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March 26, 2019



re NASA and the spacesuit shortage....




This is a nice story about the school honoring the late Tyler Trent, who was a huge Purdue fan and was made an honorary captain of the football team.

JM Hanes


That's the kind of thing that would be subsumed under "proximity to earth." :-)



President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

AOC: "The world is gonna end in, like, 12 years if we don't address Climate Change"

It strikes me that it would be handy to have a 6 second snip of just that claim. But I don't see one on YouTube.
How hard would that be to make?
What app would you use?

James D.

Must ask the Lord when I get there why he lets men like Soros hang around while taking my husband, daddy and so many other great ones so soon.

I would like to know the answer to that one, too.

JM Hanes


That is so fantastic! Thanks for the link; my next question was going to be, "Does it come back?" I can see why a moon landing might seem a little mundane. I'll have to add Bennu as a character in my Poseidoniad -- although Osiris Rex may be a bit too multi-culti for my purposes. I wouldn't have been pissed to pass before the Mueller report came out, but I sure hope I get to hear about the results of this mission. In fact, I've put Sept. 24th, 2023 on my handy calendar app.

JM Hanes

Willowed. AGAIN! And no one but myself to blame makes it even WORSE. Will paste comment on new thread.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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