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June 06, 2019



That last link about Kerry, look at the way they behaved after the invasion.



My great aunt never changed the bedrooms of the 2 that were
killed. She also wouldn’t let anyone sit in their chairs at the
dining room table. She tilted the chair toward the table.

The 2 surviving sons were never the same. I think the “why
not me” was with them throughout their lives.

I have to say my generation all knew what happened as kids. Photos and
newspaper clippings were in my grandparents house. But life went on.

We never understood the true sacrifice until Saving Private Ryan
came out.


My historical link to another a ohibious landing on a small isle (btw the subject of that extended metaphor last night) was something I didnt know for nearly 50 years after the event, twenty years after the fellows passing.




That must have devastating, the powerful cost of freedom,


I just watched Trump's speech. I have to say either he is the worlds best actor, or he truly loves the US. And shouldn't be that be job 1 for our president?


Oh he genuinely is, unlike some who fake emotion and are applauded by it, I still dont totally agree with the way he approached the Iraq conflict, in the mid to late 00s but I understand it.



I absolutely believe he loves this country. He had to, to give up his very comfortable life and step forward to serve, knowing full well how the democrats would behave.

That is why I get so mad at the Never Trumper crowd, who spend all their time criticizing him, despite all of his accomplishments and hard work. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Jim Eagle

Back from lurking.

I have a vivid memory of looking at the photos of WWII that where published in several (5-6) Navy blue volumes about 2 inches thick glossy paper. I believe they were either Chronological, or by Theatre of Operation. They belonged to my Dad. Each photo had a 2-3 line caption. They may have been published by the American Legion since Dad was a past Post Commander and I faintly remember the Legion seal was embossed on the cover.

No idea whatever happened to them and I tried for years to find them in bookstores and on eBay to no avail. If anyone thinks they know of these volumes please let me know.


An endorsement from Queen Elizabeth!!!! Read the quote on the linked graphic! First I have seen it!

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for your Beautiful Words!
GOD Bless our Amazing President @realDonaldTrump!
❤🇺🇸🙏 pic.twitter.com/NcZDJ05StZ

— Dr. Luisa M Iadeluca (@DrLMI1) June 7, 2019

Gray lynch ons of the worthy company men, who had been in Omaha and Korea and ultimately in Vietnam before moving to the DEA, had his story optioned by Tom Hanks company however the option lapsed


Now TM can safely have his eyebrows curated:

I am beyond pleased that Connecticut will join the rest of the country in licensing eyelash technicians, estheticians (July 2020), and nail technicians (Jan 2021). #GettingThingsDone #2019Session




My father was awarded the silver during the battle of
the bulge. He was wounded later when a German
ambush knocked him off a tank maiming
his arm and almost killing him.

After months in the hospital he came home and the
next day his oldest brother, father of 4 under the age
of three, was killed in a steel mill accident.

So so sad.


Like I say a great cost indeed, camt really imagine.


MM, that’s in the too good to check category. I’d love to believe it, but the "interview" was "spiked".


Lurkersusie, I cannot imagine. My grandmother lost her older brother to mustard gas in WWI. She never really recovered from that loss, in her last days she thought I was her brother Jack. But that is a loss of only one. Prayers to your family.

jim nj


It's a good round-up of the potential pressures the Chinese might feel. The agricultural problems could get worse quickly.



Well, they did seem to get on well. I suppose it is in the "too good to be true" category.

Sure cheered me up to see it, though. LOL!


in the Hagenau forest campaign, in an anti-tank company, Dad was field promoted to captain. His first command was "Retreat!" in Operation Nordwind saving his company to fight again and win.

A platoon sergeant in his company later became our general manager and right hand man to my father. He was hired by my grandfather at the newspaper before my father came back after the war. He was wounded in the back as his platoon excaped from a farmhouse/mill taken by Germans.

The sergeant later was one of the first of the company into the southern gate of Dachau. Didn’t mention it until in 1995 he decided the next generation needed to know the cruelty of the Germans against the Jews.


The horrors he saw first hand, like jd Salinger when he worked counter intelligence I think he saw Dora nordhausen, von Brauns workshop for building v2s


John Cardillo
‏Verified account @johncardillo
16m16 minutes ago

The more we learn the worse Mueller and Weissmann look.

Two corrupt, unethical, horrible abusers of authority.

They destroyed lives on fabricated evidence. Both of them should be disbarred and prosecuted.

jim nj

WWII veterans are getting scarce. When I grew up many of the fathers on our block were vets. Including one who fought for the Wehrmacht. He was either captured, held here and allowed to remain. Or was allowed to America very early after the war. The guy was a crackerjack machinist and tool $ die maker.

As as as we're alive they will be remembered.


So when do we get the transcript of the call, so far this looks extraordinarily criminal on the part of the bureau.

By contrast this witch (rhymes with) duvernay puts out this unsourced incitement against Linda fairstein the real leader in sex crimes prosecution,



This is the New York chairman.

jim nj

..,as long as...

Texas Liberty Gal

I spent about 6 hours on Derby Day at the hospital due to complications of those dang opioids. Not only was it painful and uncomfortable but it was pretty embarrassing to boot,

I don't understand how ppl get addicted to them with those kind of is side effects. Continue to keep you in my prayers Buckeye


Trump: D-Day soldiers were incredible, brave people https://t.co/PlvPdXrXkU @FoxNews #AAG

— All American Girl (@AIIAmericanGirI) June 7, 2019

Link goes to video of Laura Ingraham's interview with President Trump.


Jim_nj, 9 of the dozen girls I dated in jr high and high school were daughters of Wehrmacht POWs. I met their fathers, they were good men drafted for a bad cause.

Reminds me of another stat that made my grandfather laugh. At some point in WWII, he had more Wehrmacht troops under his command than the General Staff in Berlin. (Prisoners were under the command of the logistics branch).

jim nj


"...Scales is calling upon the Defense Department to view the close combat forces as an “excepted” portion, much like the “nuclear Navy” was considered early in the Cold War as that force, still part of the regular service, saw its mission prioritized to meet strategic goals.

And, much like that nuclear Navy, the squad-level operators should have at their fingertips weapons systems and authorities that remove the bureaucratic layers that, for now, get in the way of rapid action and reaction on a battlefield that moves in milliseconds.

As the two-star noted, individual soldiers and Marines carry on their backs capabilities that once consumed acres of equipment, from communications to precision strike networks."

Texas Liberty Gal

BTW - I'm finally seeing a Hand/Wrist specialist tomorrow. So prayers that I get this painful cast off and that I don't need further surgery would be greatly appreciated,


Prayers sent TLG.


Instapundit open threads?

jim nj


Our guy loved being an American.


Prayers offered, Texas Liberty Gal!


My grandpa worked in the boiler room of a Navy troop transport in the pacific. By that time he was in his mid 30s with 3 kids. No great stories, just a lousy tattoo and an inability to tolerate any temperature less than 85 degrees.


evening all.

prayers sent TLG.


Prayers your way tlg


Blues win 2-1. Series now 3-2 Blues.


My dad was a tech sergeant with a whole bunch of guys under him who repaired everything from Jeeps to tents. They followed the 5th Army from North Africa through Sicily and then on to Rome. Dad got a Bronze Star for that work.

He got a second Bronze Star for an actual secret mission, where he had to drive by himself up to a castle in the mountains outside of Rome. He was chosen because he had taught himself Italian and was semi-fluent. (He knew a bit from talking to the Italian grocers here in Indy, when he worked for them in high school.) He was given a pistol and told to shoot anyone who tried to stop him. He said he was very glad no one did try to stop him.

He drove up to the castle which had a lovely contessa in residence and a German scientist. Dad had dinner with them, spent the night, and drove the guy to the coast the next day, where he was picked up by a submarine. Dad always suspected the guy had something to do with perfecting honing devices on torpedoes.

This was important enough that he was recommended for a Legion of Merit. HQ decided a Bronze Star was more appropriate because he was enlisted. My dad had that letter even when I was in my teens. I think my brother has it now.


Prayers for you, tlg

Texas Liberty Gal

Biden embraces abortion....



Please bless our TLG


“Homing” zeroes in on something, “honing” is how you sharpen a knife.

(Pet peeve, sorry)



I should have caught that. Thanks for the correction.

jim nj


A proposal that might be a win-win for the US and the Philippines.

A Korean company opened a ship-building facility at Subic Bay which subsequently went bankrupt when the parent company failed.

The Philippines is somewhat worried about our joint defense agreement. They have trained ship-builders who need jobs. Subic Bay would be a nice location For a US base. If an American ship-builder got interested, US ships could be re-fitted or built at Subic Bay. With US ships based there the defense treaty would be stronger.

Seems like a confluence of needs and desires could be pulled together here.


Reading down through the comments, this seems to be resurfacing from unverified stories from 2018. Therefore, I cannot say this is true, but it's interesting to contemplate.

‏ @Only1Trickster

This is Why Schiff is in Panic

A recorded phone call exists between @RepAdamSchiff & Valerie Jarret, lasting 42 mins & 13 seconds, that constitute evidence of treason under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution.

Two Witnesses are available to give testimony Under Oath!

Texas Liberty Gal

Has Fareed ever gotten anything right?

Trump is destroying three decades of hard work with Mexico



What hard would that be, TLG?

Enhancing the strength of the drug cartels? Forming a market for the killings of MS13? Pouring money into their government to corrupt them?

Texas Liberty Gal

Off to bed. Thanks so much to those offering your prayers. I will sleep better because of them


I'm deep into a book on "molecular machines", Life's Ratchet by Hoffmann.
Inspired by henry's recco "Arrival of the Fittest".

It discusses a tool called Atomic Force Microscopes, which I had not heard of. AFMs can "view" incredibly tiny structures. I think this is an animation of an AFM film described in the book.

Similar but with goofy music.

Actual images.


Short answer is no, NAFTA was Promised as a two way street, and a way to minimize the effect of the cartels. Mire American industry kept getting offshirsd there, paradixixally more violence and emigration from there as well.


I am heading to bed. I am making too many typos!



Fascinating but I dont entirely trust machines at that level.


s. I don't think India would have risen up to eject the Japanese. Australia and NZ populations too small. Brits busy in Europe.

Just one person's opinion.

Posted by: Jim,SunnyvaleCA,USA |

Many people agree that Britain won the war but lost the empire. A few think it was by design.


Offshored more paradoxically.


One of the reasons churchill was so unpopular among Tory ranks was he wanted to hold onto India. Subamda bhose wasnt Keen on that.

jim nj


Networked drones on and under the sea with overhead flying drones all looking to find and disable mines or coordinate attacks on surface ships or subs.


It is fascinating that tidbit about thr corinthia hotel and how both the plotters and trumps team took up lodging there.

jim nj


This expands on an article I posted a few days ago.


Six have already been built/

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Go Raptors!--

Takes some doing considering my fondness for Al Attles, Nate Thurmond, Clifford Ray et al but between that punk Kerr and the idiot owner it wouldn't bother me much at all if they whoop the Warriors.


That's a smart design, instead of the paper boat littoral ships.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It is the duty of every patriot to do his best to destroy the hard work of retards.
What great benefit have we obtained from NAFTA?
We traded some car factories for duty-free salmonella.


Zakaria has been wrong from the beginning when he called the Reagan administration a junta because a number of the nsc had military background that was right our of princeton in the new republic.

jim nj


Copycat filers.


It's about time for the hunger game elimination match.


Kerr is the son of malcolm Kerr ths president of American u in beirut, whi ended up badly.


And dark Phoenix seems to have descended into a singularity.


Maybe assigning the guy who sank the fantastic 4 again night not have been the swiftest nove.


Posted by: Narciso79 | June 07, 2019 at 12:14 AM

in what way, bad reviews? suspected as much. apparently it was scheduled for Nov last year and had to undergo major re-shoots and re-edit.


Apparently I think says of future past was the Apex. Maybe they needed the creepy guy who was jump started by Kevin spacey.

jim nj


Agreed. The Navy no longer seems confident in the LCS fleet.



What were they thinking. It was like when homer designed his brothers car.


Maybe they should have hired I dint know the guy who wrote the dark Phoenix arc. At least as creative consultant.


Heck Wolverines origins wasnt that bad, the same cannot be said of last stand, that was Galactica 1980 with Barry van dyke and Kent McCord bas.


That picture has to be fake news



that are stinking up the joint tonight ... down 5-4 in the 7th and no chance with this trash bullpen.


... the nats (how did that turn into that?)


Yeah when they forget theirs a game in the second half, but you had two wins right, living in Miami one learned to deal with disappointment when it came to teams


I got the gist, you had the Mexican govt done the right thing six months ago, (ha you're serious) they wouldn't face their hulk smash moment now.


won the last 4 and 8-2 their last 10. they had a walkoff against the white sox then a red eye to san diego (hence the 7:10 pm pacific start).


Well that was probably a bad sign.

jim nj

Via Insty,


Buildings Can Be Designed
to Withstand Earthquakes.

Compares Japan vs, California. Mentions base isolators which are used to separate a building from the ground under it.

Most building rise straight out of the ground under it, usually sitting on piles hammered deep into the ground. In base isolation you still use piles, build a strong foundation, but the building isn't connected to the foundation. It sits on base isolators that sit on the foundation under the building. The building can slide back and forth atop the isolators.

I'm familiar with the concept in reverse from back when I worked for the generator set distributor. You don't want a powerful gen-set to transmit vibrations through a building when its running. So you put vibration isolators under it when you mount it to its' concrete base.


Also interesting is the use of massive tuned dampers in skyscrapers. They sit near the top of the building and are designed to swing freely countering high wind gusts. The building sways one way, gravity holds the damper in place counter balancing the swaying back and forth motion.


but at least we are the marlins ... i was living in miami when they won the world series.


Thereabouts, California just waiting for Godzilla to slap it down (another series on life aupport)


I had moved northward from moami proper.


Everytime they show Miami they Show Miami beach which someone should realize is not the same.

jim nj


Wow that's long. Pointe du Hoc re-enactment.


Another long one. The four most dangerous missions on D-Day.

jim nj

Miami Beach is beautiful. Miami is well...

Miami Beach with all those old Art Deco hotels sitting across the street from the beach and palms - ah, nirvana.

All the beautiful shots in "Miami Vice" were in Miami Beach. All the gritty looking ones were in Miama.

matt - deplore me if you must

A very long day today. Up at 0 dark thirty, 6 hours to Morgan Hill and then 3 hours to Sacramento. Verkakte traffic in LA and in the Bay Area. I just wish I could avoid the big cities these days. But it was productive.
Tomorrow meeting with a few sane legislators.

Listening to the radio it brought back a flood of memories. We had 7 of my parents families in the war. All came home except one. Harry died at Anzio after surviving North Africa and some hellish work behind the lines at Salerno and on the Gustav Line 10 miles east of Monto Cassino. 3 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star in a unit where the CO was a prick about commendations. he was a runner and caught shrapnel in the head. He was found an taken to the hospital, but a German shell hit it and he died. When you're number is up, it's up.

Dave slogged through France and Germany and ended up in Czechoslovakia and had to pull back in '45. When he spoke to me about when they were the first troops into Buchenwald, we both cried. George, the oldest, was coastal artillery.

Joe was Naval Academy and graduated class of 41 1/2 2 weeks after Pearl Harbor. The Japanese sunk his destroyer at Guadalcanal and he became a hard hat diver clearing harbors as the fleet moved across the Pacific. Bill was a landing raft coxswain in North Africa, at Normandy, and at Leyte. On the night of June 6, 1944 his ship, the Susan B Anthony, was torpedoed, but all of the troops were ashore and there wasn't a single casualty. largest ship sunk at Normandy.

He was asleep hen it hit and jumped overboard in his skivvies. My pop was @ 17 at the time and finishing high school at Bishop Laughlin in Brooklyn and working as a deck hand at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

One day in June 1944 they were warping a ship into the dock and he heard someone yell his name from the ship's deck. It was Bill, who rode the subway home with pop and surprised my grandparents. He was the only one who was able to get leave all those years.

John was a sailor in the Pacific. They didn't talk about him much. He sort of drifted away but then came back not long before he died.

Pop went in shortly thereafter and was slated to learn Japanese and be a combat translator, but the Army changed its mind and made him an MP SGT. So he ended up in Germany as a guard at the Nuremburg trials. There is a picture of him standing behind Goering.

It was amazing what so many young men did. We don't have that anymore. Vietnam poisoned a portion of society against the military.And now we face treason, plain and simple. The snowflakes are so concerned about trans rights and climate change an all the other bulklshit that if China or Russia hit us tomorrow, I doubt these poofs would have the reservoirs of strength needed to volunteer nd step up like that generation did.

An that is what is scary. Old farts like me and us here on the board are the last links to the Greatest Generation.

My uncle's unit is having their reunion at Fort Chaffee this weekend I would have loved to be there. Just one of the WW II vets will be in attendance. When I first started going to the reunions in the early '00's, we had 50.

Even then, we were lucky. Over the course of the war 7,000 men went through the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion. Battalions have a rating of 400 men, usually. So you get the idea. Lots of casualties and high risk missions from the first American combat parachute drops in history
to 47 men walking off a hill in Belgium in Mmarch 1945 and being disbanded and spread out across the army.

We will not see the 100th anniversary of D Day. Hell, I would be 89 or 90, myself. We saw a few of those brave men today on TV and on our screens.

But the impact of the Depression and the war must never be forgotten. I don't know if you can teach resilience. But these men and women demonstrated it for all of us. I think Trump's message was lost on the creampuffs.

I think about my uncles and my dad and my mom and my aunts an am simply amazed at what they went through and how they survived.

God bless them all.

jim nj

Yes, Matt, that was a point I made earlier, as long as the children of the greatest generation live, they continue to live, after us I don't know if future generations will understand either the depression or WWII.

All of America went through the depression and for many they didn't know they were poor, because everyone else they knew was poor. They thought they were middle class.

And not to be PC, let's not forget all the women who also served as nurses, WACs, ferry pilots and in industry and other capacities.


In the definition of racism in Sweden it is included that any kind of oppression against a religion is racist.
Which means that banning runes is racist and against Swedish law. Nonetheless, the government is now trying to ban the country’s pre Christian heritage, religion, culture and art.



Did Miami city building code ca 1980 mandate shower curtain rods that could hold a 180 lb man in handcuffs?

jim nj

I think I've told the story of my father and I being downtown in Englewood, NJ, and he'd bring me into the black barbershop to meet some of his friends.

Quite a few of them had also served. The army was still bigoted so most of them were in support battalions. Off-loading ships or driving for the Red Ball Express or prior units.

One of my neighbors was a tank commander in the ETO during WWII. He was mildly bigoted, but he could never say enough about the "niggers" who kept him supplied with fuel and ammo.

So a lot of black veterans had "street cred," to borrow a modern phrase, with the white guys of their era.

A General Lee was in charge of the Logistics flow and he had all of these hard-working AAs working for him and he proposed to cover a manpower gap that some of men to could be trained in combat.

I'm going to offer a link below, but I love this quote (on the newly trained black combat troops),

"They weren't book smart, but they were street smart, and cunning,"


jim nj


My shower rod falls when I look at it.


Tom Hanks is Barak’s Bosom Buddy, if you catch my reference.

jim nj

I don't normally do celebrities, nut it couldn't happen to a more appropriate person.


Ugly divorce proceeding.


A teen driver who killed an off-duty cop and his wife because she was preoccupied with her phone has been sentenced to 60 days in jail — and must give 25 lectures on the dangers of distracted driving, a judge has ruled.


But for how long does she lose her phone?

jim nj


One of the hazards of buying an under-valued stock is that you are smart enough to see the potential and then nobody else is smart enough to follow you. Your smart bet is dead money.

That means people are focused on growth stocks. Buying or selling because the stock market moves are bigger on growth stocks.

You can make money going short or long. The big tech stocks have had some big up and down moves with almost every headline.


Does PDJT think that suppressors are some kind of dog whistle or what? He’s just itching to lose votes.


There’s basically a metal flange that requires a $200 tax stamp. It’s threaded on one side for your barrel and on the other for an oil filter.


The Europeans are remarkably progressive on suppressors. America is full of tyrannical retards.

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