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March 11, 2019



RIP pagar.




I think that last link was him,

Captain Hate

Peak Costanza?


Jim Eagle

Loren Kopping is Pagar, my friend on FB. He retired to Panama City, Panama, not Florida. A great guy, who I enjoyed immensely on our FB back in forths.

My three Beagles are going crazy right now. It could be a Linx or a small deer but their radar is up. Noses to the ground, tails up. right foot off the ground. No sound. Full attack posture.


And his Facebook page was Lore Klopping.




An explanation on why Hillary had her law license reinstated. Source is a guy from 4chan, but it makes sense:



Our loss is Heavens gain, RIP Pagar.


RIP Loren klopping

Jim Eagle

I made a donation to the library back on Wednesday. Hope it went through. But knowing daddy, he was not frivolous and made preparations for his departure. I believe the girls and Barabara are going to be okay. Knowing FedEx, they have great trust, thrift, and insurance programs.e

He will be missed but not like his family will miss him.


Goodness! RIP pager.
I can't remember ever not reading him and saying "yup."
Did he ever share how he came to live in Panama?

Living to 116 is not keto, it's fasting.

The powers that be have noted that these communities of long-lived populations have extremely different diets, but either periods of food scarcity, or religious practices involving periods of fasting in common.

Jim Eagle

DoT, acknowledges he saw the news about daddy's passing.


Godspeed Pagar. He was always an American patriot and defender in his comments.


Oh, no, not pagar too. I'm so sorry. God bless him and his family. What a very sensible and good and a patriotic man. RIP.


Mark Levin and L.Lin Wood last night. 12 minutes.




I would like to know who is behind this.


Kristol, who else?


Singer steyer the dwire brothers behind the resurgent does it matter?


Which means omidyar

Jim Eagle

Oh, Larry Hogan is going to be beaten like a drum. Why be so sacrificial?

L. Lin Wood is going to do what every one of us is rooting for. When it happens it will be the biggest JOM cheer of all time. I want to see young Mr. Nicholas Sandmann on a 100-meter yacht named "Thanks, Jeff".


"Nicholas is collateral damage. The war CNN is waging is against the President of the United States."

four more minutes https://www.conservativereview.com/news/sandmann-attorney-tells-mark-levin-suit-against-cnn-may-be-higher-than-250m-against-washington-post/

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Very saddened to learn of Pagar’s passing. Always enjoyed reading his posts, and learned much from them. Will miss him.

RIP, Pagar.


This was daddy's arrival in Anchorage Saturday night.

In the second one they are playing "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes.


Hogan is kidding himself.
Just because you are governor of Maryland doesn’t mean you are ready to run the country. Besides wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you , like Al Gore, lost your own state in the election.




Here's the entire L Lin Wood interview:



Tucker Carlson on how the GIO is controlled by the Left. Video at link.

Tucker Carlson now: Republican leaders are controlled by the Left pic.twitter.com/PnfsYUcRHJ

— PolishPatriot™️ (@PolishPatriotTM) March 12, 2019

Good to see you.


GOP/ Sorry for the typo.


Thank you jimmy k.

No surprise to see so many people there to meet him and support the family.

I've been thinking of Barbara all day. Life can change forever, in a minute. One phone call on Tuesday.


Thank you for those pictures.


So sorry and so sad to read about Pagar. Rest in peace. What a week!

Jim Eagle

Off to bed. Slaap Lekker, tot morgen, joungens.

We played 9 holes with Frederick after his lesson with our teaching pro, Wow, He is long, wild and working on it. Like all of us.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

D, thanks!

But this is the first I’ve heard about daddy! When did that happen??!?!

Wow ..... will miss him a lot, too.



Thanks for posting those pictures. I am so happy he got a good welcome home.


Life changes on a dime. Usually by a phone call. Complete happiness in this life then disappears.


There is a memorial thread and the one before it also explains all.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

D, thanks .... will check it out. Been out of town a couple of weeks.


More Chinese influence. ALso includes Jeb Bush.



Pagar was wonderful. Always loved his comments. He was on Facebook just in the last few days.

RIP, friend.


Mike Pompeo said #Russia has created this crisis in #Venezuela. He also made propaganda outlets like RT and Sputnik responsible for the situation. He criticized Rosneft for buying oil from Venezuela, and called PDVSA a personal ATM for the Maduro regime and Russian oligarchs pic.twitter.com/qNEHbTichX

— Paco de Miranda 🌐 (@PacoDeMiranda) March 11, 2019

2 1/2 minute video of Pompeo at the link.


fdcol, got to Tuesday, March 5, late afternoon.


NBC News
‏Verified account @NBCNews

At #SXSW2019, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez drew bigger crowds than any of the half-dozen presidential candidates who came to Austin, too.


Comanche Voter

For Beto, the Fake Mexican, I'd suggest that Trump dub him the "Empty Sombrero". Not much going on above the mezzanine with our genuine full blooded Irishman--who identifies as Mexican (for political purposes). Sure and begorra, he's a fool.


pagar had such a good heart, and such a strong sense of right and wrong, that his favorite word (I kidded him about it once) was "Unbelievable!" To him, the anti-American, pro-abortion left was almost beyond comprehension.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Thanks, anonamom!



Thank you,

Dave (in MA)
Stephen Miller@redsteeze
Maybe Tucker Carlson just has a different experience
in the use of words.
Dave (in MA)

I'll try to remember Pagar when I have bacon, ham or sausage.


To Pager: A salute, a hardy “well-done”! To your wisdom shared, humor enjoyed, and steadfast moral compass - a heartfelt thank you. You will be missed.

Captain Hate

Pagar was very pro life iirc. I'm sorry he had to see what the country's become in that area.


Pagar's daughter Kalena asked me to post this message from Pagar. We kept in touch via Facebook:

"Dear JOM friends,
My Dad Pagar wanted me to make a final post for him letting you know that Pagar has checked out.

Here is a group of posts I made as I found out what was happening.

Late Sunday night 3-3-2019

I got a call from Panama a little bit ago. Dad's neighbor letting me know Dad is in ICU with a massive stroke. His blood pressure still about 215/195. Brain still bleeding. They intubated him, he has not woken since the stroke. They told my step mom it doesn't look good. I don't know any more yet.

Tuesday morning

Dad still shows no sign of consciousness, his pupils do not retract, no reaction to pin prick. It's a national holiday in Panama, Fat Tuesday, then tomorrow is Ash Wednesday so there won't be any decisions made until Thursday. It seems absurd but it's how it is.

I know Dad would not want to be on life support so short of a miracle (which I would rejoice in) Dad is dying.

Update: Wednesday 3-6-2019 about 3:30 am

Dad passed quietly on his own early Wednesday morning. No pain, no awareness that we know of. He's no longer tied to his earthly troubles. Save us a place Dad.

I think in this way Dad softened the blow a little because when I first got the call there seemed to be hope but at the same time I had to face the possibility that it could be near the end for him. As the hours went by it became more likely the end was very near. Dad chose to let go on his own, sparing my stepmom and my brother and I from having to decide to take him off the breathing machine. It's hard, very hard but this seemed to be a very gentle way for him to leave this earth to go to his heavenly reward. Heaven gained a good man today.

Dad has an awesome neighbor that he asked to help if this ever occurred. Dalton has called at every point of change. He is an expat from the U.S. too. He has described every detail the best he can to give a me an idea of what is happening. I would be clueless without his help and the language barrier.

He held his cell to Dad's ear for me. I told him I loved him. I know how tired he must be. I told him if he wanted to come back we'd be there. But if he was too tired it was ok to let go. That Teresa (my step mom) and I would be ok. He knows my brother would be ok too.

My dad has always supported me and I don't ever remember him being cross with me except once last year over politics. We usually knew well enough to leave that subject alone. I asked him if he was still upset the next day. He said no, let's just not talk about politics again.

My childhood had a lot of pain but dad was always a good part, a hero who came home from Vietnam twice, who served his country even after he retired from the USAF and made sure that when he moved to Panama that his fellow ExPats had a Christian service worthy of their service to our country.

He will always be my hero.

Pagar has checked out.

written by his daughter Kalena"

I didn't change one word but I may have capitalized one letter. Something from the heart should not be altered.

It's been a pretty tough week my JOM friends. Very grateful for all of you.


So he was a chaplain, and probably worked with. The lumber company


Thank you, Glasater. If she knows of any charity we could donate to in his name, pls share that, too.


I will do, Clarice. And will send her the link to this page.

Comanche Voter

If Beto tosses his hat in the ring in 2020, Trump should dub him 'Empty Sombrero".

The elevator doesn't go above the mezzanine in O'Rourke's case.

Dave (in MA)


This is the earliest Pagar comment that I've been able to find.


Rest in peace pagar. My deepest condolences to his family. Always enjoyed reading his comments.

Strawman Cometh

Hey Dave, there's a Daddy gem on that thread:

Such fundamental ignorance about this from both sides of the aisle in DC is honestly frightening. I am certainly no genius, but how in the heck can you be an adult in this country since 9-11 and not know some of this stuff? Here's a little jingle for our elected Solon's on the Intelligence Committee to try to help them sort it out:


Grab your cloak and get Jihad
Leave Osama on the cavestep
Just direct your feet
To the Sunni side of the street

Can't you hear the rat tat tat
Of those AK-47's
Just more Al Queda Brethren
Trying to get to Sunni Heaven

Now Congressmen I stress
Sunni's believe Shia's are not blest'
Cause Shia's have followed Muhamed's son-in-law Ali that pest
Since 661 when he got slaughtered...
near Karbala

Fundamentalist Saudi's equals Sunni's
And they think Shia's are looney as Moonies,
And Shia's live out in the Iraqi boonies,
But not on the Sunni side of the street.

Posted by: Daddy | December 10, 2006 at 06:21 AM

Dave (in MA)
these things tend to happen in threes
Don't anybody go getting any ideas.
Dave (in MA)


Was there a Klobuchar event nearby?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My favorite recurring pagar sentiment;
"I don't see how any American could ever vote for a Democrat."
He's off in the wild blue yonder now, where I'm guessing there aren't too many modern Dems.




Mr Pin tell me honestly! Are you upset ... or trying to qualify for one of those high-pay, make-work UN jobs?

Posted by: Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA | March 11, 2019 at 06:09 PM

I don't know if I'm as upset as I am increasing Red Pill production. I've decided to start reading actual books again even just a chapter here and there as I can. I don't have it yet but I will probably check out Dr Jones' The Slaughter of Cities. That book is the other side of what Sowell is describing.

Essentially, in the North there was no White Identity. People tended to live in ethnic communities or neighborhoods. They would most likely identify as Lithuanians, Irish, Poles and Germans for instance.

What the Social Engineers did (or as I said, 'War Criminals') is ship Black people from the South into ethnic neighborhoods in places like Philadelphia and Chicago in order to drive those so called White people into the suburbs. If you have a strong ethnic identity you aren't going to be vulnerable to the bullshit attacks about White Privilege and collective White Guilt for slavery, which isn't as Huwight as people have been led to believe.

Article 2 of the Convention defines genocide as

... any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2


Well that's part of it, but there was labor demand in the north, industrial work along with farming.


White privilege is dependency theory podgen Marxist applied to demography.. all around the work there is influx from rural into urban setting


Apparently during the Reconstruction Era discriminatory freight rates were imposed on the South to discourage re-industrialization.


If you bring the Blacks in and destroy their families then you don't have factory workers you have Cabrini Green and then you can really print money.


The song remains the same:

Castro will sue suburban landlords for discrimination if they don’t comply and take in Section 8 tenants with criminal records.

Castro’s new regulation, known as “Small-Area Fair Market Rents” (SAFMR), will likely be finalized this October, before Obama leaves office.

The New York Post reported that it will set voucher rent limits by ZIP code rather than metro area, the current formula, which makes payments relatively small. For example, the fair market rent for a one-bedroom in New York City is about $1,250, which wouldn’t cover rentals in leafy areas of Westchester County, such as Mamaroneck, where Castro and his social engineers seek to aggressively resettle Section 8 tenants.

They want to spread the criminals around to the suburbs where many minorities have also fled to escape urban crime.


Manuel Transmission

I don’t think it counts as the 3rd passing, but it is a strange coincidence. Margaret Whitlock was the oldest person in WA State and died Tuesday on her 113th birthday at her retirement home we happened to visit the next day. She was six months older than my dad. She was alive to see women get the right to vote.

I hope she runs into daddy and pagar as she is bound to have plenty of personal experiences to correlate with their book larnen.


Long ago on a late night shift pagar and I had a nice conversation. I asked how he came up with "pagar" and he explained that when he started posting he looked at his desk and saw a bunch of bills he needed to pay.


Haha! We had a good laugh.

RIP, pagar. God bless you good friend.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

RIP our wonderful pagar.

jim nj


I think they dialed back that Obama section 8 rule.

Weird story. My girlfriend is friends with more people in our area than I am so she frequently tells me about the goings on.

She tells me there is a guy in an apartment across the street who failed a section 8 inspection 3 times and is losing his apartment. Using conventional reasoning, I'm thinking no way that was all on the super and the landlord and they would have reported it to the City if it involved code violations.

No, she explained, you don't understand, the apartment was fine, but he was living in a pig sty and couldn't, or wouldn't, clean it up. They're going to put him in a group home where somebody can supervise him.

Not pagar too.

jim nj

About that college professor who wears a suit and no one worries about him in the elevator until he gets on in average dress.

I don't remember where I heard this, but how do make a black man look less threatening? Dress him in a suit and tie. How do make him look more threatening? Put him back in street clothes? No, change the tie for a bow-tie and very dark sunglasses.

I think that refers to the Nation of Islam.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

h/t BJG blog
China fishing fleet vs Argentine Coast Guard

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Also noted at BJG, FB blocked Liz Warren.
Sample link
Elizabeth Warren calls Facebook a ‘censor’ for temporarily blocking her ads about breaking Facebook up


Aye Aye Aye

jim nj

via Insty


Should Don Surber add Erdogan and the Turkish economy to his list?

jim nj

I've been looking at the revelations of Democratic Presidential Candidates foibles.

This isn't a Republican early attack. It's Blue on Blue oppo research. They are going to cripple each other in the lead-off to the primaries.

As this continues I suspect all of the EM candidates to be crippled in one fashion or another.

We won't have clown car candidates. We will have crippled clown car candidates.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Surber notes the illegal campaign contributions from China to Jeb!
Of interest: in the comments, more info about Neil Bush than I've known before, yike.


And is it Michelle or Biden saving the day for the Dems? Milwaukee could use some riots.


So very saddened to learn our friend Pagar has also passed away. This world was such a better place with he & daddy in it but my heartfelt condolences to Pagar’s family & friends. Great guy will be missed.





This is interesting, particularly David French and National Review leaving Schiff alone.


French et al can’t bite the prog hand that feeds them.




This beats Romney’s binders by a country mile:


Chinese Data Breach Exposes 'Breed Ready' Status Of Almost 2 Million Women






This is another article which says Blair has been having meetings with Macron to advise him on how to keep the UK in the EU.



Tom Bowler

So sorry to hear of Pagar's passing. Condolences to his family and friends.



This has lots of information on things going on in Venezuela in addition to the embassy story.



In Feb of 2016, airport officials gave Somali community representtives a detailed, behind-the-scenes tour of the airport along with DHS representatives.

Now it is discovered that the SOmalis are smuggling millions of dollars out of the country and much of it is going to support terrorist groups.


A comment on Boeing:

Bill Pulte
‏Verified account @pulte
12h12 hours ago

As a pilot myself, it’s my opinion and prediction that the Airlines will take the 737 Max 8 airplane out of operation! I can imagine nothing worse, as a pilot, than a robotic computer (if true) over-handling the aircraft! Human touch is important when handling an aircraft!

Captain Hate

French et al can’t bite the prog hand that feeds them.

It would also help to have a real opposition party to demand Schiffty's recusal after what happened to Nunes. Levin was all over this a week ago and since then not a damn thing has happened.

Maybe some of you are ok with being sold out by the GOP but I'm not. We need a MAGA party now and relegate the Republican Party to the dustbin of history. They can just cross the aisle like always and the usual suspects will act surprised.


Captain Hate,

I agree but I don't know how to do it, as we would be starting with no infrastructure (local and state parties) and I fear giving the democrat/commies any opening.

The information that Jeb Bush's Super PAC got fined for taking all that money from Chinese nationals is just another piece of evidence that the bigshots in the GOP are not acting in our interest.


Meanwhile, the dems are having some problems of their own:


Captain Hate

Welp, Miss Marple, we've got the one Commander in Chief in place who could get that done in the next six years. It's hard to believe the thought hasn't crossed his mind. I can't be alone in permanently wanting to tell the lying pricks to fuck off.


Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
50s51 seconds ago

Today at the WH: As @boyscouts Honorary President, @realDonaldTrump today receives their Report to the Nation. Later, he has a signing ceremony for the John Dingell Conservation Act. Both events closed to press, but if @POTUS has something on his mind, WH opens event to press.

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