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May 03, 2019



"I would have been OK with a calm, responsible Democratic President in 2021"

No thanks


Like one of dr. Doolittles creatures no such animals

Sandy Daze

With the Supreme Court out of play I would have been OK with a calm, responsible Democratic President in 2021,

WHAT the !#%&%$#! ?

no such animal

Sandy Daze


Sandy Daze

SCOTUS is still in play


Who is even pretending to be sane.

Dave (in MA)

Subject of a NYT spam e-mail in my inbox this morning: "Our paywall is down so you can see the value of an independent press."

Bringing you the anti-Semitic cartoons you just can't get from anyone else.

Dave (in MA)

The SC is always in play.


SC aside, even the "calm" Dems do Romneyesque crap like takeover all healthcare opening all borders, destroying election integrity, all while raising taxes through the roof.

Beasts of England

"Trumpocalypse Now!"


I'm OK with a blog moderator who is kinds squishy?



It's like professor kingsfield mien to wax socratic

Beasts of England

After losing the 2020 presidential election, the Dems will proclaim: 'It's the stupid economy!'

Robin, eff 'em all

"I would have been OK with a calm, responsible Democratic President in 2021"

There is no such unicorn.


Calm Democrat like Crazy Mazie from Honolulu? Or Kamala Bully ? Get real Mr. Blog host, with all due respect


"Calm" Democrat refers to Hillary or Biden.

Robin, eff 'em all

I have to say, I'm seeing a repeat of 2016 amongst my lefty pals on FB. Lots of folks think that Biden is the only one who can beat Trump, despite "being an old white guy." The Bernie crew are leaning every which way, mostly to Harris (intersectionality plus), Buttigieg (gay + well spoken), with a few Bernie hold outs (outsider, lol).

Popcorn at the ready.

Beasts of England

I was listening to a 'Commentary' podcast this morning* and one of the speakers pronounced Kamala as KA-ma-la. I thought it was pronounced ka-MA-la...

*Sue me. ;)



“Jobs surge in April, unemployment rate falls to the lowest since 1969” https://t.co/4DGpumMISf

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 3, 2019

Links to a CNBC article.


Things to thank Obama (and twerps like Kasich) for:

Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare was sold as a free federal lunch for the states, but the bill is now coming due. Witness Gov. Gina Raimondo’s plan to tax businesses that employ low-income workers to fund Rhode Island’s booming Medicaid case load.



Sandy Daze,

Saw your posts on Crossfire. I ran across something last night.

There apparently was something called "Project Hammer" which allowed monitoring and then blackmail of people in positions of influence. (Chief Justice Roberts and his Obamacare decision comes to mind.) I am reminded of Maxine Roberts bragging about "this massive database President Obama has built, nothing ever like it, etc."

I have no doubt that they had all of the candidates under surveillance. I would not be surprised if they had assistance from Silicon Valley and social media, as well as the MSM.

This is pretty important stuff.


Kevin McCarthy
‏Verified account @GOPLeader
1m1 minute ago

✅ Unemployment is at a generational low.
✅ Wages are going up.
✅ Americans are keeping more of what they earn.

Is this...is this the “Armageddon” that Pelosi predicted?
McCarthy seems to be slowly gaining confidnnce.


quick video:

Space Explorer Mike @MichaelGalanin

It's alive! The Big Boy 4014 steam locomotive running under its own power.
Credit: Markus Küspert/YouTube


matt - deplore me if you must

Leftists are still trying to make the argument about how bad things are. Wealth gap, blah, blah, blah.....

AOC apparently got schooled yesterday on CO2 hysteria. Another day ending in "y".

The trickle of news about the Obama spying scandal seems to be turning into a brook (by the way the progression seems to be trickle, brook that become a creek that will become a stream that will become a river. It is looking very bad for the Democrats.

This came from and started at the top. Powers and Rice unmasking of individual (many) in 2016 gives the whole game away. This is STASI level stuff.

Sandy Daze

MM "This is pretty important stuff."



The only minute of the AG #BarrHearing that mattered || #MuellerReport https://t.co/GBPW58v2CZ

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) May 3, 2019

1-minute video at link.

Sandy Daze

Matt - This came from and started at the top. Powers and Rice unmasking of individual (many) in 2016 gives the whole game away. This is STASI level stuff.

For a more select group, the individuals were--as Mel rightly observed--unmasked much earlier, beginning in 2009.

What Powers and Rice, et al, accomplished was the expansion of those "in the know."

...just my opinion.


Sandy Daze,

What if that database involved not only government people but heads of corporations, heads of unions, Hollywood people, new media, et?

I haven't been able to quit thinking about this since I saw the discussion on Twitter last night.


Miss M, or as Maxine Waters claimed, the db included "everybody."


TM: "I would have been OK with a calm, responsible Democratic President in 2021"

Don't worry [insert name of any JOM commenter here], we'll win over the fookin' RINOs eventually. All of 'em!

Sandy Daze

MM as per Mel's May 03, 2019 at 09:25 AM

They surveilled any and all philosophical opponents. It's part of the Cook County Skool a Bidness curriculum. They can't help themselves.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy last night had Mueller pegged exactly, until this...--

I was pooped and figured that would be misinterpreted but was too tired to change it.
When I say Mueller is more interested in process and the law than justice, I meant his basic incompetence and the ease with which he is manipulated results in a mindless apparatchik with his head down at his desk making sure every jot and tittle is in proper order on the sea of memos shoved under his nose.
The very same laws can be used to bring a crook to justice or whitewash him; exonerate or railroad the innocent. A prosecutor with his head down, especially if it's a largely empty head, looking only for where he might lead the law to nail his target always thinks he has done his duty, regardless of whether truth or justice resulted from the effort. I'm sure Mueller not only lost no sleep over those he persecuted previously, he was probably proud of how he had applied the law.

Beasts of England

Thanks for that locomotive video, henry - that's a gorgeous beast!!


Beasts, I wish it had sound! Magnificent machine.


Aha, better video with sound.



Mark Meadows
‏Verified account @RepMarkMeadows
48m48 minutes ago

The FBI sent a secret informant, posing as a professor’s assistant, to covertly gather information on a Trump associate: George Papadopoulos.

But don’t worry. Washington Democrats and media pundits will twist themselves into pretzels to avoid calling this what it is: spying.

Captain Hate

Read Stephen Moore's OpEd in the WSJ today titled, "My Brush with Personal Destruction".

It's instructive as to what a bunch of idiotic, brainless, reactive, illiterate, cowardly dunces GOP Senators like Ernst, Romney, Collins, Thune and the rest of the buffoons saying they would not vote for Moore, are.

You want to know why our Republic suffers and faces so many challenges. It is that people who are supposed to intellectually digest issues, forgo the phony pathos pleas and resist the fraudulent pressure campaigns, don't have the mental capacity, balls or temerity to do it.
Posted by: Marcus T at May 03, 2019 10:59 AM (VpIIl)


Henry & Beasts

I saw 4014 at a Union Pacific facility years ago.

Impressive up close!

"Big Boy" is absolutely right:)


So which CALM LIBTARDOCRAT FULL COMMIE is standing up for the FULL TERM BABIES????

Name one Mr Maguire. The LEFT has NO STANDARDS ..............NONE.

I sure hope he/she was CALM.




Mueller’s Sudden Concern Over ‘Public Confusion’ Glaringly Absent For 22 Previous Months

JM Hanes


"With the Supreme Court out of play I would have been OK with a calm, responsible Democratic President in 2021, IF we could get there with Cocaine Mitch and his Republicans keeping the Senate."

I'd be interested in hearing you flesh this out. As I read the above, you're saying you'd be OK with a "responsible" Dem, as long as the Senate could make sure he did no permanent damage. Or by "responsible" do you envision a president who will abstain from governing through executive orders, when frustrated by the Senate?

What I would really like to know is why you believe that would be a better combination than a Republican Senate with Trump in the White House. Or Trump with a Republican House & Senate.

What is it that you don't want Republicans to accomplish?



Manuel Transmission


After attending two RR conferences in the last few weeks, I have lost all respect for UPRR. Apparently they are promoting the Big Boy as being ‘Powered by our employees’ right after canning a significant number of their key engineering types. Total sellout to Wall Street ala Hunter Harrison.

In spite of all that, we would have gone to Spike150 next week, if our bird was back.


Which "calm" Dem would do this?

MacIver Institute @MacIverWisc

This just in: The @realDonaldTrump admin has barred Medicaid 💵 from being diverted away from patient care and into union coffers through forced dues. This “dues skim” fattened Big Labor’s wallet to the tune of $100 million each year, at taxpayer expense.

The Trump administration's decision is a huge win and is the culmination of a long battle, and MacIver has been on the front lines. See our op-ed in @thehill last year bringing attention to this union scam:



MT, current management applying Orwellian marketing does not surprise me for any large firm.

Tom R

Five lies and counting.



Saagar Enjeti
‏Verified account @esaagar

NEW: Republican committee staff memo obtained by me confirms reports that Kline testified that there was no political interference in the security clearance process while he was at the White House



Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
4m4 minutes ago

“The U.S. Created 263,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Fell to Lowest Level Since 1969”


matt - deplore me if you must

So, we have actionable evidence that the CIA was working with UK and Australian spy agencies to investigate Trump. FBI employees met with Papadopoulos in the UK to try and squeeze information out of him. The Australian High Commissioner (Ambassador) to the UK met with Page in London for the same purpose.

In the meantime Steele had delivered the dossier to Fusion GPS, who then laundered it through their media contacts to legitimize it to troll the FBI, who were probably already in on the scam.

However, Bruce Ohr cast doubts on the accuracy of the dossier. He was overridden, and the dossier was submitted as evidence for the FISA warrants. Those warrants were renewed 3 times, We also find that the Ukrainian government stated yesterday that the Clinton campaign had approached them for dirt on Trump during the election.

Page & Strozk's e mails and texts show motive, means and intent.

Mel is right in that the Cook Co Roll is to use any and all tools to gain political advantage, legal or otherwise (viz Obama opponent divorce litigation).

We also have Lynch's meeting on the tarmac as a backbeat. Comey's treatment of HRC iat the time is also highly questionable.

Solomon puts Brennan front and center on the collusion with the Brits and Australians. Not sure what the law is but using an agency that is not allowed to operate within the United States for political purposes sounds illegal as hell.

That Powers and Rice were engaged I think begins to paint a broad picture of conspiracy and criminality at the very top. Brennan, Rice, Powers, HRC, Lynch, Comey. Of course Clapper was involved as well, but perhaps not at the same level of criminality. These are the people tasked to protect the American People from evil. How would they conspire if not at the direct or indirect order of the President?

I have a feeling that there is a paper trail. Perhaps the IG investigation is running down a highly complex conspiracy at the top. Or not.

This thing could be a Hollywood blockbuster.

Jim Eagle

Thanks, henry for the video of Big Boy.

When I was in London, I had a lull in mega-projects and was asked by Dr. Tony Marchington, Oxford Molecular (RIP, Tony), to help him develop a steam-livery Village (the Disneyland of Steam:). It would be centered around LNER Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman.

Boy, was that ever fun. Traveled all over the UK looking at sites. Finally settled on a site near Derby. To kick off the development, we got the finance guys, lawyers, bankers, investors, steam enthusiast et. al. together for a round trip up to York where the national rail museum is located. Took the Flying Scotsman, of course. Nice four-course meal for lunch and cocktails coming back.

The project lasted all of 6 months when the due diligence came back negative. Ah, pangs of nostalgia.



Did they lose the paint or what??


When I say Mueller is more interested in process and the law than justice, I meant his basic incompetence and the ease with which he is manipulated results in a mindless apparatchik with his head down at his desk making sure every jot and tittle is in proper order on the sea of memos shoved under his nose.

I figured you meant something like that, but had just been reading Flood's letter where he points out just how much Mueller flouted the SC regulations. So it's not so much about "making sure every jot and title is in proper order" as it is keeping up the mere appearance of propriety while ignoring the essence of law and justice. He and Comey are cut from the same cloth. Complete phonies.


I'll never be comfortable with another democrat - at least one currently in office, or any of their offspring.

Manuel Transmission

An old pal, now retired in Tucson has been following Tim Ferriss. This was in a recent email:

***Imperial College London just launched the world’s first Centre for Psychedelics Research.This is a very big deal. Never before has such a center (centre = British spelling) existed in the world, and I amone of the five founding funders backing it.Psychedelic medicine is experiencing a renaissance of scientific interest, and this first-ever center has the potential to be the tip of the spear. These compounds may help treat so-called “intractable” conditions affecting tens of millions of people, and they may help us better understand the nature of consciousness itself.Here’s the 2.5-minute promo video, which gives you a taste of things (and studies) to come.

(Embedded linkies didn’t work.)





I think it's going to be a lot bigger than a "blockbuster".


With Roberts now moving into the swing vote role previously occupied by Kennedy, the court is absolutely split. I don't think it's a given that Ginsburg will croak in time for Trump to choose her replacement (no way she voluntarily retires). Keeping the Senate will not be sufficient, given the squishes like Romney, Collins, and Murkowski who will eagerly cross the aisle. Trump needs to win and hold the Senate.

Captain Hate

Levin read Flood's letter approvingly.


jimmyk: "With Roberts now moving into the swing vote role previously occupied by Kennedy, the court is absolutely split. I don't think it's a given that Ginsburg will croak in time for Trump to choose her replacement (no way she voluntarily retires). Keeping the Senate will not be sufficient, given the squishes like Romney, Collins, and Murkowski"

Yes, I think that's right. The forces lined up against are formidable but we've somehow got to solidify more than the Presidency to make progress.


Rudy Giuliani
‏Verified account @RudyGiuliani
May 1

Its ridiculous to argue Mueller’s report isn’t political when his staff were mostly partisan active Dems; many contributors to Hillary, none to Trump. It included a former counsel to the Clinton piggy bank ,an ethically challenged prosecutor and one R in name only. Really?


tad late to the train thread. a boy from Lee's Summit Missouri has had a lifelong love affair with trains.

Last Train Home


brave new world since the 60s and 70s, eh MT? :D


Paul Joseph Watson
‏Verified account @PrisonPlanet
21h21 hours ago

The media was tipped off an hour before Facebook banned me. They're in cahoots.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

Manuel Transmission

Buckeye, no, she is sitting up there ready to go back to the mechanic at BLI, but I’m having pissing contests with our long time insurance agents, because all this down time has left me timed out on recurrancy (insurance, not Feds). My instructor is due back from Malaysia early next week, so that should be resolved. My mechanic is promising to ‘go easy’ on my annual seeing as ta how I only had 65 hrs on her all last year. :(


From Insty
This seems like a hill to die on. If lefties can get institutions like Visa/Mastercard and banks to refuse service to someone--not from breaking ANY law whatsoever, but PURELY because of their political beliefs-- it will surely spread. When will US mail carriers refuse to deliver mail to people who donated to the Repub party? Seems impossible today, but ....

Leftist activists have forced a vote at the Mastercard AGM next month to establish an Orwellian “Human Rights Committee” aimed at cutting off the rights of anyone they disagree with. The initial aim is to choke off the income stream to right-wing activists. If this sounds familiar, it should.


Carter Page, Ph.D.
‏ @carterwpage
Apr 29

Thanks @Jim_Jordan for remembering my dead friend Chris Stevens, during tonight's discussion with @RepMarkMeadows and @seanhannity.

Like Chris, I asked for security support during my March 2017 @FBI meetings. But they only risked my life with even more criminal leaks and terror.

I just saw this. I didn't know Carter Page was friends with Chris Stevens.


Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
9m9 minutes ago

.@PressSec announces that Pres Trump had hour-long conversations this morning with Russian Pres Putin. Calls it a "very positive" discussion." Says they discussed nuclear agreements, possibly including China. Also discussed North Korea, Ukraine and Venezuela situations.


Jim: in theory the Lefties believe this is a great move to cutoff economic life supports to the Right.

what do the credit card companies think of such a suicidal business decision? will be interesting.

shareholders need to revolt against this pressure.
"not in our house, you cockroaches!"


Jim, Sunnyvale,

You're darn right that is a nig deal. They have already pulled this by deplatforming some conservatives on YouTube, cutting off their income streams. PayPal also has blacklisted people.

We really are in a civil war, only the weapons aren't guns.


".@PressSec announces that Pres Trump had hour-long conversations this morning with Russian Pres Putin. Calls it a "very positive" discussion." "

O.M.G. evidence of more collusion!


BIG deal! Jeesh!

Manuel Transmission

Kev and Henry,

You may already know this, but when the Big Boys were king of the hill, they had two in tandem coming out of Salt Lake pulling the hill. They had fuel/water stops every 10 or 12 miles! That boggles the mind. Worse that trying to travel cross country in your Tesla.


Of course the MSM all claim he talked to Putin about Mueller.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Trump and Putin spoke for more than an hour on Friday, discussing Venezuela, nuclear agreements, trade and the Mueller report, according to the White House


time to target the faceless "activists." it will take treasure to haul them into court and bankrupt their little 501 c 3's should any of them be linked to such front groups.

the activity is passed off as "advocacy" when it is actually political lobbying--- which is verboten under IRS rules.

pinch the snake at its neck and sever its skull. game over. who's willing to front the cash?


that is mind-boggling, MT. water derrick builders were important people back then!


TM forgot the "trigger warning"!

and the end post(s):

/sarc off



"Yeah Vlad. Things are good. I tore Bob and his little korgi brigade new assholes. they're my bitches now. what's new with you? how long you gonna be in Venezuela. not a good look for you being down their with the Changs, Congaleros, and the Hadjis."

Can you imagine how Hyena Media Heads would erupt into splashy brain matter fonts of outrage?

Buy 3M :D


PD! i was thinking the same thing. but thought better of saying anything. i give El Jefe a wide wide birth! :D Kev


Kev, the shareholders are non profit activists groups.

The MasterCard Foundation is an independent non-profit organization with a mission that "advances youth learning and promotes financial inclusion to catalyze prosperity in developing countries," and provides a vision to create "opportunity for all to learn and prosper."


Beasts of England

He told a Vlad he'd have more flexibility after the election...


henry - that train is adding to the Green House Gasses, especially the most prevalent and dangerous one:

Di-hydrogen Monoxide

This deadly chemical makes up 95% of Green House Gasses and we cannot afford to make more of it!

People die from it every year!


We can all agree that AMERICA is now #1. We are the ENVY of the WORLD — and the best is yet to come! pic.twitter.com/Uc81DzHbu2

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 3, 2019

Link goes to front page of Drudge Report, which is spectacular.


This thread and the comments are an interesting discussion between 2 CNN analyst/reporter types who used to work for the FBI. They are discussing Turk and how she was employed and by whom.

Read the comments after as well. Lots of interesting information.




Jim Eagle


And on-cue the first comments to Trump's tweet of the Drudge headlines are those two crybabies, the Krassenstein brothers. They are back after cashing Soros' check.




matt - deplore me if you must

I am offended by all of that coal smoke and we need to ban steam engines immediately.

Actually I am a huge train fan. Any time I am traveling and hear of a rail museum I'm there. Maine, Alaska, California, France (Mulhouse), etc.

But for day to day wacky and cool trains you can't beat Japan. You pay extra the faster you want to go on the Shinkansens. The Kansai Airport train is very cool and then there are all of these niche lines around the country. I ended up once several years back on an old school, probably 1960's/70's train on a trip for Hiroshima.

It would be a neat guided vacation, I think. Nihon Rail Tours.


NewsBusters @newsbusters

Get this: CNN viewers are now less common than witches, real-estate agents and prostitutes



matt - we saw this one recently on a TV Travel Channel or some other channel...


Jim Eagle


That was just up the road from me. Heard it on JAX talk radio this noon.

Lucky kids. Yeah, yesterday the ocean was a little angry. Vilano Beach and the A1A drive between it and Ponte Vedra is spectacular and a real gem of beaches.

Manuel Transmission

On my first project in southern China back in 95, a revenue steamer chugged by our remote site. I heard it about a qtr mile out and scrambled to get my camera out. Pretty near the end for their use over there.

Related to JiB’s comments about Derby, an ole bud that we worked with in 85, spent many a vacation getting instruction on and then operating steamers. Most of that was in Poland, but they also have them in Patagonia.


Mike Pence demands probe into alleged FBI spying on Trump campaign

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday demanded a probe of the FBI for allegedly spying on the Trump campaign in 2016 — calling a report that the bureau sent an undercover agent to gather information from adviser George Papadopoulos “very troubling.”

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of how all this started,” Pence said in an interview on Fox News. “The American people have a right to know how this investigation even began.”


Fro yesterday, while I was trying to remember whether I fired six or just five shots:



Trump: 2020 Senate Judiciary Democrats Grilled AG Barr For ‘Political Points’

President Trump called out the 2020 presidential candidates on the Senate Judiciary Committee for their smears against the Attorney General, saying that they were seeking to score “political points.” These include Senators Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.). Trump went on point out “three of them are running, three of them, they’re not doing very well, but three are running for a particular office. I think, maybe you’re talking to the person right now. You have three of them running against me and they are up there ranting and raving. You know, like lunatics, frankly.” Trump also said, “the American people see through it so easily, it’s so easy to see through.”

Trump was then asked about Senator Harris in particular, as she stood out in her interrogation of Barr. Trump, in response to that moment, said Harris’ attitude was “probably very nasty.”


They are back after cashing Soros' check.

Exactly why George should have been 6 foot under long ago.


Islamist Assaults Tommy Robinson in the Street While Campaigning for Parliament – Liberal Pedestrians and Politicians Cheer

Another Bob

People talked about what puts them on the JOM Ledge?

For me, it’s my complete agreement with this:

“I'm sure we're going to see some really juicy stuff when the documents are finally declassified.

I'm also sure you're a moron if you think they left a paper trail that covers the full extent of the op and leads back to actual people behind this shitshow.”




Another winner from that genius, Yacov Apelbaum.

Captain Hate

For those of you using Zuckerberg, Tammy Bruce has a brief video clip today and I think every Friday on the Independent Women's Voices page. Just search for IWV, click on it and scroll down a little bit.


If these jeanyusses are starting to see it, it must be getting close to the D's needing Ludicrous Speed.



Another Bob,

They might not have left a paper trail, but I guarantee you that NSA has every damn bit of electronic communication they sent and received.

Also, as wide-spread as this was, there were bound to be documents that people overlooked.

Remember, until election day, they were all convinced Hillary was going to win. After a few days of panicky strategizing, they only had about 2 months to find everything and destroy it.

Plus, a lot of papers automatically go to the National Archives.

These are not smart people.

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