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June 21, 2019


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Y'all be playing my kind of music tonight. Marshall Tucker and CDB. Great stuff. Old southern Rock is awesome... a bit of the newer stuff is good and the rest is just pop country. Yuck!

Just had a big down draft/micro burst here. Looks like that line that hit Pin is cruising across north Ga.

Boom Boom Boom. Well, ok we still have lights. For now.

jim nj

The "aborted" Iran strike story still seems to have some time-line issues. Trump says no planes were in the air. That makes sense as locally based planes could have hit Iran in mere minutes.

If the planes were launching from the US like in a B-62 strike that might make sense, but we moved B-52 bombers into the arena weeks ago. So I am inclined to believe that no planes were in the air for an attack. And that the attack was never ordered or not yet underway when it was paused.

The issue about when the number of causalities were asked about seems to read like a bad play. Or something Trump already knew, but not by someone else until it was openly brought up. Like somebody got played.

Does that make sense?

Last piece that interests me is Trump implied they had a communication intercept rebuking the local area commander from Tehran.

I agree this would not have been a proportionate response which might have been played against the US by home and foreign press and governments.

Trump didn't "Blink." He showed restraint.

I think an appropriate response at this point is covert and deniable.

jim nj


I posted something on the 2008 fire a while ago. Now that the story broke the lawsuits are coming. I would think they have a good case.

jim nj


This sounds reasonable.



jim nj


Comments and speculation.

Something in all of this is off. I don't know what it was. Is the reporting incorrect? Did some spectator in the situation room misread what was going on?

Are the concerns about the casualties a cover for something else?

Is it possible we didn't intercept an Iranian message rebuking a local Commander for a a FU, but that Tehran, through an intermediary, let Trump know that this was unsanctioned and please don't escalate.

The latter makes a lot of sense. Trump allows Iran to save face by citing the casualties.

I am starting to think we'll have to read somebody's memoirs, years from now, to learn the truth.


Does Fed Ex have TSA agents who X-ray stuff because that’s what it looks like.

jim nj


I liked the O'Henry story.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Replying to @MikayesFiona

He’s coming at them from all sides without showing his strong hand.

Military, cyber, economic, internal, external pressure is building.

Hell the Mullahs will probably just take the money and leave soon just to get a good nights sleep...
7:06 AM - 21 Jun 2019

EconChick/IntelChick‏ @MikayesFiona
14h14 hours ago
EconChick/IntelChick Retweeted David Ricardo

David, hon, it wasn't "called off" in the way all these civilians keep saying.

This was Trump's plan from the outset.

Many have no idea how much intelligence we gathered, how much psychological damage we did, and how much we interrupted readiness just by Trump's HEAD FAKE.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

J R Ray ‏ @invisionAK
51m51 minutes ago
Replying to @MikayesFiona @Jessieduds

Pres. Trump had the emergency meeting with the Dems knowing they will leak & waits to see who contacts Iran. You take the ruse all the way to just before execution to capture all communications, drops & couriers between the conspirators. But then thats just a random opinion. RT

EconChick/IntelChick‏ @MikayesFiona
3h3 hours ago

It's not the regular Iranian military and as I've been saying for several weeks, there is splintering in Iran. Khamenei is not directing many of these actions we've seen for a few weeks. And Trump pretty much confirmed that yesterday

‏ @VTrumpista
Replying to @MikayesFiona

Trump had flipped the script. He’s now terrorizing the Iraní leadership. They’re on edge not know what, if anything, is coming next.


‏ @MikayesFiona
7h7 hours ago
EconChick/IntelChick Retweeted jonnybluejeans

I can confirm what he's saying. Having been DIA Rep to nerve center of Pentagon I can tell you Presidents know that way before they start playing cat and mouse with our enemies and a specific incident occurs. Trump tweeted that comment about casualties for OTHER audiences.

Isn’t there a military philosophy of escalation of force, coupled with diplomacy etc? I forget the acronym.

What are the odds the plan was to launch, light up the detection networks, turn around, then deliver a message that “this is what could happen if you cross us again?”
1:35 PM - 21 Jun 2019

Buzz Patterson
heavyg603 🇺🇸 ❌

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Stephaniegaatl Tweet text

Buzz Patterson
‏ @BuzzPatterson
11h11 hours ago

Replying to @bhwms @heavyg603

That's what I would have proposed.

jim nj


3 reports referenced. I'm going to read them tomorrow, er, later today. Thought some others might find them interesting.

jim nj


Your posts capture some of what I'm thinking. The idea that Trump would set himself up for criticism, either way he acted, makes no sense to me. He's not that dumb. Either the reporting is off, or there is much more going on that we don't know about.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

A man calls home to his wife and says, "Honey, I've been invited to fly to Canada with my boss and several of his friends to go fishing, for the long weekend.

This is a good opportunity for me to get that promotion I've been wanting, so could you please pack enough clothes for a three-day weekend.

And also, would you get out my rod and tackle box from the attic? We're leaving at 4:30 pm from the office and I'll swing by the house to pick up my things. Oh! And please pack my new navy blue silk pajamas.”

The wife thinks this sounds a bit odd, but, being the good wife, she does exactly what her husband asked.

Following the long weekend, he returns home a little tired, but, otherwise, looking good. The wife welcomes him home and asks if he caught much fish?

He says, “Yes! Lots of walleyes, some bass, and a few pikes.” "But", he said, "why didn't you pack my new blue silk pajamas, as I asked you to do?”

The wife replies, "I did, they're in your tackle box".

Never, Never, Never try to outsmart a woman!

jim nj


Fun quote near the end.


I haven’t read all of O Henry yet but I probably should, jim.

Made it home. I had a nice five year old peach tree snap. Possibly at the graft. I’m leaving it till the fruit ripens, hopefully it will. There’s a sparse connection remaining

The pecan tree is amazing. It looks like we had an earthquake. I’ve taken two hot air balloon rides and that’s what it looks like on its side similar in appearance to when the balloon is being inflated.

The tree and three odd feet of soil shifted 90 degrees. The aluminum powder coated fencing i ringed it with is remarkably unmolested. I hope my toothbrush still has a charge.

jim nj

Pin, see if you can bind the snap, it may heal itself.

Can you sell the Pecan to a local mill? I hear it's good for BBQ also.

O Henry is fun for his surprise endings, I read a lot of it as a youngster. It's in the public domain by now so you can probably find most of it on the web.

jim nj


Huh. S&P says Facebook isn't ethical. Time to divest if that's your criteria for investing.


Psychoanalysts' society apologizes for labeling homosexuality a disorder.

I'm waiting on cardiologists to apologize for causing the obesity epidemic.


jim nj


Many details lacking. 7 motorcycles impact pickup truck. May have been a head-on collision.
Cyclists said to be Marine veterans.

jim nj


It's not lost on me that the first part of psychoanalysts is psycho.


Barr/Durham looks at CIA:


jim nj



Hayward at PL blog notes that the Trump statement about proportional response, and not killing 150 Iranians over an unmanned drone, will be yuge to anti-regime Iranians.
It will give them cover if a revolution occurs.


Sorry, not Hayward, one of his commenters:
"Trump has told the Iranian people that he doesn’t want to kill them (150 casualties too many for a drone). There are many Iranians in the US, mostly those who fled when the Shah was overthrown. They still have extended families in the old country. The word is out...Trump doesn’t want to kill you, but he may have to kill some if things continue. It’s an invitation to revolution."

jim nj


Regime change from within Iran would be the best solution. They would need some help though. I don't know if I buy Wictor's claims about the GCC forces, but if they exist, they would be the go to people with our help.


Get yer TWIP here.





Good morning! I slept in because I woke up at 2 and was awake for a while.











Marlene! Senator King!



GUS, check the very end of this article!



This is a thread mocking how seriously the left is taking that "Trump 4Eva" video. He really is very good at trolling them.


While we know John Kerry has been colluding with the Iranians, Trump probably has a pretty good idea of the nature of the conversations.

While we saw some footage of Chuck and Nancy doing their victory dance sometime after the briefing, Trump likely knew about it in near realtime.

I have been in favor of sinking Iran's fleet for a long time, so killing 150 doesn't cause me heartburn.

Trump has something up his sleeve, and I am OK with him executing a strategy that the public hasn't been read into.


Why would Milwaukee hire a person who could do jail time?
In Ohio we have to be finger-printed and a check on previous employment is conducted.
Some school systems require a test to check out teacher readiness.


Yes Kerry is like a certain character particularly in Kyle mills iteration of mitch rapp, what Sen. Chief Gallagher went through is a little like the ordeal of Dewey's andreas.


Good Morning! MM,that is interesting. The late flights out of DC to Portland or Bangor are often unreliable. One time I missed a flight from Charlotte to Bangor and was able to get a flight to Portland. Thank goodness it was summer, because I walked over to an airport hotel and the next morning hubby drove down to get me. Sounds like Angus made the best of the situation.


"They still have extended families in the old country. The word is out...Trump doesn’t want to kill you, but he may have to kill some if things continue. It’s an invitation to revolution."

I atually think it was brilliant. Iran wants a war because Iranians hate their leaders and they think that will unify them. But they want to blame the US for starting it, or it won't work. Trump foiled them.

They once again have the ball.


It's 18,324 degrees here and it's only 8:30. Clearly it's a pool day - and night.


Yes he didnt kill his wife, but they treated him as if he had


The horrific crash that jim nj posted @ 6:09 is in all the New England media. The bikers were from the Boston area,some of the injured were transferred to Maine Medical. The bikers were going to the "Blessing of the Bikes" at the Oblate Shrine in Colebrook,NH.
Law enforcement and other witnesses said the scene was "devastating." Terrible.


Can we admit if they continue to overlook things its deliberate action?



Seems like all of these Hollywood types going after the Trump family have washed-up careers.


Yes shes nuttier than a fruitcake



Ha,What I mean is that any connection to Portland or Bangor is unreliable. The last connection to Bangor gets in about midnight,which is a PITA. Don't get me started about winter travel! :)

Jack is Back!


Got up to 95F yesterday. No breeze. Today I woke to 82F. The pool heater is off but the pool temperature is 85F. I have ordered 10 blocks of ice:)


Another gloomy, overcast day here with rain in the forecast.


I went to the pool last nite JIB when it was about 95 here - I swear the water was hotter than the air. Hottest summer since I've been here. (And it's only day 2)


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
18m18 minutes ago

The people that Ice will apprehend have already been ordered to be deported. This means that they have run from the law and run from the courts. These are people that are supposed to go back to their home country. They broke the law by coming into the country, & now by staying.


You too can be healthier!



Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
18m18 minutes ago

When people come into our Country illegally, they will be DEPORTED!


(Commenting on the reaction to that video Trump posted.)

Donald Trump Jr.
‏Verified account @DonaldJTrumpJr
10s10 seconds ago

This is amazing and the liberal media’s reaction to it even more so. As always they take the bait and lose their minds.



It's still 60 here. I think we've had two days since March in the 80's.

Oh, and the Lake is pretty full, thankyouverymuch.


Yet very familiar:



Jon Levine
‏Verified account @LevineJonathan

E. Jean Carroll tells @Lawrence that she will not seek rape charges against Donald Trump because it would be "disrespectful" to women at the boarder "who are being raped around the clock"
As Narciso said, completely insane.



Our little development has a pool, a clubhouse and a well equipped workout facility.

Since nearly all the residents are old farts, none are ever crowded.

They keep the pool at 85F so that it actually useable in our Ahia climate:)

As soon as the doctor gives me the OK, I plan to swim laps as part of my rehab.



Wanna bet she signed off on a manuscript that was handed to her? Sounds an awful lot like Dr. Ford's sudden memories...



The accusation is just insane. The cover says "This is the outfit that I was wearing in the 1990's when Trump assaulted me at Bergdorf's."

Who has clothing from 30 years ago? Why would someone attack her in a public place? Why would Trump, who could have almost any woman he wanted, take such a risk?

And if you look at her interviews, she has crazy eyes.

The media has gone off the deep end. If you ask me, they should send planes to bomb CNN and MSNBC.



As I believe I said several months ago, this child trafficking, child porn, and pedophilia is far more widespread that I realized.



This is a thread dissecting a pro-Iran article in the Washington Post, which disguises it as policy analysis.

Jack is Back!

Behind the paywall at the Daily Tory:

Police were called to the home of Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds in the early hours of Friday morning after a neighbour heard screaming during an apparent row between the couple.

Miss Symonds was reportedly heard telling Mr Johnson to “get off me” and “get out of my flat”.

A neighbour living next door to Mr Johnson made a recording of the row before dialling 999, saying they were concerned for Miss Symonds’ safety.

The neighbour, who is not identified, then passed the recording to the left-wing Guardian newspaper.

It came on the eve of the first hustings event between Mr Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, when the two contenders for the Tory leadership will be questioned by party members, the electorate that will choose the eventual winner.

Mr Hunt has accused Mr Johnson of running scared of scrutiny as he fired the opening salvo in part two of the leadership race.


The neighbour, who is not identified, then passed the recording to the left-wing Guardian newspaper.

Is the neighbor named E. Jean Carroll?:)?:)





Who covered Glenn greenwald’s checks to all those hackers?


I actually think it was brilliant.

Me too jane.

Listening to NPR on my way home last evening was entertaining. After they played POTUS explaining why he called the planned strikes off after hearing back from the generals that 150 people might be killed, they had two of their reporters on, trying to spin it as "unstable" and "incosistent."

Right---like killing people is OK to maintain consisitencey!
Truly pathetic TDS.



Te dems want someone else to attack. Apparently Helper hasn't got any scandals.


Going Viral! This is the beauty of LIFE! This mother took pictures every month until birth and created an amazing video. #FridayFeeling pic.twitter.com/DKIUtYx9JX

— Fr. Frank Pavone 🇺🇸 (@frfrankpavone) June 21, 2019

Video at link.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Stock Market is on track to have the best June in over 50 years! Thank you Mr. President! @WallStreetJour

The Infamous Ignatz

--Psychoanalysts' society apologizes for labeling homosexuality a disorder.--

It is a disorder as measured by the parameters they use for other disorders.
It's just verboten to call it one now.


Looks like this will be heading my way tomorrow. Map at link:

Rainfall of 1-3 inches can occur in an hour's time in some communities. Rainfall of this intensity is enough to flood city streets and cause small streams to rapidly rise and spill out of their banks: https://t.co/OoBbHY0T3g pic.twitter.com/y3rxMm7YkC

— AccuWeather (@breakingweather) June 22, 2019

Bill Cotton of Colorado State University sent me these photos from this morning from a cabin near Kremmling CO. He has measured 5 inches of summer snow. @capitalweather @CliffMass @russ_schumacher @Climatologist49 @markalbrightwx pic.twitter.com/2CV5dHYWrK

— Roger A. Pielke Sr (@RogerAPielkeSr) June 22, 2019

Photos at link.


Mel, spent last week3nd in Door County. Highest lake/bay water levels I have seen there over the last 25 years. Some permanent docks bayside are nearly underwater. Cana Island Lighthouse, where over the last decade you could drive out to, now requires a boat trip.


Mickey White
‏Verified account @BiasedGirl
32m32 minutes ago

Trump didn’t just *appear* in 2016.

He’s been a Major Media figure since the 1980’s.

If these Women wanted to press charges they could have done so before he ran for office.

The end.

The Infamous Ignatz

The saddest thing about that E Jean Carrol story is that an obviously demented misandrist has apparently been telling broads dopey enough to write [or read] Elle magazine how to solve their problems.


Thanks, hoyden!
Our little customs and conventions lock in, don't they?
I forget who the previous TWIP "announcer" was but you've served faithfully for months and months ... over a year surely?
Terrific week so far, just part way in


"Trump visits Mexico" omg funny


Maryrose, I have a pretty good guess why this CRIMINAL would be hired by Milwaukee Public schools.

As for Trump assaulting this FREAK. Not a chance, he prefers attractive wymyn.



The Daily Mail also uses the bogus accusations to post pictures of Marla Maples in a bikini doing a yoga headstand.

I must say I like Melania's dress that she wore for the Congressional picnic.


Was able to ditch the chair in the shower today.

Another hurdle behind me.

Essentially no pain unless I bend at the waist while standing, which of course I am not supposed to do.

Sister who is the retired RN, mostly OR, came for lunch yesterday and was surprised to see how mobile I am and thought my progress very good.

I am feeling particularly blessed today:)


Maryrose, I can't say for sure, but my guess is that Deforest-Davis, was hired by a shit show of a public school system, one my wife quit early in her career taking HUGE PAY and BENNIE cuts, is because of RACE.
Doesn't take a 4-D GENIUS to figure it out.
Take a look at what she stuidied.

“Samantha Deforest-Davis of Beloit majoring in Political Science and Africana Studies has been elected as senator for the Social Sciences.”


Great news, Buckeye.


Our little customs and conventions lock in, don't they?

I miss CH's live blogging of Fox News Sunday, though I completely understand why he wouldn't want to watch that shitshow.


Me too Tk, I sure as hell am not going to watch the comedy on Sunday mornings.


I find it interesting how Trump's presidency has had the following results:

1. A re-thinking of the trade situation, with the realization that big corporate interests have been manipulating the GOP.

2. A realistic appraisal of what a pro-life presidency means, in which the evangelicals have decided that actions mean more than platitudes.

3. An increase in grass roots participation in politics, including citizen investigators, citizen training of how to get people registered, and people showing up at rallies.

4. A growing black Republican movement, as people realize how the black community has been used and manipulated by the left.

5. An increased scrutiny of colleges and universities, their curricula, and the way they have used the federal student loan program to increase their payrolls on the backs of gullible students and their parents.

I am sure I could list more, but I am going to have to leave pretty soon to go to the store with my daughter.

It's a fascinating time to be alive!


You have 24 of the same flavor:



The Hill
‏Verified account @thehill
28m28 minutes ago

Bill Maher warns Democrats not to run a campaign against Trump "based on reparations and concentration camps" http://hill.cm/NNlAobd


Not that much separation between Althouse and Maher.

She is not my cup of tea.


it's Out house.


And she gives “Advice”?



MIGA is real:


You tell me signals aren’t transmitted over Twitter for free.


Melinda, that is what a LIBTARD looks like.


And she gives “Advice”?

Trump should Tweet that clip:)

Along with the disclaimer that he wouldn't do her with Bob Mueller's "equipment".

Jack is Back!

So, will it be Schiff, Nadler or Cummings that calls E. Jean Carroll to testify?


Maxine Waters


Jacob's was the one who was pile driven by gianforte


So, will it be Schiff, Nadler or Cummings that calls E. Jean Carroll to testify?

That is a tough one Jack.

Schiff comes off too gay to talk about hetero sex.

Nadler can't remember what sex is.

Cummings "questioning" a white woman about sex creates the wrong "image".

Yep, a tough one.


Really needs to be a sympathetic female.

Do the Dems have any female committee chairs?

If not, why not?


Yep Maxine. Forgot about her.

What committee does she chair??

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