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May 31, 2019



Though I don't always (or often) agree with Tom R., I firmly believe Weissmann, probably along with Michael Dreeben, wrote part II of the Mueller report. Not only was Weissmann first mate on Team Mueller, but he and Dreeben have made careers of stretching obstruction statutes, most notably (and unsuccessfully) in the Arthur Anderson case.

I have little doubt they were the "lawyer or lawyers" Barr had in mind when discussing his disagreement with the Mueller report's legal analysis.

Spot on! I've read that Dreeben was Muellers first hire which leads me to believe Mueller was planning an obstruction case from the start.



I am paying attention to you. I am a bit squeamish but can get myself fired up to do this.

It is my DAUGHTER who is the sticking point here. One of the reasons I went ahead and grabbed that story is to show it to her later.

One thing I want is a way to keep them out. Based on my experience in an old farmhouse as a kid, I could be setting traps for the rest of my life, as there isn't a mouse communications central and they just keep coming.

I am going to check the last thread for Tonto's recommendation, too. I can't remember the name she had for those pads they used.


Haven't seen any mice at the new place but the frog invasion is losing it's charm.

Any diseases we should be worried about anonamom??


I think page is being tongue in cheek, so the DHS ig report leak is the newest squirrel?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It seems like Mueller was co-opted by his staff...--

His history indicates he makes sure he has staffs that "co-opt" him.
There's a word for that and it starts with "co" but it isn't co-opt.


Is it collate, now the interesting detail that Blackburn notes is mangiante used to work for mifsud so shes if not the femme fatale the lure.




Magic Mouse Pads. But you can make your own with cotton balls and peppermint and spearmint oils, or use the peppermint tea bags.

Our experience is as jmh recommended---scout out any openings at all, and stuff them with steel wool or caulk. Look along your foundation as well as where pipes, cable enters the house.

I agree w Ig--nobody was forcing Mueller to do anything he wasn't all in on.


Because the mifsud story starts much farther southeast say Bangladesh, that's where he picked up the trail:




Thanks for the info!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wonder if they were lace ups or slip-ons;


Paul Sperry
‏ @paulsperry_
19h19 hours ago

BREAKING: A former senior New York Times editor confided that #SpyGate is "the biggest story of our lifetime," yet the mainstream media will not touch it.


I would say the latter,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I've always had a problem with sewing machine leg. Just realized the solution is to have boogie woogie on all the time so it looks like I mean to do it.


Is Lindsey Graham the only hope of getting Mueller under oath to testify? Because after that full transcript of Dowd's phone IRT Flynn call being released, he needs to be held accountable somewhere, and soon.

I do hope all that postponement of sentencing does mean the Flynn case is going to be dismissed/vacated/whatever the proper term is. That the judge knows something is rotten in Denmark.
(Remember hearing adults say that when we were kids?)

(The other day, I was going to ask one of my young partners "Do I sound like a broken record here?", then realized he may well not a have clue as to what I meant!)


Broken CD doesn't quite have the same ring does it.


CD? They all do streaming these days.

Enjoying tstorms this morning. 58 with a cold front moving in.


Well I was trying to continue thr metaphor.



We started with some basic in-home help for my mother as my father declined from the damage the 1970s radiation treatments to the brain began their own “March to the Sea”. First it was helping manage the house while mom worked and cared for him. As things progressed, and they do, it became more care for him AND the basic house functions, which culminated in full time home care the last two years until the end.

Finding non-agency, trustworthy care is difficult, but I’ll make some inquiries in my network of “unable to pass the US exams right away” ex-Soviet trained MDs.

Your mother may accept the “help” in much the same manner, household chores first, then, as trust is established, help with your father. Your mother has to be comfortable in accepting this help, not having it imposed “for her own good”. I’m sure you accepted that rationale blindly from them when you were becoming an adult. It’s no different in the reverse.

Good luck, and I’ll let you know what I learn.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Has anyone ever explained just what it is that Trump is doing to "shred the constitution"?
Other than objecting to being kicked in the head rather than the typical "please sir, may I have some more" of past Republicans, I mean.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread


OK, community, solve my problem:
Momma is getting increasingly deaf. Notably--and it makes her seem demented (or there's some of that going on as well). We had dinner the other night with friends from the lake, and she missed at least 1/3 of what was being said. Evident from questions she asked the next morning.
But "I can hear just fine!" and "You are the only person who says that."
(What about those other four kids who tell you that all the time??)
(Then why is the TV cranked up to 52??)

And my "Well, Mom, prove me wrong. Get a hearing evaluation and show me it's normal." a few weeks ago didn't work.

I know this is a not uncommon situation. Anything that has worked??

There is now documentation that NOT correcting hearing loss leads to dementia, and I can see why.



I am dealing with the same with Mrs. Buckeye. Hearing loss is prevalent in her family and she hasn't been spared.

She isn't in denial, but I think she is too proud/vain to consent to a hearing test.

I am giving serious consideration to buying a set of the $600 hearing aids you see on TV.

There are plenty of apps available to test hearing well enough to figure out how to set the equalization.

Maybe she would use them and I can turn the TV down so my ears quit bleeding:)


Buckeye--a recently learned fact that may work with your spouse---the earlier the hearing aides come in to use, the LESS the hearing loss. Apparently, our brains "chose" to close down some hearing circuits rather than try to decipher the fading message at some point.

And tell her nearly ALL my partners who were military have them--and they truly are nearly non visible these days, they are so small--and they are all under 60. And a friend of mine with strong hearing loss in her family wears them too--I only learned of that when discussing my mom with her recently. She wears her hair short too! Honestly, you can barely see them.

matt - deplore me if you must

Ig, those were some great piano players, but as to the greats, Champion Jack Dupree, Professor Longhair and of course Jerry Lee.

When I was 17 and living in Brooklyn with my aunt, my uncle Stan, who was African American and had a car service took me to meet one of his clients, a guy named Eubie Blake. We went to his apartment and were greeted graciously and he played 3 or 4 songs for us while his wife made tea and biscuits. He had the longest fingers I had ever seen. One of the defining moments of my life.

Funny how the currents of American music intertwine; Appalachian & blues, ragtime to jazz, all of it to rock & roll. This country has as great or greater musical tradition with I think a greater impact than all of Europe.

I can listen to Brahms or Corelli or Bach all day long. I even sat through the entire Ring cycle once (amazing). But at night it's blues, rock, soul and jazz and boogie woogie.

Come on over baby, whole lotta shaking goin' on!

matt - deplore me if you must

We had a real problem with rats and mice this winter. I think the rain drove them out of the hills and under cover.

Rather than used the old fashioned traps, I have been very successful with the black plastic traps and peanut butter. So far 12 rats and a couple of mice from the attic and the outbuildings. I'm on a mission.


A-Mom, I had spent years dealing with my MIL and her hearing loss. Definitely runs in the family. Looking forward to my wife’s progressive loss.

My MIL definitely had frequency loss. More trouble following her daughters than SILs. I think her loss was also related to “processing”. She couldn’t pull the relevant conversation out of a mix. I tried hard to get the family to not have multiple ongoing conversations around her and whenever possible to face her directly.

Loss is loss. No amplification will allow the freq to be heard. I’ve always wondered why the isn’t technology to freq shift. It wouldn’t sound normal but it would be heard.

We tried a lot of tech to little avail. We had a sound bar close to her for tv time that supposedly helped. VOX was the mfgr. At one point we thought apple’s active live listening might work but at 94 we ran into the old dog new tricks conundrum.


Two men sitting in a bar and one says to the other that his longtime wife was growing distant and unapproachable. He said that she ignored him most of the time. His friend suggested that he take more interest in what she was doing and give more compliments. He took the advice to heart.
Entering his house he could see her cooking at the stove from the entryway. Remembering his friends advice he yelled out, “that smells great, what are you cooking?”. True to form she didn’t turn around but just ignored him. Not to be put off he went to the kitchen door and resaid, “that smells great, what are you cooking?”. Again he was ignored. Walking to within 6 feet of her he repeated, “that smells great, what are you cooking?” This time she turned and said, “for the 3rd time, it is chicken cacciatore”. He scheduled a hearing exam the next day.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That's funny, JohnH.

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