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June 29, 2019



jimmyk, most busing was court imposed. At least in MO. Judges run amok, both 50 years ago and now.


Mostly communists, but a lot of Chinese merchants Obama's stepfather was a very junior foot soldier in that endeavour the one he least listened to.


Sorry Suharto, sukarno was the Marianne Williamson of dictators


Seems likely that one of Kim's motives is to assure that the dynasty continues beyond his reign. He is believed to have 3 children, the eldest a 10-yr-old son.



Great Pieces Clarice!
It’s amazing to watch Dems promise illegals the sun, moon & stars while peeing on American values & its hard working citizenry whether one is white black blue gray upper class lower class it’s Trump who makes every effort to unite us all while Dems say & do anything they can to destroy us kill us and our unborn babies etc
Seeing the media ignore all calls to confront any of these gutless candidates on their self serving BS lies to get elected is disgusting
I think the president needs to remain vigilant but I’m more confident he will win reelection
Thank you for all you say & do!
Have a good one everybody


This detail at the DMZ will be skipped over for generations, but this “giving of face”, so naturally, makes walls disappear:


That’s a creative master of Asian culture at work. Utter genius. By asking the question, as he did, all of the honor was given to Kim, as a gift. It cost DJT nothing in our cultural norms, but it resonates to the core of all Koreans, which was his complete aim.

Utterly brilliant, thought out, and executed, strategy.


President's speech to the troops before leaving Korea:


About half an hour.



I so appreciate you explaining that. I wondered about him asking when I watched it last night, but I was so dang tired I didn't say anything, and then forgot about it this morning!


Yes but the solon cant admit this, because hes been virtue signaling at least since bork

He must think he's got the nomination sewn up, since otherwise it would be in his best interest to distinguish himself from the commie herd.

henry, yes, it was court-ordered, but by federal judges, so I presume there were federal laws used as justification.

An infinite number of Richard Dawkins with an infinite number of typewriters?
To quote my MIL: "You know that saying about enough monkeys and typewriters and you get Shakespeare? I think that the Internet pretty much disproves that."

The only difference James, is 1/2 the country votes for that.




"You know that saying about enough monkeys and typewriters and you get Shakespeare? I think that the Internet pretty much disproves that."


Kudos to your MIL!!

James D.

Jane, yes, and we can thank 60+ years of:

Progressive control of the schools
Progressive control of popular culture
Unrelenting attacks on Christianity
Government policies that attack traditional nuclear families at every turn

For producing an electorate that will do so.


After reading this mornings Pieces, I have a question about the Census citizenship question: Is there anything that prevents the Commerce Dept from creating the questionnaire that they want, with all of the supporting software and database structures, training, web sites, paper copies, etc., and then the courts have to remove it? (And take responsibility for any delays which occur, of course.) As a software developer and designer for 3-1/2 decades, my opinion is that this is the correct way to carry out the project when there is any doubt about the content. This decision seems to me to be at the very core of the executive function -- the logistical details of carrying out the projects which the law and constitution require.


Don't forget the media James.

Old Lurker

You are SO old fashioned, Cathy.



I just ran across this. Brands are listed in the article.



I went out and ran the weedeater along the fence line while daughter mowed the back yard.

It was brutal at 9:30! VERY hot.

I am doing no more yard work until maybe 8:30 PM.

Jim Eagle

What a F1 GP in Austria. Verstappen just passed Leclerc to go first with 2 laps remaining. What a race.


I have no idea cathy, but I don't see that as a possibility. Hugh hewitt suggests the president prepare an executive order mandating the inclusion of the question on the grounds that besides determining eligibility to vote and preventing vote fraud, it is essential since there's been so much talk about expanding health care and such to illegals we have an accurate picture of the numbers we are considering and the cost. Then the Secretary of Commerce presents this to the district court.

Old Lurker

But seriously, Cathy, I have thought that would be a good strategy on many of the Executive actions that have been rejected even by sole judges in remote courts.

Three obvious problems I know.

1. Trump might not have enough GS-Wonderfuls who would follow his orders to implement an action they do not support...and they do not support the MAGA Agenda.

2. Acting in defiance of specific court orders would energize the Impeachment Mob.

3. And the GOPe would not protect him.

That said, it all comes down to how much time Trump thinks we have to right the course. If he assumes four more years of himself will do it, then he will continue to slog it out as he has been attempting.

But if he thinks the Tipping Point is nigh, then I would say let loose on all fronts all at once and see if the people will support it...and dare Congress to fire him.


Reading the overnight threat about BLACKS not getting ahead in a many many circumstances.

Shovel money.
Elect semi-literate goofs.
pretend a rancid culture of sex, drugs and irresponsibility is "coo".
And young black women, having babies with whom ever will rut with them.
THE FAMILY UNIT. Is not a SITCOM some shit stew network.

Another Bob

Verstappen bombed it in on the inside, and pushed LeClerc off the track. Then had the nerve to complain LeClerc turned in on him.

Dirty. If F1 stewards follow the rules, Verstappen probably ought to lose the win.

Jim Eagle

Well, AB, it stands. He's the guy in the middle on the podium.

Another Bob

Nope, Jack. Stewards are still discussing.

They imposed a penalty on Vettel in Canada last race for much the same.


Watching the news today, is wonderful.

This reminds me of when Obama sent Kerry and James Tailor to North Korea, and gave Kim a greatest hits cd collection.



YEAH!!! OPIE paid IRAN 151. Billllllllion dollars and got NOTHING in return.

This TRUMP is so darned STOOOPIT.


Clarice - Really enjoyed Pieces as I do every week! Thank you.

Gus - you are watching the news? How brave of you!

Despite the media's endless attempts to portray our President as inept and clueless, his knowledge of human nature and history of business negotiations continues to prove them wrong. Even that small gesture of asking before stepping across the zone line was brilliant! (Media clowns return to the drawing board.)


Grom a GAB post by Sharyl Atkisson, I learned that Wikipedia has a competitor.



https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/06/the-citizenship-question.php is very good.

Off to monitor lunch with my dad and his rest period so that my mom can go to church today and lunch with her friends for the 1st time in months. She had concluded it was just too time consuming to get them both ready on sundays.

She seems to be starting to view dad as being at a camp for people with memory issues.

buckeye--I pointed this out on the day the o,care statute came out that it has language to force med schools to have their entering classes reflect population demographics, not the population applying to med schools.


Momto2. They have to make shit up. Like Russia.

I've said it many times before. OBAMA started the RUSSIA bullshit Dec 19 2017. After claiming that it would be impossible for Russia to do such a thing, ONE MONTH before leaving office, OBAMA called for an investigation into RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE with our ELECTIONS. It was a desperate set up. Obama and his criminal clowns WERE DONE. The FRAME UP was alreadly planned. Just ask "ANDY".
The fuckweasels here in SCONSIN said that was BAD!!!


He's wrong--she wasn't on that bus, but he makes other good points.


I agree with their new standards. I believe my HEART SURGEON should be DIVERSE. Just like NBA TEAMS.

Jim Eagle


Captain Hate

Busing was the tyranny of the black robed tyrants on full display and did more to destroy urban schools than any other item.

Another Bob

Erick Erickson nibbling at a redpill?


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- “Now that we know that Earth life can survive in space, it is certainly reasonable to think that it could have arrived on Earth from somewhere else,” he says."--

This has always struck me as proof that scientists are at least as stupid, disingenuous and faith based as the rest of us;

"Gee, physics and biology don't seem to allow for how life arose from non life. Wait! Got it! It arrived on an asteroid from somewhere else that we can't explain how it arose either. So there."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I am curious to know if the screwdriver was sharpened in any fashion.--

Yes, at the factory.



It wasn’t that he just asked. He offered to Kim the honor of inviting him to cross, the real value in the act.

Very specific wording for a very specific act.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- I think that the Internet pretty much disproves that.--

That's funny.
Mathematically inaccurate, but still funny.


Busing saved America!!!! It worked for me and my family.

We used to go to this really really really shitty restaurant, over and over and over again. The waitresses were filthy, the food was disgusting and the prices were absurd. Then one day, a restaurant across town, had a shuttle bus pick up patrons OUTSIDE of the really SHITTY RESTAURAUNT.
Can you imagine how THRILLED we were, when we recognized the staff at the NEW SHITTY restaurant across town??????? Bon apetit fella!!

Captain Hate

Erick Erickson nibbling at a redpill?

Jonah in full Poppin' Fresh in fairness mode.


Exactly Ig. Life and Everything Else, started with the BIG BANG. BRILLLLLIANT!!!!!!
Then they back track telling us all about dense matter etc, in order to convince us that a grain of rice is like the loaves and fishes parable or story from the Gospel a couple weeks ago.

from NOTHING.....................EVERYTHING!!!!

Goes contrary to anything SCIENCY!! Let's get Bill Nye on the line.

If the BIG BANG created EVERYTHING. Who or What created the BIG BANG?


Capn' Big Boy Erickson is just a slight more honest and larger Charlie Sykes. Opportunity knocks and Sykes cheats on current wife.
Who is Jonah? Where did his cred come from.

These clowns are just a pil of BULWARK. They are bad actors in a OFF BROADWAY Shakespeare festival.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Seems to me the census question issue was fumbled by Ross and commerce.
The correct answer is, the government and its rulers, the citizens, have a fundamental right and interest in knowing how many people are in the country illegally and how many are not. Period.


I just watched Oliver North speak at First Baptist in Dallas. VERY inspirational talk.

When I find the video I will link it.




‏ @rmead777

In the month of June alone, President @realDonaldTrump:
1) Got Mexico to significantly crack down on illegal immigration; &
2) Set up an historically unprecedented meeting on the DMZ



Captain Hate

Putting something back into the census that was removed unilaterally and arbitrarily by the worst President with no pushback from the "opposition party" shouldn't be controversial.

Captain Hate

HOF zombie

Remember how the Left claimed that throwing mere milkshakes at people was a funny and harmless way to show political disagreement?

Well, exactly as EVERYONE predicted, things escalated quickly and now Antifa is mixing caustic chemicals into the milkshakes they throw at the victims:

https://www.foxnews.com/us/ antifa-conservative-protests-turn-violent-as-demonstrators-throw-milkshakes -of-quick-dry-cement-at-police-and-onlookers

"Some of the demonstrators turned violent, throwing milkshakes said to be mixed with quick-drying cement, raw eggs and pepper spray."

The euphemism "quick-drying cement" disguises what they're really talking about -- the main ingredient in quick-drying cement is Calcium Hydroxide, which is a highly corrosive alkali and can cause chemical burns:


Mix that with pepper spray and you[ve got quick the concoction.

And I predict it will only escalate from here to worse chemicals.
Posted by: zombie at June 30, 2019 12:01 PM (oFcdC)


How Geneva Of them!


Capn, I'll see the smoke and flames from my Office next summer. Getting home, now there is a Donkey of a different color.


Antifa is another good reason to avoid blue hell holes.

We don't worry about them too much out here in "8 billion rounds of ammo" land.


Buckeye, they are a VIOLENT FASCIST GROUP.

If the FULL COMMIE and the MFM (same thing), does not recognize this, they are accepting US doing likewise.

Another Bob


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A typically mincing, unsatisfying, but ultimately ok Tyler O'Neill column at PJ;
Fact Check: Kamala Harris Exaggerates Her History on Busing.
In which Harris claims she dun nebba woulda made it outta da hood were it not for busing. This is the larger lie than this daughter of two PhD's particular lies about busing in Berekely.

As one comment notes;
"From second grade on, Kamala Harris went to school in Westmount -- an overwhelmingly Jewish, wealthy suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Lying is not second nature to her. It's her FIRST nature."

Another Bob

Want a blackpill?

I think zombie is right.

This violence is not only not being ruthlessly stomped out by the local authorities, it's being tacitly assisted by the local authorities.

Far from applying pressure to end it, the press is mostly ignoring it, and some on the press fringes are encouraging it.

Eventually someone, not even necessarily "of the right" will fight back and kill some of these clowns.

This will be the trigger for a crackdown, not on the thugs "who are only exercising their free speech rights", but on the targets of the violence who had the temerity to fight back against the thugs.

Longer this goes without being ended, the worse it'll be when it does explode.

Captain Hate

Gus, that the GOP convention went off without a hitch in 2016 is still a source of amazement to me. That we didn't have Katshit, Mutt Rombley, the Bush Crime Family or any other prior presidential candidate except Bob Dole probably had something to do with that.


AB, well aware of them, but so far they haven't stuck their heads up yet to be chopped off.

I think they had a small presence at the Gay Pride Parade a few weeks back, but then of course, I wasn't there.

I now live 20 miles from city center. Farm country and upper-end far suburbia, a different world.

Antifa wouldn't have the guts to show up here, NFW.


I wonder if Kamaltoe has fucked Sexy Squirtupass Booker yet??

I think they cum from the same ghetto.

Poor peeps.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Compare this tweet during the Kavanaugh hearings by Harris;

Kamala Harris


Two decades after Brown v. Board, I was only the second class to integrate at Berkeley public schools. Without that decision, I likely would not have become a lawyer and eventually be elected a Senator from California.

That’s the power a Supreme Court Justice holds.

With the comment I quoted above;
From second grade on, Kamala Harris went to school in Westmount -- an overwhelmingly Jewish, wealthy suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Lying is not second nature to her. It's her FIRST nature.

Not only is her claim profoundly dishonest and ludicrous, she commits the cardinal sin of thinking anyone else thinks it's a good thing there is another incompetent, crooked lawyer and infernally busy body senator in the world committed to making our lives more miserable and expecting us to ask "please bitch, may I have some more" of the misery she dishes out.
She has always struck me as preternaturally ambitious, dangerous, duplicitous and, more than anything else, profoundly, internally angry, in a way bumbling, conniving dopes like even the Clintons and Barry weren't.


Buckeye, just remind them cows eat people dressed in black. Then fart. We’re safe.

Plus a manure spreader run past their parade is all we need. Plenty of those hear about.

Another Bob

Re. Erickson's comment...

Those who are complaining most loudly about the "enemy of the people" appellation being applied to our wonderful news media are the same people who make no objection at all to throwing the label "Nazi" around.

"Enemy of the people" is "dehumanizing" someone, but "Nazi" isn't?

I know I'm repeating the obvious. But it's why we're tagged to lose this argument.


Ig, it wasn't integration that got her ahead.
It was sleeping in MRS BROWNS' BED.


An instructive photo comparison"

By the way, when President Trump was up at the DMZ overlook, he did not have any protective shield up.

Another Bob

Bad link MM.


Another Bob,

You don't see the picture? It shows up for me.

Well, here, just go click over and look at it:



It's odd she would go to Canada, after getting a chance at integrated schools isnt it, fact chump doesn't wonder about that.


Westmont is where mordechai Richter grew up right?


IG, I don't think Commerce fumbled this. They were relying on the APA standard which Thomas spelled out in his dissent. How could they know Roberts would try for a triple reverse again?

Captain Hate

It's odd she would go to Canada, after getting a chance at integrated schools isnt it, fact chump doesn't wonder about that.

Great, another Gaylord series of unusual events that our unfree press isn't interested in pursuing.

Another Bob

As of 20 minutes ago, still no word from the stewards at the Austrian GP.


Most twiddling their thumbs while the cartels were colombianizing Mexico, while our manufacturing was being cannibalized by china.

Jim Eagle

If you scroll down this article on the Antifa attack on Andy Ngo you will come to a tweet from Hammet Dhillon, his lawyer. Click on the photos and it takes you to a link for Pop Mob, the outfit that makes the milkshakes. A real classy outfit.


Captain Hate

I think Richler grew up on the other side of the tracks on St. Urbain.


Fun. Severe thunderstorm time. 60 mph winds plus hail. Should be entertaining.



Another couple at dinner last night own a farm as a second home. Dave uses it as his personal gun range among other things. He has taught Boy Scout marksmanship for ~ 30 years.

He let me know that his neighbor has expanded his diary herd and I am welcome to go shovel as much manure as I would like for Mrs. Buckeye's new veggie garden.

Glad my doctor hasn't cleared me for any significant physical activity yet:)

Jim Eagle

Yanks putting another beating on the Bosox. So far in 2 games the Yanks have scored 28 runs and it’s only in the beginning of 8th inning.


The MSM wants to kill off old people.


Portland, Oregon, is the best place for retirees — here are the 10 best and 10 worst.

Captain Hate

330 down the lines, 380 to power alleys and 385 to straight away center... smaller than a lot of high school fields.

Jim Eagle


That appeals to the Brits who are use to 300-400 run Cricket games.


380 in the power alleys and 330 down the lines are quite normal. 380 is relatively deep for a power alley nowadays. The MONSTER is clownish, and I am a baseball FREAK. The left field porch in Houston {Crawford boxes} is a joke. There are anomolies, but this whole London thing is FONZIE jumping the shark.
What is it's purpose.
btw, IMHO, the worst ballpark I have ever witnessed a game at is TROPICANA in St Pete. The METRODOME in MN is second.


Kerry licking Mullahs hairy asses = DIPLOMACY.
Kerry's ugly daughter marrying rich IRAN MUZZTARD = opportunity for more CASH.


This thread supports Melinda's take on Kim inviting President Trump to cross into North Korea:



"Gee, physics and biology don't seem to allow for how life arose from non life. Wait! Got it! It arrived on an asteroid from somewhere else that we can't explain how it arose either. So there!”

Hah, I’ve had exactly the same reaction. It’s essentially the “turtles all the way down” story.


Newer face in the Badass Bass Babe lineup.

Selah Poitier, someone you have likely never heard.



An embrace like thatcam br problematic



Mountain lion spotted in couple's back yard.


Jim Eagle

50 runs in two games. Sets a Yanks v. Bosox record. Yanks win 12-8. 118k total attendance for both days. As an ex-expat, I would definitely have bought tickets for both days. Next year its Cubs v. Cardinals.


Trumps visits the troops at Osan Air Base before coming home.

:55 pic.twitter.com/qJeD8MPAGT

— Sean ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@Cordicon) June 30, 2019

Video at the link (about 1 minute).


Jimmyk, there is no answer to........WHO or WHAT, created the BIG BANG, that satisfies our nearly monolithic LIBTARD, science establishment. I find that amusing. You see, they are so much SMARTER than us. Just ask their self and peer reviewed computer models. As I see it, liberally indoctrinated "PERFESSERS" and their GROOVY LIFE STYLES, are like the 911 hijackers. They got off the ground, but couldn't stick the landings.
I don't know that I've ever heard a Professor OR Science "guy", answer the simple question......................



Forgot to say, last summer a mountain lion was spotted a few blocks from our house. It's fairly hilly.

A woman here had let her small dog out just before going to bed, and he started barking and growling. She got a shadowy, dim picture of the lion and the newspaper published it.

I would be amazed to get to see one, but afraid for our pets. Don't think the woods are thick enough in our neighborhood, plus we don't have deep gullies for them to travel along. Lots of woods, though.

We used to see lots of coyotes when we lived in the country. One of our horses (Chance's Prince, Thoroughbred-Quarter horse cross) hated them -- if he saw them crossing our pasture, he'd gallop toward it and run it off. He didn't like our dog, though. Our other horse didn't mind them and would let Forfar, one of our shepherds, eat out of his grain tub. :) Some of the sweet feed has an aroma like maple syrup.

One time (long ago) we had a horse that liked watermelon. :) His name was Sailor Boy Braz, quarter horse, Copper Chestnut, flax mane and tail. Wasn't gelded.


Buckeye, your 1:20 made me chuckle. Manure is heavy.



Have you heard about the new astroid they found which has a quintillian tons of gold in it? don't know if that was posted here.


Jane, I heard they named that asteroid



Capts reverie on clauduis the God reminds me of this:



The backstory there was archrlaus had slaughtered 3,000 Jews in the temple, oops


Oh, something else that's gotten my notice.

Since we moved back here some years ago, we've been reminded again and again about the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots. A terrible tragedy where 'Black Wall Street', as well as other neighborhoods were burned. Just after we moved, there was a months'long campaign and search for mass graves. None were discovered. The search is on again. But, the tragedy is now being called Tulsa Race Massacre, and I read an account the other day that supposedly people went up in airplanes and bombed part of north Tulsa -- using home-made napalm, the first time it had been used in our country. (I'd never read that before, and I'm not sure it's true.)
Anyway, the community leaders are determined to find mass graves.

"Bynum announced in October that the city will initially examine three sites for possible mass graves related to the 1921 massacre: Oaklawn Cemetery, which has been searched before for unmarked graves; Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens, formerly called Booker T. Washington Cemetery; and property near Newblock Park.

"The last time the sites were examined was in the late 1990s and early 2000. That study was led by the Tulsa Race Riot Commission. This time, the Oklahoma Archaeological Survey, which assisted in the initial study, and the state Medical Examiner’s Office will lead the effort.

“The technology we have available (today) is light years from what they had available to them” two decades ago, Bynum said.

"If anomalies consistent with mass graves are identified at any of the sites, excavation would occur."


"“This is not DNA on somebody that got killed a couple of weeks ago and you just go to the next-of-kin and get a match,” he said. “We have to find descendants of these folks who are dispersed, at this point, to points all over the world.”

"The massacre, which was known as the Tulsa Race Riot for generations, occurred May 31-June 1, 1921. Dozens of deaths were confirmed, but some estimate that hundreds of people were killed. Hundreds more were injured, and thousands were left homeless. The prosperous black business district on Greenwood Avenue was destroyed, as was much of the black residential area.

"Bynum told the Tulsa World last year that he has been thinking about the project for years, including when he served on the City Council.

"“I always thought, if I am ever mayor and in a position to have executive authority, that I would do something about it,” he said then. “Because I think if there are mass graves there, the citizens of Tulsa deserve to know, and the victims and their families deserve to know it.”"

Talk about reparations -- we don't have to go back to the Civil War.


Forgot to post the link about riots:


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