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June 01, 2019



My best friend has a saying. It still cracks me up after all these years.

it goes something like this......

Mr Obrador...how about FUCK YOU?



Raw chopped beefsteak first appeared on menus in France's grand hotels at the turn of the 20th century, when expanding European tourism fueled a period of culinary cross-pollination. Here is where Mr. Soulier may be right: the dish was originally called "beefsteack à l'Américaine."

Jim Eagle

Now we have 8, 4 British, missing on Nanda Devi East. 24K+ but very technical. I think the others are American and Australian.


It really is strange, and I think ominous, that the world is so politicized that this didn't make the news.



Re UFO reports:



Is the float bowl White or Black?


“Pali” makes me think of The Kinks because they tore down the dancing hall to build a mosque:



It's not possible that WE KNOW who Weissmann is and what he has done to innocent poeple in the past, yet MUELLER is just Lil Bo Peep and hired on Weissmann, without knowing. Why golly, that would defy logic, kind of like hiring over a dozen attorney prosecutors that all backed RODHAM.

Couldn't happen. The MEDIA would be apoplectic.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

When you are the “Piggy Bank” Nation that foreign countries have been robbing and deceiving for years, the word TARIFF is a beautiful word indeed! Others must treat the United States fairly and with respect - We are no longer the “fools” of the past!

The New York Times spoke with the pilots, who say they've all encountered UFOs during training missions up and down the east coast and noted the objects were "accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns, something beyond the physical limits of a human crew."

John Dissauer
‏Verified account @johndissauer
6m6 minutes ago

LATEST 7-day for central Indiana includes drier and cooler conditions to end the weekend. Rain returns Tuesday night. Looks wet Tuesday through Saturday. #INwx
Looks wet Tuesday through Saturday.


“These things would be out there all day,” said Lt. Ryan Graves, an F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot who has been with the Navy for 10 years, and who reported his sightings to the Pentagon and Congress. “Keeping an aircraft in the air requires a significant amount of energy. With the speeds we observed, 12 hours in the air is 11 hours longer than we’d expect.”

In late 2014, a Super Hornet pilot had a near collision with one of the objects, and an official mishap report was filed. Some of the incidents were videotaped, including one taken by a plane’s camera in early 2015 that shows an object zooming over the ocean waves as pilots question what they are watching.


I think jim_NJ posed stuff on this but I guess I never read about it until now.

Tom R

Gus @6:24

100% agree. My bet is Mueller, Trump and Rosenstein were all fully aware of Weissman’s unethical past.


I think I read the drone theory earlier, which makes the most sense, but that would mean that either another country has far better drones than we do - and from the sound of it, possibly able to take out our planes - or they're ours and the pilots aren't being told.

Seems like this should be bigger news.

Jim Eagle

Just from my experience in the mid to late 60's, there are a lot of radar anomalies you can create especially doppler. This could be electronic warfare on a new scale to cause pilot confusion. Maybe just checking out reactions to the anomalies.

I do not believe in UFO' s or E.T.'s so I am very biased.


Pin, I had that in the downtown train station in BRUSSELS. At first I didn't know what I'd ordered.
Coincidentally, I am eating BRUSSELS sprouts right now.


Or maybe the pilots should shut up.

I'd bet a memo went out, possibly not in memo form.



The 7th grader who comes to do work for me once in a while, was over here this morning.

She had not heard of the British Empire, Queen Victoria, D-Day, or Baby Boomers. I had to explain.

She goes to a Christian school so it has to be how the current curriculum is set up.


Great song. I love the Kinks, got to meet and hang with Dave Davies a couple years back. We opened for the 'Smithereens, who in turn opened for Dave Davies. The Smithereens drummer Dennis Dyken is Dave Davies tour drummer.


I hope no one died while wearing these fake items.

Van Hipp
This is fraud on the American taxpayer & a disservice to our men & women in uniform. And China laughs all the way to the bank.

We must require the use of existing capabilities to detect counterfeit items in our defense supply chain!

DoD bought phony military gear made in China, including counter-night vision clothing that didn’t...
The counterfeits included clothing that used a near-infrared fabric to make the wearer more difficult for enemy forces to detect with night-vision goggles.



I hope it's a short speech to tell them all to go to hell.

Tom R



I just signed the law that bans red light cameras in Texas. #txlege pic.twitter.com/AyF28hxGwO

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) June 1, 2019

Video at link.

Another Bob


Jim Eagle

In Re the lack of US history in our curriculum, I don't think that is the issue. Sure, there are a lot of slanted textbooks but then how many students today come from longtime American extended families? I think I read once that there are only about 30% of our population that have more than 4 or more generations who have been American. 70% are 3rd generation of later.

That means in most circumstances after WW2.

History to me is very societal and close to family or generational ties. I am of two different histories. My father's side came here in the late 1800s from England but on his Mother's side, they are original mid-1600 colonists. My n Mother's side are Scot_Irish from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Therefore, I have a diverse interest in American History all the way back before the American Revolution.

I think generational interest has a lot to do with it.


Are any of you watching Mark Levin with Bill Bennet?



Mueller and Weissman go waaaaaay back. He hired him because he was exactly what he wanted. Do not be fooled.


You are using different words to make the same point I made.

You can blame Mueller for not providing oversight of his staff’s actions and signing his name to a report with major legal faults in it but the primary blame for being corrupt and dishonest and omitting the exculpatory evidence is squarely on Weissman’s shoulders.

That wasn't my point at all. My point is that Mueller is fully, absolutely, completely to blame for the everything in the report.

It isn't as though Weissman and the others could slip it past him. It's right there, loud and proud, in the report bearing Mueller's name. Unless you suppose -- as I can't -- that he didn't bother to read the report that will define is career, he approved every legal argument presented in volume II, and is therefore as responsible for it as the actual author.



I’ve posted this at least once before. Weissman jailed 4 innocent FBI agents in Boston, to protect Whitey Bulger. Mueller came in, knew they were innocent, and left them in prison to protect Whitey Bulger. 2 of them died there. Eventually someone, I think maybe Dunham, the current lawyer working for Barr, got the other 2 out.

Both are scum.

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