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March 05, 2019


Sandy Daze


When good splits the difference with evil, evil pockets the half then works on the other half.
(OL @ 3:08)

Captain Hate

David Corn goes where Desi Accoster doesn't dare:


Jim Eagle



I'm no expert, but he clearly had control over his drinking, to never drink at home or in violation of the constraints of his job. More important, I suspect he engaged in a bit of joking hyperbole. For example, on Sunday when he posted here about being "two sheets to the wind" at the bar with me and Peter, we were on our first beer, or maybe not even. Similar to his comments about Jodi, I suspect.

Jimmy k, got that, and have always assumed it. As one could say about me.

My point here people--we are older than we were last year. These electrolyte imbalances and arrhythmias do NOT mean you are a lying in the gutter, drinking out of a brown paper bag alkie.
It's intrinsic to the compound that makes drinking so pleasant for so many of us. ETOH.

Take care.




I'm not so sure that the emergency declaration vote isn't canny politics. If enough Republicans say that they will vote with the dems, but only enough to give them 51 votes, then this forces the dem senators -- all of them -- to vote against border security, and in favor of terrorism and drug and human trafficking. Those votes can be used to bludgeon them in the election. And, since they DON'T have the votes to override the veto, no-harm-no-foul on actually promoting invasion/terrorism/trafficking. The Republican senators are Rand Paul, who won't be hurt because Texas admires a man of principles as long as he's not hurting them, and the Dope Sisters are just dopey. This is standard legislative politics -- on close votes, once you have enough votes to win, you let a few of your guys vote the other way to help the individual lawmakers with the voters at home, but with the understanding that if you need him to switch to your side he will. (This is the job of the House and Senate Whips of each party -- counting the votes and calling for the vote at the right time.)

This is similar to the Republicans scheduling a vote on the Green New Deal. Force the dems to actually vote for the thing rather than just talk.

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