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May 04, 2019



Furthermore, it's pretty much impossible to justify indicting Manafort, but not Podesta; and that was obvious to anyone looking at the case from the outside. So Mueller really had no choice but to at least pretend he was doing something.


Iggy: Not sure about the last part of that but wasn't Mueller bound to turn over prosecutions that were not associated with Trump or his campaign, since it was only prosecutions related to Trump that required an SC?

That's somewhat true, but it doesn't really explain why Mueller could prosecute Manafort for years' old tax problems. In any case it's mostly true, which undermines Tom R's belief that Mueller's investigation was delayed because of Manafort's lack of cooperation in taking down Deep-Staters. Why would Mueller be delayed by a matter outside the scope of his charter? He'd have to turn it over to others.

Captain Hate

Go Rockets!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--That's somewhat true, but it doesn't really explain why Mueller could prosecute Manafort for years' old tax problems.--

Rosey gave him the charter of prosecuting other such crimes as might be turned up in the course of the investigation, no?
Presumably that only pertained to other such crimes as committed by those associated with Trump.

--In any case it's mostly true, which undermines Tom R's belief that Mueller's investigation was delayed because of Manafort's lack of cooperation in taking down Deep-Staters.--

I see pretty much zero evidence for that belief. Doesn't mean it isn't true but at this point it is an inference with very little to infer from.

Dave (in MA)


I was too busy and missed wishing everybody a happy cinco de cuatro.

jim nj

Since the Muller report came out and AG Barr testified I haven't seen a coherent Democratic strategy develop yet.

I don't mean that the Democrats haven't been making a lot of noise and throwing about all kinds of wild assertions, but it seems to be every man/woman for themselves.

And with so many Democrat candidates running and trying to out do each other I don't see any coherence developing in the future.

We want a fully redacted report with the grand jury testimony that can't lawfully be released. We want Trump's tax returns that are protected by IRS privacy rules. We want Trump's bank records even though we don't have a lawful basis to acquire them.

We are engaged in lawful persecution, er, prosecution, of unknown somethings.

Reporters will report what ever the Democrats say, buy I don't think they'll have their hearts in it for much longer.

The ultimate lure for a good reporter is sole possession of a scoop. The true scoops won't be coming from the Democrats anymore.

If the "famed" reporters don't get it, upstart reporters will eat their lunch and acclaim.

If you're an experienced reporter are you going to spend your time trying to tear holes in the upcoming scoops or are you going to try and get in front of them and follow the truth?

Just spit-balling here, but reputations are going to be on the line. Go down in ignominy trying to futilely save a sinking ship and lose your credibility, or get to feel righteous firing torpedoes into an evil pirate ship?


Not sure about the last part of that but wasn't Mueller bound to turn over prosecutions that were not associated with Trump or his campaign, since it was only prosecutions related to Trump that required an SC?

Being an "associate of Trump" may be the justification for Mueller's prosecution of Manafort and not Podesta, but I'll bet the real distinction is whether Mueller thought he could use a prosecution to his advantage get Trump. Manafort's tax violations are nothing the regular DoJ couldn't handle.


Looks fake but it's a drone view of a Chinese superhighway interchange VOLUME WARNING



UP Big Boy the biggest steam locomotive ever built


I am going to spend the summer finding alternate routes through side streets.

Posted by: MissMarple2 | May 04, 2019 at 11:14 PM

People desiring to ride the bus have to cross two lanes of traffic, don't they?


You Twitterati might follow this Greg Rubini guy:

1. another Bombshell [THREAD]:
Lisa Page worked with Bruce Ohr - FOR FIVE YEARS - at the DOJ.

before joining the FBI,
and before working with Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok

did you know?


jim nj


Islamic Jihad fired about 250 rockets. Israel retaliated against 30 Hamas and Islamic Jihad sites.

Guess what? Hamas and Islamic Jihad were in Egypt trying to arrange a stand down. Brilliant diplomacy. They forgot to collect the keys to the missiles before leaving Gaza.


Time for my 2nd cuppa and then settle down for some Sunday morning reading.

Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight

jim nj


From a shortage of ships to munitions and carrier-based fighters which lack range, the U.S. Navy is ill-equipped to contend with a new era of great-power conflict.

jim nj

Clarice, as usual very good pieces.

Minor quibble

"Upcoming Events

House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes"

No longer chairman, but ranking member. Correct?

jim nj


Russia has produced very few of these aircraft which are inferior to the F-35.

If Turkey continues on its' path to buy the Russian SA-400 air defense system it will not get F-35's. So we're looking at a raise in the gamesmanship,

It kind of looks empty, since Russia can't order enough SU-57's to work the kinks out. It's desperate for a partner to boost production. It currently has none. No foreign orders either.

Erdogan (auto-cucumber suggests underdog) may be having fun tweaking the US, but his military will be weakened.



Excellent Pieces! So good that rather than going back to bed I will go make myself some coffee!


Thank you for grabbing Clarice's Pieces so early!


Harvard law prof Jack Goldsmith's take on the Mueller report and Barr's handling of it's release


I don’t buy Benjamin Wittes’ suggestion that that Barr may be acting “to preserve his position in the mad king’s court.” To the contrary, I think Barr is trying to limit the damage to Article II that has resulted from Trump’s unfathomably stupid, impulsive, self-defeating efforts to wield executive power to control the Russia investigation, and Mueller’s overzealous reading of obstruction law and odd non-traditional prosecutorial decision in response. Sometimes Justice Department independence means standing up to the president. And sometimes it means taking unpopular positions in defense of the presidency. I am pretty confident that the latter is what Barr is up to.



It is amazing to me that they STILL think the guy is stupid, impulsive, blah, blah, blah.

Roscoe B Davis doesn't think so. I recommended a thread of his yesterday, but he added onto it this morning.


Because they aren't trying to lock up Trump, they are trying to ruin him and his family, but the old warrior flipped the script on them and now they are in panic mode.


The New York Times
‏Verified account @nytimes
May 2

A military veteran who fell into homelessness and now lives in government subsidized housing makes a living picking through the trash of his neighbor Mark Zuckerberg, providing a snapshot of extreme inequality in San Francisco


This article is from April 7, but it popped up in my feed this morning from the NYT, and not only is it NOT behind the paywall, but it is labeled by Twitter as "promoted". which means they paid for placement.

It isn't very flattering to Zuckerberg, San Francisco, or, for that matter, California. I find this curious.


Clarice, thank you for once again pointing out the forest in all the reported trees. I am appreciative you can digest the news and connect the dots because I can't and/or don't have the disposition to do so.

Current events and debate appear to me like being tuned to the WWE channel playing on a Mobius strip. Without mounds of skulls and women's lamentations just how real are these events?


Jack Posobiec
‏Verified account @JackPosobiec
6h6 hours ago

In December Jerry Nadler opened the Google Hearing by calling allegations of bias against conservatives "just right-wing propaganda"

Guess who the single largest donor to Jerry Nadler is?

I appreciate this guy digging that out. It occurs to me that when they have hearings we should probably know the financial ties to the senators and representatives ahead of time.


MM, thanks for posting the NYT trash picking article. Right off I see an important correction,

...are a signpost of the extremes of [Democrat crony] capitalism.



An explanation of the historic inquiry ruling that disqualified Maximum Security, making Country House the @KentuckyDerby winner. pic.twitter.com/YZqqn4ucbJ

— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) May 4, 2019

Video at the link.

jim nj

MM, that was posted here three weeks ago, but worth re-posting.

Lots of people could earn a supplementary income by re-selling what other people discard.


jim nj,

I probably didn't click on the link then because I am not a subscriber so I just assumed it was behind the paywall.

What I found odd was the Times PAYING for it to be linked on Twitter.

I know about reselling what others discard. I wish I had room to do my eBay store again, but alas, I do not.

My neighbor's gentleman friend sells scrap. Talk about living off the grid - he doesn't even have a checking account. I found this out when I paid him to mow our lawn on the ONLY day without rain last week because my daughter was at work and they were forecasting rain before she got home.

Every day their driveway is full of stuff like old water heaters or washers, pieces of metal from construction sites, car parts, etc. He's always busy and works hard, but I bet he doesn't pay a dime in taxes. LOL!


This is interesting. Trump gave an interview to Infowars several years ago. Video at the link.

Just a reminder that @realDonaldTrump predicted Osama bin Laden in a 2000 book

(InfoWars, 2015) pic.twitter.com/o8ENYK4hWu

— Wojciech Pawelczyk 🇵🇱 (@PolishPatriotTM) May 4, 2019





Wonderful. Do not get me started.


Thanks Clarice

The donkeys that start braying the loudest are likely the ones the power brokers have on the shortest leash.

Behavior in DC between now and the 2020 election will make yesterday's Derby seem normal.

Captain Hate

I'm not sure I'm understanding the dot connecting in that quoted piece on Slick's meeting with Lynch on her plane in terms of problems he caused her. Granted she should have kicked him off the plane immediately and had him and his Secret Service goons arrested if they didn't leave. But Lynch is a politicized hack who was never going to prosecute the JEF's choice of a replacement; anyone thinking otherwise is just being obtuse. Or if she recused herself she'd just turn it over to another hack who would do the same thing.

So I'm still not understanding exactly what Slick did in his awkward hilljack manner that wasn't gonna happen anyway.



Talk about donkeys braying - funny you should mention that:



Thanks! And Jim, good catch--you are right. I'll ask the editors to correct.



This article is a retelling of the NYT article but there is a bit of additional information.


Maybe Slick gave Lynch a big fat envelope full of "insurance" papers.

Captain Hate

Stephen Moore's being much too kind to those RINO skirts, Ernst and Collins, who got the vapors over an obviously satirical article that had nothing to do with his qualifications to serve on the Fed board. It identified them both as low IQ dimwits lacking the brainpower to understand when they're being manipulated that the GOPe litters the House and Senate with. A real political party would tell them to get ready for a well financed primary challenge.

jim nj


Metal recycling is a cash business. Even if they require ID they don't look close.

Wooden shipping pallets are popular too. If you plan to re-use them don't leave them unattended.

As I said at the time, some people know the trash routes by heart. what they find shows up at yard sales.

Some cities legislate against trash picking and too many yard sales, but I think it's a legitimate business that serves a useful purpose. And the stuff gets re-cycled instead of dumped in a landfill.

jim nj

Clarice, you are so good I don't want anyone to catch your mistakes other than us. Know what I mean?

Your absolute credibility is worth protecting.


jim nj,

I agree.

I think if we ever get a stretch of sunny weather, I am going to get rid of some of the stuff we have cluttering up this house in a garage sale. When we moved I sent quite a bit to auction but we were in a hurry and so some stuff got packed up that probably we shouldn't have kept.


Does Communist China own Biden? https://t.co/34jRyB5fot

— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) May 5, 2019

Links to Breitbart article.



A bit of news about the Royals.


Mark Levin also linked this story on Twitter:



Rosey gave him the charter of prosecuting other such crimes as might be turned up in the course of the investigation, no?
Presumably that only pertained to other such crimes as committed by those associated with Trump.

That seems like a very fine line to tread, or rather to explain why Mueller went after Manafort but not Podesta, never mind the entire conspiracy to frame Trump, which seems to go well beyond the FBI. Do you think Rosie specifically wrote that anyone not directly associated with Trump is off limits and has to be referred to the SDNY? Why would he do that? The original SC certainly didn't specify that restriction.


The original SC authorization, I meant.



jim nj


All my life I've de-cluttered. Sometimes I regret it, because I remember having something I need now, but the only reason I remember it was because of getting rid of it.

Me and some friends were aggressive trash-hunters in our late teens and early twenties.

We found stuff that could be easily fixed, furniture an carpeting for friends and all kinds of other useful or decorative items.

Probably harder to do these days with the threat of bed bugs.

It had the quality of a quest. Find something free and re-purpose it. Nirvana when you did.


jim, I really appreciate people pointing out errors.
Capt Hate, I don't know what Lynch would have done,, but it seems altogether in line with Bill Clinton's m.o. to have created an insurance policy so Comey would have the largest role in deciding what to do about Hillary. Obviously, Lynch didn't appreciate this stunt (from her closed-door testimony).


Obviously, Lynch didn't appreciate this stunt

Not obvious. She certainly did a good acting job, but that's part of the stunt. She could have prevented it in the first place by turning him away.



Things I learned from this article:

The NGA has a $15 million annual budget and about 100 employees.

The Chairman is Montana governor Steve Bullock (democrat) and the vice chairman is Maryland governor Larry Hogan (Republican).

They get corporate funding.

This seems to me to be a little-monitored organization. I would like to know what they accomplish.

James D.

Queen Elizabeth told London Mayor Sadiq Khan to stay home. He’s not invited to the Buckingham Palace banquet honoring Trump. Seats are reserved for people in favor.

I bet she wishes she still had the power to behead people (and lock misbehaving heirs in the Tower of London and throw away the key)

James D.

This seems to me to be a little-monitored organization. I would like to know what they accomplish.

Enriching their members at taxpayer expense, most likely.

Old Lurker

I bet she wishes she had the NY Abortion Law so she could decide today to off Prince Charles.

Captain Hate

My point was, and still is, that Slick didn't have to do what he did to get that result; the fix was already in and what he did drew unwanted attention to it. There's nothing, other than the Bathhouse Rat's intelligence, more overrated than the political skills of some hilljack son of the town slut who never received 50% of the popular vote.





It seems to me that if Mueller is or was a white hat (which I do not buy for one second), and he did not have jurisdiction to prosecute crimes uncovered during his investigation against non-Trump deep staters or Dems (but I repeat myself), he could have dropped in a footnote suggesting that somewhere, anywhere in his 400-page plus report.

To me the (apparent*)fact that he made no mention whatsoever, even tangentially, to the conspiracy to spy on and frame Trump speaks volumes.

*I confess that I haven't read the report; I am assuming that if he had made mention of this it would have been reported and commented on.


Yes, boatbuilder, there's certainly no shortage of innuendo against Trump that had no business being in that report. Just red meat for the Dems and NeverTrumpers.

Great Pieces, Clarice. Wondering if we'll ever find out definitively who exactly Mifsud was working for.



Captain Hate

The funny, ironic not ha-ha, thing is that the JEF hated Rodham and was forced to rely on the unlikeable drunk fatass to continue his legacy. I'd love to hear what the Ferret and he use to describe her during their bitch fests as they wait for the next shoe to drop.

Tom Bowler

Great Pieces, Clarice. If Eric Felten's theory of the tarmac is true, then did Bill Clinton know about the Hillary exoneration draft that had been circulating at the FBI? He must have known exoneration was in the works. But Lisa Page testified to congress that the DOJ told the FBI that they would not prosecute on 18 793(f) while the FBI was arguing in favor of charging her.

I suspect that by the time the tarmac meeting occurred, decision to charge or not charge had already been argued and decided. It makes sense that it would have been decided before the first Hillary exoneration draft was written, which I think was in May. It was only days after the tarmac meeting that Comey held his press conference, at which point the draft was final. That was early July.

I don't see the advantage of having Comey rather than Lynch in control. The decision was made. So the conversation between Bill and Loretta may have gone down just as described, but I think the message was, it's time to end the Hillary investigation.


Cashill weighs in on Sassehole:

Sen. Sasse, time to grow up
Exclusive: Jack Cashill educates lawmaker on Chinese corruption involving Bill Clinton



Senate Democrats
‏Verified account @dscc
May 3

Do you want more Supreme Court justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or do you want more justices like Brett Kavanaugh?

Ginsberg 32%

Kavanaugh 68%

This seems to have backfired on the Senate Democrats. It even made Fox and Friends this morning.

They really are pretty stupid. It also tells me there is more GOP support than we are led to believe.


ts Tweets, current page. Tweets & replies Media

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

The Kentuky Derby decision was not a good one. It was a rough and tumble race on a wet and sloppy track, actually, a beautiful thing to watch. Only in these days of political correctness could such an overturn occur. The best horse did NOT win the Kentucky Derby - not even close!

You KNEW he would weigh in!


I was surprised about goldsmith, because of prior record in 2004, but even he has to weight in on his pupil.



Captain Hate

From TK's 9:16

Ben Sasse, a Republican senator from Nebraska, has the unfortunate habit of playing to the mainstream media. During his time questioning Attorney General William Barr during Wednesday’s hearings, he played his heart out.

The MSM noted and approved. “Sen. Ben Sasse voiced outrage that Paul Manafort led the Trump campaign after working for the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, whom he called a ‘bottom-feed scum sucker,'” crowed the New York Times.

The pseudo party is overloaded with unprincipled jackholes overly concerned with how the MFM can frame their wonderful legacies, not realizing that things change with time and history will be uncomplimentary to spineless weasels overly concerned with image over substance.


Retweeted by the President:

Donald J. Trump Retweeted
‏ @HH41848213
11h11 hours ago

When you look at the continuous incorrect statements by Napolitano over the past 2 years, it is fair to ask FNC why they allow him to have national air time. The man has been significantly wrong on at least 8 major occasions. Unacceptable! Take him off the air!



You made the Powerline ribbon (or whatever it's called)



He also accused President Trump and his supporters of allowing Jim Crow to sneak back in.

I watched a clip of this speech and he was very bumbling, staring down and his prepared noted most of the time. He will never make it on a debate stage with the President.


That should read "staring down AT his prepared notes.."


Now do bin Weber who worked for jeb or your former colleague David Vitter or even the sainted Christopher Steele. Of course manafoet worked longest for mccain.


Slo jo isnt ready for the spew, I'm waiting for the 20 ton anvil to drop.


And Weber's firm does work for Qatari and tur Turkish interests, both threatened by this administration.


The horse that should have won was a 4-1 payout and the horse that was declared the winner was a 65-1 winner.

I wonder if the casinos actually did better on the longshot victory. I am of the opinion that fewer people will bet the longshot and if they do so they will only risk small sums of money.

I don't know anyway to prove my theory.


...was a 65-1 payout.


“Just build your own”

A comprehensive list of services that Gab has been banned from for defending the fundamental human right to speak freely on the internet and having a TOS that is identical to Twitter’s circa 2007-2015. pic.twitter.com/hJ8p6B3kXN

— Gab.com💬Dissenter.com (@getongab) May 5, 2019

Link goes to screencap of list.

Another Bob

“Trump’s unfathomably stupid, impulsive, self-defeating efforts to wield executive power to control the Russia investigation”

Exactly what we’re these efforts?

Jack Goldsmith is FOS.

Another Bob

we’re > were




That would be a good statistical research question (or psychological, for that matter).

I have a hunch you are right. I bet the casinos know!


I still dont trust goldsmith for reasons relating to Gitmo and domestic surveillance. But he has to throw that stupid line out there for them to bite on the main point.



Joe is NOT who the dem voters think he is.

I don't think the guy can make it through a campaign. He certainly doesn't have the work ethic nor the stamina of President Trump.


In lieu of parachuting Benedict back in:


Beasts of England

It's paramutual at the track, TK, but I'm not aware if the casinos set their own odds or if they use the track's. If the casino's volume of betting is large enough, the results likely mirror the track's - so it's probably a wash.


Retweeted by President Trump:

Judicial Watch
‏Verified account @JudicialWatch
16m16 minutes ago

.@realDonaldTrump retweeted our petition! Right now, our borders are being used as gateways for drug cartels & violent criminals. That's why JW fights illegal immigration in the courts. Join our President & sign the petition + help us win. 📋



Retweeted by President Trump. Video at the link:

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton breaks down a list of lawsuits that Judicial Watch has filed to get to the truth about the targeting of President @realDonaldTrump by the deep state.

Watch full video here: https://t.co/eE36TluXpc

— Judicial Watch 🔎 (@JudicialWatch) May 5, 2019
Beasts of England

To add, the racetrack pays out the same total to bettors regardless of the winner. Statistics: is there anything it can't do? 😋


Retweeted by President Trump. Link goes to press release.

JW announced that a senior FBI official admitted, in writing and under oath, that the agency found Clinton email records in the Obama White House, specifically, the Executive Office of the President. https://t.co/W0YV9yQhYZ

— Judicial Watch 🔎 (@JudicialWatch) May 5, 2019

Nice link to Diana West @ 9:13, TK.


Retweeted by President Trump. Link goes to press release:

Judicial Watch announced it received 756 pages of newly uncovered emails that were among the materials former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to delete or destroy, several of which were classified.

— Judicial Watch 🔎 (@JudicialWatch) May 5, 2019

Two of my favorite Sunday morning things--caffeine and reading Clarice's American Thinker piece coming together this morning. But the damp weather seems to keep my brain enfogged despite the caffeine coming from my own blend of Indian and Java coffee roasted by myself. I'll have to read it several times to get the full import.

Also of interest, can Maximum Security appeal? https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/233501/maximum-security-connections-may-appeal-after-derby-dq

and more, from 2013, on the background of chief steward of Kentucky. By the way the decision was unanimous among the three stewards, which surprised me.


Beasts of England

Ignore my 9:51 - it's a little more complicated than that, but it's generally true. Sorry.


The things Iearn around here


Thanks BoE!


Why would Trump need Fitton to sue the DoJ when he already Sun Tzu-ed them 4D style?


Diana leaves out that winer, who started on this defamation jag with John Kerry taking the word of cartel accountants and pilots was lobbying for the second dossier through apco.


Harvard Professor Jack Off Goldsmith can fuck himself.



PLEASE don't start the argument again today.

I post President Trump's retweets because it seems to me he wants people to see them.

I am actually waiting for the dems to charge him with "collusion" with Judicial Watch. LOL!


Mellow, warm-hearted ribbing.
Has she conceded yet?



Well, this is interesting. This should cause some controversy in dem ranks.


PLEASE don't start the argument again today.

When you post Kabuki favorable links, MM, you make it clear that you are posting them for information purposes only and that you have no opinion on the matter and that you prefer to wait for the outcome.

But when a contr-Kabuki post or comment is made you don't seem so neutral.



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