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May 13, 2019



Good Morning! MM@ 7:09...Biden had a crowd of 300 at a pizzeria in Hampton,NH yesterday according to reports. :)

In global warming news,today we have a forecast of rain mixing with snow. Yay!

James D.

Why is this guy a senator? How is it that in the whole state of Connecticut they couldn't find someone less creepy and more truthful?

Imagine how much worse the other Dems in CT are, who couldn’t knock him off in a primary.

But you’re right. The idea that someone as loathsome as him (or really pretty much every Dem Senator and probably a majority of the GOP ones, too) rose to a position of national prominence and power is a sign of the Apocalypse. In a sane society, someone like Blumenthal would be lucky to find work as a janitor.

Robin, eff 'em all

I always know when Democrats want to change the subject, because my Facebook feed goes to abortion rights stories. I swear, these lefty women are so easily manipulated.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Our great Senator (and Star) from the State of Arkansas, @TomCottonAR, has just completed a wonderful book, “Sacred Duty,” about Arlington National Cemetary and the men and women who serve with such love and devotion. On sale today, make it big!

James D.

So in today’s news, I see that Bradley Manning got itself a book deal. No doubt with a high six or low seven figure advance (the article in the NYT doesn’t say, but I think that’s a safe assumption).

It will be no surprise that I am sick with anger and envy at that news. Manning is a literal traitor, whose actions seriously damaged
Our security and certainly got people killed and he is rewarded with a lottery payoff to talk about it.

I made $0.33 on my books yesterday. Maybe I ought to go commit
Treason, too, and then I’d make more money, I guess.



James D.

Re: the Italian government “declaring war” on NGOs who rescue
Migrants at sea.

I wish they WOULD really declare war and sink the boats.

Sorry, I’m in a mood this morning.


James D.,

I remain convinced that prominent crooks and/or politicians are paid off through book deals.

The market for Manning's book would be very small, so why does he get such a hefty advance?


Last night on Shannon Bream's show Jessica Tarlov said we have a domestic terrorism problem and "white Christian men" are responsible..

Glad the bitch didn't say "old white Christian men", or I might have been offended.

She would be well advised to stay outta flyover country.

Might trigger some "domestic terrorism".




So,we went up north to visit with Nana. She is going to have her house appraised and has hired a realtor. I think her decision was made this winter after she had the roof shoveled for the third time!
We got off I-95N and took back roads.I can't describe how isolated it is,although with good views of a still snow covered Mt. Katahdin.

Old Lurker

WONDERFUL AT link, Clarice.

Every word.



That is a very good article.

I wish we could figure out a way to demonstrate that 90% of these NGO's, universities, and other so-called "helping" organizations are really cash cows for the people who run them.

This struck home to me because my daughter is going to a meeting tonight for an organization which a husband of one of her friends has started. It's based on "stopping gun violence."

You know darn well it isn't about things like keeping more fathers in homes, stopping illegal immigration with attendant drug sales and gang members, creating good-paying jobs for youth, etc.

It will be about curbing gun sales and such, I am sure.


Anyone else starting to think Trump should stop tweeting about tariffs?

Nope. I defer to The Master of Persuasion's judgement IRT to his Tweets.

The only Tweet I've seen lately that I thought he didn't need to send was the one about the Derby.

Jim nj, thank you for that oh so simple retort to anyone whining about tariffs coming out of our pockets---"Only if you chose to buy."


Faceborg owns this one.

Hackers were able to remotely install surveillance software on phones and other devices using a major vulnerability in messaging app WhatsApp, it has been confirmed.



Daniel Greenfield:



That Cisco flaw looks like a nice one, too.

jim nj


Covert attacks on Iran next?



#UPDATE: Saudi Arabia halts pumping on major east-west oil pipeline after it came under assault by 7 Houthi attack drones between the Eastern province and Yanbu. A fire has broken out at one of the oil pumping stations attacked- Saudi Energy Minister


the Cisco router flaw:


jim nj


Inflation isn't rising as expected.


MM-they don't pay taxes as a for profit would so that level of expense is available for compensation and benefits. Think of the education nonprofits where the former social worker or retired principal is billing $3-$5000 a day for their 'consulting' services to school districts. Very common.


There will be no Fed cut, barring a huge surprise. The next move is a hike.



Thanks for the information. I didn't even think about consulting.

We seem to have created a massive network of grifters and leeches.

Tom R

General Keane was always one of daddy's favorites.

He was my favorite Commanding General as well when I was in the 101st. He gave me the biggest ass chewing I ever got while I was in the Army. It turned out to be a major learning experience and I never made that same mistake again.

Beasts of England

New thread!!

Tom R

Rosenstein flew with Trump in October of 2018. Then Sessions was fired. Then their was the first semblance of action.

The Congressional testimony occurred in October 2018. No one knows how far back Sessions/Rosenstein tasked Durham to start his investigation.

The Carlson article I linked yesterday about RR aggressively prosecuting criminal leaks serves as a good reminder. That article was dated August 2017. The actual start date of Durham’s investigation is unknown thanks to no leaks.


Good point by jimmyk last night about Rosenstein's Comey criticism. He criticized Comey's insubordinate usurping of the DoJ's role in charging decisions, but not the charging decision itself. ("No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case...")


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
10m10 minutes ago

China will be pumping money into their system and probably reducing interest rates, as always, in order to make up for the business they are, and will be, losing. If the Federal Reserve ever did a “match,” it would be game over, we win! In any event, China wants a deal!


From the same Roscoe tweets

"Barr has appointed a prosecutor named John Durham that specializes in corruption. He took down the corrupt FBI agents involved in the Whitey Bulger case. He took down the corrupt Gov of Connecticut. This guy has a reputation of taking out corruption regardless of party."

Why wasn't Mueller taken down with the other FBI agents.




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