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March 09, 2019



We are ALL going to miss Daddy. When I was the head of the overnight crew, he'd crack my ugly ass up with his late night gifs.

This oldie by goodie goes out to Rob, in Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, Indianapolis Anchorage.
Hell he gets around.


Jim Eagle


Lobster Mac & Cheese is a fave of mine. Find it a lot in Florida, and in The Hamptons.



I well remember meeting you and Mrs. sbw years ago. I also felt I had known you for quite some time.

One of the miracles of the internet is that if we let down our guard and revea a bit of ourselves, we form lasting connections.

So God bless Mr. McGuire and those who invented the internet. Without it, I would be a very lonely woman.


Just got to the airport gate at DTW. I got a message from Barbara this morning that I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me posting. I will try to post the pics she alludes to later. I got a bit choked up seeing them.

The girls and I spent last night reading all the heartfelt comments. He was truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. We tried to log on to retrieve his posts but the account was disabled. If you have any idea how those might be retrieved for our family, the girls and I would be very grateful.
I am attaching 2 photos from his arrival in Anchorage Friday night. We were overwhelmed by the number of crew members that came out to pay their respects, while a bagpiper played Amazing Grace.

This will be a short note as I am taking the dogs out for a walk and hugs before heading to his service.

Thank you for being his friend and helping us through this difficult time. Talk to you soon.

I will try to help her out to get on JOM to see daddy’s posts. Not sure what the issue is since you only need an account to post. But I’ll send her a link to this thread.

The first time I met daddy was at George Keeley’s On the UWS. He had gotten there before me and already was enjoying a pint. He had brought a gift of the then contraband Kinder Eggs to give to my daughter. We had been discussing on JOM previously the ridiculous ban on them, so the gift was perfect. We talked like old pals even though we’d just met.

It was the first of three meetups with him that I was privileged to have. Godspeed, daddy. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


And I hope hits still lurking, please consider coming home, life is short my friend.



Best line in the song.



I don't drink beer too much either sbw, and mainly when it's 90 degrees, so I am substituting a Negroni. I bet daddy would have liked it, and I know he doesn't mind. I think it would have been perfect on a summer afternoon at a table in the cafe across the street from Notre Dame he favored. I've used the bathroom there, because I knew of it from his post!

Gin/ Campari/red vermouth 1:1:1. Orange peel, if you have it.

I would LOVE if one of you research-savvy peeps would compile a list of his favorite spots and the cities they are in. I would n't know how to begin.
Maybe we can contact the Fed Ex Pilots and get them from his colleagues.



I have a Kinderegg on my nightstand that he gave me the last time he was in Indy!


My Mother passed 8 years ago last month.
She was from Scotland. A friend played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes at her funeral.


Jimmy, it’s probably bloody typepad. She could sign up on her own, but she would have to copy and paste.



I am drinking an early martini.


rocco, I'ved passed your message on to hit via Twitter.


How do we sign on to the memorial page?



I got one of those banned kinder eggs from Daddy too, and promptly ate it.



Strawman Cometh

I think this is what you are looking for.


then click the Guest book


Yes, Daddy was an Irishman. Like GUS.


Thanks, amom.

Texas Liberty Gal

Read one daddy's prior posts that someone here posted. It was dated 2005! I had no idea this blog has been around that long. I think I've been here maybe 4 years and I have no memory of how I found it. Several years ago when my Cubs were in a playoff game that was going to extra innings daddy said he would keep posting with me until the game was over. I don't remember who won but just the fact daddy did that was a big win for me.

Jim Eagle

daddy's pub in Paris was The Great Canadian. They don't have a website yet but they do have a FB page which I am linking below:



You are all so wonderful & just like Daddy, I’ve enjoyed your company. So saddened to see him go but relieved to learn it was fast. The news still stings though... I suppose the good Lord needed him up there in the heavens to tend to a more important issue that just couldn’t wait. You’ve each basically stated how I feel of Daddy! Quite the gentleman, kind, articulate & so damned funny! I laughed out loud. You went on trips with him across the globe, as if you were walking right beside him! He had so much to share & did so without a bad word toward anyone here. I think it was he or he shared in a conversation with a few other history buffs about this old book he was reading..of Magellan’s journey to the Americas...??? I was absolutely fascinated over the exerts he shared here. I’m getting old & confused but his love of history amazed me & I wish I remembered the name of that book he treasured. I believe it would make a great contribution to that library he was so found of helping!! I also regret not commenting on how appreciative I was whenever daddy shared his thoughts & what books inspired him or why. I loved his love of his momma & his daughters & dogs & many of you JOM friends! too many to count! This news was a shock to me & I’m no good at expressing my thoughts well or since learning that Daddy died. All I know is that this world justvlost one of the best men I’ve gotten to knowhere at JOM
Rest In Peace dear Daddy! My thoughts & prayers to his wife, Barbara, his beautiful daughters & the many dear friends left behind .
Take care everyone - the best to each & every single one of you!


Clarice, the guest book closed to new comments last night.


jimmy k, I am not in Michigan, as my mother's surgery was cancelled. Long story here, but the blood marker that indicated the pelvic mass found incidentally New Year's weekend when she was admitted for pneumonia and found to be juandiced, so had a CT---good news, no pancreatic cancer; not so good news, there's a softball sized mass where your ovary should be--that had hit 246 mid January was NORMAL when repeated this week with her pre op labs.

I finally reached her surgeon--he was vacationing last week too---and he agreed, we don't need to be operating on 86 year old lady w a fib, mitral regurge and a pacer for what may well be a benign cyst she may have had for decades.

Other things can make that blood test--CA-125---be elevated, but I am fine with going with a miraculous cure here. ;-) Mom says it's all the ginger tea she's drank since reading it may prevent metastises. She had sauer krout and liver sausage and beets and a poppy seed roll last week when my cousins brought my aunt by for lunch and cards.


Remembering Daddy: You wore many hats...Husband, Father, Pilot, Historian, Friend, Dog Pack Leader. Thank you for the adventures you shared, the laughter you spread, and the dignity of a life well-lived. You will be missed but never forgotten. May God Bless and protect those you have left behind, knowing that your legacy lives on in all of us.


Oops - Excerpts ...



do you know who daddy used to book those walking tours he loved to do in Paris and then write about?

His family might like to know his peripatetic Paris jaunts.

Ralph L

New thread for the unpaternal.


I remember looking for Daddy’s pub in Paris as we toured Norte Dame this summer.
We had a gelato in his honor.
What a tremendous tribute to daddy from his friends at JOM.
Cindy’K, Bela1, Hit and Centracal and even new people.
We need your voices here and want to get to know you better.
Daddy would have liked that we broadened the circle and became inclusive.
Wonderful comments today.
Keep them coming.


Im glad there's a new thread where we can blather about political stuff.
But still post memories here and come back to check...

Manuel Transmission

Just remembered an incident that happened Thursday when we were coming back on island that was so typical of something daddy would want to hear about. We we in the 1st lane next to the grassy berm down to the water’s edge at the ferry lot. People bring their dogs to this area for a potty break. I happened to notice a lady with a couple fairly large dogs bring them over without my paying too much attention. A few minutes later I see her bring another and then another. Finally I watch her going back to her rig and realize that she has a truck with a critter hauler that had a musher sled on top. Before she is done, she must have pulled close to a dozen sled dogs out and back in her truck. Some were stuffed into little cubbyholes at about her head height and she had no trouble getting them in and out of each one, plus some that were escorted in and out of the backseat of the cab.

So, what didn’t make sense was why she was heading to the islands, unless she was coming back from a musher race.


Thanks amom, Jane.

Jim Eagle


Discover tours are free and in English. I don’t think daddy paid for the tours and I believe Discover are the only free ones. I’ll ask my SIL if there are others.


I love Boyz to Men.
Thank you.
She probably was.
Daddy loved those dog races.
Any time you asked a question of him, daddy would search for the answer.
He was a teacher in his own right.

Past is Prologue

I just posted an entry in the guestbook; they accepted it and said give them up to 24 hours to review.
"No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century."
- Mark Twain's Notebook
He loved Mark Twain and also loved his amazing family. May God bless and keep them always.

Jim Eagle

daddy's favorite pub in Memphis was The Happy Mexican.

I think he preferred the one downtown but it could be the one out east near the airport and FedEx Land.


Jim Eagle

Does anyone remember daddy's favorite pub at Narita, the one with the dog?

Jim Eagle

In Honolulu, daddy's prefer bar stool was located in Lulu's.



Another thing daddy did for us was to transcribe radio and TV shows? There would be some interesting topic on Rush or a despicable Dem being interviewed on Meet The Press, and daddy would fire up the ole laptop to get a running account of the action.
He was one fast typist!


In the spirit of offering a small contribution to filling the impossible void left by this man's loss, I will volunteer to find a link next year to the 2020 Iditarod mushers, God willing.

Beasts of England

Thank you, Tom Maguire!

Prayers for daddy and his family...


I have that info JIB and pix. The problem is it takes me 1/2 hour to get back to January, so you are going have to wait til I have time and patience. I think the dog was called INOP.


Mr. Maguire,

Thank you for this thread.

You are a great purveyor of a fine establishment.



I first met Rob on his only flight in and out of Chicago of 2009, at his favorite walkable Irish haunt, Fado, where I had driven in like mad from demoing our new house so I could spend all of 45 minutes before having to get back. He had the one beer while I had two coffees. He bought, but it was quiet at the back where we'd hidden.

The second time was when we teamed up in Indy to surprise MM and her grandson at Harry">http://www.harryandizzys.com/">Harry & Izzy's , an Indy steakhouse walkable from Rob's hotel. I was early, so we shuffled into Starbucks for a late morning jolt and caught up. Just like we had just left each other on this site. Had a lovely time with MM and her grandson later. Always thought Rob was probably the nicest man that ever was, and something to aspire to from my not so soft floor trading days. We always texted and he always called me by my old screen name. If I could think of any way to send him out, it would be New Orleans style, where you get your one sad song, traditionally "A Nearer Walk With Thee", before celebrating the life now lost with "The Second Line" of only joy.

Here's Juanita's Second Line as Rob should have gotten.

A sad thing to have to write, I do miss him.


RIP, Rob.

I will miss you.

God bless you and your family.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life."

Charles Darwin

Rest in Peace, Daddy.


God bless you, daddy.


Dave(MA) found this snip of conversation which may be the first post of daddy.


Allow me to say as an airline guy flying worldwide etc, the maxims we learned as kids are all hosed up. Doing your homework as a kid while listening to tunes or watching TV, instead of being detrimental actually had some positive value for us international pilot guys. We gained experience in being able to read books or Playboys, plus being able to listen to HF radio Australia or the VOA or the BBC, all at the same time as we were able to discern when Japanese or Chinese ATC was giving us vectors or descent instructions. However, if we're talking the French, negative. Those dispicable creeps are so crappy in the ATC arena, you actually got to put down your extraneous input and pay attention, 'cause they are so miserable at what they do. I doubt this added to the conversation, but what the hell, I'm playing a video game.

Posted by: daddyl | March 13, 2005 at 10:39 AM

Our host TM (?) responds:
"I doubt this added to the conversation, but what the hell, I'm playing a video game."

LOL. Frankly, I am not sure how one might *subtract* from this conversation, but that is entirely my own fault.

Posted by: TM | March 15, 2005 at 09:21 AM

And then our Kim weighs in:

Pilots use more of their visual field without having to move their eyes than most people. Is there any association between successful piloting and ADD? I'm of the belief that Attention Deficit Disorder has some survival value, possibly in battle, or arenas where easy distractibility might be useful, like scanning the skies, or being able to respond to unexpected stimuli from 360 degrees in 3 axes.

Posted by: kim | December 06, 2005 at 10:09 PM


i don't know if some of you remember this, but daddy once posted that he was born with a condition in which his colon was defective. He told me, in response to my comment about the plague and antibiotics, that he would not have lived past infancy except for the fact that surgical techniques learned by field operations in World War II made it possible for him to be operated on and survive childhood. So we all owe a debt of gratitude to the field surgical units of the US Army of WWII era that we were able to benefit from their courage and experience.

Just read this when we watching Hacksaw Ridge...


Belated thanks to Tom Maguire for this thread, very thoughtful

JM Hanes

Oh daddy! How could you leave us?

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