japanese and Spaniards have a different sense of competition much like France, Inc.

Plus building in "active" water means lots of safety issues, risks, solutions, and compliance. Not for the average construction company. The risk and contingency numbers are usually more than triple what a normal job would use. Plus calculating the manhours is a crap shoot worthy of a trip to Vegas.

Texas Liberty Gal

Jane - that's ok and thanks!

Watching Triple Frontier on Netflix - thanks to whoever recommended it. It's one of those movies that draws you right in.

Guess I'll pause watching it when Trump's press conference starts.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The psychology instructor had just finished a lecture on mental health and was giving an oral test. Speaking specifically about manic depression, she asked, "How would you diagnose a patient who walks back and forth screaming at the top of his lungs one minute, then sits in a chair weeping uncontrollably the next?"

A young man in the rear raised his hand and answered, "A basketball coach?"


Keeping Bruce Ohr At DOJ Makes A Mockery Of Rosenstein's Integrity

It’s funny how 'rooting out misconduct' turns out to be code for 'covering up misconduct' when it comes to Rosenstein’s supervision of Ohr.


Captain Hate


Did you see this old picture of Mooch and Izzo?


Jim Eagle

The reason I was gone so long today is I set up a new TV in our upstairs living room. We are an upside-down house so we can get the ocean views. Bought a new 55-inch super duper 4K for only $329 but made sure to get a 2 yr. warranty on it. It didn't have all the connections that the last one had, so I had to jury-rig all the HDMI, video/audio, and streaming connections.

I have the Roku working but not Apple TV. I am going to swap the Apple TV in our office out for this one since it is newer. Then as a bonus, I'll hook up my Amazon Firestick. We only need football, soccer, rugby, tennis, golf, FBN, CBS (only for the Masters and March Madness, not the news:), and few others like Amazon Prime movies and Netflix. We hate the MFM sitcoms with a passion.

But Roku is so far giving me everything I need which isn't much when it comes to less than 50 channels versus a $400+ bill for a gazillion channels no one actually watches.

James D.

Fron neo's 3:23 link:

I thought to myself "this is how people think it works." [That is, this is how suspicious types like us think that the political-media complex works-- ace] It's not. But Dafna was doing it.

But it IS how it works, because it WAS happening.



Jim Eagle


Yes, I saw it earlier. Looks like a wedding, either one of them or a friend. Those kids from Iron Mountain are tough Italian miner's sons. NMU was the most fun team to watch. The 4th Quarter was theirs. Their mantra. Their whole team spirit. As soon as the 3rd quarter ended, everyone in the stands would get up and hold up only 4 fingers in raised hands. It was the rallying cry.

Mooch had two very good receivers and they would control the game at the end scoring multiple TD's. I think the Championship game for Division II that year was played in Boise on that hideous blue field.


Texas Liberty Gal,

I am not sure that there WILL be a press conference. I only got that info from my friend and I haven't seen zilch about it on Twitter.


VP Pence is ramping up his Twitter game!

Check out his reply to Eric Holder!



Hard Rock miners mix with timberfolk to raise very hard people in that area of the UP.


JiB, in the middle of making the transition to being free from cable. I am going Roku as well.

I've got a free Hulu subscription for live TV. I set it up for Ma when she ditched her cable and she gave me an account for my efforts. I was concerned about losing sports channels when I leave cable, especially BIG10 network but, Hulu has five times as many. Also have Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts so I think I'm actually going to have more choices than cable.

Only one TV can do Hulu live so I've bought a couple of the Roku Cubes for the other TV's.

One of the cool things I've found is that you can add your own channels/services on Roku. I've only added Weather Nation at this point but there are a lot of options.

Pluto TV has a lot of stuff I find interesting. My kids love the Cat Channel and some gaming channels.


Sling can add sports, and biz channels



61% oppose Congressional democrats doing further investigations of Trump after the Mueller report.


No constitution for divided men

Julie Ponzi
"Conservatives fail to conserve what is essential," explains
@helenelamm Instead of embracing and defending American identity, we are content to encourage people to do and be whatever strikes them, so long as they are good consumers.



Katie Pavlich
‏Verified account @KatiePavlich
20m20 minutes ago

Important notes on Barr's latest letter re: Mueller release --> 1) Special Counsel is helping w/ redactions 2) Trump isn't going to use executive privilege 3) report won't even be submitted to the WH for privilege review 4) Media screwed up again


i want to vote against Vandy for science undergrad and in favor of UCLA. My youngest is graduating there in June with pre med bio and chem. She had great access to faculty as well as helpful grad TAs. The experience couldn't have been better.


Press conference link. He's late.


Jim Eagle

Yeah, Bubarooni, Sling, and Hulu are great. For my Apple TV, I bought one of those Spectrum cafeteria plans where you get all the basic MFM channels plus 10 of your choice. Only like $25.

More and more cable companies going this way because million are cutting the cord. What I love about American exceptionalism. You get too big, too expensive, we have people who will find a way to make it less expensive and even more enjoyable. Try finding that in Europe or even Asia.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM Trump is on right now!!!


We currently don't even have a TV and I've not looked into the choices.

I would hate to get cable, and then CNN and MSNBC get a cut whether or not we watch.

Captain Hate

When were you in the UP JiB? I could've gone there in 72 instead of Cleveland and my life would surely have been very different.


JiB, Pluto has a 'Minecraft Channel'.

I don't get it but my boy loves it!

It's free so what the heck.

Jim Eagle

CH, 1975-1979. I should have bought a place on the lake for vacations but I didn't and now wish I had. God's country in so many ways. Especially if you like living outside, either biking, hiking, Xcountry skiing, etc. Just a wonderful, less crowded piece of the country. Plus they have Pasties:)

You got to like snow though.

Jim Eagle


Does your ISP also a cable provider? If so, then go full streaming using their ISP address. I have Optimum for phone and ISP in Southampton. No cable. Use them for streaming. Same with Spectrum. No money goes to MSNBC or CNN.


Texas Liberty Gal,

Nice to have Linda McMahaon sitting beside him on that fancy sofa with that gold urn full of white roses right behind them! Ha!

She is leaving to work with one of his PAC's. He was very complimentary to her.

He will close the border next week if he doesn't see an effort by Mexico. Points out that Mexico has a southern border they could close easily.

Says Barr has his complete trust and can do whatever he wants with the Mueller report. He has nothing to hide.

Economy is doing great. Mentions crowds at the rally both inside and outside last night.


Yoopers, personified:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Now, when you say they have pasties...


Ig, I too look with great expectations on an elaboration of the 'pasties' comment.

I'll be somewhat deflated if 'pastries' was autocucumbered to 'pasties'.

JM Hanes

Thanks, Jack, for commetiung on the canals. I can see how "active water" could pose special problems and risks. People find out, to their sorrow, just how powerful a modest looking stream can be, when they try to drive through water crossing roads after rainstorms. I once nearly lost my footing in 10' of water flowing over a broad field -- it looked so placed! But it was moving.


Jamie Lee Curtis says Joe Biden should 'apologize' to Anita Hill's face

Here's why Blasey Ford should have been pursued, along with her lawyer friend and Feinstein & staff.

Jim Eagle

Pasties, gents. The food of Cornish miners. If they don't drip gravy down your arm to your elbow when you eat them, then they are not true Pasties. I've had them from St. Ignace to Houghton. The best one ever was in a little place in Naubinway on Rt. 2 along the north coast of Lake Michigan. Funny thing is they advertise themselves as a Finnish Restaurant.

Pasties are not Finnish but most of the UP is, eh?:)


dang it...

that's not where I was hoping this going...


That may explain much:


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Trivia: Pasties are a staple food at Hogwarts. :)

Thomas Collins

Re JiB's "Pasties, gents" and Stephanie's "Pasties are a staple food" comments: There's a state that allows dancers at "gentlemen's clubs" to have edible body part coverings? Which state?!?!


Yooper pasties... ya hey der.

Dave (in MA)

Just STFU and eat your ACTIVIA.

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