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July 12, 2019


Another Bob

Ext, I hope we see more of things like the booing of Joel at the mention of Clintons.

We sorely need to de-politicize the culture.



This has a partial transcript of his appearance on Fox and Friends yesterday.

Account Deleted

I agree with anonamom. To me, TomR is a troll or moby and comes here to stir up trouble. I believe ignoring him would reduce his impact. Just my 2 cents as a daily lurker of 15 years.


A Virgin Islands Senator (D) asking for investigation of Epstein related corruption in the territory.



Haha! Now the feud is spreading into the presidential candidates! Video at the link.

.@BetoORourke: "I'll just say, about Rep @AOC, I think she's been and continues to be a phenomenal leader and voice on the most urgent and pressing issues of the day." pic.twitter.com/rk7Zc2GQOl

— The Hill (@thehill) July 13, 2019

Emergency resupply of Depends needed in Illinois!!!


Feds raid home of second Speaker Madigan ally, ex-Ald. Mike Zalewski



If o'Rourke fell in the woods, would we know it, and what's this cultural appropriation, you're Bobby o'rourke


Face it, the Democrats know they are going to lose the 2020 election.

This scrap? This is about who will control the party in the run-up to 2024 when they will have flushed the Clinton's and (they hope) figured out who is running "the yard," so to speak.

The crazy far-left is outfoxing the stupid leftwingers right now.

But . . . does our President have a plan to deal with the crazy far-left ??? It's hard to believe he doesn't. But first? The crazy far-left has to win this battle over the stupid leftwingers . . . right?

Gotta run; back later today.




So the times is focusing with a laser focus on the dalton school and the Barr family,



That raid on a Madigan ally came out of left field. I didn't know there was any sort of investigation there at all!


Probably came out of the raids on burke and other Deutsche bank connected pals, remember the dark knight


Take a look at this! Congressional Candidate NY11!



Good Morning! It is a busy campaign week-end in New Hampshire. The Manchester and Portsmouth media focused on Mayor Pete and Biden in Dover,NH yesterday. Mayor Pete held a rally at a park in Dover with almost 900 people in attendance. Biden's venue was at a restaurant with 200 people. Why is Biden's campaign staff holding small events? The upstart Mayor Pete had many people excited to listen to him,according to media reports. The Democrat activists are taking him seriously. The former VP is drawing small crowds and the unknown mayor of a midwest city is drawing much larger crowds. Something is wrong with this picture.


Boy that is pitiful, if trump drew 900 they'd fire the organizer.


Biden's venue was at a restaurant with 200 people. Why is Biden's campaign staff holding small events?

Because they can't afford to buy dinner for 300:)


Hey this has been my shtick:





Is this going to be the new dog ate my homework:



As I've read various points about the bickering here - it seems common to add, "If you don't like it just go talk about Keto!" or something similar. But I see the Keto discussion as relevant for a couple of reasons. Hasn't it been shown to produce mental clarity? Don't we all need that as we try to dissect what is fact/fiction on a daily basis? But, most importantly, it will lengthen our lives. We all need to stick around as long as possible to speak out, teach the younger generation, work for candidates and even vote! I am so grateful to Jane and anonamom and probably others who have discussed it and encouraged me to try it.

Just my (hopefully non-controversial) 2 cents. Partly tongue-in-cheek but partly serious! :)


Yeah,how are any of the Dems going to get Trump size crowds? Mayor Pete getting 900 is pretty good compared to Biden's crowd. At this point in NH,the candidates are still going to ice cream socials and BBQs with small groups of people invited.


Let me guess, of that 200 person crowd for Biden, 175 were press.


Anti-ICE protesters rip American flag off flag pole, raise Mexican flag at ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado

Video at link:



Exactly henry! Between press and staff maybe about 10 "just folks" showed up. :)



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