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April 11, 2019


Captain Hate

Greg Craig is indicted.


the CNBC story has:

President Barack Obama’s former White House counsel Greg Craig was indicted Thursday on charges of lying and hiding information related to his work for Ukraine.


Since I am temporarily somewhat incapacitated, Mrs. Buckeye has decided to take on the chore of installing curtain rods.

I have taught her, from the comfort of an easy chair, how to read a tape measure, how to chuck up a drill bit, drill holes, and use an electric screwdriver to mount the brackets.

She is showing great promise:)


So that 4 million dollar inducement disnt spare Craig how about sloan.


Another take on Assange--it's a Barr move to disclose who really hacked the DNC:https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1116363049777205250.html?fbclid=IwAR3jYf69hGG6vK8NKC9kzdLmOsr3nyc9HcSPQffgcCoMDK5Nrv-kFwyQm8g


What was this about?

‏ @45_Schedule

"The press pool has been called to the briefing room doors for an unplanned event. We are on the move to the Colonnade and are waiting outside the Oval Office."
11:43 AM - 11 Apr 2019


Watchout Buckeye, she might have no use for you if she learns too much!


"Another take on Assange--it's a Barr move to disclose who really hacked the DNC"

That was my first thought Clarice, but since I've never known all the players in the Assange fiasco I figured I was nuts!


Watchout Buckeye, she might have no use for you if she learns too much!

That thought went through my mind:)


Has Avenatti been arrested? Is he out on bail? He's gotta be a flight risk.

Sometimes life is sweet, isn't it?


Jane, per WSJ Avenatti is still out on a $300k bond (from March), with an arraignment later this month in Santa Ana.


From March 25th:

Avenatti couldn’t scrounge up lawyers to represent him in $20M extortion scheme case

Magistrate Judge Katherine Parker signed off on a deal to release Avenatti on $300,000 bond, with conditions including no contact with the alleged co-conspirator in his case, whom the Wall Street Journal has identified as celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos.

Avenatti was also ordered to surrender his US and Italian passports and to inform authorities if he’s involved in any financial transaction worth $5,000 or more.

No idea why he had an Italian passport.


Will these indictments against CPL derail his presidential campaign? 😉



The referrals have been sent!

Jim Eagle

Tiger has a share of the lead at -3. Can he hold it?

Captain Hate

Can you imagine how many lobbyists in DC are freaking out right now? If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of thousand of puckering bung holes.
Posted by: JackStraw at April 11, 2019 03:15 PM (/tuJf)


Knowing what I know about them, I'll bet Skadden Arps has an office environment somewhere between "funerary service" and "critical reactor incident."

I mean, they were on Team Yanukovych, so likely not directly tied to this, but they have to be concerned that their near certainly perjured testimony to Congress will come to light in this.
Posted by: Yudhishthira's Dice at April 11, 2019 03:21 PM (AzW6q)


Vin Weber pucker up, John Podesta keep buying bad art.


CH, my memory was Skadden Arps already plead and Craig was handed over on a platter.


Italian citizenship isn’t too difficult to get and you get the EU citizenship advantage. Avenatti may be cunning but he’s not that smart.


Yes 4 million consideration in kind.

Jim Eagle

My Yoda sense tells me that we shouldn't be surprised if Ping-Pong Pizza somehow comes back into the news. Maybe another chapter in the TBT expose:)


Very possibly:



Oh that's sadly not surprising:



Can’t wait, JiB!


If this what 45_schedule was making a fuss over?

Today, President Donald J. Trump will meet with World War II veterans and their families in the Oval Office at the White House. , President Trump spoke at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention and welcomed Mr. Allen Jones to the stage. Mr. Jones asked to spend his birthday, April 11th, with President Trump to which the President happily agreed. Mr. Sidney Walton, 100, served as a medic throughout the course of the war and recently embarked on his “No Regrets Tour,” a personal mission to visit all 50 states and the White House to educate Americans about the Greatest Generation. Mr. Paul Kriner, 103, and Mr. Floyd Wigfield, 101, contribute to the Greatest Generation Foundation. Mr. Wigfield landed on Utah Beach on D-Day and Mr. Kriner saw action in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations.

The following individuals are expected to attend:

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
Tim Pataki, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Public Liaison

World War II Veterans
Mr. Allen Jones
Mr. Paul Kriner
Mr. Sidney Walton
Mr. Floyd Wigfield


I had an aunt and uncle who owned a house in Italy for decades and spent six months a year there for all that time. The house was in the town my aunt was born and raised and lived in until she was 18 and married my uncle. Neither of them had Italian citizenship or passports.


Not to say they couldn't have, I don't know, but if it was that easy I think they'd have done it. I would guess Avenatti bribed someone.

Born on February 16, 1971, in Sacramento, California, Avenatti spent his early childhood in Colorado and Utah.[23] His father was a manager for Anheuser-Busch.[24] He moved with his family to Chesterfield, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, in 1982, where he attended Parkway Central High School.[25] After graduating in 1989, Avenatti attended Saint Louis University for a year before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a B.A. in political science in 1996. While in college he worked as an opposition researcher for Rahm Emmanuel's political consulting firm.[24]

Avenatti attended George Washington University Law School, where he graduated Order of the Coif and first in his class with a J.D. in 2000.[10] While at GW, he worked with Professor Jonathan Turley on constitutional issues relating to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).[10] In 2003, George Washington University Law School established the Michael J. Avenatti Award for Excellence in Pre-Trial and Trial Advocacy, an annual award given to the member of the graduating Juris Doctor class who demonstrates excellence in pre-trial and trial advocacy. Avenatti also received George Washington University's prestigious Alumni Recognition Award in 2010.[26]

No history of living or working in Italy.


Jim Eagle


A lot of Euro countries allow dual citizenship and passports. But unlike dual allegiance the biggest problem is taxing your worldwide income. Why I never took an EU or Irish passport.


The Associated Press
‏Verified account @AP
46s47 seconds ago

BREAKING: Ohio's governor signs bill imposing one of the nation's toughest abortion restrictions.



One of Jr.'s high school girlfriend's father came to the US from Italy to go to med school.

He stayed and married a California girl, raised a family.

Between undergrad and med school, Giulia spent the summer in her deceased grandmother's apartment in Rome. She wanted an opportunity to improve her Italian language skills. Jr. visited her while goofing off in Europe and said it was a highlight of the trip.

The 90 year-old guy across the hall threw a dinner party and taught all the 20 somethings the fine art of making homemade ravioli and drinking Chianti:)


That's interesting. They can tax your US income and the US can tax your foreign income? Double taxed in both places? Who would ever do it?


Now you understand why Apple held all that cash overseas, as an example, and why the tax bill cutting off that double lamprey was such a huge deal.


Sounds nice, Buckeye. I love Italy. I've only been there twice, but both times were extensive trips including lots of food and wine at my uncle's place overlooking the Amalfi coast. Gotta do it again before I start wearing out!




Heck, even I could do that fine art, Buckeye. Well...half of it, anyway. 😎


I hear you Lyle.

Making ravioli sounds complicated:)


The other half much less so, buddy.


Double taxed in both places?

You don't get credit in the US for paying foreign tax? I've never worked abroad, so not sure of the rules. But paying both would be obviously prohibitive.

Jim Eagle

Phil -2 after 8.

Beasts of England

'Mr. Jones asked to spend his birthday, April 11th, with President Trump to which the President happily agreed.'


James D.

MM @ 4:05

That is fantastic!

Another Bob

clarice | April 11, 2019 at 02:00 PM

Interesting piece by your FB friend.

That we’re starting to see Level 2-3 prosecutions is good, but my (I think rational fear that) we’ll never get to 4 much less the necessary 6 is why I’m on The Ledge.

It’s also one of the things that annoys me about the 4D Twitter Sleuths TM. The level 2-3 cases are being trumpeted as yuge swamp-draining victories.



Yesterday's opening monologue. Transcript.


Avenatti went to Parkway Central? That cracks me up. (My elem and jr high fed all the district high schools, I went to “West”).




According to the grand jury indictment, Obama's top WH lawyer lied about foreign collusion to Mueller in 2017. But Mueller did nothing about it. It took a federal prosecutor in D.C. to empanel a grand jury against a former high-ranking Democrat official.



Damn. Great attempt though:

Breaking: Tragedy in the final moments for @TeamSpaceIL spacecraft #Beresheet, which failed in the final moments of attempting to land on the moon and crashed.


The thread has some analysis

Another Bob

Not sure that qualifies as “tragedy”.


Warning: twitter sleuth goal posts in motion:


So Mueller and Weismann passed off that case against Greg Craig to the SDNY, likely on the *understanding* that SDNY would do NOTHING with it...

BUT then SOMEBODY went to the US District Attorney for DC, Jessie K. Liu, who then took up the case herself!



I would LOVE to have seen the faces of the Mueller team when they heard the news somebody WENT AROUND SDNY to get this case prosecuted.


Another Bob

The thread also has a moron named Luwanda that I hope is a parody account.


I think the first Luna probe was the same way in the early 60s.


Another Bob, tragedy? Nope. Crash some hardware? That is why there was an award for success. It is a difficult objective.

Another Bob

No question.


Brett Kavanaugh should be investigated, liberal groups tell House Oversight, Judiciary panels

More than two dozen progressive groups have asked the House Oversight and Judiciary committees to examine whether Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh committed perjury during his Senate confirmation hearings last fall.

A letter addressed to the panels Thursday from groups including the Women's March, UltraViolet, the Center for Biological Diversity, the National Black Justice Coalition, the National Council of Jewish Women and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee contends that "many issues went unresolved during last year's confirmation process, when Senate Republicans jettisoned all procedural norms and abandoned any sense of fairness, and they must be investigated."

The issues identified by the groups include "whether he [Kavanaugh] sexually assaulted the women who credibly accused him of doing so [and] whether he lied about his financial debt and how it was repaid; and whether he is ultimately fit to be a justice on the Supreme Court."

They never give up. Like the snakes you guys were talking about the other day, the only way is to chop off their heads with a shovel.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As I mentioned the 44 Remington Magnum and the 45 ACP are also effective.

Beasts of England

Koepka moving up the leaderboard!


All these idiots need to be ignored.
They all need to get a life.
Avenatti started off so promising.
I wonder what event in his life caused him to go off the rails.
Comey said about an hour ago that he doesn’t understand what Barr is talking about when he says there was spying on the Trump campaign and presidency and that it is a big deal.
This from the clueless head of the FBI at the time.
These guys are just sick individuals living in an alternative universe.
Agree with earlier statement that indictments should come out quickly before false talking points can be presented as the truth🥔


Perjury in the Kavanaugh hearings? Start with the accusers and those who paid them to lie. That ends it.


When I think back to that hearing, I am dumbfounded that anyone found any of those witnesses credible.


Luwanda is a name used by a student in the movie “DeadPoets Society”


Yeah, I'd like to see Blasey and her beach friend investigated, as well as Feinstein's staff.


That is a pretty significant moving of the goalposts, henry. Wow.


Top Dem Lujan: Omar’s 9/11 Comment Was ‘Extremely Hurtful’

Lujan, the assistant speaker of the House, appeared on MSNBC to discuss the "successes of House Democrats’ first 100 Days," but Kasie Hunt started off the interview by asking him about Omar's controversial September 11th comments.

Omar said the Council of American-Islamic Relations was founded after the terrorist attacks because "some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties." The "some people did something" line sparked outrage, prompting the New York Post to publish a cover showing showing the World Trade Center towers being attacked and saying "Here's your something."

"Several of her colleagues have jumped to her defense. Do you think that she was inappropriately dismissive of what happened on September 11, 2001?" Hunt asked.

"Well, those statements were not only hurtful to me, but extremely hurtful to everyone that was personally impacted by those terrorist attacks," Lujan said. "No one should refer to what happened on 9/11, with terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans, as ‘something by some people.' And that's what was wrong with those statements."


Comey says he had 'no idea what the heck' Barr meant by saying 'spying did occur' on Trump campaign

Former FBI Director James Comey said he has “no idea what the heck” Attorney General William Barr meant when he said there was “spying” on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Comey made the comment at the Hewlett Foundation’s Verify Conference Thursday, according to the Daily Beast.

He reportedly added, “The only thing I can say generally is that I think his career has earned him (Barr) a presumption that he will be one of the rare Trump cabinet members who will stand up for truth and facts...language like this makes it harder, but I still think he’s entitled to that presumption.”

Wipe that sweat off, douchebag.



Dale Massad, the recently deposed mayor of Port Richey, Florida pervasively used crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine during his tenure in office, court records that were publicized Thursday charge.

Massad allegedly exchanged fire with police during a Feb. 21 raid on his home, which resulted in his arrest. Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended him from office the following day.

(Click to open.)

Beasts of England

'With a total cost of about $95 million, including the launch, Beresheet was a bargain-basement planetary spacecraft. To keep costs down, it was built with little in the way of redundancy and its ability to recover from malfunctions was limited.'

Too bad they didn't call a certain handsome and charming satellite economist... 🤓

Speaking after Massad’s Feb. 21 arrest, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said the mayor was lucky to be alive after opening fire on police officers.

“We knew this was going to be a very dangerous situation, which it did turn out to be,” Nocco told reporters. “Our deputies did an unbelievable job. Those deputies were professional, their training kicked in and they did a great job.

“He’s lucky he’s not dead,” he added.

Massad’s successor as mayor, Terrence Rowe, was also arrested after he allegedly conspired to intimidate a police officer connected to Massad’s case. The city has struggled to govern itself since.


Beautiful afternoon in the Oval Office today with a few great American HEROES! pic.twitter.com/HYEI83NVrm

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 11, 2019

Video at the link.

Captain Hate

That is a pretty significant moving of the goalposts, henry. Wow.

That was a 180 degree rotation.


Tiger finished with a 70. When asked about it after his round was over he said: "That's the same score I got on the 1st day in all 4 Masters I won".



By Bernie Marcus, Home Depot founder.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Google Blacklisting of The American Spectator


Here's The Shocking Reality Of Completely Blocking Google From Your Life.

The free market is not a suicide pact. Google should be crushed.

Beasts of England

Tiger was confident pointing that out, Jane! I'd love to see him win his fifth this week... :)


Pin, from last night, you are right that the rest of the Origin's title is usually left out--probably for several reasons (none to the credit of those leaving it out): "Preservation of Favoured Races" does two bad things: first, "favoured" makes no sense in terms of Darwin's own theory (there's no one like a God to dispense favors--it anthropomorphizes what he insists were events ruled by simple chance); second, the whole idea of "favoured races," though the book never goes into how the theory applies to people, leads inevitably to considerations of eugenics (as indeed happened, tragically). Plus people like short titles.

lyle, I'm sure Bern's owns the Epicurean--I say that because the family (it's a family business--buy the cookbook, though they don't give many secrets away) is entrepreneurial. In the early 2000s they had a separate restaurant just a few blocks up from the real Bern's they called Sideberns (cute, huh?). It was all edgy and experimental with all the greys and neutrals and hard surfaces you find at the Epicurean. It went out of business, unfortunately. I've been going to Bern's since I was 16. I love it. What a wine holding! It was not that long ago that the wine list had things (ports, madeiras) from before 1800. They still Napoleonic brandies. My daughter works in the Tampa Capital Grill and she gets the same customers--including the NFL folk.

If anyone (Jack) is actually reading Strange Case, I have two questions for you--1) why does Stevenson end as he does, with the reader not knowing what happens after Utterson reads the letter? and 2) what bad things does Hyde actually do? (we see him trample the girl and beat Carew to death, but what are we led to understand are his other unstated crimes? and why doesn't Stevenson tell us what they are?)


Nice Falcon heavy launch. All 3 boosters made it back- two to the cape and one to the drone ship.

Jim Eagle

DeChambeau almost makes an Eagle on 18. Left it on the lip. Guaranteed birdie. Getting deep for tomorrow especially if Tiger and Phil are in the mix.

Jim Eagle

Koepka at -6 has a birdie putt 0n 18.


Me too Beasts!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
10m10 minutes ago

House Democrats want to negotiate a $2 TRILLION spending increase but can’t even pass their own plan. We can’t afford it anyway, and it’s not happening!


Can we seize all the SDNY cases?

Jim Eagle


I have my volume of RLS including Strange Case of Dr. Jeklly and Mr. Hyde. Need to read it first, of course, but so far, I am in involved to say the least:


Gosh, what a lovely day. It's in the high 70's. Cloudy until mid-afternoon, but now it's clearing. Light breeze. I have the windows open and the patio door is open, too, so the dogs can run in and out (no flies or mosquitoes yes).

Maybe spring is really finally here!


Is Phil still in it, Jack? I read that he was involved in the buying schools off case. I assume if true he’d be under arrest.


Undercover Huber
‏ @JohnWHuber
3h3 hours ago

🚨@DevinNunes just called the Mueller report a “Mueller dossier” on @seanhannity radio show & said people like Andrew Weismann don’t get special treatment and “will be held accountable”

Also: zero chance Mueller didn’t know there was No Collusion “the day he walked in the door”
It would be very gratifying to see Andrew Weisman get aome punishment.


Crenshaw discussing OMar's comment:

Dan Crenshaw
‏Verified account @DanCrenshawTX

First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as “some people who did something”.


AOC defends Omar and attacks Crenshaw:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
‏Verified account @AOC

You refuse to cosponsor the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund, yet have the audacity to drum resentment towards Ilhan w/completely out-of-context quotes.

In 2018, right-wing extremists were behind almost ALL US domestic terrorist killings. Why don’t you go do something about that?
Liz Cheney steps in:

Liz Cheney
‏Verified account @Liz_Cheney
8m8 minutes ago

There is no context in which @IlhanMN description of 9/11 as “some people did something” is anything but disgraceful. Defending her is shameful, especially for a representative from NY.

Jim Eagle


Phill is no. 3 at -4. Have no idea where he is in the Univesity admission scam.

Tom R

According to the grand jury indictment, Obama's top WH lawyer lied about foreign collusion to Mueller in 2017. But Mueller did nothing about it.

We certainly discussed it here when it happened so it should be common knowledge that Mueller followed the proper legal process and turned over the cases of Podesta, Craig and Weber to the DOJ to prosecute because it fell outside the scope of the Russian collusion investigation. I recall multiple Ledge dwellers expressing pessimism that nothing would happen to the three despite them committing the same crime Manafort committed. Now Podesta and Weber are on deck.

Beasts of England

Phabulous Phil is one shot back at -5. Koepka and DeChambeau tied for the lead at -6. ⛳️


Also: zero chance Mueller didn’t know there was No Collusion “the day he walked in the door”

Mueller was well versed in Kabuki the day he met Trump in the Oval Office. How do I know?

Undercover Huber told me so months ago.

Jim Eagle

BEasts, forgot to give Phil that extra stroke. Thanks for the correction.

Caps are on. Go Caps.

Beasts of England

The hits keep coming:



So Barr can send Schumer Greenberg's name and sit back?

"I was approached by a Russian national FBI informant in late May of 2016. He wanted to give me some dirt on Hillary Clinton. I turned it down," Caputo said on Tuesday.

Caputo said he only learned the individual was an FBI informant after he sat down with investigators for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"When they asked me about him, I told them what I knew. By their faces I knew that it was someone that had been sent to me. It was after my interrogation with the Mueller team that I went out, hired private investigators and found out the guy had used a fake name, Henry Greenberg, and that he had been working with the FBI for 17 years."



I like Clarice's FB friend's musing.

I'll take it a step further.

Ecuador gives up Assange to Britain. Gets rid of an annoyance but I'd guess something else to boot we don't know about.

Britain gives up Assange to the US. Gets protection from Brits Intel involvement in Trump Shenanigans.

US gets Assange. Assange gets protection from the Bradley Manning leaks in exchange for giving up where he got Hillary/Podesta emails.

That's some 4D shit there.


Here's another item, Ecuador just received a 4.2 million IMF loan, even they are more trouble than they are worth.


Here's an interesting twiat:


Manuel is the fmr?? haklyut director,


Another take on Assange:https://social.quodverum.com/@ThomasWic/101908945492542995
I don't pretend to know who's right on this.

Captain Hate

Kurt Schlichter brings it: "In fact, if you look at everything Pete Buttplug is promising, you will not find one single proposal that either increases how much of your own earnings you get to keep or that increases your freedom. Not one. Just like with every other liberal Democrat, everything he would impose upon you will make you poorer and less free. But to him and his ilk, that’s fine, because your prosperity and your liberty are not the goals. They are obstacles to the real objective – more prosperity and more power for people like Pete Buttplug." [OregonMuse]


Ht Stephen mcintyre:


Beasts of England

I don't know if the worm has turned in the exposure and investigation of this attempted Deep State coup, but I'm ready to accept that it's stopped moving in our direction.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From Ace;

Chuck Schumer
Lamp Post

Some assembly required.

Posted by: DocJ at April 11, 2019 07:24 PM



Assange is a journalist. The press should be worried. Congress is mad because Assange embarrassed them -deservedly I might add. Why is no one complaining that Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning?

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