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May 10, 2019



Retweeted by the President last night:

Ronna McDaniel
‏Verified account @GOPChairwoman
11h11 hours ago

The @realDonaldTrump re-election campaign has reported more female donors than any other candidate – and it’s not even close!

Trump: 10,329
Harris: 3,850
Bernie: 3,271



Also retweeted by the President, with a 5-minute video ar the link:

SPYGATE CRIMES: Nadler abuse targeting AG Barr and @RealDonaldTrump designed to distract from the fact that the DNC/Dem Party apparatus has been caught using donor dollars to collude w/Russian intelligence to attack a domestic political opponent. @LouDobbs @JudicialWatch pic.twitter.com/5oFf6d1ud5

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) May 10, 2019


jim nj


Teslas are only useful to people who can own more than one car and commute short distances.

The push toward electric cars is not something the general public will ever buy into. They can only afford one car and it has to serve multiple missions.


This is an old story from a few days after the inauguration, but it has suddenly resurfaced on my Twitter feed, and I am going to park it here for reference. It seems it got lost in all of the ither news at that time:



I just woke up and found



Judicial Watch: Top Hillary Clinton Aide Admits Under Oath that He and Clinton Used Unsecure Personal Email for Official State Department Business



How lucky is Trump to have Jerry Nadler as his chief inquisitor on Capitol Hill? I recall Nadler from his Jabba-the-Hutt days defending Bill Clinton from impeachment exactly 20 years ago. He must have thought we wouldn’t notice it is the same guy if he underwent barometric surgery—that’s where you let high pressure squeeze you into the human likeness of a raisin, but side effects include a full-blown case of TDS and a lot of tailor bills—and behold, Nadler is telling us we are in the midst of a Kon-scth-tooo-shun-al Kryyy-Siss! Pass the popcorn please.

I sometimes doze off in my gravity chair but last night I slept for almost two hours. That screwed up my sleep pattern and it was after 0200 before I finally got to sleep. Glad the coffee is ready. Back to TWIP.


Is this 4D, or what?



Flying somewhere for brunch?




Buckeye, flying this morning but not for brunch. We've got a patch of good weather with rain wind forecast for the afternoon.



‏ @Politi_Chatter
16h16 hours ago
Replying to @realDonaldTrump

Today Twitter crossed the line & Suspended the Conservative run @WeSupport45 account without explanation. Who will be next? Come join @Politi_Chatter & join the #TWEXIT at http://PolitiChatter.com
Please #RETWEET if you are Fed Up with Censorship


Retweeted by the President:

Tom Fitton
‏Verified account @TomFitton
9h9 hours ago

BREAKING: New emails show Obama WH orchestrated Clinton email coverup; Illegal spying on @realDonaldTrump biggest corruption scandal in American history; PLUS @JudicialWatch FOIA results in Nellie Ohr criminal referral. Massive JW Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2vHsvetZ5I


I think the left is pulling out all the stops.

Having Barrack and Hillary exposed as criminals is not a good look.


Couldn't happen to a more deserving pair of fuster clucks.



The only reason to let that surface is that there is something more important they want to hide.

My imagination can run wild with that, so I won't speculate.


The President is retweeting a gob of stuff, so much I can't keep up, mainly because a lot of them require embedding because they have video.

Here is a link to his Twitter page where you can read what he has retweeted and play the videos without having to look at the nasty comments.


I will keep an eye out for original tweets and post those here.


I don't want to speculate either.

After the last three years, the left is finding themselves on defense. They aren't use to this.

If they are hit hard enough on multiple fronts, could be a good outcome.

Captain Hate

Patterico, your post seemed to be inviting opinion on the state of the blog, and I can’t help it if my opinion is not complimentary. As to why I resumed reading your blog, it is because I had begun to worry that I my reading was too one-sided, and I expected you to have something worthwhile to say. As bored as I got with your Trump obsession before, I don’t recall thinking that you were being unreasonable like I do now.

I wasn’t inviting any such thing. I was more or less exulting in the disappearance of people who can’t handle Trump criticism — i.e., people like you. I’ll help you take up DRJ’s suggestion. If I ever get a hankering for content-free insults, I’ll look you up. Until such time, bye forever.

Patterico (115b1f) — 5/10/2019 @ 9:45 pm

Don’t email me either. It won’t be read.

Patterico (115b1f) — 5/10/2019 @ 9:45 pm


Maybe they were better off without him on the board:



Left spin on US-China trade.


They of course quote globalist libtards in making their case.


"The push toward electric cars is not something the general public will ever buy into."

Yeah, it seems outrageous to provide subsidies for people with 6 figure incomes buying an $80K (or higher!) car.

But for CA at least, keep in mind that the govt partnership with Tesla is all about creating a parallel infrastructure from scratch. Gas vehicles have an extensive network of gas stations, plus repair shops, roadside assistance and parts stores built up over decades. It's all about building a network of charging stations. Right now most EVs are commute vehicles charged at work. But for general use you'll need charging everywhere. It takes about 40 minutes to get a decent refill not a couple minutes like a gas car.

How many stations do you need?
What do people do for 30 min or an hour while plugged in?
How do you handle people who are don't promptly unplug and free up the charging station for people waiting?
How do you subsidize enough vehicle owners to create a viable sized base?

Luckily for CA legislators this can all be experimented with, using other people's money.


Nothing particularly insightful considering the Brookings had 15 million reasons to support Qatar I imagine China has similar persoective:


James D.

Today Twitter crossed the line & Suspended the Conservative run @WeSupport45 account without explanation. Who will be next?

Isn't a simple solution to Twitter and FB's censorship of conservatives, for a court to rule that since they are exercising such heavy-handed editorial judgment on what can be posted on their sites, that they can be sued for libel for any content that they do allow to be posted?


Have you come up with a solution to your backyard swamp problem? Any conversation with asshole neighbor? I’ll remind you that I have several extra shotguns at my disposal and several hundred rounds of 12ga. Just sayin’...


Long thread on China trade, very good:

Thread about China, Culture, Huawei, IP theft & 5g. You are about to become an expert and the life of any party (results may vary) Lets begin...
U.S. goods & services trade w/China was $737b in 2018





that they can be sued for libel for any content that they do allow to be posted?

Hopefully someone will make the case.

Or alternatively, hook Dorsey and Zuckerberg up to "defective exercise equipment".

Another Bob

“What do people do for 30 min or an hour while plugged in?”

Actually Jim, that’s been thought of. Nav systems have e-car features that include routing based on locations of charging stations, and inclusion of points of interest in the vicinity of charging stations.



So China has stolen proprietary info of qt least 20 million, it dumps its products massively and without quality control it has armed our adversaries and financec them otherwise through Iran and North Korea, but a degree of reciprocity is too much.



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