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April 15, 2019



Wow Clarice, what is happening to the 9th circuit?



"I've served in public office since 2005," he said. "I do my best to contribute to the success of my community, my state and now, of my country. There are ways that I do this that are measurable. And there are ways that I do this that are immeasurable."

O'Rourke added there were some charities they donated to which they hadn't recorded and itemized to write off on their taxes. He went on to say he was sacrificing at that moment by being out on the campaign trail rather than home with his family.

Boy, this guy and Mayor Pete can vie with each other fof the most self-centered and sanctimonious.


Out breaks of sanity, its o sullivans law Tom r (which I think evolved from Robert conquest s law.

Tom R

Congrats Hoyden for 30 years of discipline. I’ve never had a drinking problem nor have I smoked cigarettes but when I was in the Army I dipped Skoal. I dipped so much my gums were starting to recede. I quit cold turkey after my son was born because I didn’t want him to see me dipping. That was over 18 years ago and not one day has gone by that I haven’t thought about putting a dip in.

Tom R

James D @ 10:46

That is a point that unfortunately is true with no possible counterpoint.


Congrats, hoyden!
It's not just you who benefits: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers ...


From a computer security email I subscribe too.
Note the link to find out what Goog collects on you and how to adjust settings to minimize the collection and improve your privacy.

Law Enforcement Can Use Warrants to Get Device Location Data from Google
(April 13, 2019)
Google’s Sensorvault database contains location data for hundreds of millions of devices all over the world. Law enforcement officials have been using warrants to obtain information from Sensorvault in an effort to identify suspects in crimes. Sensorvault holds data from a Google Location History, a function which is not enabled by default, though some services, like traffic alerts, prompt users to enable it. Law enforcement officials have been seeking data from Sensorvault about devices in the vicinity at the time of a crime. While the initial data Google provides are anonymized, once law enforcement has analyzed movements patterns and reduced devices of interest to a smaller number, Google provides law enforcement with the information of the owners of those devices.

Editor's Note

Several issues here. SANS instructor Heather Mahalik did a great talk at the SANS keynote threat panel at the RSA conference on how much information cloud service providers, using Google as the prime example, collect on you. You can go to myactivity.google.com to get an idea, and at myaccount.google.com you can disable web/app activity, location history, voice recording and other “this will improve your experience” type services. At the law enforcement level, there is a long history of not even needing warrants to get called/calling number data because the courts ruled that the individual “…voluntarily conveyed numerical information to the telephone company” So, if you voluntarily click to enable those services, you have essentially given permission – at least in the US, in Europe GDPR is pickier. Bottom: make an informed decision, check those settings.


Somehow I have the sense O'Rourke's wife is glad to have him outta the house:)

Does anyone know the details on what a candidate can receive from the campaign for household financial support?

Is his FIL foolish enough to support this POS?

Can the average citizen actually run for office without suffering total financial collapse?

I have long thought that "running for office" is the best gig 75% of these assholes can get.

JM Hanes

Tom R:

"is it safe to assume he is just claiming to be a Christian like Obama and other pro-Marxist Democrats have done just to improve his chances of getting elected?"

At last, an assumption we can share! Apparently, he also believes his own profession of faith gives him license to attack the faith of his opposition. How very convenient. I wonder what demographic he believes he's appealing to (aside from an "adoring" media).

Beasts of England

Did you see the campaign announcement with he and his wife on the sofa, Buckeye? She's an adoring true believer...

Beasts of England

From the ask and ye shall receive file: Christine Blasey Ford has made the Time magazine 100 most influential people in the world list!! Snorfle.

Tom R

BTW anyone interested in the history of Communism in the US should read the works of John Earl Haynes. If you have never heard of him that is because the Communists that have taken over academia were successful at suppressing his works. He was a traditional anti-Communist liberal in the vein of JFK. He was the historian for the Library of Congress when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed. This allowed the Library of Congress to acquire official KGB documents that confirmed how successful the Soviets had been infiltrating Soviet moles throughout the US government going back decades. In other words, the KGB documents confirmed Senator McCarthy was on the right track and thus had to be destroyed. Haynes documented all of this in some of his last works before he died.




Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

BLAST FROM THE PAST: John Kerry on considering 2020 run: ‘I Want to See What Joe Is Going to Do’ bit.ly/2VR58bA

Beasts of England

Tom R - thanks for your response, re: one percent. I think it's a little higher than that, but my main point is it's an outcome that would have to be factored however remote the chance; whereas a zero percent chance would eliminate it from consideration.

Beasts of England

Reporting for doodie!! 😂

JM Hanes


30 years! Congratulations! That is absolutely wonderful, and for anyone thinking maybe a change is in order, proof positive that there's life (and adventure!) on the other side. What a happy day, for you and those who care about you too.


So...any big plans for Mueller Report Drop Eve? Parties? Opening gifts early? Eggnog around the fire? 😀


I saw a Time magazine at the doctor's office. Even the paper it's printed on is worthless.


Congrats, hoyden. A great accomplishment.

JM Hanes

Kerry ponders throwing his "hat" into the ring? There is a God!

Beasts of England

I finally got tired of taking showers at the marina and called the plumber this morning. I came downstairs a minute ago and asked him 'Do you think it's just one thermostat or both?' Hahaha!! I felt like such a manly-man. :)

He's replacing both.


Barr Clamps Down On 'Catch And Release' With Indefinite Detention For Some Apprehended Migrants

US Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday struck down a decision allowing some asylum seekers to request release on bond in front of an immigration judge - a decision that expands 'indefinite detention' for migrants, some of whom must wait months or years for their cases to be heard.

US Immigration Court backlog (trac.syr.edu)

(Click to open.)


Rudy Giuliani to Release Trump Rebuttal Within Hours of Release of Full Mueller Report on Thursday

Tom R

Update on the Dershowitz lawsuit that is connected to Epstein’s Pedophile Isle.


Dershowitz is a Democrat and it appears to be a fact that he visited Epstein’s residence in New York. Regardless of what Dershowitz actually did while he was at Epstein’s house, it appears his fellow Democrats are trying to punish him for his legal defense of Trump on the Russian collusion case.



Tom R

Ext @ 11:58

I was under the impression the WH hasn’t seen the full Mueller report yet. How could Rudy have a rebuttal prepared when he doesn’t know what’s in the report?


Mamas no habla NDAs.




How could Rudy have a rebuttal prepared when he doesn’t know what’s in the report?

He's referred to it before. Apparently it's months old.




Here's to hoyden! This is HUGE!!

I'm celebrating 30 years clean&sober today. Who'd a thunk it? Not me back then. I wouldn't be here today without AA and supportive friends.

Posted by: hoyden


That was over 18 years ago and not one day has gone by that I haven’t thought about putting a dip in.

I am with you! I smoke for three months, 45 years ago.
There is barely a day that goes by that I would n't be happy to smoke a cigarette!

That nicotine is some frickin addicting substance.

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