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April 15, 2019


Beasts of England

Unless someone is walking with a STEM degree then it's tantamount to child abuse to let someone have a six-figure college debt. Clawback at academia and end the scam. Get rid of their make believe degrees and jettison the staff of their idiotic diversity offices and most of their other non-teaching overhead. Grrr.


Retweeted by President Trump:

Donald J. Trump Retweeted
Charlie Kirk
‏Verified account @charliekirk11
Apr 12

It is miraculous that Trump not only beat the Bush dynasty, 16 Republicans, the FBI, the media, voter fraud cheaters, the political class, Clinton dynasty, the Obamas, the elites in BOTH parties, but he also beat tech companies that used their platforms to try and beat him.

Beasts of England

Very sorry to hear of the young man's burden, Bubarooni. I hope he remembers the side of the aisle that allowed that to happen. Best wishes to them both, and kudos to him for discussing it with you!

Beasts of England

Ain't that the truth, Miss Marple!!


So was she lying then or now:




There is a lot wrong with it if you don’t use it to your advantage, but if you belong in college (or law school) and it’s your only choice, then you deal with it.

Another Bob

Pittsburgh will lose tonight James. For some reason they’ve had nothing for the Islanders throughout the series.

The rebuild there may start sooner rather than later.


ABob, it was surprise.

I was happy I didn't have to pay up on an upcoming wedding but, unhappy at the same time because he's really stressed out and no one would give him the low down/straight up.

He's in a hole and I told him there is no easy way out because of the decisions he made as a kid and thus the legal contracts he's in but, he can get out of it.

He's an Informatics major from I.U. Works as a recruiter for Aerotek.

Kid is whip smart and reeks with charisma. He is Mr. Personable to be frank.

He's pretty good at what he does but he's only 18 months in. I can see him being successful at it if he applies himself. I told him he needs to play long ball right now.


Don’t forget, the current debt burden is all on Obama, who put the gov in charge which allowed colleges to raise their prices putting kids in this place, never EVER forget.


Jane, I'm gonna tell Chris:

I've got a friend named Jane and here is what she did...



Buckeyette is doing well with a Business degree, mostly because she has very good math skills and has managed to develop a talent for analytics.

More demand for that than human resources:)

Another Bob

Bub, that’s not an easy business (and one I’m not personally fond of).

With the informatics degree, why not work in informatics at least for a while?


Grandson graduated with NO debt, due to scholarship, working in summers, and doubling up so he graduated in December. I had talked long and hard with him and my son about this and he now has a good-paying job with a pro sports team's business office and is making good money.

Next is granddaughter, who has a scholarship but my son has taken out 5,000 in loans because she is in a private school. She has taken a double major and has switched to something practical for her second major which has a lot of openings and pays well.

Third granddaughter is still in high school and I am hopeful she is going to do something practical as well.

The youngest grandson is only 4 (son of the nose ring gal that my son got hooked up with) and I am going to have to figure out something for him. The mother is not going to do a damn thing.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The daughter and her hubs came by and dropped off a box full of pralines from River Street Sweets. I'm about to go into a full sugar coma! So worth it, though. Yum.

Beasts of England

I don't have a STEM degree either, Buckeye, but I don't have an acronym that includes business, economics, statistics, and a few other of the real degrees. ;)




Superb call. Have your future SiL troll Citadel job links soonest. Renting in Evanston, Lincolnwood, Ukrainian Village, or Skokie can save some bud, so long as they stay near a train line, 5-6 blocks from the stops, tops. Maybe Little Saigon off Argyle. They’ll stop paying to live versus living to pay.

Nice work.


Bud s/b bucks. Wasn’t expecting that particular autocucumber.


"... it's tantamount to child abuse to..."

Amen BoE.

My Girl is year younger than Chris, graduated last May. She's a Bio major and I've got high hopes for her.

They meet at I.U. at some Greek Mixer and have been tight ever since.

Her first three college choices where ND, USC and UNC. She was academically eligible for all and they were all VERY, VERY interested in her showing up and paying the tuition.

I said 'Hell No!' due to the general cost of ND and outta state tuition costs at the other two.

I sent her to I.U. (empolying some subterfuge to do so, see my I.U. Rowing story from a few weeks ago) instead which was in state tuition. The fact that this put her about 8 miles from my house had nothing to do with it...

Somebody, sometime and somewhere shoulda explained this in state vs outta state thing to Chris as well. He's a Chicago boy from the West Suburbs.

Probably the parents should have but, someone extending student loans for an out of state student shoulda said 'Have you ever considered Southern Illinois University?'

Beasts of England

There aren't any state universities that aren't going to jump on that out-of-state tuition with both feet, Bubarooni. I wonder, in general, do they give any financial counseling to these students and their co-signer parents? Here's the cost of the degree, average starting salary for graduates in that field, chances of landing a job in that field - and then show the resulting cost/benefit analysis?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Well, if they save some bud, they CAN sell it on the side. :)


"Today I am proud to announce...that we'll be offering 401(k)s to all of our employees tomorrow. We are doing what the tax cuts were meant to do as a small business to compete against big business: invest in our people, invest in growth." — Small Business Owner Carlos Gazitua pic.twitter.com/KB6quhqOlo

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 15, 2019

Video at link.


Melinda, I'm trying to get them to move to Dallas.

He's got an opportunity to move there with his firm. Some guy with the F-35 program down there is getting ready to retire and they've asked him if he's interested.

The boy outta take it.

State tax in Texas is a lot better than Illinois.

Abob, that's what thinks he should do. Switch careers.

I started out coding so I'm not adverse to it. Now days, I sign off on invoices, attend interminable meetings and sit in on frickin' HR conclaves.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

He's so frickin' personable I'd rather see him in sales.

Another Bob

The advice thing gets complicated Bub.

I was first in the extended family to go to college, and it became very clear to me that I was more or less on my own. My parents just didn’t have a basis to give much advice.

I also knew they weren’t signing for loans. I was told “we’ll pay as much as we can for the first year, you’re on your own after that.” Thus 40-hour work weeks on top of full-time school.

Probably hurt me a little, but it turned out well enough.

Dave (in MA)

Apologies if it's a rerun, but it's pretty funny.
We need to keep this idiot in the House in '20.


Anything in the 600W Chicago Ave building will be busy as well. Just not the jeanyuses in GroupOn.



Since Obama took over the student loans, there is no counseling on this as far as I can tell.

My grandkids only knew because I told them the dangers and how college degrees don't automatically generate high pay.

Another Bob

Bub, his getting some seasoning in the field would make him more valuable in the headhunting game. Biggest problem with outfits like Aerotek is recruiters who don’t know the business, and what resumes are a fit for a position. I say that having been on both sides.


Yes on TX v IL, but it’s magnitudes worse if you own. I’m going to step back on F-35, for my own reasons. Lots more out there for those who brought the right baggage. Citadel would be a challenging tack.



I bet the national stories will cut this exchange:

In Iowa on Tuesday, both aspects of his campaign— his rhetorical strengths and his unique personal story — were highlighted when a religious protester confronted him during a town hall in Fort Dodge.

After Buttigieg spoke about the need for marriage equality, the protester stood up and shouted, "You betray your baptism!" He was then escorted out.

Buttigieg joked to the crowd, "Coffee after church gets a little rowdy sometimes."

He obviously is setting himself up as the gay/victim candidate that we should all vote for to prove we are open-minded. To hell with that.

He is trading on his faith while iolating it. Plus he is a liar, accusing Pence of disrespecting him when Pence did nothing of the sort.

The press sure loves him, though. And, don't forget, he can speak FRENCH!

Beasts of England

As a numbers weenie, the $100k figure is particularly jolting - as it's about twice the median net worth...

I'll shut up now and go nurse my delightful sunburn. 😎



boris, from a way back this morning, but I was delighted to be reminded of our JOM kerfuffle over the three doors, car, and goat problem. Even better, though not here, was the extended mockery/advice Ace got when he found he couldn't put up his bookshelves and asked for help--of the Horde! Extremely funny.


"...I wonder, in general, do they give any financial counseling to these students and their co-signer parents? ..."

BoE, I'm wondering the EXACT same thing. I'm also wondering if they don't do it because there is money to be made by not doing so.

I wound up borrowing about $30k for My Girl and I'd shaved that down to almost $0 if I hadn't agreed to putting out the cash to move her 8 miles away so she could do the Sorority Thing for 3 years.

Where I live, just west of I.U., $30k is a car payment and $120k is a mortgage payment.

I hope Chris takes the Excruciating door on 'Let's Make A Deal'.

I just wish someone would've explained to him the rules of game he was getting ready to take part in.


Time for me to head to bed.



Hey ABob, give me a heads up:

Have you dealt with Aerotek in the past?


G'night MM!

Another Bob

And Bub, I can agree with Mel in that there’s more bank to be made in finserv tech than any other kind of tech. But he (and she) will have to be prepared for him to live the job for the duration of his tenure.


Dang Melinda!

You got some insight I could share with Chris on F-35 program in Dallas?

A heads up would be most appreciated?


Especially at Griffith’s “Trading Tax” barn.


I've got a BIL involved in the (rolls royce?)F-35 lift program down there and thought it'd be a nice way to get my girl somewhere there'd be family.

Another Bob

Bub, re. Aerotek, not recently. Except I still get Aerotek recruiters (inevitably young ones) that based on LinkedIn searches blindly toss me job opportunities that might have been suitable for me 25 years ago. Clearly not reading the job history.

Tom R

Beasts @ 4:22

If it makes you happy I can change it to less than 1% chance of the Senate convicting Trump on bogus charges fabricated by the Democrats. Do you seriously think 20+ GOP Senators would vote to convict Trump? That would be political suicide.


OK, I lived in Mesquite back in the '80's and thought if they moved there I might get to relive that era.

I wanna go to The Stockyards and the real Billy Bob's again!

Tom R

Buckeye @4:30

FYI I’ve been working for the past 20 years probably doing similar stuff that Beasts did. When you work in the Rocket City you can’t throw a stick without hitting a rocket scientist or engineer,


Why is the roll out so slow, unless your base chip set has “bad” specs from Team Hillary? When was that bird first put on paper and when did it first suck air? Would she sell it?

So why is it just now getting rolled out?

Funny that.


I believe the avionics are now being properly installed. Gould and Northrop histories sniffing that it should NOT have taking that long to roll out.

The audit probably has this set down.



Another Bob

Looked it up. Dev started in ‘92. X35 flew in 2000. F35 in ‘06. Intro’ed to services in ‘15.



Speaking of:



Has James Taylor arrived in Paris yet?


Thanks Melinda.

He wouldn't be hiring welders.

If the avionics are now being properly installed, I'm guessing the weren't before.

Chris would be hiring on the tech side so I'll give the head's up.

The Rolls Royce BIL says they are rock solid on the mechanics.

Says the 'Code Monkeys' are constantly flinging shit at them that are changing things up.

Tom R

Carpe Donktum at it again.


Another Bob

The “code monkeys” are probably getting new requirements, or maybe fixing hardware problems... ;)


Think “Oxygen” issues. That was new, a first even, back then. Shouldn’t but did.


"The “code monkeys” are probably getting new requirements, or maybe fixing hardware problems... ;)"

Ha! I'll tell my hardware BIL that ABob!

Tom R

Jeff Carlson’s latest on Spygate. I wonder what Barr and Huber talked about on March 7th?


My guess is this:

Ratcliffe also noted that Huber, the U.S. attorney in Utah, has “been dispatched to look into the criminal aspects” that might be associated with Horowitz’s work.

Dave (in MA)

Tampa Bay hockey fans rioting. https://twitter.com/redsteeze/status/1118340344800849920


Catching up, so David Brooks thinks we need a "moral cleansing." Isn't he the guy who dumped his wife of 28 years for his research assistant half his age?


Maybe the NHL should just skip the regular season and put all the teams in a single elimination tournament, best of 5, random seedings.


Rollerball rules, so the lead aviation company bought into us parts suppliers through Biden and Kerry (heinz) arrangements


That's about the size of it:

Texas Liberty Gal

Thanks MR, Buckeye & Jane. The orthopedic surgeon said it was the worst wrist fracture/break he's ever seen. Just thankful it can be repaired.


Just thankful it can be repaired.

Yikes, TLG, missed that. Glad you're on the mend.


jimmy: David Brooks thinks we need a "moral cleansing." Isn't he the guy who dumped his wife of 28 years for his research assistant half his age?

I didn't know that!
My contempt deepens ...


Autocorrupt changed jimmyk to jimmy and I missed it.


Yes David Brooks, a paragon of virtue.


Good news tlg.

jim nj


Good that he's already thinking of ways to reduce the debt more quickly.

Easiest way to do that is earn more and spend less. Use the saved money to pay down the debt. I assume that was the gist of the plans.

If he has a 401(K) he should know all the ins and outs of the plan. Max out his contributions, especially if there is a company match.

First he gets a tax break, second he builds up funds that may be taken out as loan. That's no way to build wealth, but a 401(K) loan rate is usually at prime rate which should be less than a student loan rate.

jim nj


Had an external fixator on my right wrist 30 years ago. You get a more precise alignment doing it that way.

Wrapped it in an ACE bandage to remind myself of my increased wrist size. Even with that I managed to bang into a few things. Youch.

I'm right-hand dominant, so that became interesting. Right-hand pocket full went to left0hand pocket full.

I don;t want to bum you out but the physical therapy to get everything back to normal is brutal.

jim nj

Another Bob,

Yes, financial services IT tends to pay better than other industries plus they pay year-end bonuses, typically 20% of your base salary. The hours can be long though.

I never spent my bonuses, They went straight into wealth-building.

If Chris want's more money, Chicago has those kinds of jobs. OTOH, if Chris enjoys the recruitment field, some of his compensation is based on placements and he needs to do one or two more each month and work his way up from there.

There is big money to be made in recruitment in a tight economy. In downturns, not so much.


"Just think about the interview we saw with Rachel Maddow and Pete Buttigieg. There's a guy with fundamental decency. I met him months ago before I knew he was running for president, was seated next to him at a dinner, and there was just a basic humility and deference and you look at Donald Trump and you look at a man who is about ego, who worships career success, financial success. A man who in some ways was not loved and is incapable of receiving or giving love."

I wouldn’t call a homo like Pete humble exactly. He created his own dystopian nightmare world: The Christian Pizza Place Owner’s Tale.


What must David Brooks think of PDJT if Mayor Pete would give the White House a moral and spiritual cleansing?

David Brooks is a wicked man, in the full wrath of God sense.

Texas Liberty Gal

jim no - Physical Therapy? No body has mentioned that. I have no trouble moving my hand and fingers. What’s weird is they have my hand over aligned to the left which they say will make my hand come out straight in the end. It happened last Friday night and yesterday the orthopedic doc took out 16 stitches ( which hurt like the dickens) in my forearm. Don’t have much swelling, just a crooked arm right now

Texas Liberty Gal

jim nj. Dang Auto cucumber

jim nj


I like.

jim nj


You may be luckier than I. I couldn't move my right hand or fingers. Both mt tibia and ulna were broken, some smaller wrist bones too.

My right hand, wrist and forearm atrophied while in the fixator. So physical therapy was required.

I truly hope you get through this without therapy like mine.

Clear me up here, did you get a cast or a fixator. And what's with the stitches? I never got stitches, but then no bones had broken the surface.

jim nj


"Instead, the positive glimmers are largely a product of the hundreds of billions of dollars that Beijing has pumped into the country’s economy in recent months and the loans that officials have pressed state-run banks to make. All of that comes at a cost, and it raises a question about how willing Beijing is to spend to keep growth going."

“China already is in the midst of the largest credit bubble the world has ever seen,” said Victor Shih, an associate professor at the University of California, San Diego. And, Professor Shih added, the Chinese government has not been able to wean itself off its debt habit.

“The government simply cannot afford to think about the medium term and must focus on short-term continuation of the credit bubble,” he said.

The latest round of government-driven financial largess was remarkable in size and scale, economists said."


"The slowdown in property sales and the glut of empty apartments — 65 million units, according to one estimate — have started to worry economists. New housing starts this year are down from the same period last year. Land sales also dropped in the first quarter and could continue to fall."

Not too hard to get an economy to grow when you throw over a trillion dollars in debt at it.


Macron says they will rebuild Norte Dame more beautiful than before. I’m skeptical. There’s a guy from NASA who says they don’t have the technology to go back to the Moon.


He sounds like Crispin Glover



Is the fixator the thing that makes you look like you’re holding Yorick’s skull?

My wife’s coworker had that. We affectionately called her “The Claw.”

jim nj


A fixator consists of small diameter rods that are screwed into the bones. In my case, four of them. Than they link them together with horizontal rods, in my case, four of them, and the adjust all the connections with small connectors that can be precisely locked in place.

Think of a Tinker-Toy with tiny connectors.

It very precisely aligns all the fractures so they knit properly.

jim nj

So you've got these screwed into the bones rods sticking out 2-4 inches and a lattice work of rods horizontally connecting them in proper alignment.

Does that mental image help?

jim nj


WOW, poor child. I've never heard of this before.

JM Hanes

Sounds sort of like the Notre Dame scaffolding....

So sorry to hear you've been having such a tough go, TLG. It sounds much more awkward than moving around with a simple cast, and I hope they'll free you from the contraption soon!

jim nj


A light hearted look at the man who taught many of us civilians how the Marines work,

jim nj

JM Hanes,

I may be assuming too much. I thought TLG mentioned a fixator but I've reviewed her posts and I may have jumped the gun on assuming that.

I hope she'll clarify that later. I'm also wondering if her break was above the wrist, not right on it as mine was. That would make a huge difference in recovery.

jim nj

Dredging up memories.

I'm sitting in the ER with a broken wrist. It's like 8PM. They have to call in an ortho surgeon. He arrives. He's black and starts talking about an external fixator instead of a cast. I'm ambivalent. Can we do a cast now and let me think on the other.
I had never heard of a fixator before.

I had some really good contacts at the hospital and they all raved about how good this guy is. I trust my sources and show up at his office as previously agreed upon. We discuss the procedure and I give him the green light to schedule the surgery.

He sets it all up and we're done, but he wants to ask me a question before I leave.

I know the question. "No it's not because you are black. When you showed up I had no idea of your competency, but I smelled alcohol on your breath." Him, yeah I was having dinner with my wife when the call came in and we were sharing a bottle of wine. Me, perfectly understandable, have you thought about breath mints. Him, I will in the future. Me, I checked you out and everyone says you're very good, without the alcohol on your breath I would have taken your advice then and there so let's just move forward because we understand each other now.

jim nj

So, about six weeks later I need to get an X-ray of the wrist to see how well it's healing.

Like most hospital imaging departments it is a huge cattle call. I'm talking to a slightly older black woman to while away the time. She looks at my wrist swathed in an ACE bandage. I tell her about my surgery and pull off the bandage to show her the contraption on my wrist.

She's like, ooh, that looks like it hurts. I tell her not really and said to her if I told you I had a Jewish surgeon and a black physical therapist that wouldn't strike you as odd would it? I mean that's just how the world is, right? She agreed.

Well, I told her I have a black ortho surgeon and a Jewish physical therapist who is trying to learn Japanese to increase his business.

She nearly fell out of her chair, she was laughing so hard.

jim nj


A quote I found.

"They were built as sacred spaces. But they were also the aircraft carriers of their time – all about power projection."

John Schroeder - on Hugh Hewitt's website.


feel better soon, TLG

Ralph L

Of course there was competition between dioceses, but I wonder if they knew enough about Greece/Rome/Egypt to want to outdo them. Just quarrying the stone with hand tools seems like a huge commitment of men and money for an agrarian economy and tiny cities with lots of subsistence poverty compared to modern ones.


Posted 5 hours ago. The man sure does get away with a lot less sleep than I need! :ink goes to a Real Clear Poltics article which explains the decision, which is very important.

On Trumps ICC Win, Dems and Republicans See Eye to Eye | RealClearPolitics https://t.co/6S6mP6yH3A

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 17, 2019



This is a good article on the chances for restoration and an account of other cathedral restorations throughout history.


An effective photo essay:


Brad Parscale
‏Verified account @parscale
18h18 hours ago

This will be an EPIC rally in Green Bay Wisconsin on April 27th! We will broadcast it live so millions can watch @realDonaldTrump instead of the boring WHCD. This dinner is almost worse than Hollywood’s endless self-serving award shows.\\



For some reason the site would take my local news station's link. Because this is important, particularly if you have grandchildren who eat these cookies, I am posting the details here:

Nabisco parent company, Mondelez Global, is recalling some chewy Chips Ahoy! Cookies after reports of some people getting sick.

Four lots of cookies in 13-ounce packs sold in stores nationwide are included in the recall.

The recall covers cookies with UPC No. 0 44000 03223 4 and best by dates of 07SEP2019, 08SEP2019, 14SEP2019 and 15SEP2019. You can find the date on the top left side of the package by the lift tab.

They are being recalled because they may contain an “unexpected solidified ingredient,” and they’ve received reports of “Adverse health effects.”

Either throw away or return the recalled product if you have it.

Anyone with questions can call 1-844-366-1171 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., ET.

jim nj

I've been researching Libya because I don't understand what's going on there.

The basic story seems to be Gen. Haftar, a US citizen, waging a takeover attempt against the UN-backed Tripoli government. That sounds like a CIA plot, but apparently the US isn't directing this.

The Tripoli government is supported by Europeans and Qatar. Gen. Hafter is reportedly supported by Russia, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Most of the Libyan oil winds up in Europe . I think, but can't find a link, that Germany, France, Italy and Spain have contracts in Libya, but not the US.

Is the Tripoli UN-backed government a creation of Europe?

I'm lost here, but Qatar backing the Tripoli government doesn't sound good to me.

I'm wondering if the UN-backed government isn't a fig-leaf for European influence peddling.

I don't know if I'm framing this correctly. Is it possible that some people are more concerned with oil flows than erasing ISIS influence in Libya?


Sounds very Hilligula to me Jim_nj


jim nj,

Thanks for that information. It's far more background than I have read in our lame news media.



MY question is what will Fox cover?


Ruth Dudley Edwards
‏ @RuthDE

"it really was a remarkable feat for BBC 1’s News at Ten last night to get through the entire programme about Notre Dame, without a single mention of any of these words: Christian; Christianity; Catholic; worship; worshippers; sacred; Mass; Holy Week."




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