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April 15, 2019



and a guy looking over his reading glasses is pretty hot.

Only if you keep the smudges and fingerprints cleaned off:)


Agree on Doc.


and a guy looking over his reading glasses is pretty hot.

Does it help if you have greaseball hair like Schmucky?


HB to Clarice’s mom! Wow.

Jim Eagle

Ovechkin knocks out a fellow Russkie an Carolina up 1-0 while those guys get 5 minutes.

Jim Eagle


Finally found the Caps on CNBC. But iffy on streaming. Have to up with Jim Cramer.


‏Verified account @CNN

A couple adopted seven siblings who had been separated for more than a year in foster care https://cnn.it/2KH7hWd


a guy looking over his reading glasses is pretty hot

That leaves out Chuckles and his spectacles of doom.

Jim Eagle

Keeps cutting off. Going to bed early and watch on tablet.

Slaap lekker, tot morgen.

Will lurk.


The Hill
‏Verified account @thehill
12m12 minutes ago

Paul Ryan joins University of Notre Dame faculty http://hill.cm/g6Argjv

Another cushy job!


So the wrong Notre Dame burned?


Ryan will be with Buttguy in SB. We don’t need more idiots in IN.


Limited tickets available for tomorrow's Blue Jacket vs. Lightning game.

A few crappy seats left at ~ $125. Most seats are north of $300.



Good point.

Jim Eagle


Better on TV. See more.

Go Jackets. Love underdogs.


Ryan is one of those questions to those taranto questions asked, weld was muellers boss in bean town, and then head of the criminal division,


I think were going to need another color hat:


You thought the pulitzers were irrelevant before?


Yes it's bad fiction:



One might call them the dhommi caucus:



More rumors about the fire being intentionally set.



Final vespers at Notre Dame:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=63&v=xLBF0Zb8Bs4


“I could have misunderstood, but I don't think it's correct that the church was empty at the time.”

As I mentioned earlier, my friends were there this morning, and there was a long line to get in. It’s not possible that it was empty. I’m sure it’s teeming with tourists all day long, even if they’re just waiting in line.

Another Bob

Re. Notre-Dame...

The interior stone arch ceiling appears to be intact.

Reportedly all the religious valuables are safe.

The interior is largely intact.

The sculptures on the spire were removed four days ago.

An aerial water dump would likely have done more harm than good. Water on hot stone wouldn’t have done good things to the stone, and the sheer force of the impact might have knocked down the interior stone ceilings.


Happy 100th birthday to Clarice’s mom.


At least one of those on that list of grandees were lobbying for Ukraine that would be Javier solanas


Oh, yes.

Happy birthday to your mother, Clarice!


Thanks for the tip Jimmy k.

Another Bob

Photo allegedly an hour or so prior to the fire. It was definitely open.



French President Emmanuel Macron said the nation will immediately begin an international effort to repair the torched Notre Dame: "We will rebuild this cathedral all together" https://t.co/c10R3SerMw pic.twitter.com/rDM2pMZQu7

— CBS News (@CBSNews) April 16, 2019

Video statement by Macron with English subtitles.

Another Bob

Pretty low-class of Ovi to take that fight with Svechnikov.

19-yo rookie and Ovechkin has 50 pounds on him.


Happy Birthday to Clarice's mom!

Another Bob

So Macron will rebuild with other people's money?

Nice of him.

Another Bob

Oh, that pic from Notre-Dame I just linked?

Retweet from MM’s feed.

Shoulda’ known that... ;)


Another Bob,

As if I keep track of everything!

If it's a repeat, on an event like this, it is more than welcome.


Selma Hayek's husband reportedly pledged $100 m to the rebuilding effort.

Another Bob

No MM Igor it from you, I’m a follower of yours. I didn’t note the “Retweeted by” part at first.


I thought that name sounded familiar.

Another Bob

Igor > I got > autocucumber


Indonesia's elections are on Wednesday. Stu has done a short tutorial on what's going on.



We need some happy news. Video at the link.

Animals make the world magic 💫💫💫 pic.twitter.com/UymqawjMxw

— The Dodo (@dodo) April 14, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence
‏Verified account @VP

Vice President Mike Pence Retweeted ABC News

Notre Dame is an iconic symbol of faith to people all over the world – and it is heartbreaking to see a house of God in flames. Our thoughts and prayers are with the firefighters on the scene and all the people of Paris.


Gosh, it is so, so horrible about Notre Dame. I just can't believe it. My whole family is in shock--my youngest, who was just there in March, told me he wept when he was in it from its splendor and the weight of history--and now he is weeping for it now. All so sad.

That's tremendous about your mom, Clarice--100 is a great feat! Congrats to her!


KH at the BJG blog notes an interaction.
Im jealous, wish that I had a Trump Shop nearby!

Was traveling on rt41 today around punta gorda fl, in a 12-14mi stretch there were 2 curbside pop-up type tent “Trump Shop”‘s. Passed the first, stopped at the second one cause there were a dozen or so cars and people around it and it was on my side this time. Anyway ended up chatting with an AA retired former union (electrician) life-log dem (did vote Reagan second time around) who #walked away “for good” basically in 2016, along with his wife. He actually lives in MI (snowbird), he ain’t going back to dems – “everyone has gone completely nuts, it’s like they all live on some other planet, any sense of reason or what is good for the country is completely gone”.




It's not just Mexicans crossing the border

African illegals at the southern border. — Border Patrol says they are on the lookout for Ebola. Sadly, "Ebola has a 14-21 day incubation period where the infected show NO signs."
The current Ebola outbreak in the DRC is the second deadliest in history, with 772 dead out of 1,220 confirmed cases since the outbreak was declared on Aug. 1, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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