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May 11, 2019



Daggone it! Thanks for noticing the date, Extraneus!

Well, we now know that he didn't succeed. I wonder where Jarrett is hiding out.



Google found to favor mainstream and left.

Devin Nunes asks if DuckDuckGo is better.
Overwhelming answer is yes.



Still interesting in retrospect, MM. Just about one month from the inauguration, the Daily Mail was reporting that Obama himself was devoted to ousting Trump.

Gee, why would he do that?

According to the family source, Obama was at first reluctant to assume the role of leader of the opposition.

'No longer the most powerful man in the world, he was just observing Trump and not liking what he saw,' said the source.

'He was weary and burned out after eight years in office. But Valerie convinced him that he didn't have any choice if he wanted to save his legacy. And, as usual, he bowed to Valerie's political wisdom and advice.'


Here are some other fun nuggets from that piece:

'Obama is dismayed at the way Trump is tearing down his legacy—ObamaCare, the social safety net and the welcome mat for refugees he put in place,' the source continued.

Trump's cabinet picks are also problematic for the former president, especially Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, whom Obama regards as too racially insensitive to be in charge of the Civil Rights division at Justice.

Leaving Jim Comey as FBI Director is another thorn in Obama's side. He blames Comey for announcing that he was reopening the FBI investigation into Hillary's emails eleven days before the election, which, in Obama's view, was an irresponsible act that helped elect Trump.

So he regretted not firing him on his way out?


I thought Jarrett always lived there. Boy she is a piece of shit.


options aren’t convenient



Jane, she's lived there for 2 years--moved in with the Obamas when they left the white House.

Beasts of England

Nothing creepy about that, huh...



No one in the press ever questions that arrangement, which seems mighty strange to me.



I am on the same page. Is she his lover? Her lover? Their minder carrying messages from Iran?


Happy Mothers Day to all of you JOM-MOM'S.

Captain Hate

The Ferret has always pulled the Rat's puppet strings.


ValJar probably doesn’t trust anyone else to keep eyes on the dumbest shit to ever be President.


Val Jarrett is the puppet master and Obama is the puppet.
Moochelle is just along for the ride and the perks.


My daughter would buy one of these if it wasn't too expensive. Video at link.

Automatic Nail Painting Machine - even nail salons could be impacted by automation. pic.twitter.com/6ybZIDKCYN

— Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) May 11, 2019


Great minds think alike.

JM Hanes

Miss Marple:

"Is she his lover? Her lover?"

This might be a place to embrace the power of "and."


Speaking of nails... My Chief had his toenails done in black with thin blue line for police week.


He only needs two more to be a Shiekh.


The Val Jarrett thing is weird and certainly creepy.
Why would Jarrett WANT to live with the Obama's??
I've come to realize a few things since DJT was elected. Like him or not, Mr.Trump "generally" carries "traditional American values". He is extremely young and vibrant for a man of his years.
He just is. The entire DEMOTARD PARTY and it's very anti-American IDEALS, has basically SHIT on AMERICA and all that AMERICA has stood for since LINCOLN DIED. Since WWII ended and the BABY BOOM generation were let looose and coddled, and since the VIET NAM war THE FULL COMMIE LEFT, has purposely run down America and any decent values that AMERICA has always held. The JUXTAPOSE between the WWII "GREATEST GENERATION", and it's spawn, is sickening. The biggest example that I could give, is the ADVANCEMENT of RACE RELATIONS and protections for BLACK AMERICANS. Instead of embracing the positives, the FULL COMMIE LEFT, has used BLACK AMERICA. How can any BLACK AMERICAN born since LBJ, not feel or believe AMERICA is ROTTEN. That is what they have been told FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. As a political weapon. Then, Hispanics, then WYMYN, then Gays, on and on and on and on.


That's what I thought Clarice.

Beasts of England

I vote for surrogate mother. Or, his second surrogate mother after Michelle.



List of accomplishments.


I vote for praiser. Obama needs constant reminder of how fabulous he is.


She’s one of the most insecure people I know, Clarice. The annoyance is her constant overcompensating with name-dropping, in-the-know-about-everything attitude. She splits time between Dallas and SV. Her hubs is a super nice guy. (He’s also chief of staff for HHS in the evil Trump adm.)

But otherwise a very nice afternoon lunch. We sent a lot of food home with everyone...except the beef. That stayed. 😎


If you guys get a chance, go to that link I posted from David Horowitz's Front Page site with the panel about cultural Marxism.

Points they made:

It is not only a cultural and political war but a spiritual war.

They have infiltrated all of our cultural institutions.

We need to recognize that we ARE in a war, and that they are NOT our friends. (Kudos to Kurt Schlichter for pointing out how Mitt Romney is worthless and Bill Kristol is an enemy.)

They try to divide us. Part of this is done through lying about their true intentions.

They want us as slaves or dead.

Beasts of England

'She’s one of the most insecure people I know...'

This applies to Obama, as well. ;)


AOC hits The Economist for linking celibacy to 'female empowerment'

The Economist tweeted earlier in the day: “America is seeing a spike in celibacy [fueled] by economics, technology and female empowerment.”

The tweet linked to a story published last week, entitled: “No sex please, we’re millennials.”

AOC replies:

If you think your ‘celibacy’ is due to “female empowerment,” maybe it’s because far too many people relied on the disempowerment + silence of women to not be ‘celibate’ in the first place.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) May 12, 2019

::furrowed brow::

Tom R

Ext @ 5:43

If MJW can tell us what other options were available to nullify the authority of the acting FBI Director then we can determine if it was a viable option.



  • Emails released to Judicial Watch show for the first time that the Obama White House kept tabs on a FOIA request for information on Hillary Clinton’s emails that was improperly rejected by the State Department.

  • The State Department claimed in May 2013 in response to the FOIA request that no responsive records existed. The agency’s internal watchdog later determined that denial to be ‘inaccurate and incomplete’ since Clinton used a personal email account to conduct State Department business.

  • “These documents suggest the Obama White House knew about the Clinton email lies being told to the public at least as early as December 2012,” says Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

"Val, can I have another hot toddy?"



The comments are quite good as well.

I didn't know the Declaration of Independence had been labeled "hate speech" by Facebook.


By contrast the times did not mention her part in helping bring about the subprime collapse


Lol, Beasts.


Here's the link to the Cultural Marxism panel:



Thanks, anonamom, for bringing that link over. I was a bit lazy not to do so, myself.

Here's Don Surber telling the dems to go pound sand over the Fourth of July speech by the President in DC.


Beasts of England

The Director (or acting Director) of the FBI is a direct report to the DAG.


Ocasio-Cortez Walks Back Claim on World Ending in 12 years


They had 5he right instinct about gibbon;





The real question in my mind, is who gives ValJar her marching orders?

She is with the Obamas to keep an eye on them and keep them at heel.


Lovely Miss M. The FULL COMMIE DEMOTARD PARTY, including PELOSI, REID, SCHUMER, NADLER and many more, MADE THIS UGLY. They never envisioned that their power struggle to keep CONTROL, would lead to they themselves losing control of the "Party"
The ABJECT EVIL and lack of any MORALITY amongst, the LIBTARD ELITES, caused themselves to SHIT on AMERICA in order to keep disparate groups in the FOLD. TED KENNEDY owns a SHITLOAD of responsibility for this. SHITTING on REAGAN with RUSSIA, and sidling up to and licking OBAMA'S teeeny testicles.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
6m6 minutes ago

Despite two years and millions of dollars spent, the Democrats are acting like crazed lunatics ever since the results of the Mueller Report were made public. But they knew there was NOTHING even before the Report was started. It is all a big Hoax, the biggest in American history!


“They want as slaves or dead?”
No they just want all the power back and will stop at nothing to get it.
Give no credence to them.
They are children throwing a tantrum.
Will not keep the House or win the presidency.


BUCKEYE, it's really quite simple.
What AUTHORITY did/does Val Jarrett have to do ANYTHING???
It's hilarious, I met a MILLENIAL last week, who was beside himself that DJT had given POWER and POSITION to his DAUGHTER.
I laughed in his face. Later, he fell down drunk.

Jim Eagle

Well, hell. I will just post it again. Screw Typhuspad:

Before the day draws to an end, a reminder of Duty, Honor, Country.

May 12, 1962, General of the Army Douglas McArthur [USMA’03] delivered his famous Duty, Honor, Country speech as he accepted the Sylvanus Thayer Award at West Point.

His acceptance speech:
“General Westmoreland [USMA’36], General Groves [USMA’18], distinguished guests, and gentlemen of the Corps. As I was leaving the hotel this morning, a doorman asked me, ‘Where are you bound for, General?’ and when I replied, ‘West Point,’ he remarked, ‘Beautiful place, have you ever been there before?’

No human being could fail to be deeply moved by such a tribute as this, coming from a profession I have served so long and a people I have loved so well. It fills me with an emotion I cannot express. But this award is not intended primarily for a personality, but to symbolize a great moral code - the code of conduct and chivalry of those who guard this beloved land of culture and ancient descent. That is the meaning of this medallion. For all eyes and for all time, it is an expression of the ethics of the American soldier. That I should be integrated in this way with so noble an ideal arouses a sense of pride and yet of humility which will be with me always.

Duty, Honor, Country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying points: to build courage when courage seems to fail; to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith; to create hope when hope becomes forlorn. Unhappily, I possess neither that eloquence of diction, that poetry of imagination, nor that brilliance of metaphor to tell you all that they mean.

The unbelievers will say they are but words, but a slogan, but a flamboyant phrase. Every pedant, every demagogue, every cynic, every hypocrite, every troublemaker, and, I am sorry to say, some others of an entirely different character, will try to downgrade them even to the extent of mockery and ridicule.

But these are some of the things they do. They build your basic character. They mold you for your future roles as the custodians of the nation's defense. They make you strong enough to know when you are weak, and brave enough to face yourself when you are afraid.

They teach you to be proud and unbending in honest failure, but humble and gentle in success; not to substitute words for action; not to seek the path of comfort, but to face the stress and spur of difficulty and challenge; to learn to stand up in the storm, but to have compassion on those who fall; to master yourself before you seek to master others; to have a heart that is clean, a goal that is high; to learn to laugh, yet never forget how to weep; to reach into the future, yet never neglect the past; to be serious, yet never take yourself too seriously; to be modest so that you will remember the simplicity of true greatness; the open mind of true wisdom, the meekness of true strength.

They give you a temperate will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a freshness of the deep springs of life, a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, an appetite for adventure over love of ease. They create in your heart the sense of wonder, the unfailing hope of what next, and the joy and inspiration of life. They teach you in this way to be an officer and a gentleman.

And what sort of soldiers are those you are to lead? Are they reliable? Are they brave? Are they capable of victory?

Their story is known to all of you. It is the story of the American man at arms. My estimate of him was formed on the battlefields many, many years ago, and has never changed. I regarded him then, as I regard him now, as one of the world's noblest figures; not only as one of the finest military characters, but also as one of the most stainless.

His name and fame are the birthright of every American citizen. In his youth and strength, his love and loyalty, he gave all that mortality can give. He needs no eulogy from me, or from any other man. He has written his own history and written it in red on his enemy's breast.

But when I think of his patience under adversity, of his courage under fire, and of his modesty in victory, I am filled with an emotion of admiration I cannot put into words. He belongs to history as furnishing one of the greatest examples of successful patriotism. He belongs to posterity as the instructor of future generations in the principles of liberty and freedom. He belongs to the present, to us, by his virtues and by his achievements.

In twenty campaigns, on a hundred battlefields, around a thousand campfires, I have witnessed that enduring fortitude, that patriotic self-abnegation, and that invincible determination which have carved his statue in the hearts of his people.

From one end of the world to the other, he has drained deep the chalice of courage. As I listened to those songs of the glee club, in memory's eye I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending under soggy packs on many a weary march, from dripping dusk to drizzling dawn, slogging ankle deep through mire of shell-pocked roads; to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God.

I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of their death. They died unquestioning, uncomplaining, with faith in their hearts, and on their lips the hope that we would go on to victory. Always for them: Duty, Honor, Country. Always their blood, and sweat, and tears, as they saw the way and the light.

And twenty years after, on the other side of the globe, against the filth of dirty foxholes, the stench of ghostly trenches, the slime of dripping dugouts, those boiling suns of the relentless heat, those torrential rains of devastating storms, the loneliness and utter desolation of jungle trails, the bitterness of long separation of those they loved and cherished, the deadly pestilence of tropic disease, the horror of stricken areas of war.

Their resolute and determined defense, their swift and sure attack, their indomitable purpose, their complete and decisive victory - always victory, always through the bloody haze of their last reverberating shot, the vision of gaunt, ghastly men, reverently following your password of Duty, Honor, Country.

The code which those words perpetuate embraces the highest moral laws and will stand the test of any ethics or philosophies ever promulgated for the uplift of mankind. Its requirements are for the things that are right, and its restraints are from the things that are wrong. The soldier, above all other men, is required to practice the greatest act of religious training - sacrifice. In battle and in the face of danger and death, he discloses those divine attributes which his Maker gave when he created man in his own image. No physical courage and no brute instinct can take the place of the Divine help which alone can sustain him. However horrible the incidents of war may be, the soldier who is called upon to offer and to give his life for his country, is the noblest development of mankind.

You now face a new world, a world of change. The thrust into outer space of the satellite, spheres and missiles marked the beginning of another epoch in the long story of mankind - the chapter of the space age. In the five or more billions of years the scientists tell us it has taken to form the earth, in the three or more billion years of development of the human race, there has never been a greater, a more abrupt or staggering evolution. We deal now not with things of this world alone, but with the illimitable distances and as yet unfathomed mysteries of the universe. We are reaching out for a new and boundless frontier. We speak in strange terms: of harnessing the cosmic energy; of making winds and tides work for us; of creating unheard synthetic materials to supplement or even replace our old standard basics; of purifying sea water for our drink; of mining ocean floors for new fields of wealth and food; of disease preventatives to expand life into the hundred of years; of controlling the weather for a more equitable distribution of heat and cold, of rain and shine; of space ships to the moon; of the primary target in war, no longer limited to the armed forces of an enemy, but instead to include his civil populations; of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy; of such dreams and fantasies as to make life the most exciting of all time.

And through all this welter of change and development your mission remains fixed, determined, inviolable. It is to win our wars. Everything else in your professional career is but corollary to this vital dedication. All other public purpose, all other public projects, all other public needs, great or small, will find others for their accomplishments; but you are the ones who are trained to fight.

Yours is the profession of arms, the will to win, the sure knowledge that in war there is no substitute for victory, that if you lose, the Nation will be destroyed, that the very obsession of your public service must be Duty, Honor, Country.

Others will debate the controversial issues, national and international, which divide men's minds. But serene, calm, aloof, you stand as the Nation's war guardians, as its lifeguards from the raging tides of international conflict, as its gladiators in the arena of battle. For a century and a half you have defended, guarded and protected its hallowed traditions of liberty and freedom, of right and justice.

Let civilian voices argue the merits or demerits of our processes of government. Whether our strength is being sapped by deficit financing indulged in too long, by federal paternalism grown too mighty, by power groups grown too arrogant, by politics grown too corrupt, by crime grown too rampant, by morals grown too low, by taxes grown too high, by extremists grown too violent; whether our personal liberties are as firm and complete as they should be.

These great national problems are not for your professional participation or military solution. Your guidepost stands out like a tenfold beacon in the night: Duty, Honor, Country.

You are the leaven which binds together the entire fabric of our national system of defense. From your ranks come the great captains who hold the Nation's destiny in their hands the moment the war tocsin sounds.

The long gray line has never failed us. Were you to do so, a million ghosts in olive drab, in brown khaki, in blue and gray, would rise from their white crosses, thundering those magic words: Duty, Honor, Country.

This does not mean that you are warmongers. On the contrary, the soldier above all other people prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war. But always in our ears ring the ominous words of Plato, that wisest of all philosophers: "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

The shadows are lengthening for me. The twilight is here. My days of old have vanished - tone and tints. They have gone glimmering through the dreams of things that were. Their memory is one of wondrous beauty, watered by tears and coaxed and caressed by the smiles of yesterday. I listen then, but with thirsty ear, for the witching melody of faint bugles blowing reveille, of far drums beating the long roll.

In my dreams I hear again the crash of guns, the rattle of musketry, the strange, mournful mutter of the battlefield. But in the evening of my memory I come back to West Point. Always there echoes and re-echoes: Duty, Honor, Country.

Today marks my final roll call with you. But I want you to know that when I cross the river, my last conscious thoughts will be of the Corps, and the Corps, and the Corps.

I bid you farewell.”



Chips Ahoy! on Twitter: "#HappyMothersDay to your moms, your drag moms and everyone who celebrates you being YOU. #GetTheseCookies @VanessaVanjie ❤️ https://t.co/LkwRGp6ayF" / Twitter

JM Hanes

Today's Wash. Examiner is a laugh riot!

Strengthened Trump crippling Democratic Senate recruitment, 0-7 so far

Ah Ha! Ha! Ha! Read 'em and weep, Chuck Schumer!

Trump acting like Nixon right before he was impeached. Bill Weld attempts to make a constitutional argument:

"[Trump] says we’re just not going to comply with any of these subpoenas because they’re partisans. And that to me is the president really not living up to his responsibility as a co-equal branch of government. In fact, it’s the House and the Senate that are in Article One of the Constitution, so they’ve got the primary power under the Constitution."
Ha ha ha! The NeverTrumpers might like the Nixon comparison, but it's hard to believe Weld is making that argument to Republicans! He's been mingling with the other side too long.

Top Obama adviser: Biden in ‘candidate protection program’ as aides work to avoid gaffes:

Former President Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod said that Joe Biden’s campaign seems to be trying to protect him from making gaffes or appearing to be too old for the presidency. Axelrod told the New York Times that he thought the campaign’s strategy of insulating Biden from the press and holding back the famously garrulous former vice president from making any controversial remarks has worked so far…. But the pace is going to quicken as the race goes on and you can’t keep him in candidate protection program.”

LOL! I agree with David Axelrod!

Trump captures Biden’s blue-collar, older voter base

Ha! Ha! Ha! Hardy har, har, har!

Schiff says Congress could levy big fines for not complying with investigations

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Schiff said Congress is going to look into more severe routes to get the Trump administration to comply with oversight, including imposing stiff fines. “We are going to have to consider other remedies like inherent contempt where if the courts take too long, we use our own judicial process within the congress,” Schiff said. “Look, I think if you fine someone $25,000 a day to their person until they comply it gets their attention.”

LOL! He calls that using "the power of the purse!" Ah Ha! Ha!

[ ] Tired of Winning
[X] Not Tired of Winning


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
13m13 minutes ago

Ever since the Mueller Report showed No Collusion & No Obstruction, the Dems have been working overtime to damage me and the Republican Party by issuing over 80 demands for documents and testimonies, and with NO REASON. That’s all they want to do - don’t care about anything else!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
9m9 minutes ago

When the Mueller Report came out showing NO Collusion with Russia (of course), it was supposed to be over, back to work for the people. But the Dems have gone “nuts,” and it has actually gotten worse! Hope the Republicans win back the House in 2020, or little will get done!


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
8m8 minutes ago

The “Constitutional Crisis” is the Democrats refusing to work. Let them start by fixing the mess that their Immigration Laws have caused at the Southern Border.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
6m6 minutes ago

China is DREAMING that Sleepy Joe Biden, or any of the others, gets elected in 2020. They LOVE ripping off America!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Have the sleuths refuted MJW's point that, as McCabe's supervisor, Rosenstein might have had other ways to move him off the coup leadership team besides appointing a SC?--

I typed a comment before MJW asking the same question. Can't remember if I posted it or sanity caught hold of me and asked "why would you wade into that swamp?"
Either way the obvious answer is fire/demote and replace. Getting rid of the acting dork self evidently doesn't require the appointment of an SC, especially since the predicate for appointing one was nutjob Comey engineering it with phony memos designed to protect himself and his co-conspirators.



White nationalist. Sort of ruins their narrative.


Remember weld was the sherpa at the Boston us attys office for bulger, whose nephew is fronting the rosemont China deal for Biden fils


Ryan Van Sickle

‏Verified account @Ryan_VanSickle

.@MariaBartiromo is reporting that a big portion of IG Horowitz's report will deal with the media and how they were complicit in the Russia hoax 🔥


Then he moved up to the head of the criminal division where he had higher authority. Wonder if weld delegates the responsibility to cover for bulger to Mueller, so techno fog suggests:

JM Hanes


I meant to tell you how much I liked your Pieces this morning. It must have been refreshing not to have to plow through the Russian scam for a change!

I hope Orban and Salvini are joined by others and aren't too late to save European culture from its suicidal trajectory. I have no idea how the new President of Brazil will fare, but it's reassuring that the survival instinct is not dead yet in this hemisphere. I've been pleased to see that the Eurocrats in Great Britain have not yet managed to kill off Brexit, although when it comes to their tattered social fabric, I think they are in still in deep trouble.

I appreciated your making the connection between what is happening here and what is happening further afield; that's the kind of globalism we need more of. It's good to know that we're not the only ones who have been reading the tea leaves, and not liking what they've been telling us.


Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
7m7 minutes ago

Monday at the WH: Over the objection of some US Senators, inc,luding Republicans, Pres Trump holds talks with Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, accused of presiding over the decline of democracy in his country. It's the first meeting for the two @NATO allies.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Ever notice that the more liberals move into your area, the number of ugly women explodes? Just dayum. Back from dinner and lucky to keep it down.


It is remarkable isnt it jm, urban was the Hungarian havel, younger than the rest of the crop of the 1989 crew, salvini comes from the northern league which was part of Berlusconi's coalition

JM Hanes


Once upon a time, I really liked Bill Weld, and thought he had a lot of potential. Alas, he quickly turned into one of my more serious disappointments.


I am glad to see Orban will be here tomorrow.

JM Hanes


Maybe it's because they spend all their time worrying about what your property looks like from their windows, instead of checking their mirrors.


There was something I didnt like about him from the start, in his race against John silber, who was the for of cultural marxists like zinn.


Silber was affectionately called the one armed bandit by his students.

Captain Hate

They had 5he right instinct about gibbon

The Horde's weekly book thread gives Eddie a regular thrashing.


Of course he did!

Techno Fog on Twitter: "Looking like Mueller used a dubious legal theory - the Trump Tower meeting constituted a campaign finance violation - to obtain a search warrant on all of Manafort's campaign documents/comms. -Redactions from warrant. -Scope of ...


JM Hanes

Don Surber has two columns up on China, Chairman Xi misreads America and an update noting remarks from one Michael Pillsbury. Surber suggests that:

Chairman Xi... is of the belief that President Donald John Trump is handcuffed at home by the Democrat Party. Since the midterm election, in which Nancy Pelosi regained the House, Chairman Xi has reneged on deals already made.
According to Surber, the Chinese "misread us because they believe our Fake News media" and their claims about "domestic opposition to President Trump’s policies."

Then he goes on to voice a thought which I wish he would take the time to examine more rigorously:

Now the reasons for that miscalculation likely center on Red China's influence in the Democrat Party.
It would be interesting to take a really good look at that influence and interchange, and at how it affects Chinese attitudes within the U.S./China relationship. Surber rarely disappoints, but this time, he posits the rather lame conclusion that:
Xi and the rest figured since the Democrat Party controlled the media then the Democrats must control the government as well.
Maybe someone else will take up the slack.

Another Bob

Don’t know if there are any Chateau Heartiste readers here.

Wordpress shut him down yesterday.


Bankers like Draghi and monti stick togethet:



I read somewhere that they ended thr charges against Flynn today after bankrupting his family with $2million in debt. I want Trump to pardon everyone (except his lawyer) and I want the Mueller team to pay damages out of their own pockets.


JM Hanes,

The Chinese have all sorts of ways to wield influence. They buy controlling interests in corporations. They bribe. They blackmail.

I think they have wormed their way in to a LOT of influence in both parties. I think Surber is right as far as he goes, but we need to find out more.


The welds have a very longstanding interest in China like Warren Delano in the 19th century, likewise FDR favored China over Japan, putting japan hawk hornbeck as head of the far east section.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

The Disney marketing team is creating a buzz around the upcoming new version of Aladdin. My house is being treated to the new "A Whole New World" song on repeat today :( :(


Welds family bank merged with credite suisse if memory served,


Thanks, JMH. I thought of adding in Brazil--but it would have gone too far afield of my point about the EU and the reaction its overbearing had engendered.


Just par for the course


I mentioned galbraiths influence on Iraq policy (which may have stemmed from initial concern for the kurds) I grant him that, but trying to topple Karzai in favor of abdallah was something else.


Tony Shaffer
‏Verified account @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y
12h12 hours ago

Let me go out on a limb here & forecast we are going to learn how @JohnBrennan put Downer into play to set up @GeorgePapa19 as the start of the entrapment attempt regarding the Russian Narrative - at the direction of @Comey... https://amp.dailycaller.com/2019/05/09/alexander-downer-papadopoulos-tip-fbi?__twitter_impression=true


Jane, I see no news accounts today on Flynn and would certainly have had the charges been dropped.


I wonder how the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY and the BIDEN CASH GRAB.... made the CHINESE secure in believing that they could out negotiate AMERICA. Giving China missile technology with nothing (heh heh) in return, and giving Biden and his Kid LOADS OF CASH, fits in to CHINA'S expectations with AMERICAN negotiations today???


People argue that some members of congress, by law, have the right to see Trump's tax returns. What's seldom mentioned is that the President has a similar right:

Disclosure to President and certain other persons.--

(1) In general. --Upon written request by the President, signed by him personally, the Secretary shall furnish to the President, or to such employee or employees of the White House Office as the President may designate by name in such request, a return or return information with respect to any taxpayer named in such request.  Any such request shall state--

(A)  the name and address of the taxpayer whose return or return information is to be disclosed,

(B)  the kind of return or return information which is to be disclosed,

(C)  the taxable period or periods covered by such return or return information, and

(D)  the specific reason why the inspection or disclosure is requested.

Do those same people believe it would be proper for Trump obtain his political opponents' tax returns, as long as he could contrive a plausible reason?


I don't think the charges against Flynn have been dropped.

Somebody has Tweeted today an old NYPost story from January 2017 about him being cleared of being a Russian agent. It's been reTweeted and reposted.

Spent some time looking--nothing anywhere I can find about charges being dropped.

Beasts of England

I wish the president had the right to see the list of payoffs in the Congressional sexcapades...


The FULL COMMIE DEMOTARD LEFT PARTY, is merely playing this as long as they can.
The MUELLER garbage of 2 and a half years is OVER.
On his way out, MUELLER, tried to IMPUNE Donald Trump...WITHOUT REGARD to his appointed job. His inabilaty to find TRUMP guilty of anything, left him with only SLANDER.
Now the TABLES have been TURNED.
The LEFT is scared SHITLESS.


There NEVER was any RUSSIAN involvement in any way with THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. The RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA clown show, was the COVER UP, for OBAMA and RODHAM.
They are now TERRIFIED.

Bon appetit Obama.


.@MariaBartiromo is reporting that a big portion of IG Horowitz's report will deal with the media and how they were complicit in the Russia hoax

That doesn't seem right to me. Horowitz isn't a media critic, he's the #&!$ IG of the DoJ. That's where he needs to keep his guns pointed. I hope we don't get another whitewash like the last IG report.



Well that makes sense, but since the mueller probe is over, how can they be brought?

I don’t remember where I saw it, so my question is not related,


Maybe that was it anonamom. My memory sucks. I’m



If the FBI/DOJ were intentionally doing illegal leaks or fabrications and planting them with the media, then the media would be implicated although the IG was really looking at the government people.

I have seen speculation tonight that this might be the situation because several reporters seem to be portraying themselves as "protecting whistleblowers."


jimmyk, if the IG is investigating leaks that may come up--remember Comey leaked to wittes to trigger the appointment of a SC, and others leaked stuff to reporters which made there way into the application for a warrant.


Yes there was that chart in the Grassley memo that showed how many reporters were connected to FBI personnel.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
4m4 minutes ago

“Even Director James Clapper admits that the FBI actions against the Trump Presidential Campaign do in fact meet the definition of spying, perhaps FBI Director Christopher Wray will be the next to do so.” @LouDobbs

Jim Eagle


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

A story of child recruitment

The NEA leadership is strongly pro-LGBTQ. Some individual teachers are championing the LGBTQ cause. Here’s an article about an elementary school teacher in Oregon, who worked to convince a young boy that he might be transgendered. ... The teacher took the 8-year-old aside, spoke shortly to him, and then proceeded to share all kinds of transgender literature and videos with him. The teacher asked the boy several times whether he thought he was a girl and even held him out of recess in order to read transgender books and watch transgender videos. Oh, and to top it off, there were one-on-one conversations about transgenderism.
All this was done without the parents’ consent or even their knowledge. It only came out when the boy came home with a book about transgenderism and when he talked to a therapist (while crying his eyes out).

Captain Hate

I hope we don't get another whitewash like the last IG report.

If it's like that FBI Report it's game over for us.


MM, I hope you had great Mother's Day.

It's way to chilly though.

I had a cookout despite the weather because it's Mother's Day.

The honoree, Mom, came over so that made it a success.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA


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