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March 24, 2019



Jane, I'm sorry I didn't reply to your post last night. I fell asleep.


Historians will note that the news media, the deep state and the national establishment spent two years trying to undermine President Trump. They lost-we are now in a new world.

Newt is wrong. They will continue to undermine President Trump. They will simply find other pretexts.


Adam Liptak @adamliptak

Supreme Court won’t hear appeal from unnamed foreign corporation facing Mueller grand jury subpoena

Tom R

AB @ 7:20

Of all the Ledge dwellers who have criticized me the most for my opinion about a Mueller, I knew you were one of the ones who would not admit you were wrong. Thanks for confirming I got that prediction correct too.



Mueller specifically wrote that the probe “does not exonerate” the president, according to Trump’s attorney general.



They really want to do that with a crew of 3x mossad and sayaret operators?


No sweat Rocco. I fell asleep too!

Momto2 - Boy I hope Newt is right!

Ralph L

Something I haven't seen discussed: How can a President commit the crime of obstruction when he is the sole constitutional officer who enforces the law? He's ultimately responsible for who's investigated & prosecuted for what--and who does the deed. Blocking an investigation might then be a political crime, not a legal one.

I tried suggesting the topic to Althouse, and she tossed the comment, apparently without reading it.

Ralph L

Narciso, have you have any comments removed? I had two that deserved it over the weekend and two that didn't this morning.
I suggested Drago and Chuck were having makeup sex.


JiB: to test “true” IQ, there a series of other tests such as “working memory”, and others that I can’t remember now.

Now that is funny!


No just delayed as far as I can gather,

Tom R

Momto2’s @ 9:27 reminded me of what Newt Gingrich said about Mueller when he was appointed SC.


Since I have a lot of respect for Newt, this comment is one of the first things that led me to the belief Trump and Mueller were working together.

His comments critical of the SC since then were nothing more than his scripted lines to maintain the deception.


So many questions. pic.twitter.com/66KaR52Kk8

— James Comey (@Comey) March 24, 2019


Could not agree more.

See you soon. https://t.co/KNGzyDizdq

— Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) March 25, 2019

we always seem to need to relearn basic lessons.



Everything is about Nixon as a reference point even when it closely isnt warranted.


Mueller specifically wrote that the probe “does not exonerate” the president, according to Trump’s attorney general.

Dersh pointed out how inappropriate that was, kind of like Comey's handling of the Hillary case: Decide yes or no, and if no, then other weasely comments are out of bounds.

I would argue that this is on Barr: He had the choice of what to put in his summary. I haven't read it carefully, but if Barr quoted that, it was stupid on his part. Just red meat for the TDS crowd. (Yes, I know someone is going to make a 4D argument about this, but enough already.)


That's bad faith on muellers part, like the coda tacked onto the ig report.

Captain Hate

I would argue that this is on Barr: He had the choice of what to put in his summary. I haven't read it carefully, but if Barr quoted that, it was stupid on his part.

Barr is in a no win situation; if he put something in his summary different from what Mueller said then the rats will jump on it. Much better to quote him and let the likes of Dersh make the argument against Mueller.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Not sure why we got to talking about iq tests--

I am reading a book on handedness and it reminded me that I know I'm not as smart as the tests have always told me I am.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Glenn Greenwald
Oh my god. It's 3 years later and - even after Mueller just destroyed their conspiracy theory - they're still insisting they lost not because of their shitty & corrupt neoliberal ideology or their historically unpopular nominee but because of Russian Facebook ads & Twitter bots.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I killfiled TomR many months ago.--

I blocked the lot of them. It was cheaper than a DeLorean with the flux capacitor option.


It doesn't say yes or no, according to the letter.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If they keep yapping about Russian collusion could they at least drop the "reality based community" garbage?


Greenwald and Taibbi are the proverbial one-eyed kings. Dersh seems to have both eyes open, though one may be a bit off (leading him to still pull the D lever).


No on their world two suns are in the sky.

Captain Hate

King of the Retards Status Report

Yes, I am writing for a much smaller audience than is nominally reading, but as long as the sensible folks are still here, I am heartened.

Patterico (98df0d) — 3/24/2019 @ 12:54 pm


Lindsey is in for a surprise when Comey explains the Whitehouse meeting last week with Rosenstein, Huber, Barr, and Sessions.

He really should brush up on 45_schedule's twitter feed before he gets his hat colors wrong.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The dem talking point word of the day is:


Barr was 'hand-picked'


if he put something in his summary different from what Mueller said then the rats will jump on it.

Not different, but just omit the superfluous and gratuitous "not exonerate" language.



I am still debating whether to buy a WIFI enabled thermostat.

We have a humidifier integrated into the HVAC and 2 speed fan system, so that means that only the top of the line thermostats from a couple of suppliers will work.

Mrs. Buckeye likes the idea that she could change the temp from her phone before returning home from a trip, etc.

I am trying to think of a single app she has mastered, but "I am not going there", if you catch my drift.

I found it interesting that the Lion flight crew was scrambling to find a checklist that had the instructions they needed (don't think it exists) to deal with the automation/sensor hiccup.

In a case like that, if you don't understand the technology, you are screwed.

Jim Eagle


Well, I went and took my Prevogen, and now I remember those other complementary tests for a complete IQ profile:

Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (DKEFS),
Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment, (NEPSY-II),
Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Drawing
Continuous Performance Test, Third Edition (CPT-3)
Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning,(WRAML-2)


Tom R

Henry @ 9:42

The mystery foreign owned corporation that Mueller was trying to force to testify before the grand jury is still something that is obviously a big question mark. If Mueller has ruled out any future indictments, then what is going on with this specific line of inquiry?

Here is a Twitter Sleuth from last year connecting some dots on how contracts with foreign governments were used to launder the money used to pay Stefan Halper for his assistance with spying on the Trump campaign. No idea if this is related to your 9:42 but still tossing it out there.



No this about a swiss affiliate of an Israeli company which was working in the middle east.


I am reading a book on handedness and it reminded me that I know I'm not as smart as the tests have always told me I am.

I hear you Iggy!

I like to think I just have "undeveloped potential".

Too bad I am too old to remember what to do about it.

What drug did Jack say he took:)

Tom R

TK @ 10:11

Are you insisting that a meeting never took place at the WH prior to the ceremony at the DOJ? The picture taken outside of the WH that has Sessions and Rosenstein in it confirms two of the attendees. IMO when a Twitter Sleuth says that Barr and Huber were also in attendance the picture reinforces the veracity of their statement. Why you feel compelled to ridicule and belittle them is something I can’t figure out.


My NPR station plays a program called 1 A (get it) from 1--12.

And they are all on it---"Will POTUS be indicted for obstruction?" is what this hour's panel is addressing.


And they are all on it---"Will POTUS be indicted for obstruction?" is what this hour's panel is addressing.

Which stage of grief is that?:)


Captain Terrell aiming phasers at himself.

James D.

Narc, more like Taylor setting off the cobalt bomb at the end of Beneath the Planet of the Apes.


No sentient being can listen to this discussion and not agree with Professor Derschowitz about Mueller doing a huge disservice to this nation by not addressing the obstruction issue.

TDS lives on.


All i know for certain is i am a fucking RED HAT.

Tom R

For everyone’s entertainment, The meme comes from the first Kingsmen movie.



The picture taken outside of the WH that has Sessions and Rosenstein in it confirms two of the attendees.

You have finally sourced the picture? Great!

Please post who took the picture and what they said about it.

Thank you, Tom.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The single largest media fail in history is no longer Truman v. Dewey.

Nope, that distinction now belongs to Trump v. The Entire Left.

Suck it bitches.

JD on FB


Americanos for Trump should fire our guns together across time zones as our response to the Mueller Investigation a la the series Netflix series Damnation, final scene episode 10 (season 1).

Message to Trump: pull the mthrfckg trigger NOW!
Message to Mueller and the Swamp Cabal: Come get some. (H/T Duke Newcomb).

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Up until now Trump has been a tiger in a cage. Barr just left the cage door open. Democrats better leave the zoo before they end up being dinner. - a commenter on FB.


Tom, I have to run. The problem with the link you provided from 45_schedule is that is never said what you say it did. Never. JMH and I have practically begged you to go back and read it.
Additionally the photo is worthless when read in conjunction with the text. Look at the photo just before it in the timeline and you will see why.


Thomas Collins

Re the non-exoneration language in Mueller's report: Barr knows that once Nadler and Schiff get a hold of the report, the leaks will be gushing. He needed to put that language in the summary, because the non-exoneration language would have come out anyway. I am confident that the summary is not glossing over anything, notwithstanding John Dean's fulminations.

Re the argument that summary of the report shows Mueller was not out to get Trump: That's simply not the case. Mueller has his own reputation to protect. Since collusion was never a serious possibility after a few months of Mueller's digging (see anonamom's link to Andrew McCarthy's 12/17 article in the prior thread), Mueller needed to milk obstruction for all he could. The non-exoneration language provides the coup participants with a talking point.

Tom R

TK @ 10:44

You are more than welcome to go back to previous threads and find the original link to the picture of Sessions and Rosenstein outside the WH to find out who posted it to Twitter.


I think a lot of people smiled yesterday and then woke up today pissed.

I know I am very disappointed that no one in the Swamp Cabal has really suffered a serious setback (well maybe Hillary).

Big chunk of the country is getting the same righteous indignation Trump displayed before heading to DC yesterday.


does not exonerate

Proving a negative?

A "Have you stopped beating your wife"-type logical fallacy that any media worth its salt should shred.


So they are going to saty with the same chimps:


Captain Hate

This is probably an exercise in futility BUT why do otherwise intelligent people inflict State Radio on themselves? In case you're about to pose the same question to me about Nifong Junior I have two answers:

1. Subject to check, TK finds it entertaining.

2. Since he's working at a taxpayer funded paper shuffling job, he has plenty of time to run Charles Johnson paranoia based online searches to find out who's talking about him. Maybe I can bait that monkey out of his online Fortress of Solitude, where I'd never comment for multiple reasons, where he can get humiliated by a much larger group of people than his blog could dream of.


Just like with Brexit, the beatings will continue (till we get the right result).


I think the fact that hes a professing Christian is much more injurious in the city of parafemons, plus he tangled with lex Luthor the hippy wannabe Dennis hopper character from speed.

Captain Hate

Yesterday on the Fox Media show Mrs Blutarski likes to watch, they had on Ben Domensch (sp?) who I didn't realize is married to MeggieMac. He was invited on to decry Trump's recent savaging of McStain, and decry he did.

McCain's role in all of this is going to be exposed and I bet it's a lot bigger than just giving Comey a copy of the fake dossier.
Posted by: JackStraw at March 25, 2019 09:54 AM (/tuJf)


Yes that was cromulent,

Captain Hate

The skewering of the Rear Admiral continues

#Ahoy! Bill Kristol tweets:
"Bliss is it in this dawn to be alive,
"But to be on Twitter is very heaven!"
Definitely not a fat old ineffectual cuck who's addicted to the instant validation he gets from tweets. Say, when's the last time you actually wrote something that wasn't a tweet or a fundraising appeal, Kap'n Bill?
Meanwhile, Ol' 3-Wives Chuck is arguing that just because there's no evidence and no case doesn't mean you're innocent. Say, aren't these guys posing as "Republicans for the Rule of Law"? Is the official position of "Republicans for the Rule of Law" is that no conviction, no charge, not even any evidence is needed to sustain a charge -- all that's needed is for the Correctly-Connected People to lodge an accusation?
Why yes -- that is their opinion.
Stay tuned for more important updates from Pierre Omidyar and George Soros

Tom R

anonamom @ 10:39

I assume you are referring to this interview with Dershowitz embedded in this article?


Countless number of posters here, enough for me to say there is a JOM consensus, have come to the conclusion that the pro-Marxist/anti-Constitution leftists have taken complete control of the Democrat party. Do you think these leftists can be rehabilitated and reprogrammed to become patriotic Americans or do you believe they are a lost cause and must be soundly defeated?

Captain Hate

Mr. Comey, thank you for joining us today.

I have two questions for you. Robert Mueller has said there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

What evidence did you use to get a FISA warrant on Carter Page?

What evidence did you use to start a counterintelligence investigation on Donald Trump and his presidential campaign?

Feel free to use puppets or other material to help you explain the unexplainable.
Posted by: JackStraw at March 25, 2019 10:36 AM (/tuJf)

matt - deplore me if you must

Here is the language of Barr's letter re obstruction:

"In cataloguing the President's actions, many of which took place in public view, the report identifies no actions that, in our judgment, constitute obstructive conduct, had a nexus to a pending or contemplated proceeding, and were done with corrupt intent, each of which, under the Department's principles of federal prosecution guiding charging decisions, would need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to establish an obstruction-of-justice offense."

I think it's pretty clear that there was no deliberate obstruction or obvious obstruction from this statement. The reference to "public view" is, I believe, to Trump's various and sundry comments regarding Flynn; what he said to Comey, which under a leftist interpretation could be used to indict; and others.

Some of us call that speaking one's mind.

The NY Times and Washington Post could not be reached for reaction regarding their phony Pulitzers.

And Hillary is in the living room swigging cheap gin and throwing ashtrays at the walls.


Ignatz, I have met you in person and you are definitely WAY smarter than the average bear. Please give yourself more credit than you do.

There are "intangibles" that I am not so sure that any test can measure. Trying to remember to see myself in God's Eyes rather than human eyes is my daily challenge. Doing so reminds me of my place in God's plans. If I am EXACTLY where God wants me, why can't I ACCEPT it?


I tried suggesting the topic to Althouse, and she tossed the comment, apparently without reading it.

ralph l, how is that moderation thing being taken by regular, non-name calling posters?
Did she ever post a stand alone explaining her thought process?

It sure killed Saturday night's cafe! Six comments Sunday morning when I looked; thirty an hour later, once she posted them.

She can be so utterly clueless at times---hosting a cafe but using moderation is an outstanding example!

Captain Hate

Rodham must be on her third box of Chardonnay wondering which of her attorneys aren't under investigation. "Cheryl Mills? Fuck her, she's dumber than I am. *hic* *shart*"


yes steph, I am hearing lot's of "hand-picked" today on NPR.

Message to Trump: pull the mthrfckg trigger NOW!
Message to Mueller and the Swamp Cabal: Come get some. (H/T Duke Newcomb).

KK--totally agree. I Tweeted to his boys yesterday that pardoning Gen. Flynn today would be a great place to start the offense---don't you agree???


Buckeye, I have an iComfort Smart Thermostat linked to a Lennox Home System. The app is VERY EASY to use. I currently have it on main wifi, but will be switching it up shortly (currently working on re-architecting entire home networks).



None of that Alexa capable stuff with this one:


Tom R


Sure, you’ve got more Russiagaters than I can count moving the goalposts to possible financial crimes and frantically grasping at the straws of Mueller’s words in Barr’s letter regarding potential obstruction of justice, “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

But, of course, the damage is already done. Trump has been handed a powerful political weapon which may have ensured his reelection to the White House

The GOP never impeached Obama because they knew he would never get convicted by the Senate and it would only end up helping him. Pelosi knows that is the same exact situation that the Democrats are facing now. Impeaching Trump after he has been exonerated of colluding with the Russians would be an electoral disaster for the Democrats in 2020.

If the Democrats don't impeach Trump, wouldn't the next best thing to improve the chances of Trump and MAGA candidates winning in 2020 is for the losers like Schiff, Nadler, & Swalwell to keep incessantly bleating about obstruction of justice?


Iggy, the following could help you "upping" the IQ. :)



I see the memo is out:

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Mueller won't bring any more indictments, but other Justice Department offices will continue investigating potential crimes related to the election

Captain Hate

The GOP never impeached Obama because they knew he would never get convicted by the Senate and it would only end up helping him

Helping him how? The GOPe Failure Theater is at its most cowardly when they claim that impeaching Slick helped him, for which there's no evidence. ManBearPig pointedly told Clenis not to campaign for him.


I'd like to see a Flynn pardon, anonamom. Who knows what it will take and how long to evolve....


She can be so utterly clueless at times---hosting a cafe but using moderation is an outstanding example!

She did have a whole thread explaining her reasoning, and asking for (unmoderated) comments. The sentiment was mixed, so she went ahead with it.

As to the cafes, she said the problem is that if she turns off moderation, she turns it off for the whole blog.

I do comment there (sparsely), and pointed out the negative effect of eliminating the conversational back and forth. The same thing happened with Tim Blair's blog (before it ultimately went mostly behind a very expensive paywall).

She seems intent on sticking with it 100% for now. Maybe she'll come to her senses at some point and experiment with opening it up again.


The special place Never Trumpers hold in the past two year's insanity:



Pelosi and Schumer: We can't trust Barr's summary given his bias against the Mueller probe

Just wait until they find the dossier with story that goes ..

Schumer is standing on the street corner, and Pelosi comes up and propositions him. She says if he comes home with her, for $5 she'll put on an exhibition with a Shetland pony...


As to why I find Althouse worth reading: Well, mainly for the commenters, who are second only to JOMers. But also because I like to read liberals who seem to have stumbled upon a clue here and there. It gives me more hope than reading, say, Julie Kelly--who I also enjoy reading, but she's already in the base. I want to think there are still persuadables.

Beasts of England

Oh, noez - not the hand-picked attorney general!! Eric 'Wingman' Holder and Bobby Kennedy were drawn from a hat, I guess...


Actually, I'm sure AOS commenters are superior to Althouse's, but there are only so many hours in the day.


El Rushbo's told his listeners this morning: "Do not cheer this Report. It's based on a hoax. Can a baseless investigation for which there was no crime to investigate result in an obstruction charge, let alone an indictment?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

LOL beasts!

Their cognitive dissonance is causing the peasants to revolt. Or in their vernacular... the peasants are revolting!!!


A suicide in Newtown, CT--one of the SandyHook fathers.

Tom R

CH @ 12:20

Slick Willie's approval ratings went up to 73% (the highest of his presidency) thanks to the impeachment proceedings. That was the basis for not impeaching Obama


This never gets old:


(Video sequence of dozens of "this is the end/turning point/bombshell" declarations on CNN/MSNBC etc.)


Jeremy Richman


So very sad.


How does the bar allow this guy to keep his license?


Nike shares drop to session low after attorney Michael Avenatti tweets that he will hold a press conference tomorrow about an alleged "high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by Nike"



Meanwhile, storms and flooding in Africa:

The Wall Street Journal

Rescuers are using helicopters and boats to save more than 600,000 stranded victims—some still clinging to roofs and trees—but stress that funding for relief operations is dwindling on.wsj.com/2JEnqLy

James D.

How does the bar allow this guy to keep his license?

Good question.

No disrespect to any of our lawyers here, but the legal profession seems to do an especially bad job of policing itself.


Yale dumps student who's parents did bribe.


Captain Hate

Time to settle accounts, bitches:


JM Hanes


That Neeson story is bizarre from top to bottom, isn't it? Why celebrities feel the need to unburden themselves to reporters, I do not know, but I've always thought that there's a reason most of them owe their successes to pretending to be other people.


I feel for Neo's pygmy pony. I do. :>)


Does the Mueller Report embolden Republican Harlots in Congress to slide their big toes toward POTUS?

Tom Bowler

So I have a new theory. Never mind, black hat or white hat. Mueller wasn't wearing a hat. He was wearing a dunce cap. OK, so dunce caps are hopelessly out of style. But look at the fit!

Consider this school of thought: Mueller is just incompetent.

That’s the alarming conclusion that journalist Carl M. Cannon came to not long ago. While most of the media was holding up Comey and Mueller as ideal models of integrity, the executive editor of RealClearPolitics remembered very different sides of the former FBI directors.


He went on to outline an oft-forgotten piece of the Bush era: The anthrax case, which both Mueller and Comey were closely involved in… and quickly bungled.

“The FBI ignored a 2002 tip from a scientific colleague of the actual anthrax killer, who turned out to be a Fort Detrick scientist named Bruce Edwards Ivins; the reason is that they had quickly obsessed on an innocent man named Steven Hatfill,” explained Cannon.

Just as politics and internal bias were major factors in exonerating Hillary Clinton and launching a witch-hunt against Trump, political pressure led the FBI down the wrong path in the anthrax case, with Mueller and Comey as the leaders of the farce.

“The bureau was bullied into focusing on the government scientist by Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and was duped into focusing on Hatfill by two sources — a conspiracy-minded college professor with a political agenda who’d never met Hatfill and by Nicholas Kristof, who put her conspiracy theories in the paper while mocking the FBI for not arresting Hatfill,” Cannon wrote.

In an era where any prosecutor worth his salt can convict a ham sandwich of collusion, Mueller came up empty. Empty! Completely empty! Even with a prosecutor's dream team, Mueller could not even manufacture an obstruction charge. I mean, how hard could it be?

But no. The best Mueller could come up with a was a weasely statement that his investigation didn't exonerate Trump.

Mueller couldn't find any evidence of collusion. He couldn't even coerce it out of any of the poor slobs that fell into his clutches. Mueller couldn't find any evidence that Trump obstructed his investigation. And he couldn't manufacture it either.

But, even though Mueller found no evidence of a crime and no reason to obstruct his investigation, and even though he found no evidence of Trump obstructing whatever it was the dream team was doing for two years, Mueller effectively said, well... Trump could be guilty of obstruction anyway.

It's hilarious. And pathetic at the same time. Mueller thinks he's keeping hope alive for the Democrats. Which is great news as far as I'm concerned! Let the Democrats hyperventilate over Russia and obstruction for the next year and a half right up to election day. Meanwhile Trump builds the wall, makes a deal with China, pushes North Korea closer to disarmament, and the economy shifts into high gear. MAGA!

So that's my new theory and I'm sticking to it until a better one comes along. Or until I get tired of this one, whichever comes first.


What the bar won't clean up, SDNY will:


BREAKING: Michael Avenatti to be charged with wire and bank fraud in alleged shakedown of Nike, federal prosecutors say

Captain Hate

The MFM can't turn on Mueller after he continually leaked to them while heading up the FBI.


No shortage of cats to toss:

Jennifer Rubin

What if Mueller report says here’s all the evidence of obstruction might guidelines tell me the remedy is impeachment? Isn’t that very possible?

Captain Hate

Bezos should be so proud of Jen Rubin. Money well spent imo.


Now in custody:\

Breaking News Feed @pzf

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Avenatti is under arrest “for attempting to extract more than $20 million in payments” from Nike “by threatening to use his ability to garner publicity to inflict substantial financial and reputational harm on the company of his demands were not met.”


Creepy Porn Lawyer Indicted with Bank and Wire Fraud

Tom R

Mueller thinks he's keeping hope alive for the Democrats. Which is great news as far as I'm concerned! Let the Democrats hyperventilate over Russia and obstruction for the next year and a half right up to election day.

I fully agree with you about it being great news for Trump and the MAGA agenda. Of course where we differ is that I think Trump and Mueller did that on purpose because they knew the Democrats would fall for the trap.

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