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April 01, 2019


fdcol63 🇺🇸

The Woke Orwell:


fdcol63 🇺🇸


"Horror as man in his 40s is 'hacked to death in a machete attack' in broad daylight in front of shocked shoppers on northwest London street in the capital's 33rd murder of the year"

But thank God they have strong gun laws!

NOTE: 33rd murder of year ... and it's only April 3rd!


What Comey did was relevant.
He let Hillary off which I think really angered s lot of people and portrayed her as an elitist.
I still remember her dismissing those 30,000 emails stating”And they shall remain private”
Like she was above the law.
That press conference, Benghazi hearing, which I thought was a loser for her when Pompeo questioned her.
The Curb Dive incident on 9/11.
Comey letting her off on July6th.
Not campaigning in Michigan and Wisconsin where Bernie had beat her in the primaries.
Disrespect shown to Bernie voters at convention.
Stealing their seats and scolding them on national TV.
All contributed to her loss.
Total lack of class— On election night not showing up for her supporters because she was too drunk to face them.
Instigating the phony dossier- worst political dirty trick ever and then perpetuating the fraud during the Mueller probe.
She needs to be imprisoned.
We won’t get Obama but I think we can make her pay.


London and Paris are no longer safe.

fdcol63 🇺🇸


London and Paris are no longer safe European.




I was just out at the Wal Mart with my wife. Two guys from the local PD were in the next line. I noticed that their holsters were not particularly retention worthy. The little strap across the butt of their guns reminded me of the deal that keeps my heel from coming out my Crocs. What's the theory on that? If a fool goes for your gun you have an airtight case to Michael Brown his ass?

Jim Eagle

London and Paris are no longer safe.


Can you name the differentiator? I can.

Muslims. Look at the knifing stats. And I will be banned from Twitter or Facebook if I make that statement. But it is beyond true.

It is a disease like TB, or Cancer, or HIV. It only knows how to kill, not save or survive. We are in for a huge awakening along with the Caravans and their occupants. If Trump doesn't get his way, they from Cleaveland you can say good-bye to America you know now.


ZH: Pence Issues Turkey Ultimatum: "Choose Between Remaining NATO Member Or Buying Russian S-400"

Despite repeated warnings from the US, Turkey has refused to drop its scheduled purchase the Russian weapons system, which is scheduled to be delivered in July. After the Pentagon halted deliveries of the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet and related equipment to Turkey and halted training of Turkish pilots, Ankara remained defiant with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu telling the NATO summit that the purchase was “a done deal.”

Cavusoglu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are currently meeting head-to-head at the summit to discuss the F-35 dispute.

As RT reports, the Turkish FM said that operating the two weapons systems at once "will not be a threat" to the F-35 or other NATO systems. US lawmakers and military officials disagree and have repeatedly warned that Turkey’s deployment of the S-400 would give the Russian system opportunity to learn how to track and spot the F-35, with potentially deadly consequences for the jet in future conflicts.


Clash - "Safe European Home"

Hard to believe they got away with this obviously racist take.

Old Lurker

Indeed, Jack.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Did we ever repatriate the "special weapons" that were in Turkey when Erdogan put down the "coup" attempt?

This is why I think NATO is becoming useless:

France, Germany, Italy, and other Western European NATO members will probably be Muslim-majority in 20 years or so.

It's time we start thinking about whether or not we want to continue arming and supporting these countries that will most likely become adversaries at that point.


The Shengen Zone, what's up with that?

Jim Eagle


Time for us to divorce Turkey. They were a welcome addition to NATO at first because of their radar/radio intercept proximity to the Soviet Union. Remember, the Soviet bloc wasn't close enough, but Turkey was. We had more Radar/Radio intercept sites in Turkey than all of Europe. I had lots of classmates who went that direction.


House Democrats say they'll do anything it takes to force the public release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report -- except for the single-most hardball tactic deployed by Republicans only one year ago.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee last year mounted an unprecedented campaign to force the public release of classified intelligence. Democrats called the effort reckless and misleading, and the FBI said it presented "grave concerns" for national security. But Trump blessed the maneuver and ultimately declassified the material Republicans revealed in the so-called "Nunes Memo."

But the Democrats who now lead the House Intelligence Committee say they won't pursue a similar strategy, even in service of making Mueller's explosive findings public.

.. so when the protests start tomorrow for the Mueller Report release, keep in mind that the House Democrats know nothing about them.


Dignified response by Pompeo

Paul Bedard
Angry anti-Trump media blocks 'Freedom Award' to
@SecPompeo for work on getting freedom for political hostages, goes to Obama diplomat instead. (link: https://washex.am/2HXZPDG) washex.am/2HXZP


Sounds like a safailand holster. They have a variant with a hood like you describe that requires a press with the thumb before it rolls forward. They have another that has the hood with thumb release and a secondary button that releases the frame lock. They are more secure than they appear. My holster is open top with the button for thumb release. You can tug all day without hitting the button and the harpoon ain’t coming out.


Antisemitism Among Muslims a Result of ‘Islamophobia,’ Claims Official German Study

“Many Muslims justify their own Antisemitism and misanthropic attitudes with the fact ‘that they feel devalued and discriminated by growing Islamophobia,'” the German newspaper Die Welt reported, citing the study conducted by the state-run Federal Agency for Civic Education, or BPB. According to the report, the young Muslims were responding to perceived “Islamophobia” by cranking up their Jew hatred.

The study urged native Germans to “take Islamophobic experiences of young Muslims serious.” The Agency for Civic Education advised “meetings” and “shared activities” between Muslims and Jews to “reduce Antisemitism.”

Die Welt reported the study under the headline: “Experts regard Antisemitism among Muslims as a result of Islamophobia.”


I've read some along with sallust who was a partisan:



I don't know if there's enough Mexicans in this town to support a paleteria. Maybe if the owner works for two bucks an hour.

Jim Eagle


Back to the future in the DeFatherland.


The President and First Lady Spend Long Private Dinners Together: Report

President Donald Trump spends long private dinners with First Lady Melania Trump whenever they retreat to their private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, according to a new book detailing life inside the mansion that Trump often refers to as his “Winter White House.”


“Those two will go and sit at dinner, and they are in the most in-depth conversations and will talk and sit there for hours, literally,” the official said.

The pair often eat together on Friday and Saturday when the president is at the club during the weekends, according to the official. The couple are frequent patrons at the club’s formal outdoor restaurant and huddle over the candle-lit patio during dinnertime, only interrupted by friends who come over to shake the president’s hand.

“She is on his arm, spectacularly dressed, even if just for the members to see,” Leamer said. “Mar-a-Lago is the one place where he feels truly relaxed, he feels comfortable there—and I think that’s true of her as well.”


Senate kills 30 cloture debate. Now 2 hours per appointee.

Mitch got mad.



By a tally of 48-51, the #Senate has over-ruled the ruling of the chair that post cloture debate on certain nominees is 30 hours.

Sens Collins & Lee voted in favor; Sen Harris was absent.

The #Senate is now in post cloture debate on the Kessler nomination for up to 2 hours.


If it were the reverse we'd never hear the end of it:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Better late than than never Mitch.



Yeah you were telling me before about the thumb button. Makes it less likely for ND from the index finger variants. I only carry guns with hammers though.

I read that the reason people used to carry cross draw was so that their gun couldn't get grabbed from behind. I guess I'll try that if I buy a Ruger .45 LC.

Jim Eagle

Trump has no one on his side. No one. A singular presidency. Time for fucking rallies in Kentucky to start with.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Does anyone have Mrs. OL's contact info? I've got a hot date tonight and would like to shakedown OL for about five grand in case she wants to fly to Las Vegas after sushi.--

You don't think Mrs OL can tell the adhesive on the envelope has been licked in the last half hour?
Mrs Iggy could. :)



33 is a big Masonic number, if you believe in that sort of thing.


One word if you go crossdraw: practice, practice, practice ad infinitum.


That practice advice goes for all harpoon toters here.


Mary Rose

I haven't had time to verify it but I heard a guy say that every time Andy McCabe diverted or atomized an investigation into the Clintons he got promoted.


My prior post excludes Clarice since I know her pistolas seem to appear as if by magic. :)

Beasts of England

I guess I shouldn't have tried to extort OL. What's the line in the song? Instant Karma's gonna get you? My hot date just called and cancelled on me...

Well, not a complete cancel - just a delay until tomorrow night. Nonetheless, I'll be over here in the corner pouting and trying to nurse my bruised ego back into shape. 😜


He was in charge of the interrogation section during ft hood, he was then promoted to head the entire counter terror division until San Bernardino then moved up to top deputy.

fdcol63 🇺🇸


Yep, 33rd is a big Masonic number.

But I don't ascribe to the Freemasonry / conspiracy thing, for this reason (other than having been a DeMolay in my youth):

The Founders of the US were heavily influenced by philosophers of the Enlightenment, especially the Scottish Enlightenment, such as Adam Smith, Hume, Locke, Hobbes, et al.

Most of our beliefs in religious tolerance, self-government, capitalism, respect for the individual, etc., come from this strain of thought.

And most of these Enlightenment thinkers, especially the Scottish Enlightenment, were impacted - I think - by those former Knights Templars who fled the 1307 crackdown in Europe and sought sanctuary with the excommunicated Robert the Bruce in Scotland.

Further thoughts in this theory can be found in "Born in Blood", by John J. Robinson:


But if this is so, then the Founders were influenced by this and sought to, indeed, create a system of government based on these ideals.

And you can't impugn them without also impugning America itself.


JM Hanes

Have I shared how much I despise Elijah Cummings lately?

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are demanding to know why Fox News did not publish a story prior to the 2016 election about an alleged affair years before between porn star Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump.

House Committee on Oversight and Reform chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wrote to former Fox News reporter Diana Falzone last month demanding that she turn over any documents relating to Trump’s alleged extramarital affairs.

He is one sick bastard whom power has corrupted absolutely. I am so damn sick of the double standards and hypocrisy and lies. I'm even sicker of the brazen display of shamelessness.



The Bosporus Strait is one reason to keep Turkey in NATO.

JM Hanes


So, do you keep your boat on the water all year long? Have you ever told us what kind of boat it is? I've always pictured you ensconced on something rather barge-like, with an awning and an easy chair or two. Do you fish, or just take in the sights? Is it a big lake? Do you have your own dock? I only ask because I think I'm something of a dock sitter in the JOM scheme of things.... although I'm not entirely sure I could tell you what the dock consensus is supposed to be.


Two can play at that game, Elijah.

Do they really want to bring down the government boot on the news agencies?



JM Hanes

I don't why this feels like a Friday night, going into the weekend. Maybe it's because nobody's arguing about the Mueller report?

NASA's 10 Most Requested Photos


Mitch McConnell Refutes Trump Again, Says “Closing the Border Would Have Catostrophic Impact on Country”

Captain Hate

Cummings might not be so brazen if Treytor Gowdy didn't kiss his ass every time he acted up previously.


A simple leak of the Congressional sex harassment slush fund details would shut Cummings up for good.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"The Bosporus Strait is one reason to keep Turkey in NATO."

Davod, is that still a big deal?
I'm trying to think through stuff like:
1) is the Med THAT important anymore?
2) is the Russ Navy a possible thread, ever?
3) will Russia turn to the US for support when China puts the pressure on? (Will China put the pressure on?)

I know the Bosporus was a big deal to the Brits. And it might (or might not) be a big deal to the Israelis. Not sure for the US

Beasts of England

I have a SeaRay 250SLX, JM Hanes! I keep it in dry storage at the marina over the winter, but have a dock out back for emergencies - like being too hammered to navigate the channel back to the marina (where the sheriff and state troopers keep their boats!).

I don't think the dockers have a guiding philosophy, but we have plenty of adult beverages. And little drink umbrellas... 😎


I have a SeaRay 250SLX, JM Hanes!

Here, I will save you the googling:


Beasts of England

I don't fish, JM Hanes, although it's a world famous bass lake of about 69,000 acres. I mainly putter around and take in the views, rock out, and work on my savage tan... 😄


I don't see any cocktails in that video though. Perhaps I missed it at the end.

Jim Eagle



“James Comey Says He’s Still Worried He Helped Trump Win”

Classic frame of reference delusion. Relative to doing nothing, maybe he helped Trump (probably not), but relative to doing his job, he helped Hillary immensely by not indicting her.

Another Bob

“The Bosphorus Strait is one reason to keep Turkey in NATO."

Was in Istanbul a while back. At my age, I remember Cold War stuff, and it was kind of fun to see US and Russian warships in what amounts to a deep river.

Whether it matters strategically anymore I don’t know. But Turkey’s days as a US ally are over.

Anyone know if we’ve removed the nukes from Incirlik?

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