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April 21, 2019



Yes he bit at a category error, emails were offered to everyone with a modem.

JM Hanes

Dipping a toe back into the reality pool, are we?


Surprised they published it:



Admittedly there is much matrix component

Jim Eagle

Trump goes to Easter mass with all the PB Grandees. That should be enough to sell more fainting couches.

Bethesda-by-The-Sea is a wonderful Episcopalian church off South County Road in PB. Absolutely beautiful in a courtyard monastic setting. My grandfather went there every Sunday when he had his shop on Worth Avenue and operated the tennis courts at the Poinciana Hotel. No longer there but The Breakers took its place.


The good prosecutor sneered at her plight:


JM Hanes

Well, after reading the Times Article, I'd say they've only got one toe stuck in the reality pool, themselves. So many asses to cover, so little time! I'll let somebody else do the extended fisking that the piece deserves, and just mention two things that leap out at me:

Now the dossier — financed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, and compiled by the former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele — is likely to face new, possibly harsh scrutiny from multiple inquiries.
I am pleased to see that virtually no one is disputing the fact that the dossier was brought to us by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The one assumption that I have not seen supported by anything remotely like actual evidence, is that the Russian interference was intended to help elect Donald Trump. That presumption becomes particularly problematic given the fact that the damage done to Trump by the the Russian assisted Steele Report was clearly not designed to help him. The New York Times gives it the old college try though:

Another possibility — one that Mr. Steele has not ruled out — could be Russian disinformation. That would mean that in addition to carrying out an effective attack on the Clinton campaign, Russian spymasters hedged their bets and placed a few land mines under Mr. Trump’s presidency as well.
Just hedging their bets, people. Nothing to see here. I believe we still don't have the full story on the Hillary's email fandango. People also seem to have forgotten that attempts were made to hack the Republican system as well, but were unsuccessful because the GOP had better security in place. John Podesta get caught in a phishing scam! Hillary sent classified info from her home server, for goodness sake. Do we know if her emails were even encrypted?

I didn't count this last bit in my two bit notables, because it's just so damn ridiculous:

[Barr's] remark that there was “spying” on the Trump campaign has already encouraged Republican accusations of misconduct.
Yeah, like we had no idea till then!


Remember jm the template is the zinoviev telegram, it was a document that toppled thr first labour government in 1925, the event is alluded to in Downton abbey's last season.


Without irony Luke Harding a stringer for fusion referenced it:



Jib referenced this, it sparked quite a few comments:


JM Hanes


I had to look Zinoviev up. You're right, very interesting story in this context:

The Zinoviev letter was a document published by the British Daily Mail newspaper four days before the general election in 1924. A forgery, it purported to be a directive from Grigory Zinoviev, the head of the Communist International (Comintern) in Moscow, to the Communist Party of Great Britain, ordering it to engage in seditious activities. It said the resumption of diplomatic relations (by a Labour government) would hasten the radicalisation of the British working class. This would have constituted a significant interference in British politics, and as a result it was deeply offensive to British voters, turning them against the Labour Party. The letter seemed authentic at the time, but most historians now agree it was a forgery.[1] The letter aided the Conservative Party, by hastening the collapse of the Liberal Party vote that produced a Conservative landslide.[2] A. J. P. Taylor argued that the most important impact was on the psychology of Labourites, who for years afterward blamed their defeat on foul play, thereby misunderstanding the political forces at work and postponing necessary reforms in the Labour Party.[3]

Jim Eagle


Do you pay for all those subscriptions? You know like the FT and Telly?


Another fellow who goes by the name of William Harvey's ghost suggested our man in Havana with alec Guinness name of nonexistent sources, d level info.


The ft sometimes allows a few items, the telegraph cuts me off.


I'm more broke than a church mouse you know.


more from 2thepoint....

Mall of America, Minneapolis Minn.

Speaking of sick monsters (ilhan Omar). Last Friday morning (4/12) at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, a black Somali Moslem (like Ilhan Omar although he may have been born in Chicago of Somali parents) picked up a 5 year-old white boy named Landen Hoffman and threw him off the third story balcony to hit the stone floor 40 feet below.

The monster’s name is Abdisaid Mohamed who goes by the alias Emmanuel Aranda. He lives with his fellow Somalis in Ilhan Omar’s district. She of course has not said a word of sympathy or support for Landen nor a condemnatory word of Abdisaid.

Yet on this Good Friday there is good news about Landen. The little boy suffered multiple fractured bones in his arms and legs, was bleeding from the head and had massive head trauma. Thanks to the heroic efforts of everyone at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, the local Fox 9 News reported an announcement by Landen’s family this morning (4/19):

“We have good news to share with you on this Good Friday. Our miracle child is showing real signs of recovery. New test results have been positive, though he remains in intensive care with a long road ahead. Our faith in God, and our Savior Jesus, is strong, and we are gaining more reason for optimism day by day.

We continue our appeal for privacy as we focus on our son, and thank you for respecting our wishes. Just know that we absolutely feel your overwhelming love, prayers and support, for they seem to be working. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.”

A GoFundMe campaign, LandenPrayers, has raised $880,000 – a tribute to the never-ending goodness of American hearts. On this Good Friday, we can support and pray for Landen’s recovery – and be thankful for the existence of the most moral nation ever to grace this Earth – our America. "


I was wondering why he used a Portuguese name

Jim Eagle

narc, I know:)

Here is what an "anomaly" looks like.


Is there a media conspiracy to protect, promote and project Elon Musk? It sure seems that way and can be dangerous when you think about what he is selling and delivering.


i'm hoping to be reading headlines like this one in the near future (my copy).

"Brits and Aussie intelligence agencies complicit in Dossier scam"

"Who is Mr. Steele and Why Did He Lie?"

"Hillary's Law Firm- Perkins Coie Funneled Cash for Phony Dossier on Trump"


You're on my list, Narciso. :D


should the tarp be pulled back on The Rat's intelligence failures will it mean we can indict, try and hang Susan Rice,Samantha Power, al-Brennan, and The Clap?

or will we be settling for process crime convictions.

all up to Barr?

at this point whom do you suppose is shivering the most over what's comin?

is it too much to hope that ValJarr will be implicated in the cover-ups?


Who are the prime investors in Tesla do they have media interests rhetorical how did Elizabeth Holmes get away with so much

Jim Eagle

This guy is a NY Ironworker and the best impressionist of DJT alive: Enjoy!



here you go Narciso--- re tesla investors...



It took five years before someone named pokrovsky as the source, and nearly 10 years


Holmes rode the rhetorical wave of public/private schools of the last 30 years' neo-feminism: women can do no wrong, are innately ethical creatures, and will always achieve superior results so long as those dirty men don't screw them.

i'll dig up an article i've archived about how she kited capital investment schemes on zero output.

weird scenes inside the gold mine.

Musk is a made man inside the Deep (Fascist) State. Commie Cars. What a novel concept.


back to making my own pressure washer porn. scour the new deck before its second coat of stain.



3.5 minutos, Ese.

JM Hanes

I just want to say that I had not read Gary Gindler's column before I made my remark about Team Russia trying to hack GOP computers too -- which I mention because it seems like that really is a glaring counter-factual in the Team Trump collusion story. I realize that I've used counter-factual incorrectly, but it just seemed right for the occasion.


A software designer on the Boeing 737 Max crashes:



Indeed jm, it just shows a little due diligence spares a great deal of embarrassment

Jim Eagle

If you have Boeing stock sell now. This is a devastating critique of 737 MAX. Even Southwest is at risk as a stock.


As an AFIT grad, we were always cautioned about design advancement without supercritical risk assessment. I have no idea what the Boeing design team and management team were thinking. This is a real engineering failure, and as one I am embarrassed.


Loved the Hillary story. And I have no doubt it s true. She is a sick chick.

Another Bob

Anonamom, as a software guy with safety-critical real-time embedded experience myself, I wasn’t impressed by the article. Guy was speaking too authoritatively too far out of his demonstrated expertise for my taste.


I hope for Boeing and its investors' sake it is not accurate.

Another Bob

Software is used all the time to: 1) work around hardware problems; and 2) enable capabilities that can't be done in hardware.

From what I've read of it, the fundamental problem with the MAX isn't engineering, it's training. The problem being solved was well-understood and the solution wasn't overly complex. For some reason - which is a mystery to me - Boeing didn't include the MCAS system in the manuals.

That may speak worse of Boeing than calling it some hypothetical engineering problem though.

Beasts of England

Interesting comment by 'Anchovy' at Legal Insurrection, re: the coup plotters...

'Start by offering immunity or reduced charges for anyone that brings forth information within the next 30 days. After the grace period, it will be an all out full court press.'

I like it. :)

Beasts of England

MCAS is (was?) an option, Another Bob - but I'm not sure that's an appropriate excuse.

Jim Eagle


When does training intersect with design anomalies? Are you enough proficient in Aero design to comment on that? We are not worried about so much software and avionics but basic air craft design.


If anybody is looking to get re-invested in healthy eating--Instapundit asked readers to let him know how reading Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat and What to do About It impacted them



Nevah cross JMH--I mean Nevah--stiletto fisking.


KK< I have seen no reliable source indicating the Mall tosser was anything but a natural born American.

Jim Eagle

I may have to drive the other car back to Florida in a May. If I do I would love to find a way to meet up with JMH and anonamom. Is that even possible?

Beasts of England

'stiletto fisking'

[ribald comment redacted for Lent and Passover]

Another Bob

JIB, I’m not a flight controls guy, and I’m far further away from an aeronautical guy. (I was a low-hours pilot back in the day, but that in no way qualifies me to speak to airliners.)

Generally if there’s something about the system you’re designing that you need it’s user to manage, you have to tell them about it. Both in terms of what you want them to do (e.g. run a checklist), and in terms of when you want them to do it (make it “error-evident”).

The relatively small repositioning of the engines and inventing MCAS to help account for the effects seems pretty far away from being a fundamental change in aircraft design to me. But I’ll certainly defer to the opinions of those with experience on bigger equipment.

(Perfect question for daddy, dammit.)


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
9m9 minutes ago

How do you impeach a Republican President for a crime that was committed by the Democrats? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

JM Hanes

LOL, Clarice! Just wish my stiletto did as well at filleting fish as fisking fakeries, but alas, it's not a very practical thing.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Hysterically funny story at Instapundit comments.

A cleaning woman at an Italian gallery accidentally threw away thousands of dollars of art by New York modernist Paul Branca when she mistook his crumpled newspaper, cardboard, and cookie installation scattered across the floor for garden-variety trash.

The pieces, estimated to be worth around $15,000, were apparently intended to make viewers think of the environment...

Another Bob

Jim, that “art” got exactly what it deserved.

Jim Eagle


Not questioning your knowledge but I think the issue is aircraft design and not the MCAS or software. How come the well trained SW guys have no issues driving that plane?

Beasts of England

Is this the same VDH interview someone mentioned the other day?




Beasts of England

Most excellent Pieces today, Clarice!!


Jack, your 4:53 is absolutely hilarious. I’m still chuckling. 🤣


a blessed Easter and Passover to everyone.


40 years ago, The Muppet Show told the truth. pic.twitter.com/mvyZPaXj5l

— MAKE DEMOCRATS AMERICANS AGAIN (@skjultster) July 1, 2017

Video at link.


JiB, I'd love to, and will be happy to drive over towards I-95 to meet you and JMH --and maybe ralph l too, if he's interested---but I am going north towards the end of the month, and have a beach trip tentatively planned for the middle, and do have some work obligations, so availability is limited. So let us know when you know.

Manuel Transmission

Top comment from the 737 article:

Very good analysis, but fatally incomplete. One really essential reason those planes crashed was that each time the MCAS triggered, it acted like it was the first time. If it added 1 degree of trim last time, it adds a second this time, a third next time, up to the five degrees that runs the trim all the way to the stops. A second reason is that, under the design still on file at the FAA, it could only add a maximum of 0.8 degrees (each time). This was raised to 2.4 degrees after testing, so only two hits could, in principle, put you almost to the stops. A third was that the only way to override the MCAS was to turn off power to the motor that worked the trim. But above 400 knots, the strength needed to dial back the trim with the hand crank was more than actual live pilots have, especially if it is taking all their strength to pull back on the yoke. A fourth was that, with two flight control computers, the pilot could (partly) turn off a misbehaving one, but there is no way to turn on the other one. You have to land first, to switch over, even though the other is doing all the work to be ready to fly the plane. A fifth was that it ignored that pilots were desperately pulling back on the yoke, which could have been a clue that it was doing the wrong thing. A sixth was that, besides comparing redundant sensors, it could have compared what the other flight computer thought it should be doing.

Further down, someone said the OFF switch wasn’t on the console, only pulling a breaker.

Sammy Small

I find it hard to believe that anyone would suggest the Trump let bygones be bygones. That is what the Dems always expect (and get), but that is also why they continue to use the same kind of tactics when Reps are in office. They never seem to learn.


Happy Easter and Passover all

My sons swat team responded to a hostage situation and my son was the first officer in. After he rammed the door open, he said the guy was right in front of him, a couple feet away and when he began coming toward my son in a threatening manner, waving a big butcher knife in his hand, an officer standing behind my son shot the guy in the abdomen. I hear the guy is doing ok and I thank the Lord the guy didn't have a gun!


Jim Eagle


To funny. Now off to very early bed because of the puppies.

Easy to blame but will lurk

JM Hanes


I knew I shouldn't have put off that diet! I'd love to see you on your way south, although I may be a bit off the beaten track if you're doing a straight shot down I-95. anonamom's location escapes me at the moment, but it would be great if we could figure something out! I found you on one of our old group email headers, and I can send you an email with more particulars, if you're still using the same address.


Rocco, so grateful your son is safe. My brother is a retired LEO. Every time I hear these SJW types go off on the police on NPR, I want them to have to do the 3-11 shift for two months, then get back to me.

These guys and gals NEVER know what is going to face them when they knock on a door to respond to a call. True courage, every single day.

Trump cannot and will not let this slide. Besides understanding that likely no one else on this earth could have endured what he did, he knows he has to kill the Deep State Beast, or the Beast will come after him, and his kids, once he's out.



Thank God Almighty the guy didn't have a gun!

I am certain your nerves are shot. For sure mine would have been getting told that story!

Give your son a big hug from all of us the next time you see him!


glad your son is ok Rocco.


Yikes, glad your son is ok, Rocco

So it turns out garret graff who has been whitewashing muellers malfeasance co wrote John Carlin (major cabal player) who retired right after the fisa warrant was granted)



Trump cannot and will not let this slide. Besides understanding that likely no one else on this earth could have endured what he did, he knows he has to kill the Deep State Beast, or the Beast will come after him, and his kids, once he's out.

Absolutely agree. I support him in whatever actions he wants to take for punishing these creeps. They will stop at nothing.

Beasts of England

Glad your son's okay, Rocco!


This guy:



Buried in special counsel Robert Mueller's 400-plus page report is the question of whether then-president-elect Donald Trump attended a 2016 championship chess tournament - an event that came under scrutiny as Mueller probed possible collusion between Trump's orbit and the Russian government.

Although Trump said he did not attend the event, he told Mueller in written answers that he became "aware of documents indicating" that then-president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov - a sanctioned Russian power player - invited the Trump Organization in March 2016 to host the tournament at Trump Tower.


Another Bob

Happy the boy is OK Rocco. Dad was a cop who was shot in the line. Made a complete recovery, but obviously not something anyone should go through. Spare a thought for the colleague who did the shooting. Some have a hard time with that.

Agree a-mom, problem is it doesn’t take many bad cops to erase all those thoughts.


I think the issue is aircraft design and not the MCAS or software.

I think it is likely both.

I still stand by my initial thought of "over automation", I suspect if the MCAS had been disabled, pitch control would have been manageable.

The info of the nacelle providing additional lift in a nose up attitude was news to me.

I do think that it seems as though Boeing pushed the envelope on several fronts with piss poor risk assessment as Jack suggests.


Happy to hear your son and his team are safe.

JM Hanes

Rocco! So glad your son is OK, although a situation like that has got to be traumatic, no matter how much training you've had. Are SWAT teams set up on a permanent basis, or is it a rotational set-up?


This is what the last insurgency in that area was like:




Wow, Rocco. Sheesh.


Rocco, thank God for a good outcome.


I posted before seeing what MT had to say about the MCAS.

He said it better with more background.


Posted by: Beasts of England | April 21, 2019 at 06:07 PM

not sure i trust the DoJ enough.


After a round or two of waterboarding maybe.


"KK< I have seen no reliable source indicating the Mall tosser was anything but a natural born American."

fr comments--- https://ddbarton48.com/2019/04/14/muslim-abdisaid-mohammed-aka-emmanuel-deshawn-aranda-who-knew/

RedRider says:
2019-04-18 at 04:35

"Why is there no background info on this guy? I found 1 report says he was born in Cook County, but where did he go to school?

Who are his parents & why are there no interviews with them? When did he move to MN & what did he do there? I can find no interviews with neighbors, friends, co-workers.

No mention of his religious affiliations, no address or reports on his social media posts.

No one seems to be looking into this guy at all………….I wonder why."

he legally changed his name from Abdisaid Mohammed to Emmanuel DeShawn Aranda.

por que?



Ella at her best!



I've been away to my MIL's for the holdiay weekend. First Easter since the FIL passed away last winter so it was a Full House with all the Aunties, Uncles and cousins in tow.

Northeastern Indiana, Fort Wayne area, is a union hot bed. I'd say based upon this weekend that Trump enjoys at least 50% approval from the union guys. The old timers are anti-Trump and the younguns pro-Trump as a general rule.

I'm well known in these circles as that 'conservative SIL from down south Indiana.'

My general rule is to talk sports at such functions. I was hoping this weekend the 'Pacers are stinkin' it up' would provide cover.

No such luck and I finally made my general response:

"what we are going to find is that current and former members of the government, think specifically the Intelligence Community, lied and dissembled before the FISC in order to begin spying upon a political campaign in order to gain advantage.

they colluded with members of our elected branches of government and individuals in the media to push a narrative that used the fruits of that spying to prevent the election of an individual and when that failed, to nullify his election by providing grounds to impeach him and remove him from office.

the ultimate aim of this conspiracy was to thwart the will of the people of the United States.

this is known as treason.

membership in the elected branch of government or the media provides no shield from such behavior.

until those who participated in this endeavour are brought before the bar of justice and subjected to the harshest penalty provided by law, our Republic is in peril.

you guys are gonna have a hard two years."

It was usually enough to get back to the food table for a refill on deviled eggs, ham and taters.


Holy cow Rocco. Your son is a Hero!!! Thank him for all of us! Ok I have bias!

Beasts of England

Fair enough - water boarding then immunity. :)


when returning to Oakland International i went to my car in the long-term lot. the airfield next door had 7 ginormous FedEx jets being serviced.

hola, daddy! whatcha seein up there?

JM Hanes

In an otherwise excellent column about the likelihood of Trump suddenly changing his leopard spots, Don Surber comments:

Clapper, Brennan, and Comey weaponized America's intelligence and law enforcement apparatus to create a KGB for Obama that they planned to hand over to Hillary.

I certainly question the idea that they planned to hand it all over to Hillary. There was no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas, and the Obamas never showed any interest in anyone else's future but their own. Then there's ValJar running a ghost ship of some kind out of the Obamas' house in Washington.

The model that immediately occurred to me was John Kerry and stovepiped intelligence back during the Bush years. Obama for America which mutated into Organizing for America into Organizing for Action has, according to Wikipedia, morphed "into a hub of the Democratic protest movement." Fancy that! Hillary was certainly a better bet for him than Trump, but I seriously doubt he trusts her enough to hand over his contact list or the reins to anything. I think he & Michelle & VallJar would be a lot more likely to use those tools for their own purposes.


Thanks all, he's a member of a regional swat team out of Worcester made up of LE from a bunch of local towns and cities. The team even has a social worker and two surgeons who care for all involved or wounded. The dude called his social worker who in turn spoke with the teams social worker and a decision was made to go in. Then firefighter/EMT's enter first to stablize any wounded before being brought outside to be treated by the teams surgeons.


So we're now at that stage on the list where "Everyone Knows That!" that it was Hillary's Dossier in the first place.

Good to know that this little strategy keeps inching along in chunks, one hurdle at a time. It's coming in stages, not in full baring of ALL the data.

But it's working very nicely so far...


Good job Bubarooni. I practically had to hang up on my 93 year old mother today who reminds me of Adam Schiff. There is no part of her who wants to get along.




Great great tribute to Charles Krauthammerabout to end on Fox. His son is amazing, just like his dad.

JM Hanes


Nice way to start out the evening -- or end it, depending on the hours you keep!


Well its reasonable inference, jm, the real likely result would be an unaccountable organism like the fis in the late Charles mccarrys better Angel's the secret govt that bill moyers was nattering about after Iran contra. But its amorphous half corporate (fusion, haklyut) half govt (company mi 6,) and international in scope


yer lucky, bubarooni. Barbara Boxer's fiefdom of Palm Springs is rich, queer and libtardo progressive to the nines.

in 2.5 short days there, with MIL's funeral on day 2, i endured 2 political firefights with the in-law side of the family. both were aggravated. both were with drunk adults above the age of 55.

sick. their shouting was disgusting. the barrages erupted the afternoon and evening after Barbara's funeral.

i managed to extricate myself from the barrages by pointing out the simple fact that Mueller's team wasn't bi-partisan...so how could the report be so? see ya.

it was like Barr dismantling the journos re "unprecedented." they are a rabidly angry lot as it is about Trump; but pour on 4 martinis and a bottle of red wine each...well, i know the name of that tune. add to it the death of the in-law matriarch and the group fell apart like a wet paper bag.

they want Trump prosecuted after he leaves office following his 1-term presidency that they are cock-sure he'll have. they express openly their desire to see him assasinated or hung. impeachment is inevitable according to them.

i don't discuss political views with progressives except Mrs. Kid. we have ground rules. but we seldom need them because we don't allow the hysteria to enter our mutual life together. we have outlets for discussions--- we have never had politics on our compatibility list. to each their own.

gonna be a long year.


The blacklist went partway their this week, in their slightly moonbattish way of illustrating deep state doings.

JM Hanes

Kevlar Kid:

It's the quality of the anger that I have a hard time figuring out. People get that clenched jaw, piercing eyes look, and you know they're just begging you to put up a fight, so they can let it spill out all over you. Laying claim to righteous indignation makes people feel powerful is my best guess..


Yes its unrelated to any greater cause, like say the Vietnam war (well trump is trying to put an end to our forever war) so it's become about pure abstraction.


>>>After a round or two of waterboarding maybe.

Posted by: Narciso79 | April 21, 2019 at 08:47 PM<<<

clapper and power look like squealers, brennen will run, rice will be left without a chair.

traitors one and all and should be hanged.


I hear you KK.

The words 'treason' and ' members of our elected branches of government and individuals in the media' left a few them stuttering just long to make my escape.

I escaped from one old school union retired URW gal with 'Mika is gonna get frog marched outta 30 Rockefeller Plaza.'

It was literally the moment that a new tray of deviled eggs was delivered to the food table and as she gasped I cut the line to grab my fair share with the paparika.

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