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June 16, 2019



The daily Express is the only ones that follow this story:


Captain Hate

For some reason these women athletes aren't thrilled about competing against transgenders

I hope they're not holding their breath waiting for sanity to prevail.


The Klasfeld tweetering seems overblown. The DOJ Isn't making Manafort unavailable. They are looking out fof his saftey.


Prayers for you and your mom and dad.
You are keeping them both safe and your dedication is a lesson to us all.
Your brother will come around and will be grateful to you for your wisdom.


Or was there an actual double-jeopardy argument presented by the DOJ? I skimmed the tweets, so maybe I missed something.


What time does Trump's rally start?


TK, the argument was from Manafort's lawyer... but i didn't read all the communications presented as attachments to the thread.


Glad Manafort won’t go to Rikers.
Totally agree wrt the FBI and some of its rotten to the core people.
Well Hannity said last night that July 4th looks like the date we can expect more action against Hillary and the seditionists.
Evidently Steele has to be interviewed by the prosecutor Barr hired.
Horowitz currently on hold for some god forsaken reason.


MR, I hope Barr had people check Horowitz bank accounts (just in case).


I believe at 7:00 or 8:00 PM.

Old Lurker

Maryrose "Well Hannity said last night that July 4th looks like the date we can expect more action"

There is that pesky "two week" tease again.

Wake me up when they actually DO something. Anything...



The President's speech will air at 8 Eastern on Fox. I am watching the live feed on RSBN because they will show the earlier speeches and the First Lady, Second Lady, and VP Pence will speak, and I am pretty sure Governor DeSantis and Don Jr. will also speak.

When my sister and I attended the rally here, there were a lot of extra speakers and it was really fun because they got in the spirit and didn't give boring speeches, but more Trumpian-type.


That is what I thought, henry. Klasfeld and his retweeters are misrepresenting what the DoJ has done so far.


Thanks for the start time, Maryrose and MM.


YouPorn offers ‘truly unique’ chance to propose on their site

“Expectations for the most unique proposals are at an all-time high, as this once in a lifetime moment will never be forgotten,” said Charlie Hughes, vice president of YouPorn, in a press release.

You guys need to realize that a lot of stuff is not being covered by the MSM so we don't know what's happening.

That NXVIM trial that I am following (as is Melinda) is showing connections to Fast and Furious and money laundering.


They have closed the gates to the Amway Center, as they have reached capacity. How about that!


Jeffrey Peterson
‏ @realJeffreyP
18h18 hours ago

Wow! Just reported in the #NXIVM case..Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman is expected 2 be charged w/more crimes, when current trial ends this week. Feds are looking at visa fraud which we already know involves former #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis K. Burke.


‏Verified account @jmsummers

.@BernieSanders campaign says he'll deliver a live response to @realDonaldTrump's campaign launch in Orlando tonight.


I am not interested.


"live" or animated? can never tell.


heh, he forgot the whole anti-earth /AGW bit:


JUST IN: @BernieSanders says Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in U.S. history and that he is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious bigot. He also announced that he will give an immediate YouTube response to President Trump’s re-election rally


I’ve got a new hero.

You’re not the only one! I’d have a brewski with him. (Now, if I only drank beer...🤔)

Manuel Transmission

Law &Order, or Payton Place?

Our county resting on the bottom course of the pyramid seems to have the same problems as the hoi polloi in DC


Our sheriff is meh, but the county prosecutor is a full blown dirtbag. What a mess. And we will have to pay for it.


Why doesn't Sanders go all in and call Trump a poopy head?

Jim Eagle

What an indictment of our higher education system when you get all these 18-32 years old potential voters buying into crazy Bernie (who has never had a real job) and his socialist paradise (mirror image = Venezuela).

The luckiest kid in the world is the one who got his Harvard offer rescinded.


He just may tonight, Abadman. Sorry, but I won’t be tuning in to find out. Yer on your own. 😎


rse - So glad your mom has you to look out for her long term health. Being a caregiver takes a toll on a person. Praying for all to go smoothly.

We've had so much rain here that this happened last night at my mother's house.



Sounds like you have a few people on the island that need "disappeared".

Jim Eagle

Now the Trans community is screwing up poetry but the Pulitizer's don't disappoint and show their true colors. This one is for catsmeat to opine on.



That is mighty inconvenient Momto2.

About 10 years ago I spent $3000 to get a tree like that removed from in front of my garage door.

Hope you can get your mom a better deal.

Jim Eagle

BTW, my 3:28 reminds me that in one of my few English Lit classes at University, we had to write a poem in "Trochaic tetrameter". One of my classmates, a future and successful software designer, wrote his in ASCII. All 1's and 0's. But our Instructor (not a tenured professor) gave it an INC and demanded he re-write it in English since it was an English class.

Since we were on an Engineering/Architecture line of curriculum, he appealed to the head of the Engineering department and got credit for his originality. Engineers take care of Engineers. English profs not so much.


Buckeye, the tree ought to be half price since its already on the ground. No need to climb.


Buckeye - I hope so, too! It doesn't need to be chipped up and removed. Someone can cut it into manageable sizes and drag it down into the woods (50 acres). But so far, I cannot get anyone to return my calls. There must be a lot of downed trees in the area.


:ara Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Don Jr. on live stream:



details matter:


Jim Eagle

Yeah, Mel, another unqualified doofus from the Trump camp. Between him, Pompeo and Mulvaney it is lucky we don't get Armeggedon with a touch of Godzilla.

Old Lurker

Mom, send Iggy your address and he will pop right over. He has the tools for it.


Yep, no “Experience” at all.

Not that I don’t enjoy watching an “inexperienced” contract guy dictate terms.

Anyone see the haircut Lockheed happily got for the F-35 rewritten contract? Speaking of details....

Old Lurker

'Bout those mandatory $15+ per hour minimum wages.

Nice video here.


suck on that, libs.


Wow,Momto2,that is big tree! We have a few "widow makers" in the woods that I have banned hubby from going near. He's calling a professional. There is a downed tree at the end of the stream blocking access to the river. As soon as the water recedes,it needs to be removed.
Iggy,do you make house calls? :)


My tree was down too.

Big storms and the damage they do will educate you in the economic fundamentals of supply and demand:-(

Jim Eagle

Isn't an illegal Mexican a cheaper dishwasher? He doesn't need special dishware to do his job.


Many years ago at our house in northern Maine,during a straight line thunderstorm,a tree uprooted and crashed onto the fence. I watched it all happen from the kitchen window and yelled,"oh sh*t,my fence!"
Our neighbor was a young guy who was a meteorologist at the Caribou weather station.When he got home from work,I said,"Dan,I think we had a tornado!" He took pictures and other details and said it was a thunderstorm.


Got another picture from my son from Main Street at Disney and everyone was in ponchos.

Grandson is pretty tired though happy. He was up at 5, high excitement level, and walking around a lot, so no surprise.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Can't tell what species that is but if it makes good firewood you ought to be able to get someone to remove it for free.
Anyone with a decent sized saw could clear a slot to drive through in thirty minutes or less.

As for me things are finally dry enough I'm going out this week or next with my firend's cat to snake about twenty good sized oaks out of his property that went down or died over our difficult winter.


No Huawei?

Here's why no Huawei: https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/06/18/big-brother-comes-to-belgrade-huawei-china-facial-recognition-vucic/


ENORMOUS: The crowds are enormous for tonight’s #TrumpRally in Orlando at the Amway Center.

They said in 2016 the huge crowds at Trump rallies didn’t indicate Trump would win the election. If they do this time, this huge crowd indicates Trump is on the way to a 2020 reelection. pic.twitter.com/ISWHT48cx4

— 𝕄𝔸𝔾𝔸🇺🇸🅟🅐🅣🅡🅘🅞🅣🇺🇸𝕊𝕋𝔼𝕍𝔼™️ (@RealMAGASteve) June 18, 2019

Video at link. Arena is filling up!

Jim Eagle


Is that your grandson who was an intern with the Colts?

Give us an update on where his fortune lies.



No, that is my 4 1/3 year old grandson that is now in the custody of my son after the mother got arrested for drugs. (Nose rings are a retty good indicator if you ask me.)

He's a sweet little boy and my son's girlfriend, who is a second grade teacher in her 40's, is happy to have him. I am very grateful to them both, because I was worried to death about him.

My other grandson, who is in his 20's, has a permanent position with the Indiana Pacers and is doing great! He is involved in season ticket sales and associated things and has already received several bonuses. He graduated in December due to hustling and taking on line courses plus a heavy load on campus. He planned it so that he could beat his competition and start applying in January, as opposed to waiting until May. Very smart of him, I think.

Tom R

Are Spygate, the Panama Papers hack, and the crackdown on global money laundering all connected?


Russia had blamed the US as the driving force behind the Panama Papers which apparently led to their bold decision to interfere.

If the Russians are correct that the US is who hacked into Mossack Fonseca servers then that would mean there are some unknown White Hat hackers working somewhere for the Feds who started the Swamp draining long before Trump got elected.


Departing for Orlando, Florida with @FLOTUS Melania! pic.twitter.com/EB2ewYArUP

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 18, 2019

Video at link.



PHILADELPHIA (AP) — U.S. authorities on Tuesday seized more than $1 billion worth of cocaine from a ship at a Philadelphia port, calling it one of the largest drug busts in American history.

Jim Eagle

Everything is connected.



Schiff Goes Into Overdrive – Threatens Mueller With Subpoena, “Time is Running Out”

Go Schiff! I'd pay to see Mueller answer questions from Nunes, Ratcliffe and Stefanik.


M-F was a firm used to cover services available to the connected, from the TBTF, plus another 450 banks, or so.

That is the interconnectedness of it all, not the Papers. They’re the keystone to the entire scheme.


“time is Running Out”. Expect to be prep walked soon you freak?


Perp walked.

deal with it auto cucumber.... or we’ll change you to auto donut.






President Trump answers press prior to leaving for Orlando.




Jib is more connected down here than we are. He should arrange a meeting!

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