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April 11, 2019



Baby steps kev walk before you can run.


Ben Rhodes Defends Ilhan Omar

...to keep his kalorama bunker visitation privileges or what?


So that punk at the mall of the America, had been involved in incidents twice.

Drag his ass up to the third floor and throw him over.

Another Bob

My thought exactly buckeye.


Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller

Pres today signed bill to establish award program to honor "inspiring" school employees not directly engaged in teaching, such as custodial, security, health, transportation and food preparation workers.
2:31 PM - 12 Apr 2019
This makes me happy. My dad was a maintenance chief for our school system. He had lots of friends with the teachers and he had a lot of students who admired him. Great idea!


TOmR, the mystery is not in the unsealing. It's in who persuaded the NY DA to ever ask for leniency. Um..let me guess.


Washington Post seeks dismissal of Nicholas Sandmann lawsuit, says reporting was "neither false nor defamatory"

Linn Wood, Sandmann’s lead attorney, pushed back:

“This lawsuit is not politically motivated,” Wood said via email. “I do not file ‘political’ lawsuits. This lawsuit arises out of false accusations published by the Washington Post against a 16-year old student who was wearing a MAGA cap purchased earlier in the day prior to the events in question.”

Wood also explained why Sandmann’s lawsuit makes note of the Post‘s alleged political motives:

A publisher’s bias and the bias of its sources are relevant in every defamation case and this case is no exception. The bias in this case, political or otherwise, is found in the Post’s coverage and not in Nicholas’ lawsuit which seeks redress for false accusations that permanently damaged his reputation and caused him to suffer emotional distress


James D.

KK @ 9:17

The language does not possesses words strong enough to describe how vile Rhodes is, and my imagination is insufficient to come up with a punishment horrible enough to suit his sins.



They REALLY don't want him to get the nomination.


Not in English, Spanish and farsi if I knew any of it,



What a surprise.

James D.

Holy crap - Columbus beat the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight, and they’re up 2 games to none.i guess the regular season REALLY doesn’t mean anything.

(on the other hand, Columbus went up 2 games to none on the Capitals last year, and we saw how that turned out)

Also, great to see the Islanders up on Pittsburgh. As a New Yorker originally, they were my first team, in the Bossy/Trottier/Potvin/Billy Smith dynasty years.


This child's mother died giving birth. Her heart was donated to the person wearing the black T-shirt. Watch the reaction of the child when he holds it. pic.twitter.com/FFHBn4HV7m

— 😊Rob Christie😊 (@RobChristie11) March 31, 2019

Video at link. Quite amazing.

Another Bob

James, every team that went 0-2 vs. Columbus in the first round went on to win the cup.

Re. the Islanders? Pittsburgh’s been down 2-0 and won cups.

More than once.


MM - Loved the baby/heartbeat video! BUT - doesn't this assume that the baby heard his mother's heartbeat *before* he was born?

This sort of poses a problem for the abortion up to (and even after) 9 months crowd, doesn't it?


Ben Rhodes' time will come, James D. His farcical natsec position has the guilty rope tied firmly around his waist.

Yeah, i know. many here are not confident about any such thing. but i do believe he is at the top end of the sacrificial level. no book deal. do not pass go.



Indeed it does!

James D.

AB, I know.

But the Islanders haven’t been good in SO long, I’m goi g to enjoy this as long as I can.


Well we are still in lent, aren't we kev. From what I could stomach of his memoir, Rhodes is uncommonly ignorant of anything in his wheelhouse, Lee Hamilton liked it that way.


Hey Tom R.... "i'm glad you didn't die"....

shame on you.


So, can we have sanctuary cities for the unborn?


JOM friends,

I have some sad news which I have delayed talking about, due to daddy's death.

On Monday my brother-in-law passed away suddenly while he and my sister were on vacation in Florida. Given the circumstances, I assume it was a heart attack. They are still waiting for the autopsy.

He was 82 and very active. He was a Marine officer Vietnam war veteran, and had been a friend of our family since 1979, back before he married my sister.

My sister is heartbroken, and all of my family is sad.

He will be cremated in St. Petersburg and the ashes will be shipped up here for the visitation and funeral, which will not be until April 22 and 23.

I would appreciate prayers for my sister.

He was a wonderful man and we will all sorely miss him. (Won a Bronze Star by the way.)


Prayers for him miss marple


The Islanders home crowd was definitely fired up. The Pens were very undisciplined and sloppy. Go Isles and Jackets. Nothing like playoff hockey.

Tom R

Another Carpedoctum meme. This guy is as good as LSUfreak for anyone who follows SECfootball.



You and your family will be in my thoughts. I’m very sorry.

Another Bob

GJ, yep PIT has been sloppy, the D horrible in these first two games.

They were the same early in the season, then came on strong. Looks like reversion to the mean so far. Will be interesting to see how they come out in Pittsburgh Sunday.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

If the Radical Left Democrats all of a sudden don’t want the Illegal Migrants in their Sanctuary Cities (no more open arms), why should others be expected to take them into their communities? Go home and come into our Country legally and through a system of Merit!


How can anyone not love this guy? He has boxed the poseurs into a corner and they really have no good answer.


Oh, wow - MM - I'm so very sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man and I know he will be missed. Prayers for your sister and all of your family.


Sorry for your loss mm, prayers offered up for
you and your family.

Captain Hate

Condolences Miss Marple. You should've mentioned this earlier rather than suffer in silence.


I'm sorry about your BIL, MM. You're right that we have had more than our share of sadness--Frau, pagar, daddy--but this is how it goes. God bless everyone, including those of us still moving and breathing (we probably need it the most).


Narciso, Gentlejim,

Thanks. He really was a wonderful guy. He was a great friend of my dad and shared his love of gardening and animals. (If you ask me, he also was a Trump supporter but since my sister is a democrat and very vocal, he never said a darn thing about politics.)

For those who travel, a bit of information. Getting him cremated and sent back here was $1500. If my sister had wanted the body embalmed (required) and shipped here, it would have been $15,000. Make sure you buy appropriate insurance if you travel!


Thanks also to Captain Hate, lurkersusie, and Catsmeat.


Thank you Jeh, so well stated! https://t.co/4QmP6XrUVA

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 13, 2019

Video at the link.

Tom R

KK @10:24

Are you ever going to tell your friend Gus to stop being a dick? None of his friends here ever tell him to behave himself. I’m only responding to his attempted slights. I could turn the other cheek but since he doesnt appear to be able to control himself and none of his friends hold him accountable for his behavior sometimes I decide to punch back.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7m7 minutes ago

Finally great news at the Border!
The great news:

‏Verified account @axios

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday to uphold the Trump administration's policy to make asylum seekers wait for their court hearings in Mexico, rather than stay in the U.S.


Retweeted by the President:

Dan Bongino
‏Verified account @dbongino
Apr 10

With the exception of FISA warrants, the use of human intelligence assets, the use of national security letters, & the unprecedented abuse of the unmasking process, the liberal media is absolutely correct, there’s “no evidence” for Obama administration spying. Thx guys, great job


Dan Bongino
‏Verified account @dbongino
6h6 hours ago

At no point in modern history has the broken media ever been as incurious about exposing a scandal as they are now about Spygate. It’s because many of them are co-conspirators, or they were used as useful idiots.


This guy is good:

Dan Crenshaw
‏Verified account @DanCrenshawTX
1m1 minute ago

Just so we are clear on basic notions of reality:

When someone calls out a public official for things they said, it is not endangering their life or inciting violence.

Claiming otherwise is just an attempt to silence your critics.

Tom R

Clarice @ 9:36

I assume you were referring to the Clintons?


Wait... What?

We can't be dicks anymore?

I'm gonna have to come up with another way to reply to the boy dating my daughter who wants to ask me a question tomorrow.


What kind of sick monster would find comedy in the words Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah and compare those two terrorist organizations to America and the U.S. Army?

Rep. Ilhan Omar. That’s who. pic.twitter.com/YyyuddzGMi

— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) April 12, 2019

Video at link.


Erielle Davidson
‏Verified account @politicalelle
9h9 hours ago

How is this woman walking the halls of Congress. How.

The above was retweeted by the President.


You can be all the dick all you want to be. Just remember what bell you’re going to be ringing by doing so.

Easier to play it by the rules you want to be treated with in later years, as your parents taught you to treat them.

That’s how I’d play the lie, to use Masters terms.


Retweeted by the President:

The President's comment:

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7m7 minutes ago

A Fake Story by Politico. Made up sources. Thank you Mount Vernon!

Captain Hate

Bongino going for the throat. No mercy. This has been a great week for going on offense.


Captain Hate,

Are you listening to his podcast on YouTube or an appearance on Fox?


Why does knowing you cannot eat or drink anything after midnight make one so thirsty?

My body is going, "Eek, less than an hour left - drink water fast!!!"

Having dental surgery in the a.m. - still repairing things from my car accident 20 months ago.

Captain Hate


Gus doesn't answer to me. You both are grown men and have to deal with each other on whatever terms you do or don't work out.



Glad you let us know! I will say a prayer for
an easy surgery and a quirk recovery,


Momto2 and all,

Since I misspelled your name, it seems I should head to bed,



bubarooni - Eager to hear how everything goes tomorrow. It's one of those important moments in life.


Who else, Tom R/

Condolences, MM.


"Are you ever going to tell your friend Gus to stop being a dick?"

GUS is living rent-free in your head, Tito. That's not my problem. Given all the death we've experienced here of late your comment seemed shameworthy.

Otherwise, if you want to play this like some playground brawl, and go into GUS' wheelhouse, have at it.

I don't tell GUS to stop being a dick--- because i don't think he's being a dick. You think he's being a dick.

None of his friends here ever tell him to behave himself. I’m only responding to his attempted slights. "

ever never always. i've asked you before, do you fight with your wife this way too?

"I could turn the other cheek but since he doesnt appear to be able to control himself and none of his friends hold him accountable for his behavior sometimes I decide to punch back."

if you want to turn the other cheek, then turn it. do you believe you are bound by some bar-fight code? it's silly.

ever wonder why you elicit the responses you do from GUS? ever ask him? don't you want to know? or is your conclusion (he's just a dick) sufficient.

i'm glad you're both alive. and i was very concerned about GUS' health--- the same i'd be concerned about yours.

that's it.

have a great MAGA day tomorrow. i'll be gone.



Tom r, gus is perhaps uncommonly blunt, but we have seen 25 maybe 30 years when the left has gotten away with murder and mass corruption and the media has whitewashed 90% of it, so standing on the draw bridge between the veranda and the ledge we take a wait and sea attitude,

Captain Hate

Just responding to the tweet you C&Pd, Miss Marple. I like Bongino when he sits in for Levin but I'm spending more time than I should on Podcasts.

Momto2, you've been through a lot in the last 20 months without losing your uniquely positive demeanor. You've set a high standard for dealing with bad situations with strength and grace.


Bongino was a New York city cop and then with the secret service before he came to politics, so he has a more grounded view of these investigations than most of these theorists.


Just caught up. MM, condolences to you and family on your loss. Momto2, good luck with dental surgery and dittos on CH’s 11:26.

It will be interesting if and when the s*** really hits the fan over Spygate to see the MSM rush to the protection of the perps. Which they will do by attacking Barr as “politically motivated.”


Oh it goes without saying as they dismissed colonel north viernam service then w and does we 2, then all of a sudden celebrated gores short detail and John Kerry "you know he went to Vietnam it's all terribly absurd. They dismissed mccains tortured ordeal until they found it valuable


Yes, CH expressed his views on Mom2 for me,, as well.


I second the notion,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Welp, Killfile shields going back up.

I'm glad Gus is OK, and I like Gus a lot but the fact is, and I'm only saying this because no one else seems willing to, in the absence of Gus's constant, over the top goading of TomR, things were remarkably peaceful and well mannered around here.
I'm not saying it to defend TomR. Some of his theories are silly and he can sound pretty condescending, but nothing he says justifies these retarded constant personal attacks nor the lectures he gets if he responds.

I'm saying it to defend a place I used to like to hang out and which is becoming a place I don't like to hang out.


Haven't been able to get killfile to get to work so it's like the reliant in wrath of Khan


Yes, pls Gus and Tom R --cut it out.


nor the lectures he gets if he responds.

Yes... If...

So far he has left three reasonable questions from posters, other than me, on the table. Unanswered.

Maybe the "lectures" aren't anything more than debate that is abruptly halted due to the inconvenience of a narrative falling flat and the proponent of the narrative clamming up.


I'm going to bed, but before I do, I'm cleaning my pistolas.

Tom R

For Sundance's conjecture to be correct that the Mueller/Rosenstein/Deep State evil cabal is trying to silence Assange wouldn't that mean Trump was impotent and powerless to prevent the Deep State evil cabal from getting Assange evicted from the Ecuador embassy in the UK?


Tom R

So far he has left three reasonable questions from posters, other than me, on the table. Unanswered.

Like what? 9 times out of 10 if I don't answer a question its because I have other things more important going on than surfing the internet



Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Evidently Wikileaks has dropped the motherlode...

Can't get it to link


Despite the fact that I know that the illegals won't necessarily stay where you put them, I really do like the idea of bussing them all and dropping them off at the curb in front of Nancy Pelosi's house...

Posted by: cathyf | April 12, 2019 at 05:06 PM

I like the idea of those invisible fences for dogs if you know what I mean.


has Ruth Bader Jinzburg gone tits up yet?

Posted by: KevlarKid | April 12, 2019 at 08:54 PM

I think it's tits akimbo these days. Have those two words ever been juxtaposed?

jim nj


Cheeky bastard, isn't he?


I could turn the other cheek but since he doesnt appear to be able to control himself and none of his friends hold him accountable for his behavior sometimes I decide to punch back.

Posted by: Tom R | April 12, 2019 at 10:44 PM

I can 100% guarantee you that GUS is a harmless, lovable little fuzzball, with half his brain tied behind his back.


I took my maiden voyage as a Lyft driver tonight. It was enjoyable. I raise this topic for two reasons:

1. messers narciso and rich may want my referral code.

2. I took a couple on a short run. The misses is a food writer. It was a bit hectic so I neglected to ask for whom she writes, but I have a few tantalizing clues. They are from quote,"A fishing village in Massachusetts." Their itinerary included a loop from Nashville to Mussel Shoals to Oxford to Memphis and back to Nashville. So BOLO for a relevant article if you please.

I'm not sure if I want to work during the NFL draft though. I don't know if my car can handle a ton of Cornhuskers and whatnot. The Predators play tomorrow, I need to stay away from that mess too.

I tipped out at around 20% and my Slavery Reparations were a wash.

jim nj


Writer's Guild vs. The agents who represent the writers. Writers told to cancel their agents representation.

They are fighting over, of all things, a Code of Conduct.

How quaint.


I wonder in this electronic age if kids learn to banter?

Like, I pulled up at this house and there was a tuner car sitting on four flat tires in the driveway with a majorly scorched hood. The lady came out and got in the front with me. I said,"Is it impolite to ask if you've had car trouble?"

She was really nice, though, in a forty year old Goth bartender sort of way. The bartender was the best tipper hands down, as you may have guessed. She said all they work for is tips.

I did not see any fourteen year old prostitutes or strippers. I did not go to a diner and order 'pie.' I did not take Cybill Shepherd to Hustler's Hollywood.


Quien Es Esta Niña


Which of these is not like the others



The Mandela Effect?

jim nj

via Insty,


More Hominid diversity.


MM, so sorry to learn of your brother in law's death. You and your family are in my prayers.


Ig's 12:11 crossed my mind too yesterday doing catch up--that was a whole lot of unpleasantness to wade through. But since he'd already called me out for schoolmarming for addressing behavior I'd had enough of recently (excessive whining/inadequate action, IMHO, IIRC), I didn't say anything.
Instead, I chanted "It's not my blog, it's not my blog, it's not my blog..."

and clarice, at 12:29 Yes, pls Gus and Tom R --cut it out.

So, I'm thirding that, at the risk of taking the schoolmarm title from MR.

And guys, at 12:54, clarice posts she's getting the pistolas out, so she means it!

(Ig, very nicely put. Thank you.)

jim nj


I think the appropriate response is to killfile certain people judiciously.

All the people here have the right to say what they want to say. I wouldn't abridge that right, but I can choose who not to interact with or listen to.

I killfiled Tom R quite some time ago. I killfiled D recently.

Not that there is something wrong with either of them, but I'm happier not hearing from them. But they do annoy me, By not listening to them I'm not tempted to fire back at them in anger.

GUS is GUS, I have no interest in suppressing him. He wouldn't be GUS anymore.

I would suggest that GUS and Tom R killfile each other and ignore each other.

Short of that happening, I have no interest in Tom R leading a censorious campaign against GUS.

I listen to everyone else here and value their opinions because they cause me to think. I have no interest in listening to a pedant who tells me what I MUST think.


MM-so sorry to hear about your bil. Is it a bronze star or one with the 'v' for valor distinction? About 98% are the former, but if it's the latter and the family is writing up something for this fine man, you would want to describe it accurately. Medal will show. My parents always got travel insurance and quite frankly admitted passing while travelling would be their first choice.

Anyone else having trouble with elderly parents being told to check blood pressure daily at home? They become worried so it goes up and then doc adds more meds to what was a normal reading.

Hoping today's pollen reading is down, not up. Over 2000 yesterday here in atl.

Mom-while having your dental surgery think of where you would like to meet in atl for lunch and when.


Good morning, all.

Thanks to everyone for your condolences. rse, my sister was writing up the obituary yesterday so I will give her a call this morning with that information and what to look for.


It's TWIP time.



There were 2 tweets from the President last night that I missed, probably because he was up late. Here is the first:

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7h7 hours ago

Another Fake Story on @NBCNews that I offered Pardons to Homeland Securiy personnel in case they broke the law regarding illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Of course this is not true. Mainstream Media is corrupt and getting worse, if that is possible, every day!




Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7h7 hours ago

In New York State, Democrats blocked a Bill expanding College Tuition for Gold Star families after approving aid for illegal immigrants. No wonder so many people are leaving N.Y. Very Sad!


OK, here is some info I picked up for bubarooni, from a post about a elbow cupping handshake wiht an established long time patient, which the medical assistant who had been to some PC HR seminar, later told the doc was "inappropriate." (You bet I am assuming the MA is a millennial! We are raising an entire generation of online social media immersed near zombies, Aspberger equivalents as far as real life human interactions, who want/need rules for EVERYTHING.)

Rheumatologist posts he was TAUGHT to do shake like that--to check for lymph nodes at elbow! They can be a sign of syphillis! Who knew??

painless firm lymphadenopathy involving antecubital, axillary, nuchal, preauricular, and other nodes. In the famous syphilitic handshake, the physician slid his hand up the arm to palpate the patient’s antecubital nodes; sometimes known as the *** father-in-law check.***

jim nj


That's a problem for me. Blood pressure testing. I have to use a mantra to keep calm.

They crank the cuff up to a very uncomfortable disagreeable pressure which agitates me.

If I can stay calm it comes out to 110/120 over 70/80. If not, it's much higher.

I've often thought that a cuff that could sense the cutoff of blood flow would be very useful, instead they over pump the cuff to catch a possible high blood pressure.

It's like some of those physics experiments where measuring something distorts the truth.


The Hill
‏Verified account @thehill
18m18 minutes ago

Appeals court rules Trump admin can temporarily continue to send asylum seekers back to Mexico http://hill.cm/Re812LK






Well, I didn't get my wish. 6575


That would be the 4th or 5th highest total ever here in ATL as the previous 5th was a week ago in the 6200 range.

Treadmill for me and it also means readings are comparable at augusta national today.



mike in houston

A little wake-up music from my favorite movie


MM,my condolences.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

I agree with Kim Jong Un of North Korea that our personal relationship remains very good, perhaps the term excellent would be even more accurate, and that a third Summit would be good in that we fully understand where we each stand. North Korea has tremendous potential for.......

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
5m5 minutes ago

....extraordinary growth, economic success and riches under the leadership of Chairman Kim. I look forward to the day, which could be soon, when Nuclear Weapons and Sanctions can be removed, and then watching North Korea become one of the most successful nations of the World!

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