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March 01, 2019



Iggy @ 1:04 made me laugh out loud.

Hey! It's T-minus 24 hours to the second to the big NYC meet-up at the Strand Bookstore 828 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. (meet up in the military history department.) (I hope that they have one.)

Looking forward to seeing jimmyk again and meeting daddy and jim from nj! All are invited!



WIsh I could be there, but you guys will have a great time!

I look forward to the reports!


This is real news. (Already mentioned here during the speech, but here's from Daily Caller.)



MM, your ears will be ringing, but in a good way. Thanks; looks like we'll be tromping around in some wet snow.


Btw, Protopage also includes the ability to create windows of links, so that bookmarks become unnecessary, and the links you go to most often are accessible on any device, from any browser.


Terry Crews says fathers are essential for children's well being and you can guess where it went from there:



IS HE FOR REAL? it gets worse the more you watch i swear to god.....


junny @parrkjimn
replying to @bridgtregans
he was referring to a father figure, not necessarily the father figure being a MAN, but the way two peoplae raise a child, have you ever heard about daddy issues? second: dont take a vid from years ago to bash someone. everybody is in a learning process everyday.



Hawaii is the number one state where welfare pays more than minimum wage

Jim Eagle

The AOC opens her pie hole, I am starting to believe she is a RNC/Trump 2020 plant. Maybe those checks Cohen showed Schiff & Cummings were actually payments to AOC to do the things she has been doing.

Nothing else can explain political suicide live everyday on TV and the news.


Speaking of, the windy city could have up to five socialists on the city council


Atlanta man arrested outside Pizza Hut with camouflaged mask and a small arsenal

Jeremy Arnez Eppinger, 26, was noticed by a witness who told police he was acting suspicious, hiding behind a retaining wall and wearing a camouflaged mask

He continued to look up at the Pizza Hut and crouch back down into hiding, the witness told Griffin Police, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A few moments later, Eppinger jumped over the wall, pulling a handgun from his waist. As Eppinger walked towards the restaurant with gun in hand, he spotted the witness attempting to flee. Startled, he backtracked and retreated towards his vehicle, per Griffin Police.

Police arrived at the scene and found Eppinger in possession of a Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol and a small arsenal in the vehicle.

“It was discovered that Mr. Eppinger also had in his possession a Kel-Tec AR-15 style pistol and a third pistol, hundreds of round of ammunition—including pre-loaded magazines of 9mm, multiple 30 round magazines of .223, boxes of multiple caliber rounds, and other pre-loaded magazines in the vehicle,” stated Griffin Police.

That could have been pretty bad. However...

Police said after being accused of loitering, he was arrested and charged with criminal attempt of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, as well as other misdemeanor crimes.
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A twitter thread of presumably millennial homosexuals and transsexuals whining about homophobia, AKA, people who don't give them a pat on the head and a nice treat for walking about with a neon sign declaring what and who they do with their crotches.
Strangely pathetic and a level of subtle self loathing and self inflicted insecurity that would be eye opening if they could or would sense it.



Democrat suddenly gets all upset over Otto Warmbiers.

Captain Hate

No One's Ever Accused Erick Erickson of Being One of Those Well-Read, Clear-Thinking Intellectual Pointy-Heads, and For Very Good Reason

A friend asked, "Is he retarded?"
This is what he's raging about now. This is why I did not note his supposed new openness to voting for Trump. I considered it a traffic-generating stunt. First he'll announce he's open to voting for Trump and get traffic. Then he'll announce he can no longer vote for Trump and get traffic. Then if he needs more money and more attention (and why wouldn't he?) he'll say he's re-opened to voting for Trump again. He's a fucking stupid, nigh-retarded grifter who wants your money

Captain Hate

This is the latest Patterico level tweet from Double Wide Double E that the Ewok blasted



Mueller's report will almost certainly disappoint you, and it's not his fault. It's your fault for buying into Trump's false narrative that it is Mueller's' job to prove "collusion," a nearly impossible bar for any prosecutor to clear.

My piece in @TIME:

The CIA front known as 'Time' still exists?

I heard a joke. Life was for people who couldn't read and Time was for people who couldn't think.


James D.

He's a fucking stupid, nigh-retarded grifter who wants your money

I think the retarded ones are the people who keep paying him.

Captain Hate

Which Patterico commenter is Renato Moroni?


The Good Old Days, when a Sodomite had to earn your respect.


Could be Dustin lol.


A Twitter URL is the only place I associate EE and 'mobile.'

Jim Eagle

The largest, most complete, private military museum in the world. He has to be worth Trump level to have acquired this. Its an amazing 20 minute tour of this guy's collection. Iggy, you need to watch this and chime in. I am absolutley flabbergasted. But he doesn't have a buffer or a nuke. I wonder how he missed that:)


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I forget who posted about the massive CA Flood of 1862, maybe daddy or Ig. But wow. Feels like it could happen again if we hadn't had 155 years to improve the drainage ...

Rain, clear, rain, clear ... and during the clear periods you hear the gutters gurgling.

To be clear: beats snow. Beats ice. Beats freezing rain. Just commenting, not whining,at least not whining much.

Jim Eagle

I once wrote Rush about his use of Erikson as a sub. Told him the guy's voice was annoying plus his views were not like those of Steyn or Rush. Finally, Rush caught up and dropped that BS artist like a hot rock. Between Trump and Rush its amazing this creep has any income.


Paul Driessen is a real favorite of mine, He researches what he writes about instead of just blowing smoke:https://townhall.com/columnists/pauldriessen/2019/03/02/green-land-grabs-on-steroids-n2542475


I'm heading outside to shovel yesterday's meteorological spring climate.

Good Morning!

A concern of this year's Iditarod which is kicking off down on 4th Avenue even as I type, is that there is too much snow:(

The link above has some nice pix, and there are a number of informative stories on the front page of todays ADN

This bit from the column on readers asking questions of the mushers from my favorite, Aliy Zirkle, I think is worth reading, to see what goes through the minds of these guys:

Linda Forsberg asks: “How long does it take Aliy to prepare the dogs with booties, leg wraps and coats before each run?”

Two Rivers musher Aliy Zirkle, a three-time runner-up, said the answer depends on the needs of her dogs at any particular stage of the race.

Before she naps, she makes a mental calculation of how much time she’ll need to outfit the team for the next leg of the journey. During a hypothetical stop at Rainy Pass, Zirkle said, she might wake up 50 minutes before she wants to leave, “because I know that Nomex needs a coat, Spark needs leggings, Amber needs a T-shirt, Commando needs a jacket, and they all need booties.”

“I know how long it takes me to put dog booties on,” Zirkle said. “And, yes, I do practice that.”

To save time, she often tends to four dogs in a row before she stands up straight.

“When you see me out there and I’m really being quick, I never stand up. I always walk around hunched over,” she said.

Best-case scenario, if her 14-dog team needs only booties, Zirkle said, she can be ready for blastoff in 15 minutes. This year, that team will likely include nine dogs from the team her husband, Allen Moore, ran in the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race in February.

“Fourteen could’ve gone,” she said. “But I want to do things a little differently this year, and so I want to bring some youth and some sass.”

It's a nice day up here, partial high cirrus layer but a lot of blue. Current temp is 22F, so a tad warm to run a Dog Race, but a perfect temp to watch a Dog Race.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

RSBN feed for PDJT speech at CPAC


Robby Soave
‏Verified account @robbysoave

I asked Nicholas Sandmann’s attorneys whether WaPo’s editors note changes the lawsuit. They said no, the note is “barely worth commenting on.”

Yep. And the "note" is still behind the WaPO's paywall, so if they were as interested in getting their correction out to the public as they were interested in getting their initial smear out to the Public they'd at least not hide it behind their paywall. Sue the bastards and make 'em pay thru the nose.

Jim Eagle


I love the Iditarod. My dad when he was in Fairbanks went every year to watch the start. He was one of the managers on the Alyeska pipeline, and had chopper access to Nome for the finish. His photos are terrific. Back in the late 70's.


But do they still read and write gauche a droite?

France reintroduces dictation, reading aloud and mental calculation in the classroom.

French educative authorities have been forced to acknowledge the "catastrophical failure" of twenty years of "new pedagogies" due to "evident educational regression" of French students. Educative authorities announce that they will go back to "traditional teaching methods", which were previously derided as "antiquated", starting next course.
This announcement has been met with the opposition of the French pedagogues (ie. Marxist retards), but has been cheered and applauded by virtually everyone else.


Jim Eagle

BTW, daddy, is PETA at the race?

Also, Bezo's has to be considering how much it is worth to him to spend the big bucks to defend the Post. He has more than L. Lin Wood, but if he does get personally involved with financing the WaPo defense, does that make his fortune available to L. Lin Wood and the Sandmanns?

I am still convinced I am going down to St. Barts in a few years and see Nick on his Super Yacht sipping on ginger ale.


Danger Close


BTW, daddy, is PETA at the race?

Yep. As usual. Their protest is mentioned in one of the stories I linked byt already I am out of free views for the month of March so I can't go back and dig it up:0

Here from the local news Media, Channel 2 NBC, is a live feed from 4th Ave. The first Musher starts in I think about 8 minutes so you guys can watch it from your couch like I'm doing.


Jim, thanks for PDJT's speech link. I pushed it on my to-hear stack.

I baked another recipe Clarice posted last week; Lemon Ricotta Cake. No crack involved this time. Cake is yummy and Keto friendly. I'll be making this one again, as well as the Bacon Crack recipe.

Now I have a home-made meatloaf in the oven. It'll be an hour or so before I find out how that turns out.


Ha! The TV channel is doing a segment on famous Iditarod lead dogs, and they just interviewed one of the famous mushers and he said that he loved his lead dog so much he named his newborn son after the dog:)


Glad you like that cake. It's a favorite here, hoyden.Tastes like a cross between a lemon cheesecake and a pound cake.(I tried a sugarless jam using chia seeds as a thickener--threw it out. with these recipes--unlike normal ones--I cannot always predict what they'll taste like.) I still adore the Birch Bender Paleo pancake and crepe mix and highly recommend it even for those not on keto.


JimSunyvale:To be clear: beats snow.

The advantage of snow in the hills is that it releases water slowly as it melts so it is more likely to be absorbed by the ground without flooding.


Well Howard hunt once worked for life magazine, but that would be as accurate as saying the post was CIA because bradlee had been press attache. Come to think of it...


For those who don't know the start of the Iditarod Race from Anchorage is pretty much just a ceremonial event, mainly a big party for everyone. The real real Race starts tomorrow.


Well Looney louise is on thaf thread so abandon all hope she doesn't realize shes a mole for ghcq?


Mariotti was a long time official of the us attys office.


Who was beaten like a red headed stepchild in his primary for atty general.


Kwane raoul was Obama's successor in the state senate and now atty general.


Clarice, I picked up Birch Bender Paleo pancake and crepe mix at Costco today by happenstance. I was looking for almond flour and came upon it, read the ingredients, hesitated at $12 price, almost put it back on the shelf, and decided to give it a try.


Dustin is from an indication, a Texan of Iranian background, who served in the army in Korea, who was savaged by Voldemort and yet doesn't get a clue.


when we stayed at the princess lodge in denali state park up from talkeetna they arranged for an iditarod driver to come speak. She brought her dogs and my daughters, red and the diva, 8 and 5 at the time got to pet them and ask questions. They loved it and had both read the book about the serum run so they were really into it.

Later, in the fairbnks part of the trip susan butcher came out of her house and took questions from the boat cruise.

Captain Hate

Mariotti was a long time official of the us attys office

Maybe it would be easier listing the US attorneys who aren't sleazeballs or clueless tools.

Tweety used to sub for Rush before the cumulative effects of trying to match shots with Tip O'Neill and trying to rationalize Slick's behavior with Monica turned him into a retarded woodpecker.


That storm is moving in. I can feel it in my joints.

I have been trying to catch up on cleaning after being hypnotized by 2 hours of DJT's excellent speech/standup comedy event.

The usual leftist press have their panties in a wad on Twitter. They are mand he is still talking about their misrepresentation of crowd size (which I think he does just to get them triggered). What a bunch of humorless scolds they are!


The fact that the bulwinkle hired erica Jong (remember how she freaked over the huntress) and the grand daughter of full commie (ht Gus) Howard Fast is choice.


Oh what could go wrong;


But Rushdie is the Indian bill maher.


Off topic but a glimpse of how far things have fallen. Pictures at the link:

During the golden age, airplanes had lounges and piano bars...It was FESTIVE and lovely and people wanted to be there.

I don't know about you, but I'd happily pay extra for an airline ticket in order to recapture just a hint of this vintage magic💫 pic.twitter.com/oI0Lkve4wy

— Amy (@RightHookUSA) March 2, 2019

More with pictures at link:

First class cabins were sophisticated, and designed for people to mingle and chat, and enjoy the amazing adventure and journey they were on. pic.twitter.com/1UVXaxlt6Z

— Amy (@RightHookUSA) March 2, 2019

I know Britain keeps doing the Hokey Pokey with the EU but is the proposed European Army another check in the win column of John the Revelator?

Captain Hate

remember how she freaked over the huntress

Gynecologists reached peak workload with the reactions to the Huntress.


Complete thread about how air travel used to be:


Captain Hate

another check in the win column of John the Revelator?

Some of the Horde were making this point earlier this week.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

We're over 300 comments ... time for TM to post a new thread? :) :)
Maybe something about the CPAC speech.


I got the 'law enforcement' part right with Dustin but I actually like him. I meant someone more like a Tillman.

And speaking of, if you are a free trade absolutist and against barriers to trade why wouldn't you be for open borders viz labor?


Looks a heck of a lot better than flying these days, MM.

Although I must put a major plug in for Singapore Airlines.


Bookmark this tweet to pull up whenever people yammer about Trump supporters being cultists. Photo at the link.

Check out my new tattoo! @AOC @saikatc @johniadarola @cenkuygur @AnaKasparian pic.twitter.com/OgVO5nnYy4

— Anti_Trust Eddie (@Eddieristo1) February 21, 2019

daddy, MM, as you know, the idea that Carroll was the Ripper is nonsense on stilts. That's just back projection--modern people can't understand surreal logic or genius without assuming mental illness or dysfunction.

Morning, Catsmeat,

When I posted this about Lewis Carroll I was thinking it might get a rise out of you:)

I can't personally imagine such a non-violent man engaging in anything remotely violent. Why it'd be impossible to believe such a thing, even before breakfast.


CNN’s Sam Vinograd compares President Donald Trump's CPAC speech to Adolf Hitler murdering 6 million Jews in the Holocaust

She also suggests, without evidence, that Putin wrote Trump's speech pic.twitter.com/7rn7bryQGn

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) March 2, 2019

Video at link. I told you guys, no sense of humor. Not to mention what President Trump says: "Enemy of the people."


Hoyden, if you like that mix and there's a google express in your area you can get a 42 oz bag delivered for under $13.

Captain Hate

Another Sleepy Jeff fan:



Captain Hate,

I note that Sessions has been awfully quiet since he was let go.

I now truly wonder if he was a spy within the Trump campaign and deliberately set about being AG so that he could let Rosenstein et al run amok.

I am going with the President's attitude on this.


She also suggests, without evidence, that Putin wrote Trump's speech

Why would Putin write a speech praising the methods of Adolf Hitler? Were Uncle Joe and Adolf big buddies in 1944-45, or did I miss something?


A comment on that CNN use of Hitler etc."

John Cardillo
‏Verified account @johncardillo
43m43 minutes ago

What if @ATT brass were to make some sweeping editorial and personnel changes at @CNN in the not too distant future?



"CNN’s Sam Vinograd" needs an Angel Mom to beat her ass on live TV.

Captain Hate

Sessions keeping quiet is a point in his favor imo, Miss Marple.

I trust what Beasts reported that at one time he was very anti deep state, but something changed between then and when he was in a position to do something about it. Maybe the Senate ruins people...


Mind. Blown. 🤯

Researchers at @Livermore_Lab and @UCBerkeley have developed a new #3DPrinting technique that uses a projector and syrup-like resin to make a fully formed object. It's like the "replicator" in Star Trek: The Next Generation! #TNG

👉 https://t.co/7o5CRjyPEB pic.twitter.com/Ay1U9ZAwLj

— Energy Department (@ENERGY) February 26, 2019

Video at link.


Captain Hate,

I personally think he was threatened, or his family was.

However, it was his duty to tell President Trump about the recusal. The fact that he turned down Homeland Security and pushed for Justice, then immediately recused himself, is highly suspicious.


Sessions was not threatened in my opinion.
He was guilted into recusal because he still felt some loyalty to his Senate colleagues.
I don’t think President Trump should mock him now that he is no longer in office.
It seems kind of a petty thing to do.It reminds me of what I disliked about him on the campaign trail.
Best President Ever?
Not in my opinion.
Good so far .
Too soon for an accurate opinion on my part.


Cool 3D print video Miss M.



This is a pretty good article until the last 1/4, where the author has to virtue signal by getting nit-picky.


I just watched some FAT FUCK called SE CUPP prattling on about how REPUBLICANS have no morals because they are backing POTUS DJT.

It was quite a scene man. Her show was sponsored by DUNKIN DONUTS and GRAVY TRAIN.


You preferred Washington, maryrose?



You are entitled to your opinion. I think he IS the best president, due to results plus not taking crap off anyone, which we have not seen in my lifetime from a Republican.

I don't know of a single president who could measure up to him.


Btw, I don't think Trump can easily be compared with historic presidents. The country has only been this close to divorce once before, and even then there was no hate like the left hates us nowadays. If the Confederates had won, they wouldn't have tried to subjugate the Yankees like today's left would do to us today if they had us down like the South was down.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Feels like it could happen again if we hadn't had 155 years to improve the drainage ...--

I hate to tell you this but if we had that same weather pattern now the damage would be a thousand times worse. What pitiful drainage structures are in place very nearly failed catastrophically in 1986 with a tenth of the rainfall. And with a thousand times as many people living all over the place now large portions of what man has built would simply cease to exist.
Moreover with that volume of water the only drainage structures that matter are the natural ones and they're pretty much exactly the same as then.


What pitiful drainage structures are in place very nearly failed catastrophically in 1986 with a tenth of the rainfall.

VDH in early Feb did a very long column on the shortsightedness of California's elites on banning sensible projects to collect and conserve water because they were so committed to their Climate narratives: The Scorching of California---How Green extremists made a bad drought worse

I think he has done another one since that is even more specific on what the elites intentionally neglected to do.


Uh Oh,

UNC Basketball Coach Roy Williams semi collapsed to one knee just a moment ago in the last seconds of the first half against Clemson. He's up and walking now into the Coach's locker Room. 1 minute to go in the First Half, Heel's by 2.


I think SE is an atheist. Ask her where our rights come from.

The Constitution?

Jim Eagle

I had the pleasure once to fly TWW Constellision like Ms Marple linked. Of course, I was 12 at the time but I remember my Mom and Dad moving to the forward cabin for a cocktail. Those were the days, I guess.

On a Virgin Atlantic to BA, we did have a bar we could hang around which was pretty neat.



Carson spoke at CPAC. He talks about having to give anesthesia to fetuses.



“I turn on my television the other day and I saw somebody that was violently punched in the face,” said Trump to his audience at CPAC. “The man’s name is Hayden Williams … Hayden come up here please.”

Williams jumped on stage to say a few words, but he refused to use his few seconds of fame to talk about himself.

“It’s great that I’m being recognized,” he said, “but there’s so many conservative students across the country who are facing discrimination, harassment and worse if they dare to speak up on campus.”


Williams noted that if progressive socialists had their way, the constitution would be put through a paper shredder. “If you keep defending us, we’ll keep defending you,” Williams said of the President.

The audience roared in approval as President Trump announced a new executive order he will be signing, which requires colleges and university’s to support free speech.

“If they want our dollars, and we give it to them by the billions, they’ve got to allow people like Hayden, and many other great young people … to speak,” said Trump.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


Jim Eagle

Oh, Trump is the proverbial bull in the Dems china shop.

I am loving every minute of the unconvenctional approach to the progs. Its sort of beautiful in a way, if not destructive.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



It's nice to view old time plane travel pics, but don't forget in relative terms flying was a major luxury which few could afford .

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



Hey Mr Iggy there was an eight shot revolver referenced in The Maltese Falcon, do you recall?

Is there such a creature as a moderate atheist?

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Thanks, Iggy and daddy for your remarks on the Great Flood of 1862.
I'm grateful, more than ever now!, to live in a mildly elevated and quite well drained area.


That was also the vision in 2001, on dr. Haydens outbound trip to the moon.

Jim Eagle


So, by making air travel more affordable we give up the gold ribbon benefits?

Damn it, I still want my caviar and cold vodka with a dollopb of sour creme. You are trying to spoil it for everyone:)



When I flew to Berlin in 1967 I was in Tourist Class as shown with the brightly colored seats. The carrier was Pan Am, and we had a steak dinner served on china.

When we arrived at Prestwick they brought us hot towels to refresh ourselves! The stewardesses were in those jazzy uniforms, too.

But you are right. I had to save up for my fare which was almost $700 and that was in 1967 dollars. It was a luxury, for sure.


Heh. The wife liked that one @ 7:06, Jim.



This is an article you might be interested in. It covers both the benefits and the pitfalls of this proposed bill.






On the Manhattan meet-up, the company won't put up our Flight Plan for a couple more hours, but my company iPad shows the distance as the crow flies is 2,928 Miles, and the expected time between push back in Anchorage and full stop in the blocks at Newark should be 6 hours and 30 minutes. It'll probably be a little faster than that since I'm expecting strong Jet Stream tailwinds, plus they'll probably let us get out a little early since I think it's simply a crew swap from where the plane is coming over from in Asia, so just a gas and go. I'm supposed to show at work just after midnight East Coast time, launch at 01:15 PM, and supposedly start the terrifying cab ride from Newark to midtown Manhattan at 07:45. They plan on that cab ride being 1 and and 5 minutes long---fingers crossed.

I'm flying with a new guy so if he's a decent cat I might drag him along, and I've got that book on the history of Dutch Manhattan with me so I'll have something interesting to read and keep me awake since there really aren't any decent Canadien Radio stations until Toronto. Other than that there may still be some decent moonlight from the receding moon and if we're lucky a very nice Borealis looking north. Weather over Canada looks very clear, and we'll just play Newark by ear.

The flight itself should be very simple. Simply take off, turn East, and hit the autopilot for the next 2900 miles. Newark has a relatively short runway so it's a place you don't want to float long when landing---you want to put the tires down about the 1500 foot marker and start slowing, but really the only challenging part of the whole trip that really demands attention is taxiing around once you land in Newark, since it is poorly laid out and easy to screw up a taxiway, especially if their lousy markings are clobbered with snow. Once again I'm at nine zero seven, 231-one four two two, and I'll have the phone on full volume once I arrive at the Hotel and get a few hours shuteye.

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