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April 25, 2019



Sorry to go immediately OT but....

Happy Anzac Day!

Anzac Day, April 25th, is Australia's Remembrance Day. The name comes from ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) which was formed to fight in World War I, most famously at Gallipoli.

Dawn memorial services are held all over Australia. The following verse (known as The Ode), which is the fourth stanza of Laurence Binyon's poem "For the Fallen," is recited:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

(Response: We will remember them.)

This ode is also used in the UK on Remembrance Day. I'm sure its Australian significance was meaningful to Peter Jackson when he chose They Shall Not Grow Old for the title of his superb World War I documentary.

I'm baking Anzac biscuits (butter-oatmeal-coconut) to take to work. They keep and ship well and the story goes that they were baked to ship to soldiers overseas.


Anzac Day is also celebrated in New Zealand, of course, as I should have noted above.



Any family in OZ or NZ??


No, Buckeye, but I came across the recipe when I was searching years ago for an Australian-style oatmeal cookie I had had up in Minnesota. I have a fascination for molasses and honey and maple and other syrups, and Anzac biscuits call for golden syrup.

I also wanted to pay tribute to Jackson's wonderful film, even though it is not about the Anzacs. I really hope it gets wider release. It should have been playing all over the world in 2018 as part of the WWI centenary celebrations.



[resposted from the last thread]
Incidentally, that's a great interview of N-Pod that narc linked on the last page thread. I'll repeat it here:


His evolution of thinking on Trump probably echoes with a lot of us here who weren't on board at first. Also his evolution on immigration. And such a sharp and open mind at 88. How many people do you know have changed their views on much after the age of 60?

Just a brief excerpt:

CRB: And President Trump offers a path up from ignorance and anti-Americanism?

NP: The only way I know out of this is to fight it intellectually, which sounds weak. But the fact that Trump was elected is a kind of miracle. I now believe he’s an unworthy vessel chosen by God to save us from the evil on the Left. And he’s not the first unworthy vessel chosen by God. There was King David who was very bad—I mean he had a guy murdered so he could sleep with his wife, among other things. And then there was King Solomon who was considered virtuous enough—more than his father—to build the temple, and then desecrated it with pagan altars; but he was nevertheless considered a great ancestor. So there are precedents for these unworthy vessels, and Trump, with all his vices, has the necessary virtues and strength to fight the fight that needs to be fought. And if he doesn’t win in 2020, I would despair of the future. I have 13 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren, and they are hostages to fortune. So I don’t have the luxury of not caring what’s going to happen after I’m gone.

CRB: What are his virtues, if you had to enumerate them?

NP: His virtues are the virtues of the street kids of Brooklyn. You don’t back away from a fight and you fight to win. That’s one of the things that the Americans who love him, love him for—that he’s willing to fight, not willing but eager to fight. And that’s the main virtue and all the rest stem from, as Klingenstein says, his love of America. I mean, Trump loves America. He thinks it’s great or could be made great again.

He goes on to predict that Mooch will run. I don't think so, but what do I know.

Part of me wishes they'd asked what he thought of his idiot son, but maybe that's too awkward.


for a vegan near you, vegetables from Fukushima.



Iggy: But what really bugs me is it apparently doesn't bug anyone else.

I wouldn't infer that. It bothers me, as do some other comments or commenting styles, but I've made it a policy to avoid criticizing other people's comments. I'm not saying I completely succeed, but I try. And by that I don't mean simply disagreeing with their points, which I do all the time, but rather saying "Shame on you for that post."

Live and let live, scroll on by.

Beasts of England

Thanks for posting that, Porchlight!! The story of the Gallipoli Campaign is fascinating. It's one of the more intriguing battles of WWI from every angle. I've watched the referenced documentary and highly recommend it.


Note to rse: I was out most of last night. The answer to your question to me is "Yes." Prefer not to go into specifics on the interwebs.

Tom R

From the other thread...

The strawman was your "evil and corrupt" characterization. Why resort to that? Maybe he sees himself as a Christian avenger for truth, justice and the American way.

No need to impugn Ahab's motives in order to understand his actions.

Good freaking Lord. After months upon months of people here accusing Mueller of being dirty, corrupt, a member of the Deep State Swamp, and trying to destroy Trump, you accuse me of resorting to a straw man when using the same terms almost everyone who disagrees with me uses to describe him?


Biden got the coveted Avenatti endorsement.



captain hate-

sent over an email. i have to cancel our get together because irl is getting in the way. hope to get together in the summer.


Nice on gasses and streams, but pointing out streams move carbon dioxide and release it elsewhere seems to put the EPA in a position to jam waters of the US on us again.




It bothers me as well. I got carried away bickering with Old Lurker for a while, until I realized that it was pointless and just as I wasn't going to change my mind, he wasn't going to change his, and I was filling up the site with annoying crap.

We have to wait to see how this story plays out. None of us has all of the information, there are tons of variables, and we will just have to wait and see what happens.

I remain hopeful that good will triumph over evil.


judges suck.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Unelected federal judge expands Wisconsin Medicaid coverage of transgender surgery



Besides the tweet by President Trump henry posted, announcing the interview with Hannity tonight, the President has retweeted 11 times with video.

Here is his Twitter page if you want to take a look. A lot have to do with border security.



Right now in many courtrooms the three branches of govt have been collapsed into one:the judiciary.


New: @justicedems say they’ll oppose @JoeBiden’s presidential bid, at least in the primary.

“While we’re going to support the Democratic nominee, we can’t let a so-called ‘centrist’ like Joe Biden divide the Democratic Party and turn it into the party of ‘No, we can’t.’” pic.twitter.com/LDUWqcl9uX

— Kevin Robillard (@Robillard) April 25, 2019

Link goes to screen cap of their statement.

Old Lurker

Absolute Power always ends the same way, Clarice.


Biden got the coveted Avenatti endorsement.

When you really, really want to suppress the news:)

Old Lurker

MM "...carried away bickering with Old Lurker for a while, until I realized..."

To be fair, I think we both got to that point about the same time, and JOM is happier for it I am sure.

Tom R


August 2017 is also when Rosenstein changed the scope of the Mueller SC. The timing could be a coincidence but my favorite Twitter Sleuth did point this out so who knows.


I read somewhere that the Brits may decide to go with Huawei to create their 5G network. If that happens the speculation is that it would end the formal alliance between the US and the Brits on intelligence issues.


A University of Notre Dame student who has voiced negative statements about men and is openly opposed to Catholic sexual ethics was recently confirmed as director of the student government’s Department of Gender Relations.



I find GUS, TomR and TK perfectly fine when they're separated. I find them disruptive, even when hushed, together.

An erroneous clumping of commenters.

Old Lurker

TK, it is an SAT question to identify the one that does match the others.


Going around the Internet

joe biden's campaign theme song....


Just got a text from a friend who said she heard Biden had asked Obama not to endorse him. Has anyone else seen that yet?


(Maurice Chevalier, thank heaven for little girls)


What we have here, is a failure to communicate.

You implied that one would need to prove Mueller "evil and corrupt" in order to refute your white hat theory. Not true, or logical. A strawman argument is all I said.

As for my past comments, I believe I called him a scumbag and a dirtbag, and I stand by that. And if anyone's "deep state," it's him. I have no idea if he drowns kittens or takes bribes, but I doubt it. No need to prove he's "evil and corrupt" to prove he tried to take out Trump.

Respond if you like but I think three explanations is enough on my part.


If he said it, it was because he thinks Obama won't endorse him.

James D.

Henry @ 11:27

The fact that Notre Dame even allows a “department of gender relations” I. It’s student government demonstrates that all is lost there, regardless of who’s in charge of it.

Old Lurker

I know, Drudge, but this headline was a laugher:

"Chris Christie Warns: White Working-Class Trump Voters Could Hand Election to Biden..."

Proving the Einstein missed out on defining a law about the conservation of fat cells and brain cells remaining at a fixed sum total.


it is an SAT question to identify the one that does match the others.

I thought that was Sesame Street. :)

Old Lurker

Education has been dumbed down, Jimmy.

Try to keep up!


If he said it, it was because he thinks Obama won't endorse him.

And I want to take this opportunity to request that Maria Sharapova not ask me out on a date.



That story confirms my suspicions that Gender Studies majors "just ain't right".

Captain Hate


I tried calling you but it went right to voicemail so I email replied. Maybe Buckeye will be mended by then and we can take Jackie O's by storm.


Althouse reams the Groper:

Trump did not say that! It's absolutely established that Trump excluded those people explicitly before saying that there were some fine people on both sides of the question of keeping Confederate statues. (At the time of the fine people remark, Trump said, "I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.")

How dare Biden rest his campaign on a blatant lie — a lie that has been used to stir up fear and racial discord?! The hypocrisy of offering to bring us together and embrace lofty values when he is either repulsively ignorant or just plain lying!


Captain Hate

Fat RINO Bastard is almost as annoying as Mutt Rombley.


Ol, Jimmy. :-)


Luckily for us, we don't have those nasty Christians running our private lives and imposing their values on our families!


This “toolkit,” funded in part by the George Soros-connected Tides Center, offers kids tips on using sex toys and anal lubricant. It defines “anal intercourse,” “phone sex,” and more as “common sexual behaviors.” It teaches that “abstinence” and “virginity” can mean engaging in a variety of sexual activities, but stopping short of intercourse.

“What if you don’t have time or money to buy sex toys?” the guide asks on page C-51. “Cucumbers, carrots, and bananas (with the peel) make great dildos. Just remember to use a condom!”


Maybe Buckeye will be mended by then and we can take Jackie O's by storm.

Sounds good to me:)


Kevin McCarthy
‏Verified account @GOPLeader
19h19 hours ago

Remember what Speaker Pelosi used to say: "Show me your budget. Show me your values."

Democrats have no budget. What does that tell you about their values?

Beasts of England

Biden's 0-3 today - CNN, Justice Democrats, and Althouse! Inauspicious start, Joey...


Sad summary of the state of the Boy Scouts



Beasts, he also lost the McCains. But he has Drudge.


"Biden's 0-3 today"

Yes, but he corralled BOTH of the remaining moderate Dems.


This “toolkit,” funded in part by the George Soros-connected Tides Center

Soros continues to be the one guy, more than anyone else, I want to see face down in a ditch.


Really, I thought Drudge would be a Buttplug guy.

Old Lurker

Cap'n. NOBODY can top Mutt in my book.

Old Lurker

Now that McCain is dead.


Apple UI testing.


Jim Eagle

Long C&P article from the Daily Torygraph on the Huawei. Behind a paywall. I have a Premium subscription:

"Jeremy Wright, the Culture Secretary, has refused to rule out a criminal inquiry into the leak of a Government decision to allow Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei to work on the UK's new 5G mobile network.

Details of the decision were leaked to The Telegraph on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after Theresa May and senior ministers discussed the matter with leaders of the security and intelligence agencies.

The National Security Council, which is chaired by the Prime Minister, agreed on Tuesday to allow Huawei limited access to help build parts of the network such as antennas and other “noncore” infrastructure.

Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, has now reportedly written to members of the NSC informing them that he has launched an inquiry into who leaked the information to the Telegraph.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Wright said it was possible the inquiry could be escalated.

He said: "We cannot exclude the possibility of a criminal investigation."

Mrs May's official spokesman declined to say whether a leak inquiry had been launched, but told reporters: "The Prime Minister is clear that the protection of information on matters of national security is of the highest importance."

Conservative grandee Sir Nicholas Soames told the BBC that the leak would "cause our friends and allies to wonder if we can be considered reliable" and called for those responsible to be sacked.

Labour's shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett added: "This Tory Government has once again proved incapable of coming together to protect the public interest.

"Critical issues of national security should be handled with utmost care, not used as political ammunition in a Tory Party civil war.

"The Government should launch a full investigation to get to the bottom of these leaks, otherwise it risks further extinguishing what little authority it has left."

The US has barred Huawei from involvement in official networks and put pressure on its Five Eyes intelligence partners to do the same over security concerns surrounding the company's links with the Chinese government.

Rob Joyce, a senior adviser at the US National Security Agency, said Washington did not want to hand Beijing a "loaded gun" and would be looking closely at the UK decision.

He told the Financial Times: "We have got to understand all the details of that and decide what that means.

"What we will be insistent on is UK decisions can't put our information at risk but the good news is that the UK already understands that."

Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary, Gavin Williamson, Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary, and Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary, were said to have raised concerns about the approach."


Brad Parscale
‏Verified account @parscale
18h18 hours ago

Proud of Jared for making the First Step Act a reality. It is a historic criminal-justice reform bill that makes American communities safer, improves hundreds of thousands of lives and changes the way we think about prisons.


Captain Hate

Drudge is even dumber than Patterico in terms of squandering large numbers of readers.

Jim Eagle

In Re: The Biden announcement video.

Did it seem to anyone else that he has either had a few injections of Botox or plastic surgery lately? He sure appeared to be wrinkle free for a guy his age.

Doesn't, however, make up for the fact that he is as dumb as a box of rocks.

Old Lurker

So Jack...the bad thing was the leak, not what the leak leaked, right?


I believe that arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics. Even if you win you are still retarded.

Captain Hate

Kudos to Althouse for not buying into the MFM lies about what DJT said in response to Charlottesville. Btw any hard hitting investigations by the MFM on the organizer of that clusterfuck with JEF ties?

Jim Eagle


Appears that is the case. The UK is nuts if they think limiting Huawei's role will somehow protect their National Security assets.

Pompeo and Haspel need to get on the phone now.

Captain Hate

Am I the only person wondering how many blacks get very offended when the paste eater says something about Republicans wanting to put them in chains? Or when Rodham uses her fake accent and talks about hot sauce?



It seems to me that the Tories are even more globalist and goofball than our GOPe types.


Am I the only person wondering how many blacks get very offended when the paste eater says something about Republicans wanting to put them in chains? Or when Rodham uses her fake accent and talks about hot sauce?

Being offended and having your price are two different things.



Part of this involved a half millioin dollar BOOK DEAL. I have said for a long time that these book advances seemed suspicious.



"Former Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly, who both lost their 2018 re-election races in North Dakota and Indiana, respectively, are launching the One Country Project to help their party win back rural voters ahead of the 2020 cycle."

This seems pretty ridiculous to me. Donnelly lost to a businessman with zero political experience, because the presidential candidate for the dems was so unpopular that people voted a straight GOP ticket here in Indiana.

They act like they need guides and translators to talk to rural voters. How asinine.

Captain Hate

The Children of the Cornhole striving for the coveted Peak Retard status


Buckeye, I think the number of minority votes DJT gets in 2020 will rock the conventional wisdom.


‏Verified account @NRA

President @realDonaldTrump and @VP Mike Pence are speaking next Friday, April 26 at the @NRAILA Leadership Forum in #Indianapolis! You don't want to miss this. Get your tickets → http://bit.ly/NRAILALeadershipForum … #NRAAM


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
4m4 minutes ago

Look forward to seeing everyone in Indianapolis, Indiana tomorrow!

I have friends who are going to this, because they are NRA members.


Regarding Medicare: I have Florida Blue Medicare Advantage PPO that covered 99% of my knee replacement at HSS. Over $63K.

Free market cost of that procedure (I know JiB had a lengthier stay than normal) at the Oklahoma Surgery Center that does all its stuff without third parties is less than 15 K, last time I checked.


Government involvement is the reason our medical costs are insane.


SO SAD: Anusha lost her 2 kids, Sajini & Vimukthi, & husband, Dulip, when a terrorist detonated a bomb inside their church. "I lost my entire family." 3 other relatives also died. "Now, I am all alone, I don't have any hope." PRAY for Anusha & survivors of #SriLankaAttacks pic.twitter.com/3Py2F0EeBk

— George Thomas (@GTReporting) April 24, 2019

Video attached. Let us not forget these poor people in Sri Lanka. Keep them in your prayers.


I'd like to be called a conservative grandee someday.


Leftist money trails get a bt of sunlight:



I, too, for the most part, resist being sucked into pointless exchanges. I just pay attention to other things.

But, then again, so did Luna Lovegood.


OK Jib, I downloaded that software you recommended.

Do not miss this:


And I think we should come up with more!




NPR is playing Biden's INCORRECT statement about Trump saying "very fine people on both sides" ENDLESSLY.

Paul Ryan, I hold you FULLY RESPONSIBLE for not defunding this propaganda site when you could have.



I am glad she has found her place. If you want to tell me by email at some point there's a good chance I know someone most places she was interested in. With my youngest we knew at this point but she did have some hope of coming off a wait list until mid May.

porch-thanks for reminding me of anzac day. As I have mentioned my youngest was in oz this past week and will be headed back to the other celebrant soon.

That is a lovely poem I do not ever want to be in a position to use as a memorial. Thoughts to all families that have.


Yer a conservative grandee, Ext.

Dave (in MA)
Right now in many courtrooms the three branches of govt have been collapsed into one:the judiciary.



Those are good questions by Julie and Liz. There's no way Mueller will agree to have to answer them.


Aaahhh. :-)

I'll change into my ascot and smoking jacket now.

Old Lurker

Ext, I'm going to have to change the dress code in the Ledge Bar for all our Grandee patrons.


Former Calif. Dem Chair Forcibly Gave Oral Sex to Male Staffer, Lawsuit Says

How is that even possible?


Buckeye, I think the number of minority votes DJT gets in 2020 will rock the conventional wisdom.

Agree. Jobs, robust economy, security. Most people want these things.


I’ll change into my ascot and smoking jacket now.

Whadyamean “change.”

That isn’t your daily attire? I can’t be the only JOMer crushed by this revelation...😉


Retweeted by the President. One minute video at the link.

President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, yesterday for the Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit, continuing their fight against America's opioid crisis. pic.twitter.com/ZegRng6nY9

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 25, 2019

How is that even possible?

Please, I don't wanna know!

Dave (in MA)

View Hag Thinks Donks At Disadvantage Because They Don't 'Play Dirty' Like GOP

JM Hanes

Still on the previous thread playing catch-up, but wanted to add a thought to the Medicare conversation while I still remember it!


"In my case, I am glad I have the flexibility to go to whomever I want."

In my case, by the time I add the necessary parts, my Medicare coverage actually costs me slightly more than my previous private coverage. The only reason I've opted for Medicare is that everybody everywhere accepts it. When I have serious issues, I can go wherever the most experienced specialists practice for treatment. So far, that's been New York, not North Carolina, but it could be somewhere else. I also travel quite a bit, so who knows where I'll be when I suddenly need a doctor? The universality of Medicare, versus buying in-state private coverage, is an important plus for me.

Old Lurker

"In my case, by the time I add the necessary parts, my Medicare coverage actually costs me slightly more than my previous private coverage."

Me too, by a good bit actually. Especially when you factor in the reduction in SS benefits that hits some for the AGI shown on the 1040.

Beasts of England

I'm boycotting The Ledge™ until OL stops making fun of my bow tie collection... 🤓


Me too, by a good bit actually. Especially when you factor in the reduction in SS benefits that hits some for the AGI shown on the 1040.

Hmmm, 1st world 5% problem.

Me too, but being free from having to kiss an employer's ass.....priceless:)


I also travel quite a bit, so who knows where I'll be when I suddenly need a doctor?

Me too, and the better Supplemental plans provide some international coverage.

An uncle had to have bowel surgery in Thailand. No insurance coverage, but only $800:)

He lived another 12 years.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

" ... The Children of the Cornhole ..."

I still laugh every time I read this. LOL


Beasts, try these bow ties.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Most other Democrats are stuck in the 1960's.

But Biden is still stuck in the 1860's.

Tom R

I’m not commenting on the Spygate article Jane courageously linked at 12:56. Clarice has given warning she is tired of the topic and has her pistolas out so I don’t want to get shot. :-)


That isn’t your daily attire?

I wore a leather jacket the day your neighbor taught me how to bail hay, but I probably should have gone with the salmon one from SB's link.

Beasts of England

I'm not that cool, sbw, but those are lovely!! :)

Old Lurker

Nothing personal, Beasts.

I was at UVA just at the end of the all male years and while coats and ties were (almost) required everywhere at all times. The students from the South almost always wore bow ties.

My Dad was in Law School there circa 1950 or so, and he was almost never seen without a tie, often bow, for years and years thereafter. Even cutting the grass, he would ride the tractor wearing a bow tie and seersucker suit.


But he and my Mother taught me how to make the world's best mint juleps, and how to NEVER try to drink one not in an appropriate silver cup.


Scary thing is, almost none of that is exaggerated.


"for a vegan near you, vegetables from Fukushima."

the entire Pacific catch is suspect too. the kelp harvest has been contaminated--- the vegetarians and unaware cohort of the vegan "movement" like to eat the dried crunchy stuff.

not much worth eatin if it comes out of the Pacific.

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