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March 24, 2019


Jim Eagle

Brennan is actually that dumb, and we trusted him with our G2. Wonderful. We are so screwed.


Brennan knows a beta like him is a catcher, not a pitcher, in club fed

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

… when arriving at the pearly Gates of Heaven, a young social justice warrior was told by Saint Peter that he could ask any question.

“Saint Peter, what I really want to know, is what was the collusion between Trump and Russia?”

“My son, there was no collusion by Trump, just between Hil-”

“Wow. The conspiracy goes higher than I realized.”


What is the protocol if any for arresting a former president?


Kingpin he looks roughly like dinofrios portrayal and exhibits the same sangfroid, sarc


Captain Hate

Brennan in the joint? **Snort**

Another Bob

Might be easiest to call his USSS detail and tell them to bring him in?

Jim Eagle

Don't know Jane, but it would be fun to find out:)




why people need to be prosecuted



John Brennan... what a pussy!!! What a complete lack of courage, douchenozzle.


Bryan Dean Wright
‏Verified account @BryanDeanWright
7m7 minutes ago

The best part of John Brennan’s interview on MSNBC today?

The background.

It suggests he’s hunkered down at a local Motel 6, sleeping on a bed that vibrates when you feed it quarters, planning his escape to Cuba.

It’s perfect. Former colleagues like me couldn’t be happier.


Captain Hate

Old fat person doesn't know when to STFU



‏Verified account @greggutfeld
6h6 hours ago

in terms of life mistakes, its pretty amazing that hiring Avenatti actually trumps a career in porn


The fellow who's paid he was going to crash, Raul's no 1, is probably not taking new roomates

Captain Hate

Ralph's crying again!


Dave Collum
‏ @DavidBCollum
23m23 minutes ago

I personally had a rank-and-file FBI agent tell me many in the rank-and-file would like to see the high command go to prison.


‏ @45_Schedule
6m6 minutes ago

Daily Public Schedule for March 26, 2019:

11:45AM POTUS receives his intelligence briefing.

12:45PM POTUS departs the White House en route to the U.S. Capitol.

12:50PM POTUS arrives at the U.S. Capitol.

1:00PM POTUS participates in a Senate Republican Policy Lunch.

.... 2:05PM POTUS departs the U.S. Capitol en route to the White House.

2:10PM POTUS arrives at the White House.

3:15PM POTUS meets with members of Congress on trade.


Tom R @ 12:42am

If anyone else has some other legit possibilities to explain what happened let me know. I'm sticking with what I said earlier. Since the original position on Mueller of the Ledge dwellers has been completely refuted, that moves the needle in the direction towards my position. We won't know for certain who is correct until all the facts come out and the indictments start flowing. My guess is the floodgates are about to open.

I finished reading Sidney Powell's book "License to Lie" about the same time as Captain Hate and I really suggest you read that fine book.

There is no way Mueller is the 'white hat' as you describe/believe. Anyone who has Weissman on the SC team as Mueller had cannot be unbiased.

Read the book. It explains just how horrible this man Weissman is and the damage he and others like him have done to our legal system.


Captain’s 910 gave me a good laugh. :)


Tucker voices his opinion about Mueller tonight. FF to 48:00 or so. (the sound and vid are out of sync for me so I don't have an accurate time)




Dan Bongino agrees (listening to his podcast now).

Captain Hate


Wasn't that a sickening book in terms of how rotten our DOJ *and* federal courts are? I don't know why Powell's one client wasn't totally exonerated by that dicknosed black robed tyrant. I was as pissed off after reading that book as I was when the Olympic basketball team was screwed in the 72 Olympics; although only in the earlier time was I pacing around saying "this is fucked up and somebody has to make it right" over and over.

Tom R

TOM R. is a fucking clown. HE is not a nice guy period.

The irony of his words are lost on Gus. Has there ever been another poster at JOM as intolerant and incapable of controlling themselves as Gus? I really do feel sorry for him.


Chad Pergram
‏Verified account @ChadPergram
3m3 minutes ago

Fox has learned Senate Republicans inching closer to third “nuclear option” to try to limit debate after cutting off a filibuster on some nominees. Would need to have failed cloture vote to establish a new "precedent." Would end old 30 hr "post-cloture" period.


As Trey Gowdy left Capitol Hill, his ast words were that “Mueller was not conducting a ‘witchhunt’ and his report must be believed”.

Captain Hate

Here you go, Gentlejim



Now Sarah is trolling! Chart at the link!

Mueller Madness! Which of the angry and hysterical @realDonaldTrump haters got it most embarrassingly wrong? #YouDecide pic.twitter.com/IkzUesDdub

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) March 26, 2019
Les Nessman

'many in the rank-and-file would like to see the high command go to prison.'

Well what are they doing to make that happen?

JM Hanes

I just ran into that Trump Victory Dance over at Powerline, and it still makes me laugh. I bet somebody will play it for the President, because I enjoy thinking that he'd get a kick out of too.

Captain Hate

In all seriousness, my music listening has taken a major shot by living in such interesting times. It's embarrassing the number of discs that have gone unlistened because of having to hear what Ol' Yeller has to say.




Sean hannity needs to learn how to stfu.


Captain Hate,

I hate to say how poor my housekeeping has been sine this really heated up. LOL!


Kimberley Strassel
‏Verified account @KimStrassel

Gotta love all those Ds and liberal "legal" analysts who immediately complained Barr made a "hasty" 48-hour decision to rule out obstruction. Turns out he's been working on the question for three weeks, ever since Mueller told him he would not make a conclusion.

Captain Hate

liberal "legal" analysts

Levin has been skewering them almost nightly as not understanding legal matters or the Constitution.

Jim Eagle

Oh to be. Can't even finish the movie. Slaap Lekker,tot morgen.


Long day today, so I am heading to bed early.

Good night, everyone!


Thanks Captain. Poor Ralphie has the sads.


In all seriousness, my music listening has taken a major shot by living in such interesting times. It's embarrassing the number of discs that have gone unlistened because of having to hear what Ol' Yeller has to say.

Gummint should be small, efficient and boring.

We shouldn't have to invest time to make sure our employees are doing their job instead of lying and ripping us off.

Captain Hate

Fuck! Now Bull is preempted by a CBS report on the Mueller Report!


And yet its large slovenly and occasionally lethal, often to the wrong parties take the bureau our answer to the interior ministry.
It operated mostly with a professional sheen but lower middle class roots the prejudices of 5he director are supposed to impeach its operations, it didnt get involved with organized crime elements till pressed and we see what happened with operation gangster. An slinger the godfather of the dea got involved with foreign and domestic mobs that doesn't seem to serve it in good stead. AMD then we have the company based on upper class ivy league brahmin bankers and lawyers but who got used to dealing with folk of less sterling character.


They saw the image that the g man gave been receiving for weeks, and said we canr keep showing that. Anyways the last was in the image of their leading light Allen Dulles who we discovered from the Geneva episode was not as sharp as we thought.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ralph's crying again!--

I prefer the good ol days when manly men didn't cry.


Theres no crying in whatever the heck this arroz con mango is, yes they went all John nash, without ed harris.


Good lookin out Sideshow Bob



Captain H, that book really confirmed in my mind your black robed tyrants phrase.

Have been recommending it to many people on twitter. And when Sharyl Atkinson lost her case on the intrusion of her computer she asked her followers if she should appeal the decision.I recommended her to read Powell's book and then decide :-)



Trump needs to pardon him NOW!

Sammy Small

Time to investigate the Obama officials who concocted and spread the Russian conspiracy hoax!

How about THAT?

Posted by: MissMarple2 | March 25, 2019 at 05:39 PM

So that is the second Rep speaking out so far....where the hell are the rest! Or are they just going to be happy acquiescing to the Dems demand for more PDJT investigations while sticking their heads in the sand.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And send him a check for $5 million.


Gaetz is a honey badger, Florida edition his father was speaker or some such in the leg for some time.


That CBS thing on the Mueller Investigation is a Putin Red Scare + Smear Job against anyone who worked with Trump. Based on a 10 seconds spot check before wanting to barf.

Obama ... saint.

Flynn, Trump, Putin ... evil.

The rest of the 59 minutes and 50 seconds I can only imagine.


Jane, I agree but how does he get his home, his good name and his life back?

Good nite all


So it was a bigger fiction than bill,


Bull, they went after general Flynn precisely because he was a capable intelligence officer. Look at the clown shoe of kingpin queasy and general mcgoo.


Bull, certainly even the vanity project of queasy which follows NCIS.

Dave (in MA)

Pretty much,

Captain Hate

This is such a joke. They preempt Monday night shows because, for the sake of all things sacred, we can't interrupt MARCH MADNESS!!! What a clown show this whole newsertainment complex is. This is why I don't fill out a bracket anymore. To hell with them all.

Captain Hate

even the vanity project of queasy which follows NCIS.

There are some shows I refuse to watch and when I saw last summer they had The Queasy/Mueller show queued up it was NFW time.


Yes it's much stranger than max headroom, too bad they ended the gifted a few weeks early as with the passage.

Captain Hate

Levin: why isn't the Bathhouse Rat being linked to this?

Tom R

You might be right, Tom; tbh I never considered isolating that area of concentration but that is indeed the focus of the activity.


It's been hiding in plain sight for a while but the people on both sides who actually believed Mueller was trying to destroy Trump apparently overlooked it.



Here is an article discussing that the focus on FARA is continuing even after the Mueller SC.


Tom R

Two years, 40 FBI agents, 19 mostly rabid-Dem lawyers, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, 2800 subpoenas, all in the service of helping Trump by going after foreign funding of lobbyists, while faking a Russia collusion investigation?
And then Barr lied to Congress by failing to report on the real investigation in his summary?

A famous character once said "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

After two years, 40 FBI agents, 19 mostly rabid-Dem lawyers, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, and 2800 subpoenas, for someone to still insist that Mueller was on a witch hunt trying to destroy Trump is preposterous. That belief has been eliminated as "impossible". Any future discourse should focus on the remaining possibilities, however improbable you make think them to be.

Tom R

Trump is going into blitzkrieg mode against his political enemies. The leftists are getting hit from multiple fronts.


Captain Hate

That may well be, and it can be argued that this falls under foreign interference and that Rosenstein was directing this effort, but Mueller still included weasel words in his report like "can't exonerate" the President on obstruction. As a prosecutor, his job isn't to exonerate anyone; he either recommends a prosecution or not. This can't be overlooked in assigning whether or not someone is a good guy.


When we see Podesta craig and Weber not merely fined but indicted and convicted

Look I saw how just nearly 19 years ago, both the 11th circuit and the supreme court sanctioned the Elian rendition, which was the most shameless thing till the stone raid


Von brack was the one who handled Flynn's plea, then slipped out of the picture.

JM Hanes

Tom R:

"...for someone to still insist that Mueller was on a witch hunt trying to destroy Trump is preposterous. That belief has been eliminated as "impossible."

It's like Fifty First Dates all over again.

JM Hanes

Thanks to all for all the links! It's been grand day!


Or ground hog day, or those trek episodes when they are trapped in a timeloop.

So theres this Columbia and Harvard trained doctor who writes a thriller like the skulls but set in Harvard but in citing historical characters makes some serious category error including a davinci code type twist re king James 1.

JM Hanes

This one's for you, Jane, just in case you need encouragement that the campaign against the real miscreants may actually be getting underway. At this point, I'm just reading the headlines, esp. since This Is CNN, but it doesn't sound like the President is going to be sitting on his heels (I'm not sure that's a real expression, but never mind): Trump moves to weaponize Mueller findings.

And here's a welcome bit of icing on the cake: Pentagon notifies Congress $1 billion authorized to begin new wall construction.

Sounds like Trump is plowing full speed ahead, while the Democrats are all still spluttering about the Mueller results and trying to regroup.


So Susan Hennessy the other crazy person at the puzzle palace before Wayne Madsen is still in denial, but brooksie admits a dollop of doubt


Taken in by fake Russian bots

JM Hanes


Are you talking about politics or a script? With all the nicknames people use here, I can hardly tell the difference any more.


Isnt politics like pulp scripts today, this one is right out of Andrew marrs Roman a clef



David Brooks admits on third thought there may be have been intemperate moments on both sides

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- It's been grand day!--

It's been so frickin grand I decided to go back on my keto diet.
Did you hear me JM? My KETO diet.

Heh, heh.

Beasts of England

'After two years, 40 FBI agents, 19 mostly rabid-Dem lawyers, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, and 2800 subpoenas, for someone to still insist that Mueller was on a witch hunt trying to destroy Trump is preposterous. That belief has been eliminated as "impossible".'

Is this a serious comment?


I think its zany mad cap humor.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I went to school with a guy named David Snooks.
Nice guy.
I think he and David Brooks should swap last names. Be a lot more accurate.


"It was peaceful here while you were gone.
There is no Mary Rose manual and JOMers who have been here a long time know this.

oh! there you are!

my favorite delusional faux curmudgeon: D-fc, complete with bona fides.

i hope you're enjoying these early days of spring.

it seems you've done your best to stink up the joint while i was away. so many bad reports about you. tsk. tsk.

nothing new under the sun i suppose. it's great to be back.

btw, have your students pinned a tail on you yet; or, have you bent them to your elitist will?

your least favorite poster, but a favorite nonetheless---> Kev


We wish things would turn out a certain way but there are certain interests focused on making us suffer poorly managed government poorly thought out entertainment

Beasts of England

I certainly hope so, narciso...

Beasts of England

Howdy, Kev - good to see you!!

Tom Bowler


Once, early on, I was on a so-called "task force," led by a very high-level engineer. This is when I learned how dangerous it is to have a pet theory.

He had one, and tried to fit everything into his pet theory.

I've been guilty of trying to fit things into a pet theory, but I eventually get over it. I think I'm down to only one now, which is: People tend to act in what they believe is their own best interest.

It comes with a caveat. You can never know, though you may think you know, what is truly in somebody else's best interest.

I think a lot of liberals subscribe to this theory as well, except that they also seem to think they know what's in everybody else's best interest. And they seem to think they know what everybody else thinks, erroneously or not, is in their own best interest.

How often have we heard a liberal complain that Republicans trick voters into voting against their own interest, because liberals can't conceive of anybody voting against against higher taxes for rich people and bigger government.

And of course liberals are convinced that money is the sole preoccupation of well off conservatives. I suppose liberals could be just saying that because it's the party line, the go to electoral strategy, to smear Republicans as greedy.

I guess deep down liberals are very shallow.

Tom R

Beasts @ 12:40

If Mueller was actually engaging in a witch hunt to destroy Trump, he wouldn’t have exonerated Trump on the Russian collusion charge which also has the added benefit of pretty much ensuring Trump gets re-elected. . That kinda goes against the entire meaning behind the term “witch hunt”.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I guess deep down liberals are very shallow.--

Are you related to Yogi Berra, Tom?:)

JM Hanes

Golly day, Ignatz, I could hear you from all the way over here! Where I was working so hard on desensitizing myself. :-)

Beasts of England

Thanks for the reply, Tom. I'll quietly back away from the discussion...

jim nj


They plan a series of non-biding resolutions on Wednesday to get a sense of what might pass in the House of Commons.

JM Hanes

Cute young gymnast Katelyn Ohashi makes flying look effortless. I love the part where her teammates dance along with her from the sidelines. She got perfect marks for a routine based on Michael Jackson music and moves last January, but after seeing "Leaving Neverland" she nixed both music and moves completely, shortly before collecting perfect marks again for performance in the video above. Here's the full story.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Wow, JMH, that girl has muscle!

jim nj


The Democrats control both houses of the legislature, so this indicates that not all Democrats are on board.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I got one of those stock emails from the White House, maybe "Resolute Reads". It's been mentioned before, but the Trump Team seems to follow some of the same news sources as we do.
On the list was an article by InstaPundit. It was US News, not the blog. Still, I for one am convinced they know what the Deplorables are discussing at any given time.

It's also a kick to see Don Surber quoting our RG again. Perhaps the independent tentacles of our decentralized movement are beginning to bind together and merge into thicker sinews?

JM Hanes

Doesn't she, just, Jim! It looks both effortless and totally under control at the same time, which is pretty amazing.

Off to bed, where it would be fun to dream of flying again, myself. A few weeks ago, when I was taking some serious meds after a surgery, I slept better than I have for years and consistently dreamt that I was a SUPERHERO, saving scads of people in every sort of trouble. Good times! Alas, I'm afraid Tylenol just doesn't do much for me awake or asleep! Or maybe following politics late at night is the real problem. See y'all tomorrow.

jim nj


They should have done this sooner.

"More than half of FHA-insured forward mortgage purchase transactions during the last fiscal year were comprised of mortgages where the borrower had a debt-to-income ratio above 50 percent – another troubling trend that has continued into the current fiscal year.

Further, there is an increasing number of instances where borrowers have both a credit score below 640 and a debt-to-income ratio above 50 percent."

That's not good stewardship.

jim nj


jim nj

As is my custom I read JOM first and then go look at my other favored sites to see what might have been missed here.

Tonight I'm running across so many stupid stories that I could bring over here and fisk, but I don't want to inflict such idiocy on all of you.

Obviously, the prime example of the idiocy is the inability of some in the media to stop on a dime and change direction. They just can't quit digging a deeper hole for their credibility.

So far the stupidest is a critique on Trump's Golan Heights proclamation because it will endanger Taiwan and India.

Why? Because it will encourage Pakistan and China to also take non-UN approved unilateral actions. Like this is a NEW threat? IHTFP.


The inspector general’s report actually contains pictures of rooms that look like gas chambers. Schnare and others alleged that the EPA paid people $12 an hour to sit in the rooms and breathe in diesel fumes and other pollutants. In one experiment, they breathed in the same amount of pollutants in two hours that normally would be consumed in 24 hours in a smog-filled city.



Americanos for Trump should fire our guns together across time zones as our response to the Mueller Investigation...
Posted by: KevlarKid | March 25, 2019 at 10:47 AM

Tranquilo Holmes, didn't you fire all your guns in the air on New Year's Eve?

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