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June 23, 2019



Great links to Joey Ramone and the Money Honey, Iggy.

James D.

And of course it's going to be a horrible clown show full of personal attacks and lame attempts at one-liners.

Not because they're all vapid, soulless jackasses (although they are), but because that's really the only thing you can do to stand out in a ten person, two hour debate.

It's insane. Two hours, 120 minutes. Take out introductions, people talking over each other, applause, etc, and you're probably down to 100 minutes. Then take out the time to ask the questions, and you're probably at 80 minutes.

That leaves eight minutes per candidate, in what will be for some of them their only real chance to speak to a national audience and stay in the race. What else can they do but try to come up with the one line everyone will remember, even if it's at the expense of one of their fellow candidates?




James D, That leaves eight minutes per candidate

But 40 minutes for the puppets asking the questions. They run the country, just ask them.

jim nj


Democrats still engaged in smears to block the census question.


If the Dems lose illicit votes they have to manufacture more victim groups and capture their vote.

That is real work, something they aren't very good at:)



I read a wonderful obit in the middle of last night about Herb. So sorry for your loss.

It's gonna be 12 billion degrees here today. Ugh

(And yes SBW, I measure the temp in giggamuffins)



I feel better now, knowing which conversion table to use. ;-)


Sorry, TM--I miss Herb, too. He once sent me a very flattering email about something I wrote. Great guy.
As for Kavanaugh--he is a disappointment but I'm not sorry I defended him. No one should be slandered without defense.


I’ll let Kavanaugh settle in before a final judgment.

Captain Hate

Somalis want reparations? LOLGF!

Captain Hate

Maria Bartiromo is an Underground Garage fan.

Captain Hate

As for Kavanaugh--he is a disappointment but I'm not sorry I defended him. No one should be slandered without defense.

We defended the backstabbing Koch traitors. At some point maybe we should let them sink on their own. The Prodigal Son was a singular event; the Prodigal Family wouldn't work out so well.


The punk who killed the bikers will be arraigned in Lancaster,NH today. He was due to be in a Connecticut court tomorrow to be arraigned on a drunk driving charge issued on May 11. He was released on $2,500 bond for that charge. Unbelievable.

Captain Hate

$2,500 bond for killing multiple people? Did Patterico relocate to New Hampshire?


Good morning,

Conceived in rape, adopted in love.


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