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June 06, 2019


jim nj


I don't think he was ready for the question.

Marines, maybe Army too, have a proposal out to buy suppressed weapons. Based on SF and close-combat situations, not giving up your position with a loud round is thought to be something to avoid.

In fact I posted this article tonight:


"Another area of interest is a new suppressor for rifles. The Marine Corps is planning to release a request for proposals to industry, Hough added.

“The intent is to suppress every M4, M4A1 and M27 in the infantry community,” he said. “Our intent there is to move quickly and find the best possible suppressor we can that is good enough in order to move out in a quick enough fashion.”

The Marine Corps plans to award a contract for a suppressor by the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020, he noted."

Quiet weapons for close in assaults sounds like a good idea to me. Stealth over loud suppressive fire whose direction can be ascertained.

One more way to go stealth. No reports of gunshots, nothing to focus on.

jim nj

The alternative is to use sub-sonic ammo. No sonic boom. Less noise. Not enough power to kill at a distance, but lethal at close range.


Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2h2 hours ago

John Solomon: Factual errors and major omissions in the Mueller Report show that it is totally biased against Trump.


“Mueller’s report was pure, political garbage!” @SeanHannity https://t.co/lRjtoPTiO8

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 7, 2019

Link goes to video of Hannity.


#DDay75thAnniversary #DDay75 pic.twitter.com/c8OTeHVScr

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 7, 2019

Link goes to 2-minute clip from his interview with Laura Ingraham.


This is neat.




jim nj

It's a logical extension of military arms. The development of smokeless powder so your position wasn't obvious by the cloud of smoke rising from your position. Flash suppressors so your position wasn't given away by the fire erupting from your rifle.

Suppressed weapons sound like the next stealth advancement.

This sounds like peer-to peer warfare with no chance to bring in counter-fire from indirect weapons like mortars and artillery.


rse, re: your mom and dad.
Solid studies show early death from cardiovascular events for caregivers--your very stressed momma. So your concern for her is warranted.

My pitch for those like her who see it as some kind of moral failing--it is about HIS safety. He is NOT safe at home with her, where there is only one adult. Besides physical safety--having two adults available for showers, as an example--more social contact may well be a big benefit to him as well.

These places are NOT the warehouse of your mother's young adulthood. Many employ very caring people. I know you will find a good one for your dad.

I too was about to get legal intervention (?Power of attorney) to keep my mother from going down with my father, who suffered from treatment refractory depression for over a decade, and was becoming physically impaired from deconditioning. HIs diagnosis of Stage Four lung cancer proved to be a gift from God. Perked him up too!



jim nj


I'm tired, but rooting for Buckeye.



This is a short thread on Ilhan Omar's illegal activity. Besides campaign finance violations, it looks like she filed fraudulent tax returns.

It also points out how the Star-Tribune and the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis covered up for her.



A New York Times editor wants you to know that the Times is in no way anti Trump.

Herman Cain finds this hilarious.




Why does copyright extend 70 years after an author’s death instead of after the work was published? Does that allow two more generations to get caught up in the death tax?



Crop tops for men are coming into style, according to the New York Daily News.

I don't think so.


The Old York slimes saying that is NOT anti-Trump, just illustrates who COMMIES are.
They have no fear of consequences. In America the FULL COMMIE LEFT, lies with virtually no PUSH BACK.
The bloated drunk Rodham is still WADDLING FREE, despite many many felonies. And we put up with it, as the aforementioned FULL COMMIES, try to coup the sitting President.


What is PUBLISHING LOBBY for $1000 PIN?


Just a coincidence I'm sure. Dawn Le Moan says CNN isn't LIBTARDSVILLE, says TRUMP caused TOXICITY, and he might "move on".

What a pant load. They LIE because they CAN.

Where would little Gay Dawn find employment???
Perhaps the JUSSIE SMOLLETT channel??


The sergeant later was one of the first of the company into the southern gate of Dachau. Didn’t mention it until in 1995 he decided the next generation needed to know the cruelty of the Germans against the Jews.

I never heard a word from any of my five uncles, until the youngest one returned to Normandy--maybe for the 60th anniversary? But only when we'd ask him.
Even my cousins who were their children say they almost never spoke of it at home.
I need to read more about resilience.


Here's a GROOVY Dawn Le Moan (lemons are fruits).

{{“I was doing a shoot in the park the other day and someone shouted at me, ‘I’m sick of watching you. We built this country. I can’t wait for CNN to fire your black a--, you f----t,'” he recalled, according to Deadline.}}

The only part that Wittle Dawn left out, is that he was eating a Subway sandwich, and the guy had a MAGA hat on.

The FULL COMMIE LIES.......because they can.

Don Lemon is a steaming pile.


Secretary Pompeo
‏Verified account @SecPompeo
16h16 hours ago

Heartbroken for the cadet who was killed in service to our nation at my alma mater, West Point. May the cadet’s family find peace in knowing our nation will always honor that commitment. Praying for them, the injured cadets and all of their families. May the Lord be with you all.



The wife of House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-GA) has reportedly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from her charity to her private LLC, according to the Daily Caller.




This is Elijah Cummings' committee.




So true:






The Air Force's first female air commando one-star falsified flight hours and mistreated subordinates, IG report says


Paul Sperry
‏ @paulsperry_
8h8 hours ago

DEVELOPING: Did Mueller turn blind eye to his star Russia "collusion" witness' alleged child-porn trafficking? Why gave him partial immunity? "Nader provided info to the Office in multiple interviews,all but 1 of which were conducted w a proffer agreement"


Morning GUS:

Brig. Gen. Kristin Goodwin, the first openly gay general at the academy, was fired just a month before she was scheduled to take another job at the Pentagon, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, which first reported the story. It is not clear whether she still will transfer to that post. She had led military training at the academy since 2017.



Yogi Berra Museum
‏Verified account @Yogi_Museum

On June 6, 1944, Lawrence P. Berra served his country as an 18-year-old gunner for the U.S. Navy, manning a rocket-boat during the Allied invasion of Normandy. #DDay75thAnniversary


‏ @flightcrew

BALLS OF STEEL! Donald Trump Literally Signed The D-Day Proclamation On The Top of the Page While Everyone Else Signed At The Bottom. He Justified The Move Saying ‘America Is The Reason The Rest Of You Aren’t Speaking German Right Now.’ @realDonaldTrump

There is no verification of his words, but he DID sign on the top. LOL!


INCREDIBLE VIDEO of what appears to be a tornado crossing a road in front of a car in the Convent, Louisiana area on Thursday. See more web extra videos here: https://t.co/tRI5oElDjy pic.twitter.com/EXJ8WE8WA8

— CBS4 Miami (@CBSMiami) June 6, 2019

Video at link. I believe I would have stopped far sooner than this driver did!




Ping. Just me getting to last page.

Another Bob

Kill two people and get 60 days? Ridiculously low sentence.

Another Bob

“A judge gave Olson a 60-day jail sentence, which can be served 20 days annually for the next three years. She also was ordered to give 25 lectures on distracted driving during a three-year probationary term after pleading guilty to felony criminal vehicular homicide and gross misdemeanor reckless driving.

The teen also is barred from driving for the next three years and must pay more than $7,000 in restitution. As part of a plea agreement, Olson’s felony conviction will be dismissed if she completes all of her sentencing requirements, the Star Tribune reported.”

Absolute nonsense.


The Hill
‏Verified account @thehill
12m12 minutes ago

Fox News legal analyst says Mueller "dropped the ball" by not indicting Trump: "No one is above the law" http://hill.cm/RgEQ8c3


Guess who this legal analyst is....


Here's exactly is going on in medicine:


Old Lurker


How are you on day +2?

James D.

Has Fareed ever gotten anything right?

Not even by accident.


Buckeye, we've all been praying for you.
I thought I should let you know, that I made you an honorary BADGER for the month.
God bless you.

Robin, eff 'em all

I know it's unpopular to be optimistic, but I have to say that the report of a 45 minute recorded conversation between Rep. Schiff and Valerie Jarrett signals to me that the administration has been very careful in trying to build airtight cases against everyone involved.

The President's tweeting serves as a reminder that no one is letting the story and the many threads go.

Back in public school central, a group of pissed off parents managed to unseat a multi-term school board member with a write-in candidate here in Ithaca. Between restorative justice and dropping accelerated math for middle schoolers, parents united and caused a small tsunami and more than a few headaches for the administration.

Too bad.



Last night I listened to this.


What struck me is his discussion of how people need a narrative to follow, because they want to believe they are working for a higher purpose. They need to feel there is a goal and that they are doing good.

What your video is talking about sort of highlights the same thing as what happens to college kids. They enter school with a vision and get professors who systematically go after religion, American exceptionalism, their families, etc. They are left feeling like everything is pointless.

This is probably why they end up in that stupid Resistance thing.

Old Lurker

Robin "I know it's unpopular to be optimistic"




I'm optimistic! Come over and sit by me!

That speech yesterday at Normandy cemented my feeling that the President knows what he's doing.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 7, 2019

One minute video at the link.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 7, 2019

Link goes to 2-minute video of Mark Meadows and Ken Starr on Hannity.


I like how posting a comment is like entering a wormhole taking you to the last page. I only do it on i-things where editing the url or paging are a pita.


Commenting on Biden's cowardly flip-flop on abortion:

‏Verified account @SalenaZito

This is going to be a very disappointing flip flop for a lot of voters who looked to @JoeBiden as their last hope. They won’t for Trump, the problem may be for Democrats tho, they just might not vote at all.

Robin, eff 'em all

Reason #2 I'm optimistic:


Give me more of this toxic masculinity.


Byron York @ByronYork

House Dems want to impeach Trump, but Senate conviction seems impossible. What to do? Leading legal scholar proposes House impeach Trump, then hold kangaroo court and pass some sort of verdict declaring him guilty. Goal: Taint him before election.




Cummings wife has a non-profit, where anyone who wants something to pass the Oversight Committee, run by her husband, contributes. She also has a "for" profit, where she funnels money given by the bribers to her own pocket.

As you know Cummings bills himself as completely honest.


I really wish one of those brilliant accusers would outline exactly how Trump obstructed justice. What are the facts? No one seems to mention them.


Out of the blue, we watched this old rerun of The Dick Cavett Show from 1971 last night over dinner. What wasn't shocking was Bette Davis' ecclectic behavior, or Arte Johnson's Chicago roots, but what Sen. Birch Bayh said in the last nine minutes of the show. It caused the Obamabot spouse to announce That "absolutely nothing has changed!", when he described domestic surveillance. Here's the link, go to the 30 minute mark, you won't be disappointed:





Old Lurker

But but Henry!

Don't you recall that in the 4th Dimension it was going to be a good thing to lose the House? Maybe even a blessing in disguise?


Apple. Tree. Short Distance.


Another Bob

Made my morning pass through twitter.

Damn, I need to dump twitter. The cesspool gets worse by the day.

If this reasonably accurately represents a cross-section of the country, there’s no way we avoid a hot second civil war.


OL, they must do that planning in Oakland.

Another Bob

Robin, nobody is being arrested or prosecuted for treason. Nobody.

You do know this, right?



Birch Bayh (my dad's favorite senator) was a great friend of the Kennedy's. In fact, he was in that plane crash with Ted Kennedy.

Isn't if amazing how the democrats used to object to massive surveillance, and now they have decided it is no big deal, and in fact is a useful tool to hold onto power and force people to do their bidding?



You have to clean your interests every day on TWTR, because they will be filled in for you, and you won't necessarily enjoy what they've provided for your viewing pleasure.

(And it's supposed to drive you from the platform. For them it's not a bug, but a feature)

Robin, eff 'em all

AB, not yet anyway.



I see Malia has also inherited her mother's fashion sense.



Salena Ziito.

"Grace always finds a way to show up just in time. I’ve written that before, and I say it often. Even though I know it will come, it’s always surprising where you find it. Sometimes it’s on a back road in Maryland that you thought you were taking for no good reason. But it turns out there was a reason."

Robin, eff 'em all

Eh, I don't have a problem with a 20 year old wearing whatever she likes out with friends, though she should be carrying a MIMBY tote. She didn't ask for her parents to be big wigs in politics, and as far as I can tell, she's tried to fly under the radar and do her thing.

She has benefitted, like many young people of privilege, from her parents' wealth and/or position, yet it has also limited her ability to travel through life incognito. I'm prepared to give her some space and let her live her life, as long as she chooses that kind of role.


Maybe even a blessing in disguise?

Maybe? It was de plan!


Malia’s a kid. She looks and acts like one. Until she turns into Chelsea she is fine with me.


Bloomberg says that the Trump Administration is weighing a new red, white, and blue color scheme for Air Force One. Current color scheme dates from Kennedy's era.


MarketWatch @MarketWatch

Mueller could be subpoenaed by House within two weeks


AFP news agency
‏Verified account @AFP

#BREAKING China ready to share 5G technology with partners: Xi

What a deal!


I suspected Vogel because he was such a slimy little weasel at politico, as we found out he only told half the story with Biden, then denied his own reporting he told hald the story with klimnik, only the most leading part.


Like valentines free access card, time is lapping up huaweis like extra servings of wonton.




They kind of did:



Back later.

James D.

Reading over President Trump’s beautiful speech, you know what stood out?

The words “I” and “me” do not appear even once. What a change from the jackass who previously lived in the White House!

James D.

I'm prepared to give her some space and let her live her life, as long as she chooses that kind of role.

I’m not. The left goes after President Trunp’s cildren, they go after the children of other conservatives, they go after teenagers who commit the crime of wearing the wrong hat on school trips, they have no rules and no restraint and show no decency.

I see no reason to extend them the courtesy they repeatedly deny us.

They chose the game. They said the personal is political, no one is off limits, and so forth. Fine. The same game applies to Malia, and Chelsea, and every other child or relative or friend of any Dem or leftist figure.

Jim Eagle


Mega dittos! She is the daughter of a public figure. She has no sanctuary. Nor does the Trump kids. You go into the public eye, you take the best and worse of it.

However, I agree with JamesD, there is a huge double standard, so wide and deep you could drive a whole division of the Red Army through it. It really is the media and presses responsibility whether they want to make a Papparazzi living off of them or not.

Whoa! The hispanic landscapers in the property behind ours have chased our resident Momma deer and her 2 month old Fawn to where they jumped over the shorter non-deer fence. They are now in our back area munching on Mrs. JiB's plants. But she has told me to leave the fawn alone and let it eat.


This is not The Onion.


NonSeasonally adjusted, the NonFarm Payrolls were +687,ooo, Total Private Payrolls (NSA) were +778,000.

So the seasonality was a bit heavy this month.

Ignore the headlines, this economy is rockin' it.

Another Bob

Just noticed that twitter disconnected one of my replies from the tweet I was replying to. Original is there, but called “unavailable” in my reply.

Have noticed a lot of “unavailable” showing up in threads lately.

Another Bob

And my disconnected reply was on a totally nonpolitical tweet.


Check your "Interests From Twitter".

You probably have to uncheck a "few" boxes.



You have to look at your "Twitter Data", it requires your password, every time, and you can NOT log in on a mobile app to see it, ever.

PITA, but you have to do it, every day, day in, and day out, lest Anita's Little Nanny Committee "shadow" you off the platform, unbeknownst to you.




You know when DJT wins and shows his 5-D hand??

When the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars........


Gus, as I said in my first book, The age of Aquarius never got past dawn.


Have at it James if it makes you feel good.



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