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June 30, 2019


Tom R

Give it a fucking break. You are now considered a complete asshole here. I don't have to give you any explanation for anything.

I see. Since you claim the federal crimes ANTIFA organizers are committing are blatant and obvious RICO/Patriot law violations, I figured you would at least be able to provide a logical explanation for why Trump and his DOJ are not arresting/indicting any of them. I'll interpret your refusal to back up your point as a realization on your part you can't really back up your point.


What is it called when the DOJ goes into a city PD and rides their every move? They do that when they suspect racial discrimination. The Portland mayor and city council are engaged in ideological discrimination. Give them federal training wheels.


I offer for your consideration an an hour-long interview on Russia with an expatriate journalist and novelist.

JM Hanes

I'm surprised at Ted "Mr. Constitution" Cruz!

Cruz: Overwhelmed DHS must start accepting private donations

That goes in the same Bad Idea Basket as Bloomberg installing little helpers in State AG offices.

Have no idea whether it was actually any good or not, but this brought a smile to my face anyway:

Showtime Roger Ailes series bombs in premiere ratings

JM Hanes

Elliott!! ❤

JM Hanes

Ha! I was poster (girl) #1 on the new fred.

JiB: TM needs you over there!


Hi Elliott!
Love seeing you here.
Antifa is violating federal laws.
Just not prosecuted yet.
Citizenship question will not be on the 2020 census form.

Tom R

Clarice @ 4:52

You are missing the entire point. JiB is making the argument that the ANTIFA organizers are violating RICO/Patriot Act law by inciting violence across interstate lines via the internet/telecoms. He even provided a link to their website which he thought backed up his point.

If you actually go to that website and read the link for the Portland rally call, there isn't anything there that explicitly calls for violence against the Proud Boys. The organizers are dumb so they wordsmithed the rally call as an opportunity to dance and express their love and support for the LGBT community, yada yada yada as a counter to the hate and violence of the alt-right. Its all bullshit and everyone knows that the ANTIFA thugs who show up are going to commit violence but that is not how the rally is officially advertised.

As a lawyer you of all people here should recognize how the ANTIFA organizers are engaging in legal CYA.


How is the K and J drama, JMH?


Smooches, Elliott.

Tom R

S/B "The organizers aren't dumb..."

JM Hanes

Going strong Elliott, although I'm afraid I've pretty much worked my way through most of the available K-dramas worth watching. On the bright side, my son has invited me to go to Japan with him, probably next year some time, so for a couple of weeks I won't have to choose the vicarious online Japanese option. There are some great Russian dramas around too. Red Queen was super and one about some detective born with a silver spoon in his mouth was an interesting surprise.


Are Antifa leaders independent contractors like Eliot Spitzer’s concubines or what?


Don Surber needs to add Rapinoe to the Trumpenfreunde list.
Make the American anthem personal with your feelings on POTUS---sit out the game with the Brits.

Karma bit her in the butt!


Sometimes all is right with the world:

Comment by Tom R blocked.

Comment by D blocked.

Comment by Tom R blocked.

Comment by D blocked.


My impression of Brave is that it has a lot of the good privacy features of Dissenter but doesn’t work with Chrome/Firefox extensions.

I haven't read the thread yet but the latest desktop version of Brave can run Chrome extensions. As far as I know, only Yandex can do so on the phone.


You guys! Stop it! You don't have to read Tom, so don't. It's annoying as hell.


Elliott! How great to see you. How are you? What are you up to? And where the hell are you?


The most aggravating news of the day is that the government has apparently thrown in the towel in the census case, and will print the census form without the citizenship question. I hope they reconsider.


New thread, MJW.


I killfiled TomR *MONTHS* ago.

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