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May 05, 2019


Beasts of England

'How many electoral votes does Guam have?'

Before or after it tips over?



I ordered one of Robin's tote bags and it arrived lickety split on Friday. It is beautiful - even more so than the photo. Thank you, Robin!

JM Hanes

Tom R:

"Huber has the same prosecutorial tools available to him that Mueller had."

Do we know, for a fact, that Huber was formally appointed as a special counsel? I went looking for an appointment letter, and all I could find was the material FOIA'd by American Oversight, discovered long after the DoJ had insisted Huber's instructions were entirely verbal. From what I can find, it sounds like Huber was not officially installed as a Special Counsel, but rather tasked with examining certain issues in order to determine whether or not a Special Counsel was needed. Has he made that determination and actually been endowed with SC perks and authorities, like appointing his own team of lawyers, his own dedicated budget etc.? Or his he just working out of his usual office with his usual staff, along with his other usual duties?

As recently as this past December, it sounds as though Huber has done almost nothing that looks like an active Special Counsel investigation. Notwithstanding the Russia Collusion hysteria in the press, surely someone on the conservative side of the journalistic aisle would have been curious enough to make some inquiries or keep a watch for possible interviews. It's not like a the roster of players was entirely unknown entity.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I took TomR to mean Huber as a Federal prosecutor has the same reach as an SC does.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Since a Federal prosecutor does not have a limiting scope of what he can investigate presumably they have even greater powers than an SC.


Here's Sessions' March 29,2018 letter to Grassley, Goodlate and Gowdy, JM, which references Boyd's November, 2017 letter and I think supports what you found regarding Huber's scope.


Tom R

Iggy @ 1:31 is correct


Anyone know what time Tiger gets the medal of freedom? I don't want to miss it!

Thomas Collins

Without a formal appointment as special counsel, Huber would simply be doing his thing as a US Attorney, and wouldn't be speaking about it. If I had to guess, neither Huber nor any other US Attorney will come out with more than illegal leaking indictments at the minnow level. No way, the Clintons, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Comey or even McCabe will be perp walked.

Ignatz, I agree the a US Attorney has a greater scope of investigative authority. But a US Attorney does not have a special counsel's budget. Huber has things to do other than trying to put the big kahunas of the Obama Administration behind bars.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good Riddance to a "Nothing-Burger" Trade Deal.
Excellent, concise description of China's position and vulnerabilities.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But a US Attorney does not have a special counsel's budget.--

Yeah, I thought of that point after I'd commented but didn't have the energy to make it, TC.


Has Joe Biden run for president more times than Lyndon LaRouche?

Tom R

No way, the Clintons, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Comey or even McCabe will be perp walked.

Oh ye of little faith. I don’t think Trump and his team share your Eeyorish opinion. It will be a colossal failure on Trump’s part if the crimes of the Obama administration resulting in the greatest political scandal in US history do not receive justice. I can’t see Trump letting them get away with what they did to him and his family.

Beasts of England

'I can’t see Trump letting them get away with what they did to him and his family.'

And what they'd like to do to them in the future if Trump doesn't send them a clear and painful message in the next few months.


Here is my neighborhood in a nutshell. After weeding I went out to sit in the sun for a while.

Two things I heard:

the two pit bulls in the backyards behind us barking at each other

a couple of roosters crowing

Pit bulls and chickens!! And we are only 15 minutes from downtown. LOL!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Regardless of the color of his hat or what level of chess he plays can we all stipulate that little Jimmy Comey is a total squirrel?


Joe Biden is the Jeb Bush of 2020.


I don't know about the others, but I think Comey's going down.

Beasts of England

Is there cock fighting up there, Miss Marple?



Could be. I didn't think of cockfighting! Coming from a farm background, I thought eggs and chicken dinners.



I posted the DoJ press release on this earlier, but the Daily Mail has more details.

Jim Eagle

Back from Publix and saw replies to my Salina comment which was, of course, tongue in cheek. That said, I lived in Salina as a kid, my freshman and sophomore year. Dad was deputy base commander at Schilling AFB and it was the first time I ever had a Dr. Pepper, which seemed to be the drink of the prairie:)

I don't believe there isn't a DC democrat/bureaucrat elitist who would last one week in July or August:) I think only some tough ass individualist (i.e. a patriotic conservative) will last there. It is not the same kind of heat and humidity of the DC swamp. Now, I know someone will look at the current party affiliations of the citizens and their government. So remember my "in jest" qualification.

BTW, saw a funny bumper sticker coming back on A1A, "My Zombie ate your Honor Student".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Evil, screaming butt pirate legislator films himself being evil and screaming at one solitary old lady praying outside a Planned Parenthood abattoir.

JM Hanes

Ignatz, Tom R, Extraneus:

So, it is not appropriate to call Huber a Special Counsel, and while he may have fewer restrictive parameters, as a U.S. Attorney, he does not have the power to set up his own independent shop, with an independent budget, and hiis own handpicked string of attorneys dedicated to solely to the issues outlined by former AG Sessions.

I'll stipulate to the fact that Huber will be the designated prosecutor who will handle legal proceedings referred to him by Horowitz. Horowitz can only recommend indictments, not pursue them in the first place, soo there's nothing particularly expansive about that. In line with Ignatz observation, IG, Horowitz has a whole additional set of constraints that would not affect either a SC or USAtty, In other words, he has the most limited set of powers, of all. The question is whether Huber has been tasked to generate indictments himself, or simply opine on whether investigations are merited.

It certainly appears to be the latter to me, especially considering the apparent lack of related investigative activity. Given the fact that Sessions made it clear, early on, that he had no appetite for pursuing Clinton, along with the rather non-commital form of the various letters turned up by Extraneus and me, I don't think we're going to see much of import actually generated by Huber's office. If we're lucky, Atty Gen'l Barr will change all that, but as it stands, I suspect that there is not any major investigation of Clinton et al, aimed toward possible indictments, currently underway. Outside of the Horowitz report, it seems like everything else is still under consideration.


The Hill
‏Verified account @thehill
22m22 minutes ago

JUST IN: Hundreds of former prosecutors say Trump would've been charged with obstruction if he weren't president http://hill.cm/RzIc9pJ

Hundreds of democrat and GOPe prosecutors, I am sure.

Tom R

Jeff Carlson on a related point to my 1:12 link.



Was Chisolm among the 100 prosecutors?

end their immunity.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hillary Clinton Claims 2016 Election Was 'Stolen' From Her

It's probably not too Christian to enjoy watching this public malignancy being consumed by her inner demons, but I do.

Beasts of England

It's a real thing in this county, Miss Marple. Same with pit bulls. When you mentioned them together it made me wonder. Don't let anything happen to Leetle Jerry!! ;)

Beasts of England

Now have those same prosecutors do Hillary's private server and mishandling of classified data.

Dave (in MA)

What I'd like to see if Mueller testifies is that some minor detail of his testimony doesn't precisely match something in his report and it leads to a pre-dawn raid on his house. It'll never happen, but we can dream...


As far as I know, Barr hasn't uttered Huber's name in public, and his statement that he was going to set up a task force (I can't find the quote and every link even on DuckDuckGo is to a lib site with their hair on fire) implies that Huber didn't investigate extensively enough. I assume he's part of the task force, and must have at least done something.



Suicide, according to the Times.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The question is whether Huber has been tasked to generate indictments himself, or simply opine on whether investigations are merited.--

I'm not sure why opining would be farmed out to a district prosecutor.

Dave (in MA)

Sox pitcher David Price finds out that all of the Sox who are going to the White House are white, then goes on the IL with "tendinitis".

JM Hanes


"I'm not sure why opining would be farmed out to a district prosecutor."

Well, since Huber was tasked with examining the issues with a view to determining whether or not an additional SP was warranted, I don't know why opining would be farmed out to someone else.


Aha! I was right!

Legal Insurrection
‏ @LegInsurrection
2m2 minutes ago

The group that organized the letter was formed by anti-Trump former Obama admin attorneys https://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/obama-trump-lawyers-worst-case-235280

Beasts of England

'Mayor Buttplug struggles to make inroads with blacks in the south.' (Bloomberg)

Well, no shit...

Tom R

BTW in one of the Trump tweets I linked earlier Trump mentioned there were 49 FBI agents working for Mueller. Since Mueller was conducting a Counter Intel investigation I assume the large majority those 49 agents were CI agents. I obviously have no idea how many of those 49 are patriots and how many are allied with the Obama criminal cabal. What would be nice to know is when they were assigned to Muellers SC team.

Wray became FBI Director on August 2, 2017. That date is also the date of Rosenstein’s expansed scope letter to Mueller. We know Peter Strzok got fired from the Mueller team sometime in early August 2017. August 16, 2017 is when Strzok’s firing was made public.

If those 49 FBI agents were assigned to Mueller AFTER Rosenstein added scope to the Mueller SC and AFTER Strzok was fired, I think they were the ones who served as the official conduit between the Mueller SC and the Horowitz IG investigation.


Ah, fishing on a "work day."

I should have retired a long time ago!


That link is from ‘17, MM.

James D.

The group that organized the letter was formed by anti-Trump former Obama admin attorneys

Guaranteed that there have been rules broken, laws violated, actionable mistakes made by that organization and all of its members.

Maybe the DoJ ought to take a close look at them and start filing some felony charges.

Beasts of England

Pics or it didn't happen, Extraneus!! :)



March of this year.

Jim Eagle

Lost a post.


Are you fishing on SI? I know you lived there but have no idea where you are now.


Mueller was never waiting for Manafort. He knew in 2 days there was no
“Collusion” because Weissman knew. The next phase was to rig the election, which he succeeded in doing, and the final phase was to rig 2020 which Barr ended.

Jim Eagle



Tom R

Stephen Boyd letter to Jerry Nadler


Tom R


You are a lawyer correct? Can you explain to me how Mueller could have ended the SC investigation prior to 2018 midterms while he still had ongoing cases in progress working their way thru the judicial process?


I hesitate to say, Jack.


Boy that Krueger suicide is really going to screw up the libs’ meme that this is an Obama economy. How was (for him not them)

Tom R

JiB @ 3:21

I say the exact same thing when my confirmation bias gets triggered.


Dear AP:

AP seems either gullible, malevolent, or superficial. AP “reported”:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly 400 former federal prosecutors say in a new letter that President Donald Trump would have been charged with obstruction of justice for his acts if he were anyone other than president.

The letter was signed by more than 370 ex-prosecutors who served under both Democratic and Republican administrations. It was released by Protect Democracy, a nonprofit organization critical of the Trump administration. ...

How could AP have missed details about the group that pushed this little tidbit:

If you are a former federal prosecutor and would like to add your name below, click here. Protect Democracy will update this list daily with new signatories.

This is a joint website of United to Protect Democracy and the Protect Democracy Project:

[Image of an "Impeach Trump" button copied from the headline of the United to Protect Democracy website]

Of course, the Associated Press may not be interested in revealing the true interests of those pushing AP’s narrative.

Can’t wait for AP’s update.

Thank you.

Jim Eagle


Wherever it is, enjoy:)

Nadler won't bite. He wants to make this all about him, the superman of Congress who showed that fucking Trump who is in charge. He has always been that way.


Someday I'll come clean. :-)


Good letter from Boyd. 'You didn't read the less redacted version, so what's your justification for needing the unredacted version?' Said even more bitingly.


Alabama Dem Who Said Trump Jr. Should’ve Been Aborted: Sen. Jones Said I Was ‘Right’


So Susan rice, without a trace of irony, says no to invading oil rich third world republic, shirley


More TOP!

Playing the classics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK5U4qOTOh4


How about ask brennan?



Or noodle head ned price.


What the shoe looks like with Red up 20% and Green down 20% photo Shoe3_zpse3k1kfgx.jpg
The original image may be closer to this and then RGB color numbers skewed to make it look strange.


So what is his kunya:



Today, it was my true honor to present the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy—for the second year in a row, to the @ArmyWP_Football Black Knights. Congratulations once again on your historic victories, and keep on making us proud! pic.twitter.com/nGOC4PQn6S

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 6, 2019

Short video at the link.


What the shoe looks like

In the printing business we discuss peripherals like printers and displays in terms of Characterization and Calibration.

Characterization — the color space the device can display.

Calibration — the ability to adjust the
device to represent colors more accurately.

And that is not to mention the problem of ambient room lighting and the limitations of your eyes.

So, frankly, without a standard color chart in the photo, quit burning pixels because we don’t know what the shoe actually looks like ...

... and what you see depends on your output device.


Peoples republics are like the precious





"what you see depends on your output device"

Well I pointed that out a while ago but the photo at the top of the page has RGB values that do not favor pink and in fact are on the other side of grey from pink.

The standard dark grey in MS Paint is:
R 127 G 127 B 127

Using MS Paint dropper the RGP for the leather next to the top eyelet is:
R 123 G 138 B 139

That is in no way pink. If it looks pink then either the monitor is way off or color perception.

Jim Eagle

Even at MM's 4:04 honoring the WP football team, the zany, crazy, un-honorable bots show up. Twitter is a sewer and I hope it continues to dive into the abyss of social websites.


This rings true:




There is NO social media platform that the left won't ruin. Twitter does allow you to block people, except if you are a Republican elected official.There is apparently a law that says elected officials cannot block private citizens.

So Trump can't block those bot brothers, or anyone else. However, I notice that Representative Cohen has blocked a bunch of people who were mocking his fried chicken stunt, and Twitter seems ok with that.

Double standards, as usual.

I post the President's tweets here so that people don't get suckered into reading the vile comments he gets. However, when there is a video I have to use the embed feature, and then the comments show up.

If you have a Twitter account, you can block some of the regular nasty people and they won't show up when you read comments on his tweets.




Conrad Black:https://www.nysun.com/national/trump-set-up-for-a-big-win-in-2020-vote/90675/



I'd be willing to bet that @Jack curates DJT's tweets long enough for the Krassenstein brothers to be alerted, write their retorts, and then posts them both with a fixed time difference, or slight randomizer.

Wouldn't shock me in the least that this would be a "service" Jack offered.

Jim Eagle


No. I want to read those bot comments to see where the left is coming from. I read a lot of their websites for that reason. Do not dismiss them but understand them. That is how you develop your strategy and tactics to take them out.

Jim Eagle

The Krassenstein Brothers are going to jail eventually. All I do is laugh at their desperation.



Would this account for why some of my videos won't play?


So here is the MS paint color chart showing where the color sample was taken.
 photo Shoe4_zpsl9jwxnja.jpg
According to the RGB values the sampled color is slightly more blue-green than the grey color box next to the black color box.

On my monitor with both my retinas the sampled color is slightly more blue-green than the grey color box.


The piranha bros probably.



The video disabler is a separate filter they've thrown on "certain" accounts (no sound).



Who is "they"?

Jim Eagle

Are we getting slightly a little anal retentive on the shoe color? If I see it as Pink and White on all levels, why should I care if not? I am not going to bomb an Iranian missile site protected by gray bushes.

But I would never purchase pink shoes.:)


Good afternoon! I've been busy at the grocery store and Walmart re-stocking the cupboards and refrigerator. Now I'm sitting on the porch watching the baby otters swim.
Hubby had a dental emergency this morning and went to our dentist in Bangor. They were talking politics and hubby said,so styrofoam is banned in Maine. The dentist and his assistant laughed and said,she (the new governor) spent LePage's surplus in one month. We are going to enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods and try to ignore state politics.


Hey, sorry for wasting pixels on Topic !


Just in time to continue on the new thread.


Marlene! did you get summer work or something?

"I've been busy at the grocery store and Walmart re-stocking the cupboards and refrigerator."

:D all kidding aside, you must miss the light, sounds, and scents of your ol' stompin grounds.

glad you had a safe trip.


pharkin phunny, ya? "I am not going to bomb an Iranian missile site protected by gray bushes."

at what point does thoroughness become anal retentive?

put it this way--- i'd never want JOMers on my doctoral committee :D


bump! de bump! de bump!

Down to the Night Club

drinkin frozen oj during breaks between football 3 a days in summer with Clancy's vette doors open and the 8 track blarin.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


Jim Eagle

Doc Emrick ready to bring the game. Blue Jacket v. Bruins.

We have a lot of Columbus fans here as well as Boston fans. Stay nice.

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